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"Royal Delivery"

Chapter 40

"I won't let you! STOP IT!" Mirai screamed as he scrambled back to his feet just before diving into and tackling his brother, knocking Gohan to the forest ground once again.

"Why can't you just leave ME! Leave me ALONE! " Gohan screamed with all his spent up anguish. His body trembled with years of loneliness his mind raced. They never came for me! Frieza was right. I'm no longer a part of them.

"NEVER!"  Mirai yelled wrestling him down to the grown pining him with his arms and legs. "Never chibi!! You're mine and I will never leave you! So quit trying to get me to hate you! It's just not going to HAPPEN! Not in this life time or the NEXT!"

"FUCK YOU! I hate you!... I hate… you!"

"Hate me all you want! I'm never going to give up on you! NEVER!"

"WHY… Why… can't you see the real …me!"

"I do chibi, I do see the real you and that's why I would fight to the death for you! I know you better than anyone in my life! We are bond brothers, lovers."

"I can't do this! I can't go on… I can't maintain the pretence that nothing is wrong… I just can't!"

"Then don't chibi. No one is going to hate you for who you are… If anything we will love you more for what you have become. Like it or not chibi, we love you and as a family we never let go of our own! Especially… on the youngest cub, the smallest of us…

Mirai grinned down at his brother whose eyes went wide before frowning.  "I'm not small!!… I'm growing! Dad said only yesterday…You bastard… you BASTED! You tricked me!!"

"Hehehe chibi… You know I love you. Give us a kiss!" Mirai blues softened as he socked up the handsome teen pinned beneath him. That alluring scent as Gohan tail thrashed on the ground beside them with annoyance. Getting Mirai hot and bothered as he breathed it in and the force and struggle the other teen was applying to free himself. The older boy lowered and captured the others lips… 

"Mmmmir …"

In the frantic heat of their wrestling their rising passion for one another swelled into something more demanding. "I love you." came the hot breath, a near whisper as Mirai nipped and trailed a wet path with his tongue down and over that sensitive skin, over his claim. The older teen nuzzled and breathed in deep over his mark, savouring ever bit of him. "Mmmm …chibi."

"Mir-Mirai …we sh-shouldn't…dad and papa…"

"They can't have you!" Mirai smirked as lifted his head nipping and licking before gaze into the midnight pearls. "Your mine!" 

His mouth captured and pressed deeply, drawing out the best of his lover; hungrily drinking every essence of his true love. Fingertips dragged clawed across and exposed skin as the two lovers moaned eagerly, a new urgency, an itch, an ancient call. "I need…" burning kiss "…I need you…" a heated kiss "… now! Please chibi…"a burning desire that trailed down the jaw line "…let …let me take you …now…" a flame.

Gohan buckled and trembled under his lover's onslaught of fiery passion. "O…ooahg …Mmmir... ye- yeasss… pleasssse!" Clothes were hastily removed with a need for more contact and unbinding desire to have. Fingers clawed for flesh with a new urgency, a new fever.

Two lovers wrestled and danced along the forest floor, blanketed by the privacy of the heavens, the stars. Loud moans turned into hungry groans, desperate pleading, whimpering until there was a feral cry and a deafening howl that cut sliced through the cool night air like a lance. It was a warning to others to stay back while one is coupling with its future mate.

In the quiet of the night both teens curled up together, naked as the day they were born. The rising and falling of their chest was easily seen as they came down from their high. Drenched in sweat and seeds of love, they curled closer still learning to breathe; smiles as giddy midnight pearls and satisfied sapphires lock. Both teens' smiles grew as their sensitive skin touched. With his partner in gigging high, Mirai kissed his lover on the tip of his noise. "I do love you!"

His reply was a brush of soft silk lips and a loving smile that only was for his eyes alone. They embarrassed and kissed a few more times with tails, legs and hands or entwined trying to stay close, enjoying being as one and loving the comforts only the other one can bring. "Mirai I'm so…sorry for not …you know claiming you…that is."

"Don't! You just weren't ready…that all….its not your fault. I told you before and I tell you again. I love you! Nothing you say will ever change that for me! So don't apologise."

"I know I just feel bad and I don't understand all of this. I wish I knew when I will be ready."

"Don't worry too much chibi. While we're together everything will be fine. You'll see."

"I never want to leave you Mirai."

"I feel the same way. I wish we could stay here. Just you and me."

Gohan looked up at the stars and then turned back to the older teen. "Umm…do you think we should get back? Well we kind of left at a bad time."

