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Cold-blooded Assassin

By Winged Guardian

Chapter Seven: 'Luck'

  Millions of tiny dots hung in the thick blanket of indigo, each shining and sparkling like

tiny diamonds of the finest cut catching and reflecting brilliant white-gold light. Philosophers

in the past had pondered what those tiny pinpricks of light were, and how they came to be,

those mysterious lights winking out of sight, only to have another few appear. Each had a

different hypothesis, but still similar in some aspects, about the eternity of what humans

call stars.

  The darkness embraced the earth, the fading smell of car fumes and polluted air always

found in a large city mingling with the atmosphere and the cool night air. Clouds, so dark

as to blend in with the vast black of emptiness interrupted only by the fickle and plentiful

stars, rolled across the morbid darkness slowly, pushed by the tempermental gusts of


  The light given off by what stars not hidden by the puffs of heavy condensed water

this night were almost bested by that of a candle flame. However, the streetlights

hovering over the road shone brighter in their electricity-charged bulbs, the pale artificial

glow illuminating the two still figures among the many blurs of fast motion as cars of many

different shapes and colors.

  "Are you sure you don't want a ride?" Syaoran asked, his voice clear against the soft

whirring of car engines.

  Sakura shook her head silently, locks of dark brown hair freed from her inexperiencedly-

fixed turban bouncing with the movement.

  There was a long quiet pause and Sakura's green eyes, clear in the steady pale

lamplight, studied Syaoran.

  His face was worked into a slight frown, dark eyebrows emphasizing his quiet amber

eyes that hinted at hidden depths within. His skin was smooth with the health of youth,

his jaw strongly set. The lift of his head and the confident way he held himself suggested

a stubbornness that was strangely attractive.

  For a moment, he was simply Syaoran, a real person, not someone to add to her list of

murders or a means to get more money that may save her brother, if not her friend.

  His frown had eased away, and those gold-flecked eyes, strangely intent, were focused

on her in a similar way.

  Sakura found herself thinking absently that he was one of the most handsome men she had

ever seen.

  When the thought registered in her mind, truly registered, a wave of cold shock swept

through her and reality reinstated itself abruptly.

  "Goodnight, Li," her voice broke through the crisp night air coldly, crashing through what

had been there minutes ago.

With the short farewell, Sakura left.

  His eyes were on her, even as she turned a corner into a dark alley. She waited a while, her

back pressed against a wall and she mechanically ignored her weak knees.

  "Well, what else did I expect..." his soft voice trailed off into a sigh and there was the barely

inaudible sound of wheels against the gray cement road and he drove off into the night.

  Sakura's chest tightened for a moment and it was over. Pulling her mind into a quiet void,

Sakura found peace and calm in the familiar emptiness.

  Despite that, a faint sense of loss brushed across her void, as soft and gentle as an

autumn wind.



Tap. Tap-tap.


  The harsh white lights glared at him through the glass of the windowpanes, as if demanding

that he raise his head from its position against the center of the steering wheel and that he

do something other than drumming his fingers against the leather, hard and unyielding

against his tapping fingertips.

  Heaving a weary sigh, Syaoran finally raised his head of tousled dark chocolate hair, even

messier than usual, and raked his fingers through his hair for the umpteenth time.

Why did he think that-

  Slamming a fist against the side of the car door below the window to his right, Syaoran laid

his head back, sinking onto the softness that did nothing to sooth his frustration.

  He remained that way for a very long time, and might have continued to for the rest of the

night had the music of his cell phone ringing not cut through to him.

  Laughing wearily, Syaoran opened the car door and got out of his car. Closing his car down,

Syaoran pressed the button of the device which activated the locks and a beep greeted him.

Ignoring the persistent ringing of his cell phone, Syaoran strode out of the garage towards

his home.

Never had a shower and a warm bed looked so inviting.

  They were probably what was needed to clear his head; though a voice in the back of his

head whispered that the thoughts swimming in his mind would not go away for a long time



  A slight breeze flew towards her from behind her, as unexpected and sudden as a

well-concealed attack. The sound of the soft wind caressed her ears, tendrils of stray hair

fanned out in front of her, dancing in the smooth flows of the air.

  An empty Coke can skittered down the worn and dirty path and a newspaper was blown

past her and then caught on a massive fissure ahead on the wall to her left, its pages

fluttering weakly in what dim starlight reached the narrow alley.

  Pieces of glass littered the uneven ground where careless footing would mean a face

crashed into sharp edges and the remains of beer bottles lined the sides. The permanent

stench of vomit, alcohol and blood drifted in the isolated path where little to no light

touched, polluting what was already tainted.

