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"No. I'm going to go and find something else to do, just so you know, I'm cutting you off," Isa told me as she finished dressing and walked out the door; I stumbled back; I couldn't believe it. What I had done was just as bad as what he had done.

Oh, My God. What have I done? I felt sick. I knew what the Cullen's had done to her; now I was no better. I felt myself as I receded into the recesses of my mind; I felt it as Mars took over. I was not paying any attention to what was happening around me — feeling unworthy of having Isa by my side.

MPOV (Mars)

The fool, the ignorant moronic fool, I needed to find our Mate; I pulled Caius back to the farthest reaches of our mind and prayed that I could fix this.

"Caius, brother, I won… Brother?" Marcus said, cutting off when he paid attention to me.

"Make it fast; I do not have time right now." I sneered. He looked down and stepped back.

"Please forgive me. It can wait," Marcus said before walking away. I saw both Aro and Sulpicia walking towards me. Turning, I walked in the other direction; I needed to find our Mate. Using the pull in my chest to see her, I followed it to the library, where I listened to what sounded like my Mate crying. I marched towards her and picked her up. I felt her fight against me, not wanting me to hold her.

"Athena, calm, please," I told her. Stroking her hair, trying to calm her, when it was this body that had hurt her.

"Leave me alone." Athena cried.

"No, my love. I know that we have hurt you, please, I beg, let me make this better." I pleaded. I was holding her as tight as I, dear, letting her hit me, letting her cry. The entire time I sat there apologizing.

I had no sense of time as we sat there, as I tried to calm her.

"I am so sorry that I was the one that put you through that. I do not expect forgiveness; I anticipate your hatred towards us. We will do everything you require to earn a place in your heart once more. If you so wish it, take anyone you feel you want near and go to the home I gave you; we will not come for you, we will not call you, or speak to you until you are ready for us once again. But know that we will miss you and work every moment to restore your trust in us. We beg of you to know that we do love you, Athena; we never wished to hurt you in such a manner." I told her I felt it was important that she knew Caius and thought this way. I felt his remorse as profoundly as if it was my own. I let her go and stood; this needed to be her personal decision.

"I felt you needed to know; he is deeply and profoundly remorseful of his actions. Caius never meant to hurt you like this, he knows that no other is to blame, but he does wish you to know that anything that you ask for shall be yours." So I told my Mate before walking away to let her decide. I wanted to point out what she had done to Sulpicia, and the Major was almost the same as what she felt we had done to her but did not. My Mate needed to come to this conclusion on her own. Something that I knew that she would.


Mars had just left me; he had come to comfort me; he had taken over and come to find me. I wanted to leave to go to where I now felt most at home.

"Mars," I called before he walked out the door.

"If he is so profoundly remorseful, why then did he humiliate me in such a way?" I asked.

"I do not know what to say to you about this, my love; he fucked up and on an enormous scale. He knows this but knows not the why of what he did. He is scared, though, that you will choose to leave him, and he will never have that chance to make it up to you. I do ask, even if you do not want to forgive us, that you do not go far." Mars asked softly.

"I will think about it," I told him before watching him walk out the door. I ran to our bedroom and packed a few items, debating if I should leave him a note, letting him know where I have gone.

"No, I don't think I will; Mars asked me not to go far, so I will go home as he suggested," I said to myself. Before I ran, I knew that no one saw me as I left. It only took me half an hour to get to my new home. Mars had given me the keys when we left. Once I entered that house, all I could smell was us.

I had found a cell phone addressed to me on the nightstand as I packed, I had debated with myself as to if I should take it or not, but in the end, I did, knowing it would be a way to get hold of my Mate once I had thought everything through. I ran towards the home that I had shared with my Mate; even though I was hurt, being here gave me a sense of comfort. Walking up to our bedroom, I unpacked my bag slowly as I thought overall that had transpired. It became glaringly apparent that I was not the only one I had hurt in all of this. I had humiliated both Sulpicia and Jasper in this also, long before Caius had crushed me. Pulling out the cell phone that I had brought with me, I looked through it to see if there was a number for Sulpicia that I could call. First, I needed to be able to talk to her to apologize. Then, I needed to do the same with Jasper. For some reason, though I could not seem to bring myself to make the call instead, I decided to go hunting and try and clear my head.

