Kurt gritted his teeth to stifle a whimper as he felt the blood in his body reverse direction suddenly and start to flow all over the place in an uneven pattern making it feel as if his blood had been replaced with little barbs that were ripping into his flesh constantly in a swift pattern going from the legs to the top of his head making his temple pound loudly his ears ringing. He looked at Magneto with wide eyes feeling the rage coming from the mutant's eyes. He tried to open his mouth to speak but Magneto narrowed his eyes and his mouth shut with a loud click of teeth cutting the inside of his mouth as he tasted his own blood his body smashing into the side wall savagely his tail thrashing about wildly in protest.

" There is nothing more disappointing to me then to see a mutant betraying his own brothers!" Magneto said simply his voice sounding serene and calm masking the fury and rage within.

" Magneto!" Mystique cried walking up her eyes wide with fear for her son seeing him being smashed about the thuds vibrating all over their hideout.

" It seems your son has decided to go back to the X-men," Magneto said softly. He made a fist and the collar Ororo wore became much tighter making her gag loudly her hands flying to her throat at once as a thin line of blood fell down the front of her clothes, " It's such a pity that this ones beauty made him betray his own mother so easily. Don't you agree?" he asked looking over at her.

Mystique looked at Kurt sadly shaking her head, " Let him talk," she said.

Magneto looked at Mystique for a moment with an amused smile and then he nodded releasing both Kurt and Ororo as they crumpled to the ground with a loud thud.

Kurt looked from Ororo, to Magneto, and his eyes rested on Mystique who looked back at him sadly. " I don't vish to stay here," he said softly his tail swaying limply to and fro, " Ve break the Commandments und hurt people just because they are mere Humans. This is vrong."

" You knew that when you joined us beside your mother," Magneto pointed out.

" Nein, I only knew that ve vould have problems vith the X-men und perhaps steal a few times but vhat ve are doing now vith Ororo und vhat happened at that factory." he shook his head a bit looking at the ground.

" you could have simply said so instead of sneaking about the hideout like a little blue rat," Magneto said, " Since you chose to sneak around like you did you will be dealt with as if you were a traitor alongside Miss Munroe."

Kurt looked at Ororo in worry struggling to stand up leaning against the wall heavily, " Leave her be, Herr Magneto! She has not done anything vrong to you!"

" She and her friends have been stopping our plans for quite some time, young man," Magneto corrected, " In war terms she would be considered an enemy soldier and she will be dealt with thusly."

" Please, just let her go und deal vith me alone!" Kurt said.

" And why should I?" Magneto asked lifting his eyebrows slightly amused at how much of a hero Kurt was acting like for Ororo.

Kurt bit his lower lip and he looked at Ororo from the corner of his eyes. His tail suddenly swatted his shoulder and he looked at it as it swayed side to side like a snake ready to pounce. He smiled faintly and he gently wrapped his tail around Ororo's arm before looking back at a confused Magneto, " Sorry, Herr Magneto," he said with a slight bow, " ve must leave you now!"


Coughing Magneto fumed and he turned to Mystique, " Go and look for them! I don't care if the boy is your son or not either! Tell Pyro that if he finds them; kill them at once!" he ordered his voice clipped and sharp as he walked past her his cape fluttering behind his heavy footfalls.

Kurt brought them outside and he looked all over his tail twitching back and forth in excitement. He looked back at Ororo and he used the tip of his tail to unlock her collar gently and he winced seeing the cut around her neck from the tightness of the metal collar. " Ve must hurry und run from here," he said looking up at the hideout.

Ororo nodded and she looked up gasping as the Blackbird smashed into some trees for a landing showing the rage that Logan had as he drove it. Logan leapt out a second later with the others before the hatch even fully lowered and Ororo's eyes grew wide as she held out her hands, " Wait!"

Remy threw three charged cards and each one struck Kurt in the chest blasting him into an oak tree with a loud howl. " Hold on, chere! We came ta' rescue you!"

" Stop it!"

As Kurt struggled to sit up Scott blasted him and he hit the tree harder nearly snapping it in half from the impact.

" Guys..!"

Logan leapt on top of Kurt pinning him down with one hand as he raised the other his claws ready to take off Kurt's head.

Thunder cracked loudly as Ororo raised up her arms over her head her eyes black white, " Stop it right now!" her voice boomed all over the area stopping everyone in their tracks as they looked at her in surprise except for Kurt, Remy's cards combined with Scott's blasts had knocked him out swiftly. A lightning bolt struck the ground leaving a large scorch mark to let them know Ororo was serious.

Bobby looked over at the hideout and he narrowed his eyes slightly, " Pyro and Mystique are coming in fast!"

Logan got off of Kurt and he got ready to charge at the two when he caught Ororo's look. Snarling he retracted his claws and roughly slung Kurt over his shoulder as he turned and ran inside the Blackbird swearing under his breath as he went.

Ororo made the storm stronger the winds knocking Pyro and Mystique over violently. The rain and large hail stones pelted them harshly cutting Mystique's rapidly healing skin and destroying Pyro's lighter making him useless in a fight with them now.

Remy watched her a moment more and he rolled his red on black eyes, " Come on, mon ami! Gambit don' t'ink we 'ave toime ta' play wi' 'em!" he said grabbing her around the waist the storm ending instantly as he picked her up and ran inside the Blackbird.

" Hold on tight!" Logan shouted as he hit the thrust. Before Remy could realize it he was smashed against the back of the plane as they rose up and flew as fast as they could to avoid being taken down by Magneto.

" Ororo, what are we going to do with Kurt?" Scott asked looking down at the form on the floor.