"I don't know I think grandpapa and the others are doing just fine. Plus a good battle always gets dad's blood pumping. I wouldn't be surprised if dad and papa were at it right now, as we speak."

"Ewrrr that's just gross."

"No what's gross is us! …Let's find a river and wash before we go back and see what's going on."

"I'll feel guilty if things are not as they should be because we… you know…"

"Made love?"

"Well yeah…"

"You worry too much. Come one lets get cleaned and we'll find them before they come looking for us."

"Shit …let's hurry!" Gohan said as he sprung to his feet snatching up all his clothes with Mirai laughing and doing the same thing but slower.


As Gohan and Mirai flew over the docking bay they saw the royal guards surround the defeated enemy in Saiyan force. They could just make out Raditz ordering men before turning to Nappa who pointed to the sky at them. Gohan and Mirai waved as they slowed and lowered to the ground. Then in a flash both of them were bulldozed on the ground by a very relieved Ursus and Olios. "You're ALIVE!"

"No kidding! Though, I have my doubts with you sitting on me. I feel numb! GET OFF ME… you big oaf!"

"Sure thing boss!"

"It's great to see you both." Olios beamed.

"Wasn't that totally awesome! You should have seen Nappa kick ass. Oh man, Raditz and Turles Kami they are an awesome pair of fighters and you wouldn't believe what your grandpapa did! Kami, I whish I had him as a grandad so totally in command he smashed them up real good. It was just so damn AWESOME! You should have seen us! Kami it felt good!!"

"Just like a fight to give you a buzz. I'd watch out Olios, he be looking for bit tonight!" Mirai smirked at the two now blushing. His smile was quickly replaced with a frown as Gohan elbowed him in the ribs. "Owww… what's that for? I was only warning him!"

"Yeah, but I don't think they want our folks to know!" Gohan motioned towards their fathers who had just now landed. They watched as Bardock who was standing with Artimis were now talking to their fathers who in return had their sights fixed firmly on them. This made both boys cringe. "Do you think they would notice us leaving?" Gohan whispered wanting to put as much distance between them and their fathers.

"I think they'd notice if we blinked out of time." Mirai swallowed hard.

"It's been a privilege knowing you boss." Ursus patted his friend on the back.

Mirai snapped around. "Shut up Ursus!" He turned to the others standing around him. "We need a cover story!"

"Like what? My brain's gone dead after all that spent up energy … you know …I'm drained!"

"What have you two been up to …Huh?" Ursus rased brow at his friend with smile slipping on his face.  

"None of your damn business, Ursus!" Mirai growled. 

"They're coming Mirai." Gohan felt his legs growing weak as he watched their fathers approach side by side with the same fixed stare. All the boys cringed under intensive stare.  

"Relax, we're big boys. They can't intimidate us especially if we stick together!" Mirai put on a brave face.

"Like I said, nice knowing you guys. Come on babe we don't want to see this! It's going to get ugly. Oh, what type of flowers would you like at your funeral?" Ursus asked getting the death glare from his long time friend. Mirai fist clenched.

"Keep it up Ursus and they'll be delivered to yours!" He hissed.  

"Well in that case I think I would like…okay- okay we going! Gee, no sense of humour!" Ursus rubbing his now bruised arm getting sympathy look from his partner, Olios as they walked away.

"Be a good boy and runaway!" Mirai growled. Both their friend gave them sympathy look before leaven them to face their fathers. Mirai thankful not to have them standing by why they get earful as he fully expected turned his sights to their parents close the gap between them. Both boys unconsciously took a step back from their father the king.

Vegeta dark eyes narrowed on both boys with Goku standing next to him. Both fathers looked so much taller to the boys. "You and you home… NOW!"

"Yes dad!"


"So much for sticking up for ourselves." Gohan whispered as he leaned into his brother while they flew the short distance back to the palace with their father trailing behind the hesitant teens ensuring they get home.

Mirai's blues turned to him. "Let me do the talking."

"Did you see dad's eyes, they were real mean!"

"He doesn't scare me any."


Hours later the yelling only gained volume in the royal apartment.   

"WHAT DID I SAY? ….I told you! If you ever- ever do something so damn stupid as to claim HIM! I'd kick your sorry ass to the other side of the galaxy and what did you fucking well do BOY!!!" Vegeta was livid. He paced about in front of his sons. Gohan's had stumbled into Mirai who was gripping his arms stopping him from falling.

