It was early. Too early for Astrid's liking. She ran down the stairs to open the door. Some one had the nerve to knock on her door at 11 AM. Without bothering to

look, Astrid opened the door. The next thing she knew, Xander was on her, and she was under him. The cold marble sent shivers up her spine. 'Right Astrid. You tell

yourself it's the marble and not Xander.' she thought angrily.

"You're….laying….on….me…" she managed to spit out.

"Yeah,… So, what are you gonna do about it?" he whispered in her ear, and slid his hand down her leg.

Astrid suddenly pulled her legs out from under him, put them on this chest, and pushed him away from her. He flew back and hit the wall with a loud slam. Before he

realized what was going on, Astrid had started running from the hsllway and her slim form was disappearing around the corner. He ran his hand over his shaved head, to

make sure there was no bleeding, and then took of after her. As she ran up the stairs, Astrid ripped off her shirt and threw it behind her down the stairs. As luck would

have it, Xander was right in its landing zone and it ended up falling right on his head. At first he flinched, thinking it was something heavy, and then he realized what it was.

The image of Astrid running, in only a pair of underwear, drove him crazy, and despite the growing ringing in his ears, he ran faster after her. When he finally caught up to

her. She was sitting on her bed. Naked. Looking very vulnerable, but also kind of dangerous as well…

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