Rating: MA

Warning: Homosexual relationships, coarse language, violence, censored scenes, drug and alcohol usage and a heap of other stuff …alternate reality, out of character.

Pairings: Mirai Trunk /Gohan Son

Beta: Vegeta-sire

Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ.

Royal Delivery


About this story?

Royal Delivery is set on planet Vegeta. It is a AU (Alternative Universe) my main charters will be Gohan and Mirai Trunk they will be OOC (Out of Charter.) Most of the old gang will be there: Nappa, Turles, Bardock, Raditz.

Our Vegeta is the King and his mate is Kakarrot. This will end up been a Gh/MT. Warning it will have impactions of rape and abuse.

I call Mirai Trunks just Mirai. It helps me when I might have added chibi Trunks into any of my chapters. The story starts out with Gh/MT as chibi's living in the royal palace. At some point they will end up being kidnapped. This could end up being another long story. Some chapters might jump a days or years as it would be too long to add everything. When I'm aiming at the problems they have when they returned to the palaces and how they have changed when they are at an age to claim a mate. I like to try show as much of the character's emotion as I can.

Vg/Gk I will try and keep these two characters as close to their personalties as I can. But Goku will be more of a mother figure in this story. They will all have their tails. I would say it would have adventure, drama, heavy angst, and some mystery and defiantly will end up a romance. I also like to add some light comedy into my stories, when I can. I would definitely say Rated R.

My stories do tend to start off slow. Sorry about that. Plus they can suffer from errors in spelling and grammar. But hey I'm trying As this is a new story updating will be when I can finish a chapter. Review when you can. I love to hear from you…