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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

Finally, I am alone. I can take stock of my situation and skim through all of my abilities.

I look to my clan abilities. Both practically a sorcerer's bloodline all on their own.


Level 1 Clan Ability:
Melodic Song (Passive)
Much like a siren, your very voice is enchanting, people hang on your words and when you sing, they pay attention to you. +10 to Perform checks, +4 to Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate. You also Passively gain Regeneration equal to 1/2 your level and Immunity to fire damage due to your absorbed Sorcerer Bloodline. Whenever you take holy damage, your regeneration stops for the round.

Level 3 Clan Ability:
Immolation: (Active)
At 3rd level, you gain the ability to surround yourself in black fire as a swift action. This fire burns for a number of rounds per day equal to your character level plus your Charisma bonus. These rounds do not have to be consecutive. you may spend 1 point of devil magic to gain an additional round of Inferno
Any unarmed attacks you make while affected by immolation deal an additional 2d6 points of fire damage, and any creature that ends its turn adjacent to you while you're affected by immolation also takes 2d6 points of fire damage.
Additionally, while in this state, any and all fire spells deal an additional 1 point of damage per die of the spell and fire spells are treated as a caster level of 3 higher for any and all effects.

Level 1 Clan Ability:
Heart of the Forge (Passive)
Crafting is in your veins, you are treated as having the 'Craft Magical Arms and Armor' feat for the purpose of magical item creation, additionally any and all items you forge have a small chance of being magical. Items you create have a 50% chance of being a +1 weapon automatically, a 5% chance of being a +2, a .5% chance of being a +3, a .05% chance of being a +4, and so on. Any weapons of +6 or greater will have an enchantment selected for them at random and you may theoretically surpass the +10 cap for magic items. Additionally, you are treated as proficient in any magical arms or armor you personally forge.

Level 3 Clan Ability:
Creation: (Active)
You may spend 5 points of your 'Devil Magic' to duplicate the effects of the Fabricate spell. Items you create this way are always of masterwork quality and have a small chance to be magical (As the Heart of the Forge ability albeit at 1/5th power). additionally, with this ability you may spend 3 Devil Power to grant an item you are holding temporary magical power as if you had just cast Greater Magic Weapon upon it, caster level equal to your level.

Thanks, mom, for my ridiculous ability to lie. It sort of saved my skin against Serafall... but I'm not really lying am I? I have the memories of the old Decarabia, and in this situation this is about how he'd react... anyways, thanks Dad for an excuse to make ludicrous bullshit and purchase ludicrous bullshit with the system. That I can more or less pass off as my clan trait.

I can also check the reward from my quest.

A Quest Has Been Completed:

Warm Welcome:
Attacked by assassins the moment you spawn in, ah? How unlucky. You should show them just who they are messing with!
Survive for 120 Seconds: 120/120 [x]

Bonus Objectives:
Survive without taking a single point of damage: [-]
Kill at least 1 Assassin: [x]
Kill the Lead Assassin: [-]
Kill all of the subordinate Assassins: [x]
Kill all of your assassins: [-]
Convince Serafall to assist you: [x]

Rewards: 500 Electrum, One item worth 2000 GP from the D&D shop
Bonus Rewards: 550 Electrum, 1 Free Feat, +1 to your lowest stat.

I have two thousand and eighty electrum to work with... hm. That's decent I suppose.

I could easily purchase a level for myself, but I don't think I will.

What sort of game modifying special qualities can I purchase?

A large screen opens before me.

'show me a list of special system effects ranging from lowest cost to highest.'

There are quite a few fifty electrum perks.

To name a few, firstly, you've got 'Godly Game'

Godly Game: 50 Electrum
Divine Spellcasters no longer requires you to worship a god to gain your spells, the game simply grants them to you without problems.

It treats the system as a god for your daily spells if you are a cleric or other divine caster, for me, an arcane caster, it's sort of useless.