I don't know how long it had been, how long it was before I had returned home; I knew that I had felt a deep-seated sense of remorse flow through me. One that made me return home.

Once I walked through the door, what greeted me was something that I did not expect.

MPOV (Marcus)

Despite thinking he had us all fooled, my brother did not have me fooled at all. I knew about the home that his demon had purchased for his Mate. I also learned of the home's location. Once I made my way to the house, I smiled; it was very much the style that either my brother or Mars would choose. I knew immediately; that Isabella was not here and decided to wait for her return. Thankfully, I did not have to wait very long, just a few hours.

"Marcus, how did you find me?" Isabella asked me.

"My brother is not as good at hiding things as he would like to seem. I have known about this house for many years." I told her. I watched as Isabella came towards me and sat down.

"Why are you here?" Isabella warily asked me.

"In the small hours since your departure, many of the guards have fallen to Caius and his temper. I know what transpired between you, Sulpicia, the Major and Caius. I have to admit I agree with none of it. Though I understand that you were trying to help Sulpicia, it was not your place. I should force your return to the Castle to face the damage you have caused. I know of the things that have happened to you. But that does not mean you can turn around and force yourself on another. No matter if your actions were well-intended. I know that as a species, we are stuck at the physical age of our turning, but I had thought you would have been more mature for your age. I was mistaken. Isabella, you have a lot of growing up to do. If you're to lead by example and be a Queen to our race, you cannot do as you have done. We are all suffering due to your tantrum. Grow up, young lady. Your Mate deserves better than the current child that you are portraying." I told her loudly before getting up, walking out, and going back to the Castle. I knew that what I came to say to her; was going to be seen as cruel. In this age and their standards, it needed to be said. She was no longer human and could no longer hold to human frailties. Isabella had Mated to a King, not some lowly pauper.


It had been a few hours since Isa had left; I had watched as Marcus left the Castle, thinking it strange that he was going, but it was not unheard of; he did this once in a while. Aro had called me to assist in the trial of a few Vampires that had broken the law, not understanding why he needed me for such trivial things as this; Aro was more than capable of doing this on his own. He had done it before. Once the trials finished hours later, I made my way back to my office to see that my mobile phone had announced a text message.

"I am coming home." It was from Isa.

It wasn't long before I could smell my Mate on the other side of my office door. As I was about to call her to enter, she knocked. It puzzled me as to why she had. So I called her to come. I was smiling when I saw her. One that did not stay on my face for long.

"I apologize for disgracing you, my King; you are not only my Mate by also my King, but I have also acted poorly and shamefully. I will do all I can to remedy the damage I have caused." Isa said quietly to me; she was kneeling before me, bowing her head in a submissive pose.

"Get up; my Mate does not kneel. You have not disgraced me; what on earth made you think that you had? Please, Isa, get up." I said to her, but she did not move from the floor. I did the only thing that I knew too; I joined her. Felix was at the door before I could say anything to her, letting me know that Marcus had returned. Thanking him, I went back to attempting to get my Mate to rise. She kept repeating her request to fix the damage that she had created. When I asked her what damage she thought she had made, only then did Isa look at me with unseeing eyes; Isa told me that it was the damage she caused with Queen Sulpicia and King Aro and Jasper Whitlock.

"I need to repair the damage that I have created. I have Mated to a King, not some lowly pauper." Isa told me.

"Isabella, I ask you to please wait for me in our quarters. I need to greet my brother on his return. Then we can talk properly." I told her.

She nodded and left me. I was furious. Knowing now Marcus had visited with Isabella in our home, one that I did not realize that he knew about, only he would refer to me as a lowly pauper. I knew then what I needed to do. I called Felix to summon Aro, Marcus, and Sulpicia to me in the library and made my way there. I did not have long to wait.

"Brother, you summoned us?" Aro asked, chucking. I just held up a finger and asked Aro to wait for Marcus' arrival. Once Marcus had arrived, I just looked at them all.