  The skin of the nape of her neck prickled and a sixth sense warned her that she was being

tailed. All senses alert, Sakura strained her ears for any alien sound.

  The very faint sounds of many lightly trodden footsteps of a group of people, maybe

four or five reached her ears; and Sakura was careful to keep her face blank and prevent

herself from faltering in her footsteps.

  Whoever they were, it would mean trouble for her in this suit. As much as her eyes wanted

to scan the alley once more, Sakura kept her eyes forward and relaxed, playing as the


  There was no need to give the place a look-over. She already knew it as well as the back

of her hand. Her mind mentally retraced the alley as she searched her memory for an open

space, somewhere bigger than these walls.

It would be far too easy to break a few bones against them if a fight broke out here.

She did not want to add her blood to the already bloodstained graffiti-ed walls.

  There. Her brain found somewhere suitable. Some meters ahead would be a misleadingly

narrow route which would quickly widen out to a space where she would be able to fight

comfortably when she was attacked.

The problem was reaching there before they came at her.

  Sakura doubted that they just happened to be passing by. For one, the amount of noise

they made gave them away. They were simply too quiet.

  No, these people were after her; and by the way they kept silent, it was either a test or

an attempt on her life.

  Whichever it was, Sakura had no intention of shedding more blood than was necessary.

Twenty steps.

  Sakura continued walking as if without a care in the world, her darkened green eyes

cautiously shielded.


The sound of footsteps grew louder as their paces were increased.


Sakura cursed under her breath. Time was slipping away like sand through her fingers.


There was no time! She could hear their footsteps clearly now!


The narrow walls of the alley pressed in around her, and the very air was suffocating.

  Sakura weighed her options: 1. Make a run for the space and possibly avoid a fight or

get shot before she reached it. 2. Continue and probably get shot anyway.

There was a split-second of hesitation and Sakura chose the first.

  Bending a knee the moment she stepped down, she unfolded her knee, throwing

herself forward, the first bullets whizzing past her at her movement, the sound of gunshots

declaring the arrival of death and thirst for blood.

  Sakura twisted her body to face her attackers as she rounded the corner, flinging her

left arm out to send several keen-bladed knives hurtling towards the attackers, silver blurs

of death to sink into what flesh they could find, while her right arm gripped the cold black

metal of a gun, her thumb methodically removing the safety, her index finger closing around

the trigger as she brought it up to fire at the moving figures.

  There were five of them, her brain registered coldly, as the cries signaled bullets or blades

tearing through skin and flesh.

At least three down or injured from the sound of it.

  As the last of her disappeared around the corner, she tucked herself into a ball to somersault

through the air and as her feet slammed onto the ground and she bent her knees into a

crouch to lessen the impact.

  Time too slammed back into place just as forcefully as Sakura found herself assaulted from

the front, a searing pain in her left rib as a bullet ribbed through cloth and skin, embedding

itself into flesh and bone.

  She gasped at the fire burning in her side as she clutched a hand onto the bloody cloth to

press against the wound to slow the blood seeping into her shirt, the red bright against the

white of her shirt.

  There were another five people facing her on this side, and who knows how many were to

appear from round the corner.

Fury flooded her veins. This was no accident - it was a planned and thought-out ambush.

  For a moment, she stared at them in pure anger, and they at her. Then, Sakura simply

lashed out with her gun, the cold metal striking the side of a man's head, to have him crumple

to the ground, unconscious, and revealing the man behind him.

An easy target.

  Sakura fired and the startled expression on his face changed to one of alarm and he threw

himself backwards; but it was too late - the bullet hit home.

  Even as he fell backward, Sakura shot his gun hand, then his leg, before she whirled around

to send twin bullets into the flesh between ribs and a leg, mahogany tresses whipping across

her face.

One down. Three injured from this group.

  Stepping on a hand reaching for a gun coldly, Sakura ignored the cry of pain and grabbed a

half-empty beer bottle to smash into faces, rendering them unconscious.

Five down.

Alive, if bleeding and in pain.

  The sound of a foot slipping as someone from behind her tripped was more than enough

warning for her to duck and she spun around, shooting his gun arm.

  His gun clattered against the bloodstained stone-paved path and skidded only to be stopped

at Sakura's feet.

  Grimacing in pain, Sakura reached down to pick up the gun. The fire in her side had not subsided,

and she was losing blood by pints.

  "I'm confiscating these," Sakura announced to the sound of heavy breathing and labored

grunts as she began to jam all the guns into her pockets.

She had been lucky.

  Out of the original five who were tailing her, only one had managed to get himself across

that corner.

Next time, she might not be able to count on luck, she thought grimly.


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