fun with restraints

yet another horrifyingly graphic chapter in my ongoing mature story. enjoy, read, review, and please unless you're a hot chick with proof that you want to send me, don't tell me your masturbation habits.

"off to bed you all go," said mrs. weasley as she sheperded the four children from the table and towards the stairs.

"come on mum," protested ron as he headed up the stairs, "its only ten."

mrs. weasley gave him a stern look that caused him to stop arguing immediately.

"see you both in the morning," said hermione with a small wave to harry and ron as she walked into ginny's room.

"night you two," replied harry as he and ron continued their trek upstairs.

ginny shut the door behind her and was shocked as she suddenly found herself immobilized. she felt herself turn as if on a pivot, and found herself staring at hermione. she was sitting on the bed, legs crossed and wand out, staring at her with a look of amusement in her eyes. she gave the wand a flick and the lock clicked. a second wave and ginny was slid back, pinned to the door with arms raised and legs spread. a third wand movement and her clothes vanished while leather straps appeared and secured her to the door.

turning around, hermione quietly disrobed and then once she was down to her pink thong she turned back to ginny. she sauntered up to her, looking her up and down with a hungry look. she stopped inches from ginny and leaned down to trace her lips on her neck. she reached down and gave one of ginny's nipples a slight tweak.

"i told you," she whispered into ginny's ear, smiling at the other girl's shiver, "you were going to pay for this afternoon."

she stepped back and ran a finger from ginny's cleavage down to her slit, tracing the outside of her already dripping hole. ginny shivered in anticipation, desperate for hermione's talented fingers and tongue.

but instead, hermione took a step back, and smiled evily.

"i told you, silly girl," hermione said with a hint of a sneer, "this is punishment."

she reached down and picked up her wand. giving it a wave ginny felt her body being spun around and bent over as her restraints locked her feet to the floor. she could no longer see hermione which did not scare her; she trusted her lover more than anyone.

the next thing she felt was a small piece of leather tracing itself across her exposed ass. their was a fwap and she jumped as hermione brought the leather crop lightly on her ass cheek. ginny let out a gasp as hermione brought it down again, slightly harder this time.

"you've been a bad girl," scolded hermione as the switch came down again, "say it."

ginny gave a small squeal as she was given another smack. this was bizzare, why was this turning her on so much? she was bare assed, tied to a door as her girlfriend spanked her and she was practically a river from between her legs.

"i'm a bad girl," groaned ginny as she took another shot to the ass.

hermione raised the crop and delivered another shot, and hissed, "louder."

"i'm a bad girl," cried out ginny, unsure of how the rest of the house would not hear this.

"tell me what you want," ordered hermione swinging the crop again.

"spank me," gasped ginny, "make me feel it."

"no." said hermione abruptly as she stopped and walked back off.

"what?" demanded ginny, "please hermione! why are you stopping?"

"this is punishment," smiled hermione. "now let's see what's next."

hermione manipulated the leather restraints again and ginny was half pushed, half dragged to the small bed. she was spun around and pinned to the bed, arms and legs spread. hermione climbed on top of her and positioned herself so that her pussy was inches from ginny's hot breath.

"lick," ordered hermione and ginny obediently began to work her tongue across and into hermione.

hermione moaned, eyes closed, enjoying the sweet pleasure. she felt herself getting closer and reached down, grabbing ginny behind the head and grinding herself against ginny's eager mouth. just as she was about to come she pulled herself off ginny and leaned back, coming and gushing out juices all over ginny's chest.

ginny growled in protest, hermione had just robbed her of tasting what she had been working so hard for.

breathing heavily, hermione looked down at her girlfriend, smirking at the disappointed look on her face.

"oh, i'm sorry," she giggled, "did you want to taste me?"

ginny growled, "you know i did."