Gohan looked petrified with his back pressed hard against Mirai's chest as if trying to climb inside of brother to hide. He could feel Mirai tense and then with quick movement Gohan found himself behind him with his brother going of his tree. "Don't give me this SHIT! YOU KNEW HOW I FELT! …You knew we would be together so don't act like it's some DAMN SUPIRSE …You bastard!"

"ARRRGH …" Vegeta gritted his teeth and clenched his fist stopping himself from reaching out and grabbing the boy by the throat.

"Mirai watch it or you have me to deal with!" Goku flashed his temper stopping his boy from say any more.

Gohan was shaking, trembling. A wave of heat flooded through his veins. Light headed, his hands that had gripped Mirai sleave for protection loosened, his eyes rolled back. Then with thud Mirai sprung around his father took step to see the youngest now unconscious on the floor behind his step brother.

"Chibi?" Mirai went to kneel beside him only to have Vegeta push him aside. Gently he lifted his boy up into his arms and carried him to his room with the others following.


In the early hours of the morning and after anxious moments pacing the floor, the doctor came out into the living room with Bardock and his two sons comforting Goku and Mirai with Vegeta standing off to the side in silence alone. "Well your guess was confirmed. He's just gone into heat….I say in the next few days he be ready to take mate." The doctor explained. Vegeta nodded before dismissing him, his eyes returned on his heir.

Mirai heard the word but they just felt numb as they danced in his brain. "In heat? He has being waited for this for ever and now it had finally arrived. Finally Gohan will be able to return the claim but for some strange reason he felt scared and unsure about their future together. The responsibility of protecting his brother weighed heavy on his shoulders. What if he wasn't good enough for his chibi? What if he couldn't protect him? What if…

"Did you hear that brat!" Vegeta snapped the boy back to realty. "His is in heat, now it's your turn to be claimed!"

Mirai's blues showed a lot of emotion but fear was the one most prevalent. "I-I can't do this…"

Vegeta's eyes widened in disbelief and his temper threatened to strike out on the teen. Goku quickly came up beside him and placed a loving hand on his shoulder only to have it shrugged off as Vegeta stormed out of the room in the early hours of the morning with still no sun to shine his path.

Goku lowered his sights on his eldest son. "Mirai…"

"No…no… I can't do this. I thought I could but I can't!" Mirai, like his father, left the room. He ran out to find a place to think alone and go over his fears leaving everyone to their stirred emotions.

"Don't worry son. He will come around. He won't be able to stay away from chibi too long. He's just scared at the moment. Something he's dreamed for years has finally arrived. It's a big step." Bardock said with his arm around his youngest son. Turles and Raditz also came up to comfort him. "He will come around, you'll see. At the moment your other son needs you." 

Goku nodded and hugged his father and both his brothers. "Will you stay here tonight? After everything I don't think I want to be alone." 

"Of course we'll stay." Bardock said with a firm pat on his boy's shoulders. Raditz and Turles nodded too, just before Goku wandered back down to the hall. 


The next two days were full with flight after flight of dignitaries leaving the space port, all pledging their loyalty to Saiyan-jin Empire against Frieza's ruthless regime. Saiyanjin scouts patrolled the boarders but there was no sign of the lizard's ship.

The royals had their own family troubles. Mirai had disappeared. Guards after guards had been in search for the heir. There was still no word and Vegeta's temper was at its peak as he paced the living room or ordered for more guards as their youngest son cried out his distress.

"Vegeta. Something has to be done! It's hit Gohan faster than it did me! By the end of the week he's going to reach his peak." Goku stressed his fears as he came out into the livingroom. Stress was stretched across each father's face.

Vegeta's angry eyes didn't hide any of his own fears. He was struggling with the idea of letting the boy claim another. But it was a thought that turned his stomach. He had never planned any of this. Nothing in their kid's life was supposed to happen like it did. Years of heart ache and it still follows them. "Kakarrot, I was thinking. Maybe we should think of …" 

Just as he said it a very weak Gohan came stumbling out in nothing but his night pants. His heavy eyes were so sleepy with the drug the doctor had given him that day to calm the burning heat that threatened to engulf him. His weak body rested heavy against the hall wall. "I'm thirsty… Where is Mir?" He asked as he wiped away the layer of sweat from his face with his forearm. His tail was behind him puffed out flicking from side to side unconsciously, showing his anxiety and his readiness.   

"Hey what are you doing out of bed? You only had to call, I would have been there."

"But my throat is dry… and I have drunk all the water…. It's too hot!"

"Back to bed where you belong boy!"