"I thought I would let you all firstly know that Isabella has returned. She returned distraughtly but has returned to me, nonetheless. Isabella has requested that she fix the damage that she had caused, I will give her this, but once my Mate has done what Isabella feels that she needs to, we will both be leaving the Volturi." I told them.

"WHAT!" Aro shouted while Sulpicia sat there and glared over at Marcus. It's funny that she felt the need to look at him in this.

"Caius, please think about this," Aro said to me, trying to reason with me.

"I have and have decided that it is in my Mates best interest that we leave here. So I will not be taking anything with me; answer this, Aro, would you let Sulpicia stay here in the same circumstances? You are already aware of what has transpired with Isabella if that had happened to Sulpicia? So would you allow her to stay here?" I asked Aro.

"No, I would not," Aro answered. Marcus just scoffed.

"You disagree, brother?" Aro asked.

"The girl needs to grow up; after all, Isabella has Mated to a King, not a lowly pauper, she is now a Queen, is seen as a role model for our species. She should not be acting like a little child." Marcus said dismissively.

"Then you do not understand what it means to have something as traumatic as abuse by vampire happen to you as a human. Isabella has nothing to fix in my eyes, Caius. Please let her know that from me. Marcus, you would let Caius and Isabella leave us?" Sulpicia asked. I nodded my thanks to her, knowing that her wishes for Isabella would also be Aro's.

"Isabella needs to grow up; as I said, she is Queen now. She has responsibilities that she must carry out." Marcus said.

"If that is the case," Sulpicia said, getting up and calling Demetri, calling him to call all the guards to the Throne room. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Marcus, if my Wife does something stupid because of your outdated ideas, I will not be happy." Aro sneered towards Marcus. Following his Mate. I waited for Marcus also to follow them. Before getting up myself and doing the same. I wanted to know what Sulpicia was about to do.

Once in the Throne room, I did not bother to sit on my throne. I no longer saw the point if I was going to be leaving.

"Thank you all for coming. I have an announcement in light of recent events. Aro will still be your King, but I am stepping down from my role as your Queen. Not many of you will be aware, but we all need to grow and change with the times. If we do not, we can never grow within ourselves and will forever be seen as outdated. There are so many myths surrounding Vampires that we can outgrow the tales or become them. I choose to grow beyond the Myths. So from now on, I request that you all call me nothing other than Picia. Thank you." Sulpicia said before she walked out, again glaring at Marcus. I watched as Marcus scoffed at the ordeal, just as Aro fumed about the actions that his Wife and Mate had just taken.

"Brothers, a word if you both will," Aro asked through grinding teeth. I was following him to his office. I sat down and waited.


I had come back to the Castle and told Caius that I was sorry, but it didn't feel right for some reason. Not that the apology wasn't sincere, I just did not even know if I wanted to stay here, I didn't know if I wanted to call this place home. I did know, however, that I had no choice about the matter. This town was where his home was, where Caius needed to be; this was where Caius, Marcus and Aro ruled the Vampire race. I couldn't take him away from this. So I would need to accept my role, accept my place, keep my mouth shut and deal with it for the rest of our eternity. I could feel the venom stinging my eyes, begging to be able to cry real tears, ones that would never fall.

It wasn't like I didn't know that Caius didn't love me. I knew that he did. But I couldn't help but think of what Marcus had told me, yet I couldn't seem to get past the fact that no matter the fact that I had raised my mother, I was acting like a child; I needed to grow up and act like the woman of my standing should. So even though Caius had asked me to stay here, I couldn't do it; I got up and left the room, left to go and find my Uncle and apologize for the damage that I had caused him. On my way, I thought about what I would say and what a Queen would say when she had wronged her people.

Once I found Jasper, he was in the guard's lounge with the rest of the guards. He was talking about something that had happened.

"Mistress, did you need something?" Alec asked.

"Hello Alec, I would like to borrow Major Whitlock, please. I have a few things to talk to him about." I said, attempting to keep my voice calm and even.

"Hey, Bella, what's up?" Jasper asked me, he looked at me, and I could see the worry on his face. I asked him to follow me and took him into Caius' Office to talk.

