Goldberg's POV

The little flurry we were supposed to get last night turned out to be more then we bargained for. There's ten inches out there already and it's still falling. The blizzard knocked out the cable and now we can only get two channels on the living room TV, one's the Spanish network and the other has been playing a Star Trek marathon all afternoon. Luis had been watching some Spanish soap opera for a while, but then the Bash Brother's muscled him out of the remote. Now Portman and Fulton are arguing over who's better looking, Captain Kirk or Captain Packard. I mean they're actually bickering over William Shatner and Patrick Stewart, it's pitiful. And I'm bored, bored, bored, I'm hungry and bored.

I should get up and make something for lunch, I'm pretty sure it's my turn to cook, but I don't wanna move. You know how when you're bored you get tired and when you're hungry you get tired? Well I'm both so I have no desire to get out of this rocking chair. I look around the room to see if any of my friends appear to ripe to guilt into preparing some food. Let's see, Averman and Banks are playing poker (good move on Averman's part Banks sucks at cards but he's got tons of money to lose), Charlie's playing with his game boy, Kory's composing some music, Jesse's listening to her intently and Luis and Annie are huddled in the corner giggling again, Taz and Maya are still upstairs. Hmm, who's the best target?

Finally I just give a universal announcement.

"It's lunch time guys, someone should go make something to eat."

"I think the chore chart says it's your turn to cook, Goldie." Averman replies, putting down three of a kind.

"I don't know how to cook guys." I lie. "So if you want me to poison you all, I guess I'll go start."

"You're parents own a restaurant Goldberg, how can you not know how to cook?" Luis gives me a disbelieving look. Darn parents had to open that stupid deli and trap me here.

"No, my parents own a delicatessen, all I ever get to make is sandwiches."

"We can handle sandwiches." Charlie declares.

Portman adds.

"PB and J for me."

Cursed, okay, I guess that means I'm going to make lunch. With a creak I rise from the rocking chair and start toward the kitchen. There's four different kinds of meat in the refrigerator, three cheeses and two types of bread. So I stagger back to the living room to take orders, just in time to see a sleepy eyed Taz, with purple hair sticking out everywhere stumble down the stairs in fuzzy bunny slippers. Somebody should let her know mourning was a few hours ago. The girl shakes her head at Charlie and rolls her eyes at Kory before sitting down crossed on the floor. Kory doesn't seem to care though, she just tosses the pad she's writing on down onto the 'coffee table' (we put it back together as best we could, thank god for super glue) and picks her violin back up. That however is a very bad idea.

As soon as the paper is within Taz's eye shot she recognizes it as her sketchpad.

"You sneaky little rat!"

She screeches so loud even Kory jumps and drops her violin.


"You stole my sketchpad!" The purple haired girl storms over to the couch Kory and Jesse are sitting on and leans in nose to nose with the other girl.

"I did not, it was just sitting there on the table, I didn't even know it was yours."

"You did too you liar, you're just trying to get under my skin and make me angry."

"Oh take the stupid pad," Kory snaps picking it up and shoving it straight into Taz's chest. "I don't need it that much."

The room is totally silent as Taz takes her paper and storms back up the stairs in the direction of her bedroom. The situation is pretty tense so I decide to lighten the mood.

"So who wants wheat bread?"

Yup only I could think of food at a time like this, we're stranded and hating each other. But news flash, I'm fat, food is what fat people think about. My list of things that I think about are, hockey, food, girls and umm food. Yup, your basic over weight teenage boy's desires. What can I say, unlike Annie, I live up to stereotypes. But I'm not even the weirdest one. In fact I'm thinking over becoming a shrink just to make money from my friends. Charlie has control issues, Banks is claustrophobic, Fulton's afraid of flying and Kory's scared of the dark. Plus I'm convince Taz has ADD, Luis has a narcissism complex and Maya suffers from self-esteem issues, she's always complaining about her butt. Compared to them, I'm fairly normal.

After I've served the meal everyone goes back to what they were doing previously, including our feuding enforcers. Though now I'm not sure what they're actually fighting about, I think it maybe their relationship.

"Girls don't count right, Dean?" Fulton asks bitterly.

Portman retorts with.

"You are so thick headed."

It continues for a few more minutes before they're argument is interrupted by a ear piercing shriek, then the thundering of Kory chasing Taz down the stairs, with Maya following behind them. Kory catches Taz by the arm and spins her around, then total mayhem ensues.

The two start shoving each other back and forth, Taz yelling a fast pace version of Irish and I'm assuming is swearing. Everyone is stunned at first and it takes a second before someone breaks them apart. Charlie grabs Kory around the waist and tugs her to the other side of room while Fulton picks up Taz and tosses her over his shoulder. Both girls continue to kick and holler and they're yanked away. Unfortunately for Banks as his boyfriend backs up he collides with an end table and sends the Tiffany lamp that's sitting on it to the floor. Of course it shatters on impact. Adam hops up, mutters something about needing a valume and disappears into their bedroom for the rest of the day.

"Alright you two, what the hell's going on here?!?" Our captain demands.

"She painted a huge purple butterfly on my violin case!" Kory indicts

Taz practically growls.

"She used all of my paper to write some stupid song, I needed something to draw on."

"Ugh, must pummel purple pain." Kory struggles harder in Charlie's arms.

"Must pummel purple pain?" Luis raises his eyebrows.

I laugh.

"Try saying that three times fast."

"Okay you two knock it off." Fulton orders. "Violence is never the answer."

Portman speaks up.

"Unless you're bigger then everyone else."

"Easy for you to say you are bigger then everyone else." Averman calls in from the kitchen where he's suppose to be washing dishes.

"Wait a minute, Tazzie where did you get paint?" Maya breaks in.

"I found some in a box marked 'arts and crafts' in the closet." Her girlfriend responds.

"Okay honey, well let's go back upstairs and throw that away." Then she walks over to Kory and says "And you stop picking on my girlfriend you bully." Maya stomps down hard on Kory's foot and both she and Taz wiz back up to their room.

And as if the day isn't going bad enough Averman comes back from the kitchen dripping grayish water.

"Does anyone know how to fix a dishwasher?"