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The pounding of my heart does nothing for the soreness of my ribs as I listen to the silence of the house. My body tense as I wait for the snores to deepen from the other room. Turning my head on the pillow, I look across to the toddler laying in the crib. Her eyes closed, breathing soft, and completely oblivious to the world around her. The street light outside lighting up the room in orange glows. Sitting up I groan under my breath when my body cries out in protest. It's time for action. I'd waited three days, waiting for my hopes to come to fruition, only for my nightmares to continue. Slipping from the bed, I move for the closet.

The nurse left after checking mama's vitals. Her face remained calm, but the look in her eyes made my own eyes water. I move my gaze to the frail woman in the hospital bed in front of me. Her once wonderfully russet skin is now gray and as fragile as paper. You wouldn't think she was only 33 years old. Instead she looked like she belonged in a casket.

"Charlotteā€¦" The rasp of her voice catches my attention and I meet her glazed gaze.

"I'm right here mama." I sit up and reach to hold onto her hand, holding in my flinch when I find her hand is like ice. "Do you need me to get you some water? I can call the nurse if you're in pain."

"No no." She pants. I bend my head, begging the world to help me stay strong when all I want to do is scream and cry. "Charlotte, listen to me."

My feet slip into my boots and I lace them quickly. The worn brown leather have seen many years, but I can't bare to leave them behind. I grab my jean jacket and zip it up quickly then reach for the duffle bag I'd hidden under a quilt at the top of the closet. My actions are quick and quiet as I move to the crib. Pulling the sleeping girl from it, I send a prayer of thanks that she could sleep through a bomb raid. She doesn't make a sound past the soft snore slipping from her. I carefully lay her on my bed and slip a thick sweater over her footie pajamas and a warm beanie over her brown curls, before picking her back up and laying a warm blanket over her tiny form.

I'm scared to even breathe as I open the bedroom door as quietly as possible. Snoring sounds from the room next door and I take hold of my courage and step forward into the dark hallway. My feet move quieter than ever as I creep down the hallway before finally making it to the living room. I pause at the entry table next to the front door and reach beneath it. My fingers touch a stiff envelope and I feel it fall into my hand. Not bothering to look at it I slip it into my jacket pocket, before slipping from the home. I don't bother to look back as my feet meet the concrete of the sidewalk and begin a fast walk away from hell.

"I want you to take Anna and leave."

"Leave? Leave what?"

"Leave here. Take your sister and go as fast and far as you can." Mama clarifies. Her eyes watch me like a hawk as her words sink into my mind.

"What? No. No. No." I feel as if the wind has been knocked from my lungs. "Where would I even go? I can't take care of Anna on my own."

"Yes you can. You've been taking care of her for the last year." A cough racks through here. "I've hidden some money. It's not a lot, but it's enough to get you to wherever you need to go."

"Mama no." I shake my head. My voice is low and shaky.

"You have to." Her weak response can barely be heard over the beeping of the heart monitor. The cold air of the hospital doesn't help the feeling of sterility all around us. "You won't get another chance."

"No!" I snap as I push my hair back from my face.

My breath puffs visibly as I move further and further from the house. The city is quiet during this time of night. My eyes dart around and I peek over my shoulder waiting for a car to speed up behind me. I ignore the weight I carry as my injured body cries in protest. Every step forward almost feels impossible. I'm almost there. I'm almost there. I repeat the chant in my mind over and over. Katie's house is only a 20 minute walk, but that's without carrying a two year old and a duffle. Turn left at McDonald's. Keep going until you hit the tire shop. Turn left and continue past Whole Foods. Anna turns her face and the warmth of her breath on my neck calms my anxiety slightly.

"I've seen the bruises Charlotte. I'm not home to keep taking his beatings. He's turned to you now." Tears fill her eyes and I shake my head.

"I'd take them even if you weren't in here. It's better than you or Anna." I murmur.

"It's better if it was no one. I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry I gave you a life like this." She sighs. Guilt shines through her. "Now let me give you a life you deserve."

"I deserve you. I deserve to have my mom with me." I rebute.
"I'm sick baby." She shivers as if to prove her point.

"You'll get better!" I can't think of losing her. "The doctors will figure it out. Then we can leave together."

"Now is not the time to become a dreamer. You've always seen things black and white. I need you to be that baby." She doesn't beat around the bush.

"No! You can't make me go."

"Dammit, listen to me Charlotte." It's the first time I've ever seen her strong in almost a year. "I am not going to get better. Whether you like it or not, I am going to die in this bed."

"Where would I even go?" I feel desperate to show her this plan is a mess.

