AUTHOR'S NOTE Hey everyone! I love Buffy crossovers, so I decided to write one. This is one letter per season and each season directly correlates with each Harry Potter book (like Season one matches Sorcerer's Stone, Season two with Chamber of Secrets, etc.) There will be spoilers for Order of the Phoenix later in the story.

DISCLAIMER I don't own Harry Potter or Buffy. Too bad, but oh well.

Dear Sirius,

My name is Buffy Summers. I know we've never met, but I feel like I've known you for a long time. Rupert Giles is my Watcher now and he recommended that I write to you. I know you're in some kind of prison or something, but Giles assured me that you'd still get this.

I guess…well, I don't know really why I'm writing this. Giles told me to write whenever I got scared. He said it would help and that you were a good person to go to. Well, I'm scared now.

Giles…he found a prophecy about me saying that I'd face the Master and that I would die. I'm only 16…I've got my whole life ahead of me! Well, my whole life as the Slayer that is. Not that that holds much promise, but…Sirius, I don't want to die! I don't care about my duty to the world. I don't want to die.

I'm sorry to pour all of this on you. But somewhere deep down, I feel that you can understand this. Or I dunno, maybe you have no idea and think I'm just nuts. Either way, even writing this makes me feel better, at least a little.

So, I hope this letter finds you ok, you know, besides being in prison and stuff. I hope I'll get a chance to write to you again soon. After all, prophecies could be wrong…



Sirius Black quickly buried the letter in his filthy, tattered robes. Regardless of the dementors prowling the corridors of Azkaban outside his cell, he was glowing. His old pal Ripper remembered him. And not only that, he was a Watcher now. And he'd suggested to his own Slayer that she write to Sirius. Giles' faith in him gave him hope.

Hope was something he could use right now.