Study Lessons

A fic by: Heaven's Angel

Hi there, Heaven's Angel here. Well, yeah I snapped and now I've gone and written a G/H fic. Why? Not sure. But hey all characters are property of J.K. Rowling. This story is for entertainment purposes only, and may not be used or sold by anyone for profit.

Now then, enjoy...

"Umm," moaned Ginny as she closed her eyes and concentrated, "Let's see here...While adding two drops of Newts blood will create the antidote, adding three drops will create a cataylst that makes the poison work faster?"

"Close," said Hermione with a smile, "You have the numbers reversed though, it's three drops for the antidote, two for a cataylst."

"Damn it! I'll never pass this potions exam!" yelled Ginny in frustration as she hit her hand on the heavy potions book.

"Oh, calm down Ginny," said Hermione soothingly, "You're doing fine. Come on, if Neville could pass this exam, you'll get top marks for sure."

"Thanks for helping me study Hermione," said Ginny as she flashed a brilliant smile at Hermione, "I know it was a big sacrifice for you to skip this trip to Hogsmeade in order to help me."

"Don't worry," said Hermione with a casual wave, "It's kind of nice to be able to be here by ourselves, I never realized the common room was so large with no one else in here."

"Still, I only have today and tonight to get this stuff," said Ginny with a pout, "I'll never get it."

"Listen, let's take a break," said Hermione as she closed her book and stood up from her chair, "Maybe a walk around will clear your head."

"Sounds good," said Ginny with a smile.

The two headed out and began to transverse the long halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With the trip to Hogsmeade being that day, Hermione and Ginny were two of the only fifth and sixth years at the school. Not that it bothered them. After a long summer, both had come back looking much different, and for the better.

Hermione's discovery of her latent metamorphmagi ability had allowed her to modify her hair so instead of the bushy brown clump it was now just past shoulder length and straight, which she kept tied in a simple ponytail. A summer in America under the tutelage of a Cherokee medicine man had also resulted in her formerly pale skin turning a much more complementing shade of brown, and her formerly twig thick body had filled out with solid lean muscle from the hard work of living on the range.

Ginny meanwhile had become a woman almost overnight. Without warning, her formerly nearly flat chest had swelled outwards giving her a considerable bust line. Her red hair darkened, the result of a charm she had figured out with Harry and Ron's help. She had also sprouted three inches upwards,all in her legs, and the result were hand-me-down robes that had no longer could contain her beautiful form. Her new robes came surprisingly enough from Fred and George, whose mail-order joke shop had taken off rather well. In typical fashion, they claimed that it would be easier to buy their little sister robes that fit right rather than have to beat up every guy who made a pass at her.

"It's beautiful today," said Ginny as the two walked away from the castle, and towards the pond, "I feel bad that I made you miss the trip."

"Oh come on," said Hermione with a laugh, "I would much rather help you than sit there stuffed in the pub drinking butterbeer and listening to Ron and Harry make passes at girls walking by."

"No way, they do that?" asked Ginny aghast that her brother and his reluctantly famous friend could be so boorish.

"Yah, well, it doesn't matter, none of the girls are that cute anyways," said Hermione with a laugh, "Honestly, if those two were smart they'd look closer and realize what they're missing."

"Oh come on, me?" asked Ginny as blood rushed to her cheeks, "Come on, I mean, you yeah, but not me, I'm not cute."

"Quit fooling yourself," said Hermione as they reached the lake and the two collapsed on the warm grass, "You are so cute. What with the red hair, those gorgeous green eyes. And I would kill for your breasts."

"What?" gasped Ginny, partly at Hermione's frankness and partly at her desire to switch certain parts of their anatomy.

"Well yeah, I mean come on, we both know guys dig the breasts, and you seem to not have any trouble getting the guys to notice you," said Hermione, "I wish I had that ability.

"Oh come on," said Ginny, "You think I want that attention? I can't stand those people. The only reason they talk to me is they think they'll be able to cope a feel. I swear to God I hate it! But you, you're lucky. You are so cute. My skin doesn't tan like your's does, and you have such a beautifuly athletic body."

"Yeah, but still," said Hermione as her voice trailed off as the two looked out over the water, each wondering if it was good to be that interested in the other's body.

"Thanks for the help Hermione," whisperd Ginny as she turned towards her friend.

"I said its no big deal," said Hermione as she and Ginny suddenly embraced in a hug.

The two held the hug, before Hermione asked, "Say just how big are your breasts?"

"Um, I am a D-cup," muttered Ginny.

"What? You're kidding me!" Hermione nearly yelled.

