Last Thoughts

Cumbersome, heavy weight on me
I must break free
There is no light in the dark
No sounds are heard.
Why should I break free?
My head is pounding
My heart is breaking
My soul is dying.
For she has gone, with him
Away forever and never to return
She has chosen
I have lost
Oh happy death, won't you claim me?
Have I not suffered enough?
Will not death bring peace?
Peace that has always eluded me.
Tears flow down my farce of a face
God, I am so tired
So weary of death and loss
So worn with the battle that is survival.
Claim me, Mortality!
I beg for mercy
Even I have a limit to the suffering
That can be endured.
Goodbye, my Christine!
Be happy and live well
You took my soul when you left me
This shell left behind shall be no more.