A sigh escaped a girl as she sat on the porch with her mother, taking in the brisk fall temperatures. Turning her head, her eyes took in the woman beside her.

"Mom, do you need another blanket? I can fill your tea?" The woman, who was named Esme, smiled at her daughter and shook her head. "No thank you, Madison, dear. I'm toasty warm." An unbelieving look appeared on the girls face but she said nothing. Sipping her own warm tea, a choke escaped Madison as they saw a moving truck driving down their street.

Turning her eyes to her mother, she found the same shock in her eyes as well. "Wait...the only house for sale on our street is..." Gasping, Madison set down her mug to run down the stairs of their porch and towards the street. "So THAT'S why they were renovating it a month ago! Mom! Someone is moving into my Victorian Dream House!"

Her mother chuckled and followed the path her daughter took, albeit more slowly. "Sorry sweetheart. I know you wanted that home to be ours." Madison pouted as they watched the movers begin to move furniture into the now lovely looking home. "It's been run down my entire life! Why now?!"

"It must be that new Doctor and his family moving in. I heard the nurses talking about him while in my Chemo treatment." Madison's eyes widened and she turned to her mother. "Mom! Go get back under your blanket! It's too cold out here for you." Esme smiled warmly at her daughter and shook her head. "I think I'll actually go inside and bake a nice apple pie for them and welcome them to the neighborhood."

An amused look from Madison followed her mother inside. Even though her mother had been suffering from her cancer for years, it never seemed to slow her down. Every time they thought they had it under control, another cluster would appear. Esme was lucky to not have lost her hair, but how long could it last?

Taking one last look at the house at the end of her street, Madison sighed and gathered their things from the porch, following inside to help her mother.


Edward sat in the car next to Carlisle as they pulled into the city they were now expected to call home. Carlisle turned her gentle honey eyes to his son, sadness pulling his lips down. "I know that things are difficult, Edward, but this move is really for the best. You and Bella...The toll it took...I'm sorry, son. I couldn't lose you."

Edward turned to look at the man who had cared for him, made him what he was today, and smiled softly. "It's alright, Carlisle. It still hurts that she chose that dog over me but in the end I guess it's all for the best. You did say this Hospital was desperate for you. It's hard to turn a job like that down."

A smile split Carlisle's face and he nodded, following behind the moving truck. "Exactly. A new start in a lovely town is exactly what our family needs." Edward turned his attention back to the road, his thoughts lingering how lonely he knew his father was. Never in the 100 years that Edward was alive, did he see Carlisle show interest in anyone. He and his adopted father were the only ones in the family without mates. Edward thought Bella would be his but...

Shaking his head of those thoughts, his golden eyes caught view of their home. "Wow, Carlisle. Nice renovation!" Carlisle chucked and shrugged. "It did need some work. I think it's great. Your sister Alice already has plans drawn up for its decor." Edward rolled his eyes as they pulled up. "Of course she does." He stated, smirking at her as he got out and stood beside her.

The pixie herself laughed and punched him in the arm. "Oh hush! This house is going to be wonderful!" Alice giggled and pretty much danced into the house, causing Jasper and Edward to laugh and shake their head. "Well, time to help you and Emmett move stuff." Edward looked up at the house and smiled before following his brothers in.


Before her mother made the pie, she actually ended up taking a nap, which Madison was happy for. She herself showered and changed into a worn pair of jeans and a purple sweater, her mahogany curls falling around her shoulders and down her back. Eyes and hair were the only thing her mother shared, everything else came from her deadbeat father.

Frowning, Madison shook her head as she began to add the small amount of makeup she normally wore. A small amount of brown eyeliner to make the green of her eyes pop and mascara. Lip gloss finished the look and she put her boots on to head downstairs. Her mother was wearing a cream sweater dress with brown leggings and boots as she placed the pie in a small wicker basket. Her thinning hair was hidden under a brown knitted hat that Madison had gotten her for the cold weather.

"Are you all ready, Maddy?" Esme smiled at her daughter as she nodded and they made their way down the street to greet the new household. Seeing all the work that was done to her dream home caused Madison to smile. "Oh it's just perfect! Just how I dreamed it would always look!" Esme's eyes glittered as she took in the wrap around porch. "I'm glad I was able to see it restored."

Madison's smile faded and she turned to her mother. "Mom, please don't talk that way." Esme lowered her eyes to the pie as they made their way up the porch steps. "Sorry, darling." Madison swallowed past the lump in her throat and knocked on the door, blinking owlishly when Emmett opened the door.

This guy was HUGE! Clearing her throat, Esme blinked up at Emmett, his beaming smile spreading to her face. "Hello there, young man. My daughter and I brought you and your family a pie to welcome you to the neighborhood." The mountain's eyes looked down to the pie and he groaned, inhaling. "Smells great! Hey Carlisle! We have visitors!"

Madison blinked, confusion in her eyes. Before she could say anything, another person appeared the door, and from the gasp that left her mother's mouth, she could see it too. These people were beyond beautiful. They seemed plucked from the pages of a magazine. The man that the giant called Carlisle smiled at them both and stepped aside. "My name is Carlisle and this is my son Emmett. Please, come in!"

Madison looked at her mother, who looked at her and shrugged. As they both stepped over the thresh-hold, Madison got a feeling in her stomach that things were about to change.