"No, I swear, I'll show you," said Ginny with a laugh as the two broke the embrace, "I know, let's go back, take a bath and relax, then we'll be ready for a night of hard studying."

"Now your talking," said Hermione as the two stood up and headed back up to the castle.

The two went into their room and began to grab their towels, bathrobes and a change of clothes. Looking over at Hermione, Ginny asked, "Hey Hermione, Truth or Dare?"

"Huh? Um, truth," said Hermione being caught by surprise.

"Okay. Ron or Harry which one would you shag?" asked Ginny wickedly.

"That's easy," said Hermione, "Ron."

"What? Ron? Why?" asked Ginny puzzled.

"They came out of the baths one day and their robes fell open," said Hermione with a laugh, "Or rather a stray banishment spell hit both of their robe belts. And I saw their, well, their dicks. Both were probably freezing but your brother, well...if they had x-ray vision lots of girls would be after him."

"That's a scary picture, thank you for ruining my mind," said Ginny with a shiver.

"Okay, your turn. Truth or dare?"

"I pick Truth," said Ginny defiantly as she put her hands on her hips.

"Alright, out of all the girls here, who would you kiss if you had to kiss one of them?" asked Hermione with a wicked grin as Ginny's face fell.

"All the girls at Hogwarts?" asked Ginny thinking. "Well, honestly, probably you."

"Me?" asked Hermione stunned.

"Yeah, well, you're cute, way cuter than all the others," said Ginny honestly, "and you're a friend, which would definitely make it less awkward."

"Okay, truth or dare once more," said Hermione.

"Dare this time," said Ginny instantly.

"Prove to me that you would kiss me," whispered Hermione.

"Fine," said Ginny as took a step towards Hermione and put her arms around her, right on her hip, her left cupping he cheek. The two closed their eyes as Ginny gently leaned down and pressed her lips to Hermione's. The two began to kiss deeper, and Ginny suddenly felt Hermione snake her tounge into her mouth. Ginny responded by thrusting her own tounge into Hermione's mouth. Hermione's hands suddenly came up, one cupping the hand that Ginny had put on her chin the other beginning to carress Ginny's large firm breast. Hermione began to kiss downwards, moving down Ginny's neck as she worked feverishly to undo the buttons of Ginny's robes.

"Hurry, Hermione!" urged Ginny as her robes fell away. Pulling out her wand, Hermione used her magic to blow away Ginny's shirt and then gasped as she stared at Ginny's bare tits.

"You are so beautiful," whispered Hermione as she bent down and took one of Ginny's breasts in her mouth. Her tounge circled lovingly around the large pink nipple, eliciting an involunatry moan from Ginny.

"Lay down on the bed," whispered Hermione as she suckled the other breast. Ginny did as she was told, and was rewarded wtih continued kisses and licks from Hermione's wet tounge.

"Hermione...I...need you!" moaned Ginny, barely able to control hereself, "Please...taste me!"

Hermione was more than willing to comply as her kisses moved downwards, kissing down Ginny's taut stomach towards her spread legs. Wishing to tease the beautiful redhead, Hermione moved down and began to kiss up and down the left thigh of Ginny, moving ever closer to Ginny's core, but then stopping. As she moved to begin to tease the right thigh Ginny brought her arm down and grasped behind Hermione's head.

"No more teasing!" she whispered huskily as she pushed Hermione's mouth onto her sex. Hermione merely obliged and began to swirl her tounge. Enjoying the moans of pleasure coming from deep inside Ginny's throat.

"My God Hermione! Ah...that!" cried out Ginny as she felt a heat growing insider her, "I'm going to...I'm gonna...Ah! I'm comming!"

Ginny's body suddenly began to almost convluse as an orgasm ripped through her, never before in her life had Ginny experienced this kind of feeling, even the times she had guiltily fingered herself to the thought of Harry taking her.

As her orgasm subsided Hermione moved upwards and kissed Ginny. Seeing the older girls face covered in her juices was incredible to Ginny, and she quietly began to lick Hermione's face until she had cleaned off every last drop of her juice.

"That was incredible," breathed Ginny as she and Hermione kissed again.

"Do you know how long I've wanted to do that to you?" asked Hermione breathlessly, "I mean, I never felt this way about another girl. But you, you are so gorgeous. I want you to be mine. Please, say you will."

"Of course," whispered Ginny into Hermione's ear as she gave it a playful nip, "But only if you will be mine."

"Dare I refuse the request of such a beautiful witch?" asked Hermione softly as the two began to kiss again.

"I'm so glad I skipped the trip," thought Hermione to herself.

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