The same old grail war, the same old ritual, with the same old world-ending scenario from All the World's Evil. From constant repetition, an anomaly occurred where a new set of rules would emerge.

Different versions of Shirou and members of their worlds are summoned as spiritron particles into a neutral world to decide the existence of that reality and that of their own.

Fate/Stay Night cast, vs Fate-In Time cast, vs Holyman cast, vs Birth of a Legend V2 cast, vs Fate: Kill cast, vs Huntsman of Red V2 cast, vs Vasto of White etc. Not all stories will be used.

A Singularity Battle Royal.

Main focus, written from the perspective of the Fate-Stay Night Cast, and cast sizes of other works vary.


I thought that this would be an entertaining idea ever since I first played GudaGuda and the Nobu Imperial Capital War. This came as a result, and I wanted to write it for fun and couldn't help myself with the type of things I can write with this. I always enjoy creating scenarios rather than following along a set story line and this concept just checks every box as there's nothing to follow like an open sandbox. I'll be writing it in a way that you don't have to have an extensive knowledge on my other works to follow along. It's just a shame that I couldn't include a Warhammer version of Shirou as I haven't written one yet.

Thoughts? Doubts?

I know I have a poll for new stories to choose from already, but this idea was something I've been wanting to try for a while, and the only reason I couldn't before was that most of my stories hadn't progressed enough to have any weight in this one. In any case, I'm writing this outside of rotations which I can't promise will be consistent considering how busy life can get (Expect monthly or bi-monthly updates), but the long time frames allow further completion of the other stories. This story won't be put on official poll rotation until the stories of those included in this one are completed.

Story drop first chapter ETA: November 18th 2021