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Crime Pays.

Ch. 1
New way to go.

Jacob Vencile was sitting in an old, overstuffed chair. He knew the reports; his buddy was killed in a fierce fire fight with the Haitians. He knew it all, he sorely wanted revenge, and it was like a demon in his mind, clawing at him, trying to convince him revenge was the only way out of the problem.

He cracked. A cruel grin and fire in his eyes he had the perfect plan, first though he'd need a car and some guns. Something his dearly departed friend Gary had. You see, they had an alliance with the Cubans, Gary and Jacob gave them support, they give them guns, lots of guns. He went to the storage facility they rented and he got practically every gun in there and an old Honda they had bought years ago. Yes, everything was ready; he revved the engine and took off. He cruised around town, looking for them.

He at last found them he got out of the car and saw them, seven were there all talking to each other he readied his hand gun and aimed at one, who was beating his chest like a gorilla. Yes, he had it now, they were animals, he was the hunter, he pulled the tripper, and all he heard was his gun's "Ker-chow". He saw the surprise in the men's faces and one fell to the ground, a bullet in his head, he remembered every one taunted him for his aim "Now look at me, heh heh," he smiled, he got in his car and drove around the corner, he was going to hit them, so hard they wish they hadn't been born, and after that, he'd shoot them, laughing like a mad man, he was a mad man. He had gone nuts.

The six surviving looked, and saw an old Honda headed straight for them, some ran others were shocked, to frightened to move "Morons," Jacob casually said before he saw one get hit and fly over his car's roof, he made a fake sniffle and said "Its almost like they were born to FRY! HAHA!" As he raised his handgun and shot, another fell, the fun was just beginning. Soon more Haitians showed up, this made about twelve, and they all had guns and were giving some to the survivors, "Shit, a well, time for them to die." Jacob said, getting out of his car and using it for cover. He head bullets whiz over his head, "Right, I'll take something I know they won't like out to play!" saying that he grabbed a shot gun from the car and raised it, shooting and taking two men with one shot. He realized his mistake as he felt a burning pain streak across his shoulder, "Gah!" he cried and knelt down, a bullet grazed his shoulder, "Damn them." he whimpered. He sat there in thought.