"But I want Mirai here…. Can't I go out and look for him…"

"Hell, no boy! One step out of these doors you'll have all the available Saiyans swarming over you. Your damn scent is too strong and appealing.  And I can't go around killing off all my subjects because my son is on heat!" Vegeta shook his head in disbelief.

Goku came back into the livingroom and hand his son a large cool glass of water. "Here you go, and back to bed son. I'm sure Mirai will be home soon."  Sleepily, and with a heavy heart, Gohan did what his papa had ordered.

"It's so hot in here…. I want Mirai." were his parting words as he walked back to his room. Both dads looked at each other.

"We have to find him Vegeta. We have to get him here before he too goes through what Mirai went through. Mirai has to come around, for both of them. Its insane to let this continue like this!" Goku gently whispered in his lover arms.

"I'll go out and see what I can do. I have the brat, Ursus, and his friend looking for him. Last I heard he said he had one last place left where he thinks he might be." Vegeta said.

Goku smiled. "If anyone can flash out our stubborn son, it would be Ursus."


"Boss your just being too hard on yourself. Now stop this and come back. They're all worried about you. I heard Chibi is calling for you real bad. Hehehe." Ursus chuckled, sitting down next to Mirai on his mother's old large bed in the secret chamber in the palace tower.

"It's not funny Ursus. This is serious…"

"Hey, don't you think I don't know this. Look at me and Olios and we managed to keep it a secret! Hell it kills me that we can't say a word. But you-you can live with your partner. We can't! The old man could have a stroke and die. He's too damned old! He sees Olios as his perfect son. I can't take that away from him. So stop your moping and get off you sorry ass!"

"Ursus, I don't know if I'm ready to do this…"

"You were ready enough when you claimed him! Now if you don't get your ass back down there they will be start thinking of finding another partner for him!"

"They won't do that! Not to us! …They wouldn't dare!"

"It's not what I heard!"

"What have you heard?" Mirai raised a questionable brow.

"Well, you know how some of the officers and family stayed back once they heard that the prince had gone into heat."

"Yeah…Go on?"

"Well, I know for a fact that a young girl by the name of Videl was speaking with the king, this morning…"  

"He wouldn't!" Mirai gaze turned to the window in disbelief.

"He might. I mean you're not around and all… Hey where are you going?"

"I'm getting out of here you dope! Gee Ursus, you're making me waste my time talking when I should be doing!"

"Oh, okay…"


"Papa, I need a shower. Its too hot …I'm sweating real bad!" 

"I wish you would just rest. What the doctor gave you doesn't seem to be working. You're too restless and your tempter is back up. A shower might do you some good. Here I'll help. I don't want you tripping and breaking something."

"Thanks papa."

Sometime later Gohan was left to dry him self while his papa went to speak with the doctor; about getting something stronger. The small teen towel dried him self in the bathroom and wrapped the towel around his thin waist as he looked into the mirror. Brushing his hair from his face he could see his sleepy eyes staring back at him. His biological father's eyes he thought his hair was mixture of his mothers and his fathers; he knew this from what he was told. He straitened his shoulders to his full height. He smiled, pleased with the few added inches that was noticeable only to him.

Any bruising or marks from the battle the other day had disappeared like his parents' scars. Saiyan-jins are great for healing fast and now, with his collar off, he found just how fast his body could repair a problem – except maybe for this, the rut! "Mirai I need you…" He whispered under his breath. His tail flicked out its frustration. He groaned and lowered his eyelids with the build up of pain he was feeling.

"Hey, chibi… Mmmm, fuck that scent … that's so…damn! Chibi, where the hell are ya!" The desperate plea came from the living room as the front door closed.

Gohan's eyes snapped opened with a spark that wasn't there before, a serious determined gleam washed over his face. "Mirai."

The unsuspecting teen didn't see a thing. He only felt something fly at him tackling him down to the ground. Eyes wide Mirai looked up into Gohan's cloudy orbs. "Chi-chibi wha…" It was the last thing he said as his mouth was captured in a burning hunger. "Mmmm" a struggle for air "Chi-chibi what…hold on…hell what am I saying?" gasped the lavender teen as fingers worked desperately to unclothe him.

Drowning, drowning in the most powerful alluring scent he'd ever breathed in, Mirai's blues were hazing over. His lungs filled with the most appealing and satisfying aroma that clouded any other thought. He found himself helping in the same made frenzy to be rid of his clothes, there in the living room. He got down to his pants when the front door, just a few feet from his and Gohan's head, opened and two stunned fathers stood there. Both looked down at the urgent scene being played out before them.