Expanded Learning: 50 Electrum (May be purchased several times).
You may treat any singular skill you select with this as a class skill.

Pretty good. Sorcerer has extremely limited skills, so I might take this a few times.

Minor System Spell-Like: 50 Electrum (May be purchased several times)
Select any one level 0 spell, you may cast that spell as a spell like ability 3 times per day.

Ugh. Weak. Who'd want to cast a bunch of level zero spells anyways? Hell, not even 'a bunch' a meager amount!

Most of the fifty electrum ones are boring, so I'll skip ahead, I skim through the list slowly as I flop down on the bed Serafall gave me for the day.


Party Summon: 600 Electrum.
It's clear, you know how to abuse Mount Communal and Alter Summon Monster... but that just takes a lot of time. Cut out the middle man with this ability and summon a number of creatures from the list directly. Who has time to cast a bunch of second level spells on horses anyways? When you use this ability, you sacrifice a number of level 2 spell slots equal to 1/2 the number of creatures you are affecting (Rounding up)


I'm taking this.

This is overpowered in my hands...

I quickly scroll back down the list.

This system starts to get a little ridiculous the lower you go...

The fact that it allows you to purchase the ability to deal sneak attack, ignore requirements, and gain spellcasting regardless of class, it honestly is just begging for me to break it.

And why would I deny such a heartfelt request?

Besides. I'll need it.

In a world where doubling your power thirteen times- for a total multiplier of over EIGHT THOUSAND- merely allows you to fight the first arc's villain?


I'm going to need my ability to summon an assload of creatures on par with myself to survive.

Lesser Spatial Storage Magic: 250 Electrum (Discounted because of universe)
This allows you to store a number of items equal to your level in a special rift bound to you. Each item is held separately in its own form of 'container'. There are flaws with this magic, however. The items you store must be 1: Nonliving 2: capable of being held with one hand. And 3: Weigh under 5 pounds per level.


There's a certain item I can get to make my life a lot easier. And with spatial magic I could definitely keep it much more secure.

It's called the lyre of building, and it is BY FAR one of the most overpowered items in dungeons and dragons for its price.

Once per week, it allows you to strum the cords... and for every thirty minutes you play it, you can get construction work done as if one hundred humans had been working for three days.

"Hrm... maybe..." I mutter as I cup my chin.

I will personally decide soon enough. Having a building force might be useful.

I silently strum on golden bejeweled lyre in my hands, I am sat within an unpainted wooden gazebo, all around me logs float through the air, swiftly being reduced to planks.

Electrum Remaining: 1094

Serafall took me to a plot of land and showed me an abandoned run down cabin.

This is the land of my family... at the very least the small part that wasn't claimed by anyone.

The soil is tough, rough, and mostly rock. There are no nearby places of interest such as lakes, beautiful water falls, or sentimental rubbish like that, it's nothing more than a forest full of dull pine trees.

Serafall was going to get some people to build me at the very least a decent house, but I said I wanted to stay for at least a day to look around the territory.

Large stones are being ripped from the ground, steadily being carved into simple bricks and floated towards the large scaffolding behind me.

Every second I play this lyre, one hundred men are working for two minutes. For every minute they work for a little under two and a half hours.

A mansion can be built in around a year with a group of around fifty men- and that's being generous- with this lyre, at my current speed, I'll be finished with my mansion within the day.

Well within the time Serafall said she'd be back.

Normally, you have to roll a check for every hour past the first you play, but thanks to my mother's clan trait affecting ALL perform checks, and the fact that my charisma is so damn high, I can easily meet the difficulty class to persistently play this.

Ohoho I can't wait to see the look on her face!

Plus, there's this one little exploit I am using to buy a bunch of stuff for my home.

Seeing how a single point of Electrum is worth 100 gold in this system's D&D market, you can purchase items of up to 99 Gold from the D&D shop for free. The downside of this ability is that you may purchase up to 99 gold every hour. Say for instance you make a purchase two cure light wounds potions, you would need to spend 1 electrum despite the fact that the second potion is only 1 GP over the limit.

