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Order had finally been restored to Kirk's cabin:

The Star's Hollow bunch were busily chatting and reminiscing about the experiences they had shared.

Luke and Lorelai meanwhile couldn't keep their eyes off each other.

"I say this calls for champagne!" Patty announced.

The others hastily agreed – a little too hasty.

3:00am - Let the festivities begin!

Conveniently, each room featured a wine rack stocked daily with the finest brews. Sookie retrieved a lovely bottle of 'Dom Perignon' for their pleasure. And no, she wasn't going to drink any – but she could hold it if she wanted to! Babette located some glasses, nothing fancy, but they'd do just fine.

Jackson insistently removed the bottle from Sookie's hands, poured the beverages and led everyone in a toast; "Here's to the most eventful vacation we've ever had!"

Everyone drank to that. An African Safari would have been a bore compared to this cruise. Kirk had always wanted to go on an African Safari – maybe next year.

"It's been one hell of a trip and we still have four days left! I guess we all have Luke to thank for this," Babette kindly remarked. All eyes turned to Luke at that moment, expecting a response.

Luke obeyed their glances, "Uh, well - I'm glad you guys are here." It pained Luke to say it, to admit his feelings, but sometimes the truth hurt. "I'm really glad." Luke's gaze drifted to Lorelai then. It was an unmistakable gesture and most of the room caught on.

A few minutes passed as people began to settle nicely into the furniture and the alcohol. Luke was trapped, sitting on Kirk's bed between Patty and Sookie; Lorelai sat on the end of a couch featuring Babette and Morey. The possibility of privacy was fading away with time. Luke wanted so desperately to be alone with Lorelai and to escape the confines of Kirk's cabin. He wondered how they could make an inconspicuous exit, yet his ideas were becoming as scarce as the champagne.

It was a night, or early day rather, for celebrating. Everyone was sharing stories and delighting in others. Most of the conversation seemed to involve 'love' in some aspect. Sookie and Jackson spoke of their first encounter and eventual relationship that blossomed into an exquisite marriage – and now with a baby on the way. They really had the picture perfect life; the 'whole package,' as Lorelai defined it.

Patty appropriately assumed the spotlight then and shared her first and perhaps truest story of love with the others. She had fallen for a man, a much older man with a love for entertainment. He introduced her to the 'stage' and she treasured every moment they spent together.

"I never told Charles how I truly felt," Patty admitted, tears edging her eyes. "I was afraid what others might think, what they would say if they knew our age difference, how it might affect Charles' career…but I loved him. I loved him and I didn't care who knew it!" There wasn't a dry eye in sight. Sookie was literally blubbering.

"I wish I could have said those exact words to him…before he left my life forever. He moved to California to pursue his acting career, and he took my heart with him." Patty looked to the others, swallowed hard and concluded, "If you truly love someone…don't wait. Love is a precious gift, not to be wasted." Those were wise words from a worldly woman. Patty's story had impacted everyone in the room, especially Luke…

Sometimes there are moments in our lives where we lose all self-control and are fuelled by the passion inside our souls. For Luke, this was such a time.

"Lorelai, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to find a moment alone with you. But I don't need to be alone – I've wasted too much time already being alone…"

All the tears had dried up and now faces were plastered with shock and anticipation.

"I love you Lorelai…and I don't care who knows it!"

Lorelai could hardly breathe; her body had frozen in time.

Luke couldn't stop now, he wouldn't stop, "I'm in love with you…I always have been – I always will be. I know you're the one for me; you're the only one for me."

Jaws dropped simultaneously. Lorelai was again rendered speechless.

"But it's ok if you don't love me," Luke continued.

"Luke," Lorelai attempted to interject, her heart pounding at a fierce rate.

He persisted, "You don't have to pretend to, you don't have to say or do anything,"

"Luke," she tried again.

"I just – I just want to be with you…"

"Luke – will you just shut-up for a second?!" The room grew silent at this sudden outburst. Luke certainly hadn't expected that response.

Lorelai paused to regain her composure. She wasn't used to having to fight to get a word in edgewise, with Luke especially. She took a deep breath, allowing his words to sink in. Now it was her turn. "Luke, the day you poured my first cup of coffee, I knew. When you built me a chuppah, I knew. Every time you give me a shoulder to lean on, or show kindness to Rory, I can't help but love you. I was yours then and I'm yours now."

Luke and Lorelai slowly rose to their feet and walked toward each other, fingers tingling, smiles beaming. Everyone in the room looked on in silent admiration and sheer thrill.

"You surprise me – there's a side to you that only I can see – I cherish that," Lorelai practically whispered as Luke slid his hands around her body.

"You keep me young, you're the reason I wake up every morning," Luke shakily returned as Lorelai's hands slid around his neck.

"You keep me grounded, you're my rock," Lorelai barely uttered as Luke's mouth enveloped hers. She grew weak in his arms, growing weaker with every touch. Luke held her tight to his body and kissed her with every fibre of his being. They had lost all sense of reality; they had lost themselves completely in each other.

"Well it's about damn time!" I knew that story would knock some sense into you two!" Patty gloated with delight. That woman would use any tactic necessary.

Everyone laughed except Kirk who had a terrible expression on his face. "So you made up that whole story?!" his question was obviously directed towards Patty.

"Kirk, my darling, a lady never kisses and tells!" Patty smiled wickedly, refocusing her attention on Luke and Lorelai and their increasingly compromising position.

Love was in the air -

Sookie raised her eyebrows suggestively to Jackson who immediately got the hint. "Uh, Sookie and I, uh – well we, we're leaving now…" It was no secret what they were about to do, both exiting the room with passion in their eyes.

Babette and Morey soon followed suit, "Morey get your ass in gear, the night is still young!" Babette poetically stated. Their departure made way for Patty to do the same.

"I wonder where Guido is? Man he looked sexy in that suit jacket of his! Excuse me for a moment…" Patty gracefully sauntered away leaving Kirk to his own devices.

Luke and Lorelai separated briefly and noticed the room's occupancy had depleted quite significantly. They also noted Kirk's undeterred presence. Luke took Lorelai's hand in his and led her to the doorway, "C'mon, I'm going to take you someplace special."

Lorelai genuinely smiled her approval, Luke and Kirk exchanged nods and the happy couple were off on yet another adventure.

Kirk looked around the empty room; he was alone and scared…

Things were finally back to normal – only BETTER!


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