"Someone's hungry!" Vegeta grinned at the two teens. There was growling and snarling coming from the playful fight of dominance on the living room floor. Mirai was struggling to be the dominant partner in this new relationship. "I'd watch it Mirai. His side of the family will give you a run for your money." Vegeta chuckled delighted the day had finally arrived and his boys will be reunited in life time bond.

"You betcha!" Goku grinned and nudged his partner playfully in the ribs as he dragged Vegeta back outside leaving the two teens alone. Gohan's bushy tail was also being used to pin down his relucted partner who refused to submit. They wrestled and rolled in a fight that had taken years to arrive and fulfil their paths. The fight for conquest continued until Mirai successfully pinned Gohan beneath him and with an evil grin his hunger burning both sets of eyes glazed with the thirst for coupling. Gohan panting hard as he buckled luring his lover to retake his claim.

Fogged with pure lust, canines exposed a deep feral growl as Mirai own heavy tail held his partner down getting ready to take his claim his right as the dominant partner. In one swift movement Mirai came down hard reopening his mark with the piercing of the skin, a powerful bite locking the smaller teen into submission. A dangerous satisfied growl vibrated from the wound as Mirai made it clear who was in charge in this relationship.

Gohan's head arched back allowing full access and he dare not move his throat in his lovers clutches. Then a haze had taken over every Gohan sense or logic the smaller boy ever knew as the powerful instinct took over his senses. His jaw snapped down on the crock of Mirai's neck with the same urgent growl his partner had shown. A loud moan escaped the older boy's lips as his eyes rolled back under his closed lids being drowned and carried away in the most erotic dance of their life as their ki mingled and melted into one; bounding their ever lasting love in the only was Saiyanjin could. Both whimpered and groaned while it overloaded their senses as it dived them both off the highest mountains, the tallest cliffs on Vegeta-sie.

Coming down from their mind-blowing orgasm they panted hard as their hearts pounded in time with each other, like knew clock work, hammering against their rib cages with a new force. No words were spoken as they closed their eyes and relived every arousing image. Mirai's tail quickly recovered before his arms found the strength and he brought his smaller lover into his protective grasp clutching him tightly. "Mine." He nipped and purred cleaning over the red wound, contented like never before. "All mine!" A smile slipped over his contented face.

A tender and satisfying smile slipped over Gohan's sleepily face as he nuzzled closer into warm loving arms.



Time had passed as swiftly as the weather for two popular royals. Besides their fathers, the two strongest elite warriors of their generation were not to be scoffed at. They stood among their fathers as Vegeta-sei's proudest achievers, a record that is yet to beaten.

Along a gravel pathway in the palace grounds that they have walked a million times, a path they had played along when they were children with a sense of freedom, of security that their family love provided, until it was ripped away from them at early age.

It was a path that held so many memories. Along side of it was an age old pond with a bank that slopes down the palace grounds among the scattered trees that provide shade during Vegeta-sei's hots months, and all fond memories of their carefree days.

With the warm orange glow of the sun shining down on them, warming their faces, they held each other's hand, fingers entwined in love. The faint sounds of laughter drifted on the air and squalls of excitement hovered around them a sense of home, family…their family. 

Suddenly an almighty roar cut through the air, breaking their quiet moment stopping them both in their tracks. Their eyes met with the same thought until they broke into a run. 

Mirai's blues widened as did Gohan's. "Oh no…"

His thoughts mirrored by his partner's. "…not again!"

They stood next to each other looking over the horror scene in front of them. There stood their proud father, Vegeta, in his royal uniform looking every part royalty, a powerful lord, soaked from head to toe. If looks could kill, Vegeta certainly was on the rampage. His once proud hair now hung heavy over his face, dripping. Slowly his gloved hand rose and flipped it back out of his eyes with the weight of his hair it slowly parted down the centre and endless clear drops soaked his already drenched shoulders. Teeth were beared as eyes turned a dangerous darker shade as the sound of giggling echoed in the air.

The king's dark eyes were fixed firmly on the two handsome adult princes across the pond.

Mirai waved his hands in defence in front of him. "Hey, you can't blame us for that dad." He said before turning to his partner beside him with smirk.

Gohan's hands sprung to cover his mouth trying to hold back the inevitable swelling of laughter he felt rising. Shaking his head and trying to gain some control his eyes started to water and laughter fled his lips.  " I'mmm… re …oooh geez haha… really sorrrrry …dadHAHAHAHA! 

