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Kurt stayed crouched on the limb of an oak tree his tail swinging slowly to and fro like a cat would normally do in quiet contemplation as he watched some of the younger students playing under the tree where he was sitting laughing and using their powers to play a game of tag which soon became a game of whose power was better to tag once more. He smiled slowly his fangs glittering slightly in the light of the golden sun and he leapt down performing three somersaults before landing in the center of the group causing some of the children to scream in fright before they realized who it was that had leapt down and interrupted their game. Kurt smiled still crouched down and he gently tapped a girl with scales on the shoulder with his tail as he said, " It!" before he started to run off. The other children caught on quite quickly and they laughed scattering around the grounds.

Yellow eyes identical to Kurt's watched as he played with the children laughing his tail giving him an unfair advantage over the others. iI should have watched over you when you were a child.i

Kurt allowed himself to be tagged and he began to teleport wildly all over the grounds only staying put to make the children think they had him before BAMF!, he was gone once more in a cloud of purple smoke.

iKurt, were you always this good with children? Look how much happy you make them by playing with them.i

Kurt had vanished for a longer amount of time than all of his other teleports for the day and the children almost gave up the search for him when one of them; a boy who had the ears of a bat (literally) heard the sound of wooden beads clicking softly together near where he was standing. Kurt's tail suddenly fell down and dangled from a tree and the boy swiftly tugged on it causing Kurt with mock surprise to fall out of the tree and land on the ground with a loud oof! Kurt looked up at the smiling boy his tail still in his little hands. " Release my tail please," he said. When his tail was free it shook violently as if venting out in anger of being pulled. " I think you should start running before my tail starts to get come bad ideas for you, mein freund!" he advised with a sly smile.

Kurt and the children continued to play until the sun began to set. Kurt waved the children good-bye as they headed inside for dinner and then bed as Kurt stayed outside. He climbed onto a high branch and he watched the sun set slowly smiling a bit his tail wagging slightly as he leaned his back against the tree almost wanting to howl at the slowly rising moon. He laughed softly shaking his head getting rid of that idea at once; it wouldn't do good for the children to think that there was a monster outside of the school after all of the things that had taken place with Stryker and his men invading the school at night only three weeks ago.

" Kurt, you've grown into such a gentle soul over the years,"

Kurt looked around sharply for the source of the voice as he leapt down feeling very tense as he suddenly recognized the voice from sometime before, " Mystique!" he said softly.

Slowly Mystique walked out of her hiding place and she looked at Kurt with sad eyes her normally offensive walk and posture looking more like one of defense and submission. " I didn't come here to fight you, Kurt," she assured him as she watched his tail swinging to and fro ready to lash out at her.

" Vhy did you come here then?" Kurt asked slowly. He was able to calm his tail down a bit but it still swung back and forth slowly as if it was an animal pacing ready to spring into action if the need arose suddenly. " I vould think that someone like you vould only come here to cause us some trouble!" he pointed out

" Tell me about your family, Kurt," Mystique said suddenly the subject changing awkwardly.

Kurt looked at her confused and he tilted his head to side his tail curling up a little to form a slight question mark even though he hadn't meant to. " Vhat?" he asked softly thinking he hadn't heard her right perhaps.

" Tell me about your family and childhood," she repeated softly taking another step closer to him keeping his glowing eyes locked with hers keeping her posture as a defensive one to make sure he didn't get upset or jumpy.

Kurt looked at her still dubious on whether or not he should trust her. " Tell me why you vant to know," he insisted.

" I'm. merely curious," Mystique said slowly.

" Vell," Kurt said softly leaning against the tree and crossing his arms over his chest, " I vas found by gypsies who said I vas drifting down a river so; I do not know who my real parents vere but," his tail drooped sadly and he looked at the ground, " I think my parents hated me for the vay I looked."

i You're father was dead before you were even born, Kurt. I didn't hate you either. You were my little boy.i

" But I am very grateful for Margali und the others for taking care of me!" Kurt added with a small smile, " Vhen I vas vith them I did not have to worry about fitting in. Ve vere all part of the Munich circus und I vas the star acrobat! My name vas 'The Incredible Nightcrawler!'" he laughed softly shaking his head slightly as old memories came up. " I vas so happy vith them."

" If you were happy with them then why did you leave and come to America?" Mystique asked cocking her head to one side.

Kurt sighed sadly, " An American bought the circus und he vanted me to be part of the freak show I left," he explained.

" Have you seen your foster family since that time?" Mystique asked softly feeling sorry for him now.

" Nein," Kurt sighed shaking his head.

The two stayed in silence for a moment or two before Mystique broke the silence, " Do you want to know who your real mother is, Kurt?" she asked looking up at him slowly hugging her arms slowly.

Kurt looked up at her in confusion and mistrust once more. " You know who my mother is?" he asked slowly.

" Yes," Mystique nodded.

" Who is she?" Kurt asked leaning forward slightly and trying to hold back the hope in his voice and face.

Mystique looked Kurt in the eyes slowly, " I'm your mother."

Kurt gasped softly and he slowly shook his head as he said softly, " Liar!"

" I'm not lying to you, Kurt! I can prove that I'm your mother," Mystique insisted gently her eyes showing she was very serious.

" Show me this proof of yours!" Kurt challenged standing to his full height of 6"1 his tail whipping slightly behind him.