With this I can buy nails, pipes, and other things for the rapid construction crew.

It just sucks that my land is so shitty.

It is sort of understandable that this is all she could have gotten me, my family name holds no political power. Why would they give up their territory to a worthless nobody? My mother's clan trait was sort of worthless, she had the ability to sing really well... it's kind of sad that she had a higher ranking than my father who had the ability to enchant weapons and armor.

Thanks to my Phoenix Sorcerer Bloodline my mother's clan trait got a little more respectable.

A majority of the devils probably won't even remember me. Nor my mutated clan trait.

A literal nobody in the political world... for now...

I have plans to change that, of course.

I may step on the toes of the Phenex family just a bit, however in the end...

Fuck em'. My parents might have arranged for me to marry into the Phenex family in the past, buuuut apparently the one I was engaged to married her own brother and now is Lady Phenex

Incest is apparently not as frowned upon in the underworld as I would have thought... devils are apparently resistant to inbreeding.


I mean, that's disgusting, but it sort of makes sense with all the SIN going on down here.

Anyways, the general currency used down here is 'Lillum', a single Lillum worth roughly five to ten US dollars, I've got not a single Lillum to my name, which is debatable considering my family had a decent amount of wealth when it was still around.

Fuckers probably took everything.

I'll definitely see if I have some form of court case... but first, my grand scheme.


The Phenex Family's tears are incredibly expensive, a single Phoenix tear is worth about anywhere from ten million Lillum to one hundred million... all depending on the general 'stock' which the Phenex control ruthlessly. They casually manipulate the market to line their own pockets.

In times of war, they produced thousands of phoenix tears is mere weeks, yet one 'takes a lot out of a Phenex'.


But what if I sell my very own potions?

Your child break a bone while falling off the swing set? Potion! Your hands callused from overworking? Potion! Did you get stabbed by a light spear and are barely holding on yet you don't have the money to buy a Phoenix Tear? Well, you're probably fucked, buddy, buuuuut a POTION might be able to help you!

I'll be undercutting the Phenex family, but unless they shell out some real money, or something else of equal value, they can just piss right off.

I should definitely level up soon so they don't just kill me, though.

If I am going to be a problem for them, it's going to be a damned large one.

Let's first finish this quest before planning anything else.

I smirk behind my teacup as I cross a leg over the other.

You can buy some surprising tea from the shop... if you think about it, in pathfinder, the average person can survive for a month comfortably with roughly... thirty gold. I just bought a few servings of tea leaves for eighty.

That's some king-level shit right there.

A large chandelier hangs above me, a single large ball of black and white fire in the middle of a hoop, casting a flickering white light across the room.

That may seem like a safety hazard, but that fire is completely safe... a continual flame. It has no heat and cannot burn things. It only provides light.

Several Side Objectives have been completed:

The Decarabia lands, run down, abandoned, complete and total shit...
It's time to change that.
Personally create your residence: [x]
Bonus Objectives:
Finish within a month: [x]
Finish within a week: [x]
Finish within a day: [x]
Surprise Serafall: [x]
Complete Every Single Bonus Objective on this Quest: [x]

500 Electrum, 'Decarabia Mansion' is classified as one of your 'bases'

Bonus Rewards:
1500 Electrum, 3 free feats, +1 to all stats, one free item of 5000 Gp or less, 'Fast Builder' achievement, Random Special Quality.

'oh wow... an extra six hundred electrum from those two? Plus another feat? Worth it! Plus I got a 'special quality'… is it like those things from the shop?! If so getting a random one will either break me or allow me to summon bubbles at will thrice a day.