Doubling over no longer able to hold back the laughter that swelled inside of him he dropped to his knees with tears streaming from his eyes. Mirai tried desperately not to fall victim to the same fate as his lover but seeing their proud father become a victim to one of his own childhood prank as Artimis the old wizard had told them late one night around camp fire. It came as a great surprise to them, but a pleasant one at that, to find they weren't the only brats in the royal family that accomplished the same pranks.

"Geta what happened?" Goku called as he came running to his saturated mate. Vegeta, without looking over his shoulder, raised his hand to signal his partner not to approach, but to no avail.

"ARRgh O-O-o…shit!" Goku hissed through gritted teeth as his skin detached its self from him as the ice water soaked his still youthful form. He simultaneously turned into the first super Saiyan goose-bump as the sounds of more giggles rained down upon them.

Gohan's eyes widened even more with the sight now playing out in front of him. Not just one father but two were now soaked. Clutching at his belly he fell rolling on the ground in fits of laughter, burring tears clouded his vision. Mirai was on his knees mirroring his partner. Vegeta stood shaking his head, his temper ready to burst any moment. "Kakarrot…you BAKA!"

Goku looked up at him in disbelief, holding out his clothes from his icy pole body. He stood beside his lover under the grand old tree looking stunned at what just happened and listening the sounds of laughter. His eyes narrowed before turning to his two sons.

"Hehehehe…I…know… OKAY … I'll get her!" Mirai got up from the ground wiping the tears from his eyes while still smirking at the sight of his parents. He turned to Gohan. "Hey this isn't funny." He choked with a laugh.

With watery eyes "Yes it is!" Gohan laughed.

"Get up…" Mirai held back the smirk as his blues turned to the top of the tree as his lover stood up gasping for air and trying to regain some control.

"Okay …I'm ready." Gohan smirked dusting his off pants.

"Good, because she's hiding in the tree."

"Well after you." Gohan held out his hand with a shy smile.

"No you."

Gohan frowned. "Why me"

"Coz I said so…and she knows you're the softy." Mirai pushed his lover forward. "You distract her, I'll grab her."

"I am not!"

"Don't argue with me."

"Fine, but I resent that!"  Reluctantly Gohan moved towards his fathers who hadn't moved as they waited for the show to unfold. "Dad, papa…" He waved timidly at his fathers, who just glared at him. Clearing his throat Gohan looked up at the large tree. "Karla you need to come down …"

"No, you're going to yell at me!" came tiny girlish voice.

"No I'm not. Now come down here baby." Gohan heard his dad, Vegeta snarled beside him.  

"No, grandad's angry…he was supposed to laugh and he didn't!"

"Well he's laughing on the inside…" Gohan couldn't hold back a chuckle but decided against looking over his shoulder. He could feel the burn marks from his father's laser eyes without turning around.

"No I'm not… AHHHGG…DADDY?!"  With high pitch squeal Mirai managed to snatch up his three year old daughter from her hiding place on the high branch. He lowered them both down with his tiny cub in his strong hold. Gohan, now with his patient mask in place, approached his little girl and held out his hand.

"Hand them over!"

"Awww papa…" She pouted with her puppy dog eyes and her long lash fluttering for extra sympathy as she handed over Saiyan size water balloons that she got of her to best friends.

"Now I think you need to apologise to both your grandfathers." Mirai said in a stern tone. His daughter nodded. He placed her down beside him as her long coffee colour bushy tail uncurled from around her father's wrist but quickly curled tightly around his leg for added security as she stood in front of her two soaked grandfathers.

"I'm sorry that you didn't find it funny… but they said you would …" her voice trailed off as she nervously played with her long dark locks.

"I should have known. The twins!" Vegeta hissed the last part out. His fists were clenched at the thought of the terrible duo as he quickly turned away. Goku took a step closer and crouched down in front of his only grandchild.

"No harm done Kal, but you have to stop listening to them. It only gets you into trouble every time."

Karla nodded slowly. "But we have fun!" She pouted under her breath.

Goku smirked and lifted her tiny chin and brushed her locks from her face as he kissed her forehead. Pleased to see a smile back on her angelic face Goku stood up to look at his sons. "You should talk to Ursus and Olios about the boys."

Mirai nodded. "Yeah, we were going to them today."

Karla spun around fast looking up with hopefully eyes. "Can I go …pleeeease daddy."