Mystique gently rested a hand on his scarred fur covered cheek and she slowly began to sing to him. i Don't cry anymore, baby. The wolves are all gone away from here. Mommy is here with you, baby. Rest your little head and mommy with rock you all night so sleep tight. You're my child, my very first child, and you are dear to mommies heart. Please, rest your eyes and know that I love you even as we must part.i

As Mystique sung the lullaby Kurt's eyes grew wide as it struck a memory deep inside of him that he had almost forgotten and he saw a sudden flash of Mystique's face from the past with the sound of raging water nearby. " Mother." he whispered softly looking at her.

Mystique nodded letting her hand fall back to her side. " I thought you had died when you went over that waterfall."

Kurt's tail was a mere blur as it struck Mystique hard across the face sending her sprawled on the ground with a cry of surprise as she tasted her own blood in her mouth. Kurt glared at her angrily as he spat, " Get out of here!" he said before he started to head for the school.

" Kurt, wait!" Mystique called getting to her feet slowly losing her usually fluid and reptile like movement as she stumbled a bit nearly falling back down to the ground.

Kurt stopped and he turned to face her still very angry at her as he said simply, " Vhy should I? Vhen ve vere at Alkali Lake you und Magneto stole the helicopter und left us to die but then again; I am sure iyou i did not think twice about leaving your son to die for the second time in your life, ja?!"

" You don't understand."

" Then tell me vhy!" Kurt cried, " I vant to know vhy you threw me into that vaterfall!"

" When you were born the people of the village called me a witch and you a demon. They wanted to kill us both by burning us and they chased me into the forest. You were only a few hours old at the time, Kurt. I barely had time to recoup after giving birth to you! They were closing in on me and when I reached the cliff over the waterfall I became very afraid for my own life then. I threw you over the waterfall to save my own life and I ran on without looking back at the dreaded thing I had done to you; my first child and son!" Mystique explained softly looking at the ground the whole time. She looked at Kurt tears falling down her blue scaled cheeks, " I regretted doing it ever since then but; knowing that you're alive and have grown into such a fine young man like you have, I can live with my decision to throw you over the waterfall."

Kurt looked at her his gaze still the same as before, " You may be able to live vith it but I cannot! Go avay before I varn the others that you are here!" he said before turning on his heel and leaving her as he climbed up the steps to the door.

" Doesn't your faith teach mercy and forgiveness towards those who have done you wrong in the past?" Mystique asked.

Kurt paused his hand on the door knob ready to turn it. His other hand lightly touched his rosary and he bowed his head in thought. He was not perfect himself as was evident from the scars that he had carved into his body. He let go of the knob and he turned around to face his mother once more. Slowly he walked up to her standing face to face with her. " It vas hard not knowing my real parents," he said softly.

" It was hard thinking I had murdered my own son to save my life," Mystique nodded sadly looking up at him.

Kurt embraced his mother tightly and he buried his face into the crook of her neck his tail wrapping three times around her waist to add more pressure into it as sobs erupted from his throat causing his shoulders to shake and tremble a bit as he whispered softly in German all kinds of apologies to her for doubting her and hitting her so hard in the face with his tail like that.

Mystique closed her eyes and she wrapped her arms her arms around his waist returning the hug tightly. Mother and son stayed like that for a few moments more their tears mingling together.


Kurt's eyes snapped open and before he or Mystique could react; Logan slammed into them breaking them apart focusing on Mystique as he attacked her with his claws growling angrily his eyes narrowed. Kurt watched unable to do anything as Logan drove Mystique back with swipes and lunges like the animal that he was. Mystique locked eyes with Kurt for a moment before she turned and ran as fast as she could from the wild Wolverine.

Logan gave chase for a few miles in the trees before he gave up upon her vanishing into the puzzle of branches and bushes. He snarled and retracted his claws turning back to Kurt. " You son of a...!" Logan lunged forward and he grabbed Kurt by his hair and he drew one claw out pressing it against his throat almost ready to slit it right then and there without another word passed between them.

" Logan.listen to me!" Kurt pleaded careful of the claw on his throat.

" Why should I?! We took you in and gave you sanctuary here! We even cleared your name with the president when we could have simply turned you away and let any bum on the street take you and kill you easily! Maybe it's not just skin and eye color you and Mystique share together!" Logan snarled narrowing his eyes as he pricked skin and drew a drop of blood the scent of it almost making him go crazy and kill Kurt.

" Logan.mein herr.you don't understand vhy she vas here vith me," Kurt said softly cringing as he felt the cold blade penetrate.

" Then why don't you explain it to me! As a matter of fact, tell me why you two were hugging while you're at it!" Logan said seriously, " I would just love to hear how the hell that happened!"

" I.cannot say," Kurt said sadly. He closed his eyes ready to feel the blade enter his neck completely.

Logan retracted the blade and he shoved Kurt back looking him over with disgust and contempt before he snorted, " Watch yourself, Elf! You just got on my bad side and trust me, you really shouldn't have gone on that side!" He turned around and he went back inside grumbling softly to himself still quiet furious at what he had seen.

Kurt crouched down slowly wiping blood away from his throat and looking at the red blood that made his finger tips look purple. He looked at the house and then he slowly looked into the trees where Mystique had run off and lost Logan. He bit his lower lip unsure where he should go between the two places.

If he went back into the school then he would be forever put under suspicion because of what Logan had seen tonight. What if the others really DID threw him out just because he was seen with Mystique. He knew he could never tell them what he and she had shared because it was something personal.

Then there was going with his mother. If he went with her then he would not have to worry about anyone looking at him with caution or mistrust. Plus, he would be able to be with his real mother, which was one of the things he had always asked God to give him.

He stood up slowly and he went after Mystique hoping to God that it was the right choice to make!

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