Special Quality selected:

Sacrifical Summons:
When casting a summoning spell, you may choose to summon multiple creatures from a lower list, it only makes sense that you shout be able to do the inverse and sacrifice multiple creatures (Typically created through multiple uses of summon monster) to summon a stronger creature! If you sacrifice 3 creatures, you may summon a single creature of a level 1 higher than the spell level of the summoned creatures. If you sacrifice 5, you may summon a creature 2 levels higher, and if you sacrifice 7, you may summon a creature 3 levels higher.
Note: with this ability, you may summon creatures from a list that surpass the maximum level of spell you can cast.
Note: Creatures summoned with 'Sacrifical Summons' may not in turn be used as further sacrifices
Special: When this is used upon 9th level creatures, this ability instead allows you to summon a creature of Cr 16 for 3 sacrifices, Cr 18 for 5 Sacrifices, and Cr 20 for 7 Sacrifices.

'h-holy fuck!'

I quickly shake my head and summon a bunch of horses in the room, quickly condensing them all into a single being, it lets out a shriek and runs around me, coming to rest beside me.

I wanna impress Serafall as much as possible! And because this quest was completed, it's clear that she is here.

I look to the Jurassic Park reject lying next to my chair.



Pet Dinosaur, babyyyy!

Also, I've gained some achievements apparently

Bases are special, they allow you to purchase a variety of upgrades from the shop for electrum and have them immediately installed.

Fast Builder:
Whilst you are creating something, be it building a building, growing magical plants, creating magical items, or even creating magical tattoos, you make twice as much progress as normal in one day.

I can now make a horde of one hundred people and every thirty minutes they are treated as working for six days...

Theoretically. I'm not sure if the Lyre of Building works that way.

I create an unseen servant with my devil magic and nod to the door.

*Knock Knock Knock*

The unseen servant opens the double doors revealing the Magical girl.

My new pet- who's life span is about two hours- looks up slowly, regarding the new person with a glare of caution, it seems to be trying to determine her threat level.

Poor little dumbass... he just can't seem to grasp that it's really really high.

"Sera-Tan!" I wave with a grin. "Welcome to my home!"

She steps inside and casts a slow glance around.

"Please excuse the fact that it's a little barren right now, I haven't had a lot of time to shop for furniture."

The room is fairly large, large enough to have a banquet in if I so wished, along the left and right are two large slightly curved stair cases that lead up to a second floor balcony.

"Hello Gai-Tan!" Serafall waves as she blinks off her surprise. "I see you built yourself a home, that's awesome! It'd take devil construction teams at least a day to pull that off! How'd you do it?"

I scratch the back of my head and shyly smile. "Oh, I have a couple of tricks."

I gesture to the table as I hold out a hand, summoning a wooden chair from my storage.

A pillow falls into the chair a moment later. "Would you like some tea?"

She waves with a smile. "I'd rather not. I'm not here for long, we've got other things to do, but I was going to show a construction crew where to build."

She slowly looks around the room. "But it looks like all you need now is electricity, hm?"

"Er... yeah, sorry, I got a little overzealous."

"No, no." She waves. "It's alright, impressive, even. Most devils wouldn't take this sort of thing into their own hands. It's refreshing."

"I've got no subordinates yet, so I'll have to get my hands dirty for a while at least... luckily I learn things quickly."

"And considering that you do have better things to do, I shall swiftly move through several things I wished to ask you. Firstly, may I know what happened to the man that attacked me?"

"He was imprisoned." The satan states. "He will never see the light of day again."

"Good. I wouldn't want him getting back to whoever his master is and ask them to send more assassins after me. For the second thing... can I have one of those... computers... installed here? I feel that it will allow me to figure out the changes to the world far easier than a book would."

"Easy. Done."

"Finally... the last question requires a little context... I have always sort of always had an interest in alchemy, and recently- er- rather five hundred years ago shortly before being attacked, I finally made a breakthrough."

With another flick of special magic, two vials appear in my hand, another potion is silently purchased and placed into my spatial magic, I take it and put it down as well.

"These should technically heal wounds."

