Summary: Still reeling after the deathbed confession of the woman who raised her, Bella's search for the truth starts in a small town in Washington. When her journey leads her into a world of the supernatural, how will she cope and just who will she meet along the way?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

AN: I have 8 chapters of this one prewritten and am working on the 9th. This is a slow burn story. Bella still hasn't met Jared in the chapter I'm working on. Enjoy!


The nurse pushed the bassinet toward the nursery, smiling softly at the little wiggling bundle, swaddled in her pink blanket. She never saw the figure lurking behind the corner, following her every step.

The woman waited until the nurse left the nursery. She knew she wouldn't have much time, so she ran in and grabbed the pink bundle, disappearing just as quickly.

When the nurse walked back in, she checked on all the babies making it to the empty bassinet last and gasping.

"Shirley? Did you or one of the others take this one for bathing?"

Shirley Cope walked over to her colleague, "Vanessa, none of the babies are being bathed right now."

"Oh, God," the young nurse covered her mouth in horror.

"Call the police, Vanessa."

The birth parents were informed after the police had been alerted and there was a thorough search of the hospital. Their devastation about their missing daughter would haunt them for years to come.

On the road away from the little rainy town, a woman smiled at the sleeping child in the car seat, a child who would grow to be a beautiful young woman who would eventually make her way home.

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