Harry Potter in Love
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Scene Seventeen

Harry is waking up slowly. As he tries to get away from the sun, that is mercilesly is shining down on him, he notices he can't. For none other than prince Draco is lying in his arms. Their bodies are bare and entangled with each other.

A smile creeps onto the wordwright's face as he carefully wipes a lock of hair out of the blond's face. The prince reacts by trying to burry his face deeper into Harry's chest.

"Draco, wake up," Harry whispers into the blond's ear. "I have to go. The morrow has arrived and I'm inspired. I need to write on my play."

"Stay," slurs Draco and tightens his grip on Harry. "Stay and tell me instead."

Harry chuckles and complies to his wish. "Edmond Dantes wil have a son."

"With Mercedes?"

"No, with a guard of Azkaban." The writer replies with a deadpan face. "-of course with Mercedes!"

Draco pinces his side, but Harry only chuckles.

"Edmond and Mercedes meet on their secret spot where Fernand tries to seduce Mercedes. She only has eyes for Edmond and leaves with him and together they create their child. Dantes is however not aware of its existance... since he is shipped off to the prison Azkaban."

"How will Mercedes raise the child?"

"She marries Fernand. She simply has no other choice, lest her reputation is damaged."

This causes Draco to sit up. "But she detests him! And I can imagine why! My character is a rather childish man who is simply jealous of everything Edmond has."

"Not yet. She still simply sees him as a childhood-friend, but she truly loves Edmond."

Draco is silent for a moment as his eyes scan the other's face. "Will Edmond find out?" he finally asks and Harry smirks secretively.

"Eventually. At the very last moment, when it is almost too late."

Draco shares his smirk, loving the way the playwrights mind works, and lays his head down on his chest again. He is still not willing to let the other go; his body heat and smell is too intoxinating.

They lay there for a few more moments, with Harry mentally going through what idea's he has so far about the play, while Draco simply enjoys their proximity. The peacefull atmosphere is rather suddenly interupted though, by a slamming door close by.

Then they hear councillor Snape's voice, requesting the unknown person to give the prince a moment's time. A rather stern voice replies.

"Pray tell what is going on here?" the voice questions and Draco immidiately sits rigid right up. He is now quite awake and aware.

Then the door opens and Draco suddenly feels like a child that has been caught taking a cookie out of the forbidden cookie jar. He and Harry stare in shock at the imposing man standing in the doorway.

"Hello father," Draco greets him, when he finds his tongue again. He tries to sound pleasant and comfortable, but does not succeed in hiding his discomfort at the man's sudden appearance.

'Oh bugger,' is Harry's thought as he stares at the older version of his lover.

Draco's father, King Lucius of Slytherin, raises a questioning brow as he notices the men in the bed. Both look disheveled and in a state of undress.

"Who might this-" he is silent for only a second as his gaze flicks to Harry. "-person be?" he inquires.

Draco raises an brow too and replies with another question. "Why are you here, father?"

The king doesn't answer but turns to face Harry, who is glancing from one to another, and scowls. "Leave us," the King of Slytherin orders him. Harry is about to do so when Draco holds him back by his arm.

"You don't have to listen to his commands!"

Harry gives him a disarming smile. "It is okay," he tells. "I have to go to the playhouse anyway."

Just to make sure that Draco looses that worrying frown just above his eyes, he leans forwards and leaves a chaste kiss on the prince's lips. "I'll see you tonight." He whispers softly, so the King can't hear.

Then, without feeling shame for his nude body, he steps out of the bed. Draco get's a nice look at his bare ass when he bends over to grab his pants from the ground. He walks calmly past King Lucius of Slytherin and is even able to give the man a small respectfull nod before leaving the room.

Harry finds his shirt draped over the chair and he quickly dresses himself. He feels a bit unsure about leaving Draco alone with his father, but decides the prince probably knows best how to handle him.

The playwright flees to the playhouse so he can finally write on his script. He first reads the words of an older scene outloud and in his mind he hears Draco's drawling voice as he says Fernand's lines.

"I love Edmond Dantes, and no one except Edmond will be my spouse."

"And you will love him forever?"

"So long as I live."

"But if he is dead?"

"If he is dead, then I will die."

"But if he forgets you?"

Happy with his work, Harry's thoughts briefly fly towards Draco and his unexpected father. Then, before he knows it, he is writing a scene between Edmond and the man who will throw him into prison, Monsieur Villefort.

When Harry leaves the bedroom, Draco immidiately finds himself in a staring contest with his father. Getting quickly tired of it, Draco slips on his dressrobes and leads his father to another room where they can sit down.

"Why are you here?" he asks.

Lucius regards him with an emotionless face and then starts to talk. "Believe me, I take absolutely no pleasure in being here. However, when I received counsillor Snape's message, I realized it would be prudent for me to come here at my soonest convenience. Draco, what do you think you are doing?"

"I shall be frank with you father. I love him."

Lucius snorts at the prince's prompt reply. The man is able to even make the small noise sound dignified. "And I suppose you're going to tell me that you will love him forever?"

Draco simply smirks. "For the rest of my life, father. Nothing-no one can stop me from doing so."

The king regards him thoughtfully. "What if he were to die?"

The smirk immidiately falls from his face and his face shines with outrage. "You wouldn't dare!" He states, sensing the ill-hidden threat. "If he dies, then so will I!" It was not beyond his father to use underhanded ways to get what he desired. He was a king and technically his word was law. But would he really try to kill Harry?

"He might be tempted to forget you."

"No money in the world will! Trust me on this."

Draco stares challenging his father in the eyes and Lucius finally sighs defeated and rubs his brow. Apparently he has gotten tired of the word stand-off already and he loses his stern and unapproachable stance. "Draco, the public will not accept it. You arethecrown prince; you cannot have him as your spouce. Not only is he a man, he is a commoner."

Draco finally lets a true smile appear on his face. Contrary to popular believe, his father loved him dearly. He would not try to do something that would hurt Draco: emotionally or physically.

He stands up to place a hand on his father's shoulder and squeezes shortly.

"Don't worry father. I already have a plan that will get me what I desire at the end. I just have to follow the script and say my lines at the right time."

To Be Continued

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