"oh i'm sorry," replied hermione sarcastically, "let me help you."

reaching down to ginny's chest she traced her fingers in her own juices, then reached up and slipped them into ginny's mouth.

ginny licked and sucked the fingers happily, enjoying the sweet taste.

after a few seconds hermione popped them out and walked off. reaching into her bag she pulled out a small disc. walking back up to ginny she showed her the label. it was titled "wicked witches."

she looked down at her still bound girlfriend, "i spent all dinner planning this. i thought to myself, is it just enough to spank you, to tie you up. and i realized no. there's something to be said for psychological torture."

walking over to the small wizarding tv, she slipped the disc in and turned the tv on. a few moments later ginny watched in amazement as the video started.

an asian girl was laying there, naked, sliding her fingers in and out of herself. ginny was shocked to realize that she recognized the girl. it was cho chang, harry's old girlfriend.

hermione smiled at the look of recogniztion on ginny' face. "so you realized who it is too? wait until you see the best part."

a second later ginny found out what she meant when a tall naked black woman walked into the scene. ginny recognized alicia, the old gryffindor quidditch team captain. she immediately got down on her knees and stuck her face between cho's legs and began to eat her out.

ginny was turned on immensely by the sight of these two beautiful women pleasuring each other. she longed to touch herself but the restraints prevented that. hermione lay down next to her and began to touch her own slit, leaving ginny to split her attention between the action on screen and the sight of her girlfriend masturbating.

finally, hermione stopped pleasing herself and looked at ginny with half lidded eyes and breathing heavily.

hermione leaned in close and whispered into ginny's ear, "oh i'm sorry. i forgot all about you."

she flipped off the video then reached under the bed and pulled out something that ginny couldn't see. ginny gasped, as she felt something cold and wet slide across her hole. hermione slid another ice cube in her mouth and began to suck on it as she slid the other ice cube into ginny's snatch. she slid it back out, then traced her clit with it, causing ginny's already labored breathing to become faster and shallower.

ginny was on the verge. she had been since almost the beginning of this incredible escapade but hermione was expertly preventing her from release while keeping her so close to the edge.

the ice was melting and hermione finally removed it, then leaned in close and blew with her frosty breath. ginny gasped again at the cool air swirling around her.

hermione's husky voice was suddenly close to her ear as she nibbled on the lobe, "and now my pretty witch. you beg."

"huh?" asked ginny stupidly, mind swimming from the torture.

hermione smiled as she continued to nibble, "tell me what you want. do you want me to keep teasing you?"

"no, i want to come," moaned ginny, "i need to come."

"how bad do you need to come?" asked hermione invitingly, running her hands over ginny's body, being careful to avoid the most sensitive spots.

"more than anything," gasped ginny, "i'll do anything. lick, suck, tease. tie me up and spank me. make me serve you. i'll be your slave forever. please, just end this now!"

hermione smiled her coy smile again, "what should i do to you? how do you want to come?"

"fuck me!" cried ginny, "turn me over. fuck me! spank me! make me your bitch! hermione!"

with a wave of her wand hermione vanished the restraints and ginny rolled over and stuck her ass in the air, head in her arms. reaching back with her hand, hermione slapped the raised ass, leaving a red mark. reversing herself, hermione reached up with one hand and slammed three fingers into ginny's sopping love hole. she roughly fucked ginny while her other hand began to rain down slaps across her tight asss.

"say my name!" demanded hermione, "say my name when you come my beautiful slave!"

"ah, ah, ah, hermione!" screamed out ginny as she came, pussy juice gushing out of her and coating hermione's fingers. the sight was too much and hermione felt herself give into the second orgasm of the night.

both girls came for what seemed like a lifetime, though in reality only twenty-three seconds. finally they collapsed, and ginny managed to crawl up and cuddle with hermione. kissing her softly she whispered hopefully, "what happens the next time i need to be punished?"

hermione smiled sleepily at her girlfriend, "i don't know, but it will probably take days to deal with it."

ginny nuzzled her neck as they drifted off to sleep, her last words being, "i can't wait for tomorrow night."