I have already tested a few on myself, and they did no damage, so it appears positive energy only harms undead. Good to know. The knowledge from my new ranks in 'Craft: Alchemy' only confirmed it.

"Heal people?" Serafall asks. "Like the Phoenix tears?!"

"Yes and no... these aren't as powerful as Phoenix tears, yet they still do heal. Instantly in fact. Far better in the short term than the er... classic devil healing method of skinship."

I scratch my cheek slowly and look to the roof. "Hmm... perhaps an example will be better."

I look to my dinosaur. "Do you mind."

The raptor bows its head.

"Thank you for your example, Dino-Chan."

A dagger appears in my hand, I swiftly slash it across the back with the dagger. "Alright, so a fairly deep wound. Enough to that would need several wrappings of bandages to heal at the very least, definitely some stitches."

I pop the cork out of the potion as the raptor opens its toothy maw allowing me to pour the red substance into its mouth.

Serafall tilts her head as the wound slowly closes, but not all the way.

"See, they heal, but not at the level of a phoenix tear."

My hand ignites as I place a hand on the raptor's wound, after a moment I pull my hand away to reveal the wound completely gone.

"I'm giving you a few because I'd hope you would be able to determine the general price I should sell these at because I am... inexperienced at marketing."

She looks to the two red potions slowly and lets out a low hum. "Alright. But wouldn't this be stepping on the toes of the Phenex family? Something you said you didn't want to do?"

"Realistically, they make their profits on extremely large sales, I'll be targeting another market entirely. Not the exceedingly rich, but the lower class who might not have access to the funds to get adequate healing... Also. I'm a little bitter about the person I was supposed to be engaged to turning around not even a MONTH after my death and bedding her own damn brother. "

She gazes at the potions and lets out a low hum., entirely ignoring the second half of my statement. "Well, we have large hospitals now which are relatively inexpensive to be treated at, but could see them being interested in this sort of thing if you could mass produce it."

"Could I?" I mutter as I tilt my head. "I mean, it might be possible... but I also feel like the formula isn't completed... I feel like I could push it more if I really wanted."

The used to be Sitri slowly nods. "I will check these out. But now we should really get going so my construction crew can set up some lights in here."

She is just flat out ignoring my pet extinct animal I summoned it to impress her! Why is she ignoring it!

She holds up a finger. "Alright, let us go."

"Us?" I blink.

A large magic circle appears beneath me and teleports myself, my pet dinosaur, and Serafall away.

We reappear in some form of office.

"Today we are going to be making you the official head of the Decarabia family, reinstating your family back into the seventy-two pillars, and even give you your very own set of evil pieces!"

"Oh." I state as I slowly blink. "I thought I had to be high class to have evil pieces."

Why does this sound like a lot of painful paperwork.

"Oh, there's an exception for all clan devils, that's just a rule for the reincarnated devils. We realistically cannot give every devil their own peerage."

"Oh... okay." The now standing velociraptor turns to look at me as I look to it, he is a bit shorter than me, but only by a mere few inches.

I let out a low hum and gesture for the dinosaur to go away, it lets out a low rumbling growl-like purr as I pet its nose then it disappears into motes of light that disappear moments later.

I pout at the Satan slightly before grabbing my disappointment and pushing it away. Who cares if she didn't even bother to acknowledge the dinosaur. I'm getting evil pieces.

Here have chapter 2. Gaius uses ghost slave labor to build a home then gets kidnapped by a satan, and now will gain the ability to get a harem What fun.

I suppose I should list what peerage I have planned for him... you know, like all of the other fics.

King: Gaius Decarabia-Malthus

Queen: Undecided

Bishop 1: Decided, but a secret

Bishup 2: Something fucking AMUSING from the summon monster 7 list. Something that normally has animal like intellect, as it is an animal, yet he wants to teach it to cast magic because of how fucking funny it'd be.

Knight 1&2: Undecided, but I do have two potential candidates.

Rook 1&2: Undecided

Pawn 1-8 Undecided

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