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Dear Sirius,

This year has been Hell. That's all I can say. In the grand scheme of things, my personal problems aren't that big but I don't think I can deal with it. My mother got sick early in the fall. They found out she had a brain tumor. Around the same time, my boyfriend Riley left me and rejoined the military. He was my strength and he left me when I needed him most.

They operated on my mom and everyone thought that she'd be okay. They all thought wrong. She died from a complication of the surgery.

I'm so lost without her. I had to care for my little sister Dawn all by myself and protect her. See, my sister isn't really my sister. She didn't even exist until about a year ago. She is the Key. That is, the Key to interdimensional portals between our world and Hell.

This is where Glory comes in. Glory, or Glorificus, is a Hell God. Seriously. She got kicked out of her Hell dimension and the only way she could get back was with the Key. These monks who were protecting the Key made it into human form and made her my sister. They built all of our memories so that we wouldn't know, but eventually we found out.

Glory's been after Dawn for months. And she finally got her. I let Glory take my sister out from under my nose! She's going to use Dawn to open the portal and Hell will literally break loose. The way she opens the portal is to bleed Dawn and it only closes when she's dead.

So now comes my choice. If I'm too late and Glory starts her ritual, I have to kill my sister to save the world. How do I do that? How do I make that choice? After all I've lost, I can't kill Dawn too.

With any luck, that won't happen. But luck hasn't really been on my side this year.

I got your last letter. Giles filled me in more about your problem with this guy Voldemort and his power trip. Well as soon as Glory is finished, Giles, Willow, and I are on the next flight over to help. Willow's become such a powerful witch…even if this guy's a Dark Wizard, she'll have no problem holding her own in battle. She's been with me through everything. And if I can take on the Master Vampire, Angelus ending the world, a giant snake demon eating my high school, a super Frankenstein robot thing plus the entire military AND a Hell God herself, I think I might be able to help a little.



Remus Lupin read Buffy's words fondly. 'She really will make a good addition to the Order,' he thought. He was about to put the letter back in the envelope when a small, folded up section of newspaper fell out.

He smoothed it out to see a Muggle photograph of a pretty blonde girl on the page. 'Buffy?' he asked himself. Sure enough, the name in bold read, "Buffy Anne Summers." Remus began to read the article, presumably about her, when he stopped short. Realization has struck him. It was an obituary.

He skimmed it, reading the story he knew to be "normalized." She must have fallen in the battle with Glory. The Vampire Slayer was dead.

Sirius had never seen a picture of Buffy. He never knew what she looked like. "Here she is, Padfoot."

Remus wiped away a stray tear as he laid the letter and news clipping on an end table in 12 Grimmauld Place. A living wizard photograph of Sirius smiled down onto Buffy's picture and words. The paper nearly covered the caption below him.

"Sirius Black, In Memory."