"Major, I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the way that I have treated you. I have gotten information regarding the way I spoke and acted towards you was both demeaning and cruel, especially considering someone of your standing in our race; I do hope that in time you can forgive my actions towards you." So I said as I stood there in front of my Uncle, waiting and hoping that he would accept.

"What's going on, Bella?" Jasper asked me.

"I am apologizing to you, Major," I answered.

"I can hear the words that you're saying, but the emotions that you're giving off tell a different story. Darlin', you feel dead. Not like me, either. What is going on?" Jasper asked me. I was not surprised that he could not feel anything from me; I could no longer feel anything either.

"I am just trying to apologize to you," I answered again.

"Bella, let me talk to Athena," Jasper asked me.

"I cannot do that Major, thank you for talking to me today. I can see that you are feeling concerned, but I assure you there is nothing to be concerned over," I said to Jasper smiling, trying to negate his worry.

"What has happened to you?" Jasper asked me, pulling me into him, before calling for Caius. I wish that he had not done that; there was nothing to call him for; I was just apologizing to him. Hardly something to call my Mate over. Hardly a matter to concern the King, I had thought that I had this under control.

I saw as Caius ran into the office concerned. Again I could not help but think that there was nothing to be concerned over.

"Isa, what are you doing here? I asked you to wait for me, my love." Caius said. I bowed my head and apologized for my disobedience,

"I apologize; I wished to convey my apology to the Major for my actions before you came back," I replied as I continued to look towards the floor.

"What have you done to my niece?" Jasper shouted. Before I entirely had time to comprehend, Jasper had Caius up against the wall holding him there by the throat. Running over, I pushed Jasper off my Mate.

"He is your King; you will not treat your King in such a manner," I growled.

"Isa, calm down, Major; I am not responsible for this change. but I understand why you would think that I am." Caius said to Jasper while holding on to my shoulder to calm me down. Not that I needed to calm down at all.

"Tell me, Major, what is it that you feel from her?" Caius asked.

"There are no emotions; it's like she is dead, not like us, but an actual corpse. Whatever got done, it's like it has killed her. Sorry about grabbing you, by the way." Jasper said. I could feel the concern flowing off him. I didn't understand what he meant when he said I felt dead. I felt pain. I felt an overwhelming silence of acceptance. The fact that I have to do what I am meant to do. I no longer felt the freedom that had once afforded me the freedom to be myself. I heard them talking but could not bring myself to care about what it was about; maybe I was dead.

"Bella, darlin', what is going on? This behaviour isn't you, darlin'. Can you tell us what brought this all on?" Jasper asked me.

"I have reflected on my past behaviours. Thus, I conclude, my actions are not that of someone befitting the station of someone Mated to a King. My actions need to reflect on my station. after all, I am not the Mate of some lowly pauper." But, I said, even though I was looking at my Uncle, I saw through him; there was nothing else I could say. I am part of an ancient race, I need to follow the rules, and I need to follow the etiquette of someone of my standing and station.

"Isabella, Please, I want the old you back; this is not you talking; this is Marcus talking," Caius said to me, coming up to me and pulling me close to him. "Let me talk to Athena so that we can come to a mutual conclusion." Caius continued.

"I am sorry, my King, but I am unable to do this," I told him. Caius looked just as confused as Jasper had when I told him similarly.

"Why can I not talk to Athena, my Love?" Caius asked me.

"I cannot call her forth as I am already here. We have merged into one; there is no separation." I told him I thought that Caius remembered this, as we agreed to merge our two beings. Or had Caius not joined with me?

"Of course, my love, with all that was going on, I simply forgot. The Major and I wish to know what has come about to have you acting in such a manner as we have not seen from you previously." Caius said.

"King Marcus came to see me at our home, let me know in no uncertain terms that I was disgracing you and your brothers with my actions, and my actions as not only the Mate of a King but as a Queen were disgraceful. That since my departure, you had become overly harsh towards the guards. The fact that I had also forced myself upon another is unacceptable. That everyone is suffering due to my tantrum, and I must grow up," I told my Mate and Uncle. Both Caius and Jasper both Growled loudly and stormed out of the room. I decided to go and find Aro and ask his permission to speak to Sulpicia.


