Crime Pays 3 Doom to all!

Jacob's arm was going numb, he didn't care, two hours after killing that lone policeman the Haitians and Police were chasing him, he led them to the small park in the middle of the city, the police and Haitians were already having a huge battle, seventeen men killed, thirty wounded and everyone around there grabbed a gun and joined the police, Jacob sat in cover behind a light pole, the SWAT team was out there to, the Haitians numbers were dwindling, but they were resourceful, he grabbed his hand gun and took random shots at the people, he didn't care if the lived or die, he wanted to kill, this entire day was ment to kill, kill, kill. He was contemplating what he did in his life, what he had become, then he threw those thoughts away, he rose, the grabbed both guns, ran out behind his hiding place, and began shooting. He was shooting like an insane man in one of those padded rooms, he didn't care what happened now, " Heeheeheeheh buela HAHAHAHAHA!" he laughed, no one noticed him, he kept shooting, now the skirmish was going Melee, since everyone was running out of bullets, the people still had guns though them "BAM BAM BAM!" Jacob took three hits, one to the collar bone, one in the lung and one in the leg, he fell forward thoughts in his mind " WHY. DO. I. FALL LIKE THIS??? GET UP! GET UP!" The demon in his mind was what drove him insane, it made him move. It didn't care about these "Feelings" he got up, he walked up to a beat up car, he drove to the center of the arena, he got out, he was hit verymuch by many things, guns, fist, nightsticks, he didn't care, he wanted to kill everyone, he pulled the lid up off the car, he rose his gun, and shot.

He gladly let the darkness's warm grip wrap around him, he had caused the death of thirty seven men and women and the lives of nineteen police men, and nine SWAT losses, the day after was a great mourning day. So many had died. They all wept and wept. But in hell, Jacob was there, smiling.