A ThunderCats 2011 Story

Author's Note: This is a birthday one-shot for my good friend Kelseyalicia, whose stories are completely out of this world. This story takes place after "Survival of the Fittest" but before "The Pit," focusing on WilyKat and WilyKit. Before I get into the story itself, I'd like to take the time to acknowledge that I've watched ThunderCats 2011 several times over. While the show - a reboot of the original 1985 series - had flaws, I do appreciate the concepts that it had.

THUNDERCATS and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. and Ted Wolf.

It had been a very interesting day for WilyKat and WilyKit following their hunt for food with Panthro and Cheetara. Despite the two adult ThunderCats' instructions, neither Kat nor Kit had the willpower to take the life of a creature, forcing Panthro and Cheetara to leave them behind until they got the food they wanted. The twins' intentional sabotage of hunting a couple of Chib-Chibs, and rescuing a family of Chib-Chibs from being eaten by a Comolbur, was rewarded by picking some giant berries for all four ThunderCats to eat, except Snarf, who previously ate up what Candy Fruit there was left.

Currently, Kat and Kit were sitting on top of a tree. The twins requested some time to themselves, and Panthro and Cheetara obliged them. The kids themselves needed time to reflect on how far they'd come since living on a farm with their parents and their younger siblings. They had plenty of it before Lion-O and Tygra's return from finding a pass to the snowy mountain.

First they reflected on their family back home. Losing their father to a tornado had changed everything for the twins. They still felt the ramifications of dealing with his death to this day. With their mother having fallen ill and their younger siblings having to take care of her, Kat and Kit made the brave decision to run away from home - to locate the fabled treasured city of El-Dara. This decision was born out of a love for their surviving family. Their journey wouldn't be an easy one, as they were forced to find shelter in the slums of the kingdom of Thundera. They had to steal in order to survive because they didn't have a choice, El-Dara first and foremost on their minds. But then came the destruction of Thundera, and the twins' lives were changed once more. Fortunately they survived the kingdom's demise.

Upon seeing Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, and Snarf in the wreckage, Kat and Kit decided to tag along. Lion-O was consumed with grief over losing his and Tygra's father, King Claudus, to Mumm-Ra and his Lizard army. At first he brushed off the twins, seeing them as a hindrance in defeating Mumm-Ra. And yet, neither of them were deterred. In the quest to hunt down Mumm-Ra, all six ThunderCats had located the Sand Sea and became ensnared in a food-related trap set up by the Fishmen, led by Koinelius Tunar, who was actually hunting for a sea creature called the Ramlak. The ThunderCats fought off the Ramlak as best as possible, but Tunar had a true axe to grind with her. Lion-O managed to snap out of his rage to save Tunar's crew before it was too late, but Tunar wasn't so lucky, his obsession with the Ramlak doing him in. Lion-O almost met his maker, but with the power of the Sword of Omens, he vanquished the Ramlak for good, bringing back the Fishmen's water that she stole from them. After they proved themselves to Lion-O, he chose to let Kat and Kit come along.

Next the twins thought about the Petalars. The plant-like creatures, whose lifespan was always short, helped the ThunderCats to keep the faith against Mumm-Ra and his minions. The Petalars' leader, Emerick, especially left a mark on Lion-O and his crew. Kat and Kit definitely took a liking to the Petalars and enjoyed spending time with them. Lion-O was still grieving over Claudus's death, but he didn't rage about it like last time. It was Emerick who showed the Lord of the ThunderCats that the journey, not the destination, was what counted. With renewed courage, the ThunderCats faced the Lizard army head on as well as Slithe, the Lizards' general, and just as they accepted their fate, help arrived in the name of Panthro and the ThunderTank. However, the ThunderTank ran out of Thundrillium, and the next day, Lion-O, Tygra, and Cheetara went with Panthro to find some at the Cloud Peak Mine. The Wily twins and Snarf were told to stay behind.

Kat and Kit thought about next their third huge moment since joining the ThunderCats - Lion-O, Snarf, Cheetara, and Tygra were originally instructed by Jaga, who was captured by Mumm-Ra following Thundera's fall, to find the Book of Omens, and with their forces bolstered thanks to Kat, Kit, and Panthro, the quest to find the book became even more vital. Each ThunderCat displayed their talents as they dodged every trap set up to find the Tower of Omens, where the Book of Omens resided. Unfortunately, Mumm-Ra followed them with a magic lantern-encased Jaga, transformed from his frail mummy form into his true super-powered form, and fought the heroes off. He almost got the Book of Omens, but Jaga made the ultimate sacrifice, turning into a ray of light and forced Mumm-Ra to retreat in raven form. The ThunderCats successfully got the book, but seemingly nothing was written in it. The next day Lion-O was magically transported into the book and discovered the history of animalkind, and when he came back out, he told the other ThunderCats that they needed to bring animalkind together against Mumm-Ra in addition to locating the Stones of Power.

After Lion-O got some supplies in Swordsmen's Town (though it wasn't without any difficulties), the ThunderCats were on their way, when suddenly the ThunderTank broke down again, there was no food, and were forced to sleep in the rain. But hope wasn't lost, for Lion-O and friends came upon village housing a group of robot bears called Berbils, led by Ro-Bear Bill, who had a wife named Ro-Ber Bella and a son named Ro-Bear Beebo. Kat and Kit became addicted to the Berbils' Candy Fruit, making them super-energetic. That type of energy came in handy when the ThunderCats defended the Berbils against the greed-driven Conquedor. The Elephant Village was the ThunderCats' next campout, and the twins took an instant liking to the elephants, who were led by Anet and Aburn. The Elephants were forgetful, but Kit took an instant liking to them due to their spirituality. It was she and they who saved the day from a massive stone giant following a lapse of judgment from Lion-O himself.