I could not believe what Picia had just done, let alone what Marcus said. I couldn't help but feel like I would soon need to try and stop Caius from tearing Marcus apart. And Gods forbid if the Major ever found out. I couldn't help but wonder if I should talk to Isabella myself, try and get some sort of understanding of what was going on with my brothers. Then, I heard the unmistakable sound of two very distinguishable growls. The Major, as well as Caius, were furious. I had to wonder if it was worth getting into whatever had triggered their fury. But I could not help but think that it had somehow begun with Marcus. I rubbed my hands down my face and looked up to the ceiling.

"What am I going to do about those two?" I asked myself quietly. I could hear when the shouting started, it was then that a knock on my door drew my attention.

"Come in," I said, summoning the visitor, Isabella.

"Isabella, I was just thinking about you, my dear. What can I do for you?" I asked her.

"My King, I request to talk to your Mate," Isabella asked; this was very unlike Isabella's usual behaviour.

"Of course, Isabella. Picia is in the gardens currently." I told her.

"Thank you, my King. May I please leave to talk to her?" Isabella asked. Was she begging to get dismissed? Looking at her curiously, I just nodded, watching as Isabella left to find Picia. Then, getting up from my desk, I shook my head and went to deal with my Brothers; following the shouting, it led me to the library. What I found should have surprised me though it did not.

I did want to laugh at the predicament that Marcus had gotten himself into; it took severe restraint not to do so.

"What is the cause of this, brothers, Major?" I asked the three of them. Surprisingly the Major came over and offered me his hand to see for myself.

What I saw correlated with my earlier musings regarding Isabella.

"Marcus, I would ask to see your hand please," I said though I was starting to get angry myself.

"I do not care; I had thought that my actions would have come with thanks. Not meet with hostility. Caius Mated to nothing but a child. I was attempting to make her worthy of her station." Marcus growled as I took his hand to see for myself what had transpired.

I was gaining all the knowledge I needed and some that I was sure that Caius did not want me to know.

"Marcus, Caius' Mate, was his to talk to if there were any issues. I can tell you right now that there were none. You have overstepped your bounds this time, Brother, considering Isabella is also the niece of the Major, the niece of Ares. I would have thought you intelligent not to meddle in things that are not your business." I told him.

"Caius, Major, I do ask that you leave this be; there are more significant issues at hand. Isabella is not acting herself; if something is not done, Isabella could be triggered and then explode. None of us wants that. Isabella is currently talking to Picia in the gardens; she came and asked my permission to speak to her, before then asking to be dismissed, waiting for my consent to be given." I informed Caius, though the growl coming from the Major was a little surprising. I looked towards him curiously.

"She, in all respects, is dead, as dead as a corpse. I can't feel her at all. It's like she doesn't exist. If she is going to explode, no one is going to see it coming at all." the Major informed us all. That worried me even more. I looked towards Caius and wondered if also he would be able to reach Isabella if she were to explode. I asked if any of us would be safe from her wrath.

"I need to be away from here," Caius said, his voice almost a whisper. As he left, I looked towards Marcus.

"What possessed you to go to Isabella?" I asked him.

"You saw my thoughts and memories; you know what I was thinking," Marcus told me.

"Yes, I do know, yet Picia, Caius and I were all willing to give her to time that Isabella needed to come to terms with what had happened; none of us felt like you do, not even any of the guard, who had become friendly with Isabella. So enlighten me, brother, what made you think; that it fell on your shoulders to force her hand? Force her into a position that she was coming into on her own? in her way and time. Tell me, Marcus, what gave you the right to force the hand of another vampire's Mate? when we have laws forbidding that very thing from getting done!" I shouted at him.

"What is stopping Caius from bringing you to trial for interfering with his Mate?" I asked him.

"Are you going to bring Isabella to trial for interfering with Sulpicia? After all, she interfered with your Mate," Marcus retorted.

"Considering Sulpicia's is not at risk of exploding and killing us all, I would not worry about her and I. what you have done could very well kill us all," I growled before storing out to find me Mate.