Ororo was knelt down and was tending to his chest gently and she spoke without even looking up, " We're going to heal him first and then all of you are going to sit down and listen to what he has to say." With that, she turned back to Kurt and ran a hand down his burned chest making a tiny snow cloud appear to cool it off a bit.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

i Am I dead? Nein, I can't be dead. If I vas, I vould not be in the black.Or vould I?/i Kurt moaned faintly in his sleep as he tried to figure out why he was blackness when he slowly woke opening his eyes. He blinked a few times slowly sitting up and he found himself looking at a poster of Erol Flynn in the movie Captain Blood. i God likes pirate movies too?/i he wandered for a brief moment before his chest started to burn and he winced laying back down his tail swaying lazily beside him. This was certainly not Heaven but at the same time it wasn't Hell so.It came to reason that he was in fact, still very much alive.

" Kurt?"

Turning his head to one side Kurt saw Ororo standing in the open doorway holding a tray with a steaming bowl of soup on top. He smiled faintly and he waved her over with his tail as he slowly tried once more to sit up gritting his teeth as he did so. When she sat down beside him setting the tray over his lap he looked over at her his head tilted to one side. " Vhat happened?" he asked her.

" Remy hit you with three charged cards and then Scott zapped you with his eyes," Ororo said with a slight shrug, " You're lucky to still be able for someone not even wearing armor!"

Kurt shrugged a little bit picking up the spoon and tasting the soup making a wry face his tail twisting up slightly.

" You don't like tomato soup?" Ororo asked with a soft laugh.

" Vhen it is made by Scott, ja," he nodded with a smile. He looked up at her his face becoming his serious suddenly, " Vhat vill happen to me?" he asked softly.

Ororo gently rested a hand over one of his, " You must tell them everything," she said gently, " then they will know the truth and you won't be sent away."

" The professor vishes to send me avay?" Kurt asked his heart breaking.

" No, but everyone else does. Except for me of course," Ororo said. She smiled, " Don't worry about it, Kurt. When you tell them the truth they won't want to send you away anymore!"

Kurt smiled faintly looking down at their hands and he slowly looked up at her. " Ororo?"

" Yes?"

" You vill stay beside me vhen I tell them, ja?" he asked looking up at her hopefully.

She smiled and nodded kissing his forehead gently, " Of course I will."

Kurt's tail acted like a dog's as it wagged and he smiled a bit turning back to the soup cocking an eyebrow. " Vas?" He dipped his spoon in and he fished out a large chunk of tomato skin and he looked at Ororo confused. " Is this a new ingredient?" he asked looking back at the skin as it dangled dripping from the spoon looking like it was red flesh.

Ororo laughed shaking her head a bit clapping a hand over her eyes, " Maybe we should leave the cooking to Jean and Remy!"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------

Kurt was crouched on one of the couches Ororo sitting beside him holding one of his hands as one by one the other members of the X-men walked in and sat down looking at Kurt with either mistrust or curiosity. Kurt looked at the ground his cheeks burning red. Ororo squeezed his hand gently and he looked at her gratefully before turning to Xavier as he coughed softly for attention.

" Well I think we all know why we are here today," he said softly. He looked over at Kurt with a faint smile, " I believe mister Wagner has a few things to explain to the rest of us."

Kurt nodded faintly and he bit his lower lip for a moment before he looked around at the others and he found his voice. He began to talk slowly telling them that he had been out playing with the children until the sun started to set before they went inside. He then told them about Mystique and the exact words they had spoken between each other and his eyes filled up with tears when he recited the old lullaby. Afterwards everything came out fast and Ororo had to correct him a few times when he overlooked something in his haste to let it all out to them. When Kurt was done he kept his eyes to the ground too afraid to look up at them.

Logan shifted and he cleared his throat looking at the ground faintly. " Well, I guess I was a bit too hasty in my decision." he admitted. His voice became softer, " Sorry, Elf."

" What was that?" Ororo asked with a smile.

Logan glared at her but Kurt broke in, " I heard you just fine, Logan. It is all right. I suppose I should have told you instead of trying to keep it a secret, ja?" he asked.

Logan smiled faintly in gratitude before taking his leave of the room. Slowly everyone said their apologies to Kurt before leaving him with just Ororo and Xavier who had stayed quiet the whole time.

Xavier moved his char closer to Kurt and he smiled down at him. " Well, I'm glad that is finally over with, aren't you?" he asked.

Kurt smiled nodding, " Ja, but I am confused about one thing," he admitted.

" And what is that?"

" Vhat vill I do now?" Kurt asked his tail curling slightly around Ororo's waist.

Xavier shared a look with Ororo and he pointed to a closet across the room, " I think you will find your answer in that closet, Kurt," he said.

Kurt looked at Ororo confused but she only smiled and shrugged. Slowly he stood up and he walked up to the closet opening it. He gasped softly taking a step back looking at Ororo and Xavier in surprise. " It is really mine?" he asked looking back into the closet.

Xavier laughed softly nodding, " Well of course it is, Kurt!" he said.

With a smile Kurt entered the closet and he closed the door for a moment leaving Ororo and Xavier looking at the door and laughing as there were slight bangs inside as he moved around.

When Kurt came back out he was smiling from pointed ear to pointed ear holding spreading his arms out to Ororo. " Vell?" he asked.

" It's perfect for you!" she said with a soft laugh.

Kurt was given a uniform made from the same material as the others looking like a black bodysuit with two large red stripes starting from the crouch making a V to either shoulder. He laughed softly and he slipped one a pair of gloves made just for him that had red swirls on them.

" Nightcrawler, welcome to the X-men," Xavier said.

The End!