Mirai and Gohan look at their three year old daughter full of all the eagerness in the world to see her two favourite friends, the mischief eight year old twins, of their long time friends. Olios and Ursus sons, Dahl and Cass, they knew they were the brains of all the kid's miss adventures.

"Kal after what you just did I don't think so!" Mirai stated, his arms folding across his broad chest much like his father did for him years back and still does. He looked at her large pleading eyes that were slowly melting away his heart.

//Your wavering // Gohan smirked

// am not.//  Mirai growled through their bond. //and you can't say your not.//

Gohan shrugged his shoulders. He couldn't deny it. 

Goku came to the boy's rescue. "Come on Kal, let's see if we can find your uncle Turles and maybe he let you see his new ship."

"YIPPY HEE! Can I fly this ship too? Pleeeease grandpapa!" Goku bit his lip and looked over his shoulder at his two wide eyed boys. "Huh Kal… shhh… secret remember!"

"O-Oh yeah!" She smiled and with a mischievous wink she led her grandpapa away. "Then we can go see Nappa at the arena again." Her tiny voice echoed as her grandpa stopped in mid stride. His shoulders sagged some before they moved off at a much quicker pace leaving both her fathers with frowns on their faces wondering what they had missed.

"Did …"

"Nuh, they wouldn't …"

"Are you sure?"

"No, but she should be fine. Anyway come on lets go." Mirai said lifting off with his younger partner and watching their papa walk up the path with their not so innocent daughter. "Come on papa won't let anything happen to her! You know that!"

"Okay… but… I don't know. You know what she's like when gets an idea in her head." He rose to meet his partner who now hovered above the tress and the palace grounds. "Between Turles and papa she should be alright." Gohan wasn't so sure but he pushed his concerns aside for now.

"Now do we transform to gold?" Mirai grinned as did his partner looking up at him.  "It would be safer. You never know where those boys might be." Mirai smirked "Plus it will shit Ursus off if we arrived like that again."

"I think Olios has a better sense of humour than him."  Gohan chuckled as they both powered up and burst into gold. "Race ya."

"Aww…damn!" Mirai sped off after her his lover.


It was all in fun that they would rock up at the old white stone mansion in Carso, that Artimis had left them in his will after he died. It had been disused since Commander Ramose had been exiled.

Before Artimis died, the old wizard found out that Ursus was his daughter's only living descendant. He now had two sons to fuss over, much to the old man's delight. He sadly died a year before the boys adopted their sons, when they were still babies, from the same orphanage Ursus came from.

Encouraged by their friends and family to do the same Mirai and Gohan decided it was time to adopt a child. Karla was only a few weeks old when they got the call. Both Mirai and Gohan arrived at the hospital, nervous and with the whole royal family in tow, eager to see the new arrived royal infant.

Dahl, Cass and Karla were the next generation and always on the go. They put Mirai and Ursus to shame with the scams that they thought of and conning Karla to help. All parties knew that the little girl didn't need much coaxing as she was a master of the con game herself. The boys knew the sweet look of Karla could grant them most anything.

Life had been fairly routine since they were teens. Both boys had been on their fair share of missions and graduated from the academy with flying colours. Mirai also had that talk with his dad about his mother, Bulma, and showed him her room and diary up in the tower. Vegeta listened to the whole story in complete disbelief that his father had done something like that. It came as a complete shock that he had kept him away from her all those years ago. Mirai had told him the full story before showing him his mother's grave, which Vegeta now visits with his first childhood love, Goku.

The threat of Frieza wanting to seize and destroy Vegeta-sei still hangs over them every day. The royals know there will be a war between the two most powerful empires one day. They have never stopped training for that day with their family and friends. They are confident of their strengths and believe they have a good chance of winning. All of Vegeta-sei has been in preparation for that day. The Saiyan-jins are ready to go into battle with the most powerful elite warriors in the lead. They have faith in their two princes Gohan and Mirai who triumph with their massive army when the inevitable arrives. But for now they are at peace.


"Damn you two! Why do you have to do that every time you rock up here now! Shit Boss, chibi you know how to make a guy feel bad!" Ursus frowned as he stood holding the front door open giving away the pompousness of having a butler.

With smirks on their faces the two princes powered down before entering. "Hey how many times do I have to tell you not call me Boss?" Mirai said patting his friend on the back as he closed the door. Ursus turned around with half cocked smile.

"Hey I forgot your real names years ago." He smirked causing both his friends to laugh.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Mirai chuckled. They all looked over just I time to see Dahl and Cass and sneaking up the stairs. Ursus frowned.