Following their time in the Forest of Magi Oar when Lion-O had been able to master the Sword of Omens' sight beyond sight, the ThunderCats returned to the Elephant Village to find it under seige by Mumm-Ra's army, led by Grune, a former friend of Panthro's. The Spirit Stone was what the army was after, and its location was not in the hit within the village, but in the Astral Plane. The Sword of Omens was the key to opening a portal to the plane, and Lion-O activated it. Both he and Tygra entered the portal after the ThunderCats drove off Mumm-Ra's army to find the Spirit Stone, leaving the other ThunderCats and the Elephants to guard the hut. Grune and the Lizard army returned, but this time the remaining ThunderCats and the Elephants were ready, including Kat and Kit. Not everyone made it out unscathed - when Lion-O and Tygra got the Spirit Stone, it caused the Astral Plane to collapse. Panthro held on to Grune to force the traitor into the portal, sealing him away at the cost of Panthro's arms.

The Wily twins recalled getting their own hoverboards made by the Berbils. It was a gift they never took for granted. The Berbils also made new mechanical arms for Panthro and revamped the ThunderTank to make it even more powerful. Trouble followed the ThunderCats, however, in the forms of Kaynar and Addicus, whom Slithe added to the Lizard army under Mumm-Ra's orders. Kaynar and Addicus, a jackal and a monkey, proved to be menaces in their own right. Panthro got to use his new arms in action to save his friends, but the tension between the group was stronger than ever since the Astral Plane situation. Slithe and the Lizards, Addicus, and Kaynar followed the ThunderCats all the way to a mountaintop where Lion-O feel seemingly to his watery grave. The villains had taken the Sword of Omens from Lion-O before that. The rest of the ThunderCats were taken prisoner, but Kit had faith that Lion-O would return, so she left trails for whenever he got a second chance.

Tygra, always wanting to be Lord of the ThunderCats instead of Lion-O, tried his best to get himself and the others out of danger, but it was all for nothing. Tygra began to realize how difficult being a true leader was. Kit had faith in Lion-O despite doubts from the other ThunderCats. Just as Mumm-Ra was about to harness the power of the jewel within the Sword of Omens - the Eye of Thundera, known actually as the War Stone - Lion-O reappeared in front of his fellow ThunderCats and freed them. He regained the Sword of Omens from Mumm-Ra and had a brief showdown with the techno-mage before all the ThunderCats left Mumm-Ra's pyramid. The bond between the ThunderCats became a lot better after Lion-O explained a series a trials he underwent in the Astral Plane and he thanked Kit for not giving up on him.

And now here Kat and Kit were, after their trip down memory lane. Both children had changed a lot since leaving their childhood home. Their search for El-Dara still hadn't evaporated, but first they had to help locate the remaining Stones of Power and unite the animals of Third Earth against Mumm-Ra. The twins had each other to rely on for all the troubles they've been through up to this point. They never could've imagined how perilous and exciting being ThunderCats would be. Their adult fellows, especially Lion-O, recognized the twins' resourcefulness. That kind of praise was enough for the twins to keep forging ahead.

Kat said solemnly, "I still miss our family back home. I wonder what they'd think of us now now that we're ThunderCats?"

Kit answered, "I imagine Mom and our siblings would be proud of us for fighting to stay in one piece. They're with us in spirit...even Dad."

"Dad's always looking out for us from above," Kat said with a smirk, he and Kit looking up in the sky. "He's alive in our hearts."

"That's right, Kat," Kit agreed as she and Kat touched their hearts, feeling their hearts beat with happiness. "We'll never forget him."

"You've got the biggest heart, you know, Kit?" admired Kat. "You never quit on Lion-O when the rest of us thought he perished. The kind of faith you have would make anyone envious."

Kit responded, "Spending time with the Elephants can do that to you. The odds may be against us right now, and the other ThunderCats, too. But I know that with time, everyone on Third Earth will be united against Mumm-Ra."

"I know we will," assured Kat. "This planet is filled with so much life that I feel it should always be cherished. It'd be a shame for it to all go to waste because of monsters like Mumm-Ra."

"It's not just Third Earth, either," continued Kit. "Mumm-Ra wants to gain control of the entire universe. We can't let that happen."

"We're not going to," Kat stated with determination. "The Fishmen, the Petalars, the Berbils, the Elephants...whatever allies we gain, we'll need them to beat Mumm-Ra and his minions."

"The other ThunderCats feel the exact same way," Kit said, equally determined. "Whatever happens, we're all in this together. As Emerick said, it's the journey."

Kat smiled, thinking of those very words Emerick said before the Petalar leader's passing. The journey that the ThunderCats were on was a perilous one indeed, but Emerick's words stuck with them. Kat and Kit were especially encouraged by those words. No matter what happened in life, the ThunderCats would always have each other to rely on, despite their differences. Their bond would never truly break. They would always come out stronger. With renewed confidence, Kat and Kit got down from the tree and headed back to the ThunderTank to wait out Lion-O and Tygra's return. Internally, Kit could feel that the older siblings' own bond becoming stronger than ever from whatever happened on the mountain. The ThunderCats, as a whole, would never be beaten - not even by Mumm-Ra himself.