"My mother's. She lives in Washington, on the reservation. She'll take you two in." Another cough. "I may have burnt that bridge, but it's not too late for you."

"I don't even know her." I sniffle. "She's a stranger."

"She's your grandmother." She stops talking and I watch her eyes flutter heavily. "I've spent your whole life ignoring it, but she is family. Family takes care of each other. Take your sister. Get a bus ticket or something, but you need to leave. You and I know it's only a matter of time before he starts beating Anna, but unlike us, she's too little to survive it."

"I can't. Please don't make me do this." I beg her.

"You can and you will. Now come say goodby to you before he comes back."

The lights are already on when I finally make it to the front door of Katie's family home. Relief fills my chest. If I'd made it this far, I could make it to La Push. I didn't have any other choice. The curtains flutter before the front door bursts open and Katie pulls me inside.

"My god Charlie! What did he do to you!" Her voice is filled with worry as she takes my duffle and ushers me into the living room. Her parents jump to their feet and gasp in horror at the sight of me.

"I'm so sorry I've dragged you guys into this." The apology burst past my lips. Even though I'd barely be here 10 minutes the guilt of having to rely on them eats at me.

"Put the baby on the couch. I want to check you over." Katie's mother is insistent as I lay Anna down. She starts to wake up, but just rolls onto her stomach before falling further into sleep.

Soft hands examine my face and I already know the bruising making itself known. My lip stings from the cut on it and the whole right side of my face feels like one giant throb. She reaches for my jacket and unzips it before lifting up my shirt. I grit my teeth as she presses down on my ribs and abdomen. Looking down all I can see is dark purple splotches blooming over the majority of my skin.

"Nothing is broken, but you'll be in some pain for a while. Is this a boot print?" I avoid her eyes.

"He was really angry tonight." I lower my shirt and pull back. "I need a ride to the bus station. There's a 3am departure and not another until 8am."

"You don't need a bus." John, Katie's stepfather, steps forward to pick up Anna. "I have a vehicle you can have."

"No, it's too much. We'll be fine with a bus." I shake my head furiously.

"You will take it and that's the end of discussion." His tone bursts with finality. "You'll need something that you won't need to rely on anyone else for. I was going to give it to Katie for college, but I doubt she'll protest getting one from the lot."

I'd let myself forget that her family was well off compared to most. Katie's step dad worked on the oil rigs for the first half of her life and the rest owning a construction company. They liked to live modestly, but wanted for nothing. Hell, Katie was even going to Yale in the spring. Her parents head toward the garage and Katie pushes me to follow them.

"It's got a full tank and I just had it looked at not too long ago. New tires too." He pulls the car cover off their 2013 Ram pickup. "We already put in Aimee's car seat. We have two so we'll be fine."

"I can't take this." I shake my head in shock.

The truck is only 3 years old. I'd hardly ever seen them use it. Hell they only even got the thing when John was going through his truck phase. In the end they'd only kept it as a spare, or as he said, to give to Katie. He ignores me and loads Anna into the carseat and lays my duffle on the passenger seat.

"You're a good girl Charlie. Your mother's mistakes shouldn't be your mistakes." Kathy tells me warmly. Her hands grip mine tightly. "We want to do this for you. Please...take it."

"You'll take it. I won't have any arguments." John says gruffly. "You need to sign this bill of sale, but it's paid off, and I've already paid a year's insurance on it in your name."

I don't make a move to argue anymore as I sign the bill of sale and title. Once that's done he puts it in the glove compartment. Katie hugs me, tears running down her face.

"You're my best friend. What am I going to do when you're gone?" She cries. "I love you Charlie. I love you so much!"

I let myself smile at her sadly. Kathy smiles and hugs me next before leading Katie back into the house. Her sobs can be heard even through the closed door. Only John stays with me in the garage. His eyes roam over me. I watch as he takes in every cut and bruise.

"Why are you doing all of this? I've already asked too much." My voice is shaky. "He'll look here next. I've put you all in the middle of this."

"You've put us through nothing. I'm just sorry we can't do more." He responds. "My wife is right. You're a good kid and you and that little girl deserve safety. This isn't putting us out any and you've been an amazing friend to Katie. You're like a third daughter to us. Now let's get you going. The further you get the better."

Nodding, I quickly give him a hug, before pulling myself up and into the driver's seat. He reaches down and hands me a backpack I didn't see before.

"It's just some odds and ends." He says vaguely. "I don't want you to take this wrong Charlie, but I never want to see you around here again."

My eyes water and I nod softly. He closes the door as I start up the truck. Taking a deep breath I put the truck in reverse and back out of the garage and onto the street.

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