"I wonder what they are up to?" He said under his breath as his to guilty looking sons disappeared.

Shrugged his shoulders he turned back to his friends who gave cold stare at the boys. Ursus motioned them to continue through to the back yard to where Olios was. Gohan's eyes lit up as his friend looked up from a picnic table.

"Olios, good to see ya." Gohan crowed as he rushed over to hug his friend.

"Gohan, it's been a while. How was your mission?"

"Okay nothing special. Just mapping another two planets… I have missed ya." He beamed as he released his hold on his small friend. Olios was still a few inch smaller than him.

"I missed you too. I suppose it will be Ursus and Mirai off on their missions soon." He sighed he hate been away from his friends.

"That's still two weeks away and we will only be gone for a few weeks at them most." Mirai responded as he moved over to the two now sitting at the table.  Ursus came out with a hand full of glasses filled with his brew he was trying to perfect. He had Nappa give him a few tips on what not to do after his last party.

"There you go drink up. It won't kill ya!"

"You said that last time and I was sick in bed for a week." Gohan said nervously looking at the glass in his hand. "I think I'll skip. Thanks anyway."

"Your loss." Ursus said rasing his glass as did Mirai with a little less enthusiasm.

"PAAA…AHHH….err…URSUS… what the hell you put in THAT?" Mirai chocked and spat at the taste.

"Hey don't knock it…or there's no seconds."

"Hell I go along with that. That was damn nasty!" Mari's face screwed up with the after taste.

"There's no pleasing some people." Ursus said ignoring his friends laughing as he drank on.

"Where's Kal?" Olios said looking around for little Kal who normally would cling on to one of her fathers; that's until she see the boys.

Gohan looked over at Mirai who was wiping his spilt drink from the front of his shirt. Their eyes met and darted back at Olios. "Okay what have they done now?"

"What …?" Ursus frowned looking at his young partners own frown.

"The boys…" Olios said as turned to Gohan for answers. Ursus eyes narrowed as he too turned to his friends.

With a deep sigh Gohan went on to explain. "Here I think these belong to the boys." He handed over the handful of water balloons that were in his pocket.  Olios held his hand his eyes sprung to his lover then back to Gohan. "Let's just say I'd keep the boys away from the palace until dad cools down or warms up…as the case might be."

"DAHL, CASS!! …I'll kill them!!" Ursus spun around and raced back into the house.

Olios was busy biting his lip. "Sorry Gohan, Mirai I just …I…I don't know…"

"Hey, it's okay, no real harm done. It was quite funny really… well for us." Gohan smirked as he patted his friend's hand resting on the table. Mirai nodded in agreement, his hand on his lovers shoulder. From behind them inside the massive house two screams could be heard echoing off the walls from the boy's bedroom. All eyes looked up to hear Ursus voice rising.

"He seems to be stressing out a lot lately. I think the mission really will do him some good. " Olios voice willowed in the back ground as everyone listened to the cries.

"Yeah…it sure is less stressful than being at home with the kids." Mirai muttered taking another sip of his drink. With a quick gasp and a cough, he spat out the foul taste from his mouth as it burned its way down his throat and up in his nostrils. Both Olios and Gohan sprung to their feet to help him get his breath back.

"Aww Mirai, look at your shirt."



Even with stressful lives of being parents, life was full and in the years to come they were closer than ever. Whatever life threw at Gohan and Mirai from now on they knew they had each other. They had survived this far and the future would be just another chapter in their book; one of millions of pages in their manuscript, but their story is that they are still alive and still together and life can only improve for them as their love grows. Both are still deeply devoted to the other; a love that will last throughout the ages.

A story of love, passion, romance, happiness, blood, sweat and lots of tears …but most of all it was about survival of the best kind. It was about life for two Saiyan-jin royals that will go down in history as lovers, soul mates, bond brothers. In the end their children and grandchildren will hear of their story, of kindness, friendship and about lovers that emerged into legend. A tale of two powerful warriors, the youngest in history to defeat a tyrant, Lord Frieza with the help of their fathers, family and friends in protecting and saving their home planet, Vegeta-sei that lives in peace today.

This was their story.


A/N: Well I can honestly say this was roller coaster ride. I didn't even know what was going to happen to them. They came to life and had their own ideas. I sure as hell didn't plan on Gohan getting kidnapped for a second time when he was young. Well that always happens with my stories. You never know where you end up or what you get. I can say I have learnt a lot writing this story and hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes and create a better story through it.

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