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Pov: Elsewhere

A blond man steps through the door with a small smile on his face, in an arm is a brown bag of groceries. Canned food, fresh vegetables, milk, and even some bread.

He closes the creaking wooden door with his foot as he calls out into the house. "Ruby, I'm home!"

There is a flurry of Rose petals as a red haired girl wearing a black skirt with red frills slides to a halt in the kitchen. "H-Hey dad!"

The man takes note of her face. Her eyes are slightly red as if she had been crying. She appears extremely nervous.

"What's wrong?" The man asks as he sits the groceries down on the nearby counter, giving the young Rose a suspicious look. Did someone dare hurt his daughter?

"U-Uh d-dad I want you to keep an open mind about this... uh..." Ruby begins slowly nervously scratching the back of her head. "M-Mom's back."

"…" the silence is deafening. You could hear a pin hit the floor.

"What?" The man whispers.

A woman steps through the nearby doorway, her hands are in front of her mouth as she holds back any audible noises, tears prickle her eyes. "Hey Tai... it has been a w-while."

Her voice breaks at her last word.

"Summer?" The man breathes, eyes wide. "Is that- no- it- it can't be..."

"it is." The woman hoarsely whispers. "I-I'm finally free."

"How?! What?! Why?! When?!" The man exclaims, water rapidly forming in his eyes. "Summer?! Is that really you?! You- y-you died!"

"I'm back!" The woman exclaims with a bright tear-filled smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts "I-I'm so happy I- missed my daughters grow up."

Tears stream down her face as she staggers forwards, the man wraps his arms around her shoulder still in shock as the woman cries into his chest.

"I-I missed so much of their lives! Oh Gods! I-I don't know how I'm going to live with myself?! I-I-"

"H-How?!" The man asks again.

Ruby take this moment to cut in.

"I-uh made a deal with a super powerful devil who I have known for a couple of weeks and uh in exchange for me serving his fiancée for the foreseeable future in her goals to make a devil school he uh- SaidThatHe'dReviveMomSoUhHereWeAreAndUhIDon'tReallyKnowWhat'sGoingToHappenButUhIThinkYou'llProbablyYellAtMeSoUhI'mGoingToLetMyselfOutReallyQuickly-"

The girl disappears in a flurry of rose petals.


Pov: Returned

I quietly ruffle through papers, a slight frown on my face, Ravel is sat at a chair dragged over to my desk helping me sift through the documents as Mittelt sits on the other side of the room, playing on her phone.

Neo is sat on the corner of my desk, and Weiss is silently studying underworld law in the corner.

All is calm... all is peaceful... all is good- annnnd like seventy guys just crashed through the 'alert' barrier set up about a mile from my home.

A quest has been received:

Old Satan s-

I stand immediately, gaining the attention of everyone in the room.

I hold up a hand, connecting the audio of this room to the entire mansion. "Attention. Everyone within the Decarabia estate. Nearly one hundred unannounced figures are rapidly approaching the mansion. I can only assume they have devious intentions. If you care about your life, you will hide and stay out of the way. My peerage and I will handle this group. Le Fay. Use all five. Meredith. Use the white book with a glowing arrow on it. It'll sap your magical power yet its effect- even if weakened- is super effective against the devil race. Your lack of skill with attack magic being irrelevant. If the situation arises, hand that book over to Le Fay, but that spell book will cause irreversible damage to the landscape in her hands. Valerie, use your balance breaker and gather with Ingvild so she can boost the power of it. Artoria, Xenovia, and Irina gather with Le Fay and Meredith. keep them safe from close range fighters. Virgo. Keep colateral damage to a minimum and try to keep the servants safe."

My voice booms through the halls as I end the transmission.

"Weiss, Mittelt. Meet up with Valerie, and Ingvild. Focus primarily on draconic summons to make better use of Nereid Kyrie. Neo. You are going to use your semblance to assassinate their members. But do not engage their leaders. I fear they may be beyond ultimate class. Remember to be prepared to teleport at all times. The area you will be sneaking through will probably be bombarded by numerous light spells."

The three girls nod slowly and get up.

"Ravel. You are taking over as Tactician."

"Yes!" The blond-drillhaired girl nods.

With a flash we all activate our teleportation circles.

I reappear in front of my mansion just in time to see dozens of attacks rocket towards the building.

The entire area rattles and shakes as a tremendous wall of earth rockets upwards roughly fifty feet in front of me, I hear the noise of the earthen wall tanking the numerous demonic blasts, dust rains down the sheer cliff face as it buckles slightly.

It slides down a moment later allowing me to smirk up at the gathering devils.

"My my." I call out, my voice echoing across the landscape, seemingly louder than it should be, my enchanting, calming voice causes the devils to falter in their next volley. "Attacking without a word? I didn't know the Old Satan faction was full of so many uncivilized savages. Aren't you supposed to declare your intentions? Who you represent? Do you have no familial pride?"

My eyes slide over to three figures floating at the highest point in the sky, above the platoon of devils. Among them is a tall tanned, bespectacled woman with a busty figure. She has long brown hair tied into a bun and she has blue-ish grey eyes, she wears an extremely low-cut dress and it had a high slit which exposed a large portion of her breasts.

The next is a man wearing black noble-esque clothes with numerous red belts across his form. he also has a cape. He has black hair tied up in a small ponytail and violet eyes, pointy ears, and pale skin nearly as white as Kokabiel's was. Honestly, with the pointed ears, black hair, and pale skin, they could realistically be relatives. The only difference is that Kokabiel is a lanky giant who looked as if he got hit by the Fugly stick far too many times. This devil appears almost pleasing to the eyes, if a bit unnatural.

The final is a man dressed in black and purple armor with a cape that has a furry collar, he has long brown hair that goes to his hips with many bangs covering his right eye.

All three of them have ten black bat-like wings upon their backs.

The woman of the trio adjusts her glasses and lets out a huff, the brown haired man looks amused, and pale elf-like man glares down at me silently.

I brush a hand across my shirt as I shake my head. "What a truly paltry showing. I think you may be underestimating me just a bit. To only bring seventy five devils? A vast majority of these scrawny pukes are simply high class."

"Hand over the Leviathan descendant and I will give you a painless death." The black haired devil announces.


"Jeez. Aren't you supposed to say something along the lines of 'and we'll let you live'. Honestly. I thought you three would be against killing a bloodline that can create an army's worth of weapons and boost troop moral. Your entire goal is to destroy all of the other pantheons and prove devil superiority, correct? Why are you ceaselessly erasing clan traits? You are doing far more destruction to the devil race than the angels or fallen have ever done to it. Honestly, I'm a little impressed at how bad you three appear to be at ruling."

I shrug simply as the three descendants become different levels of annoyed.

"You claim to be the rulers of the underworld, yet, you require seventy two devils to kill a single lord. That's quite disappointing, no?"

With a flash of fire, I take off floating before the three. "What do you think it means... for me to have a Leviathan heir as a singular pawn. A leviathan heir with a Longinus class sacred gear mind you... reasonably, how powerful would I have to be to condense all of that power into a single pawn? By all means if you think you have what it takes to lead the devil race, in comparison to you I might as well be devil divinity. A devil god perhaps?"

I cross my arms. "Such a shame... looks like your group of sixty-eight will have to die."

The armor wearing devil widens his eyes and rapidly turns around, looking over their group of devils.

There are a few missing.

He looks back around just in time to see a feral smirk cross my face. "You came to kill me and take my pawn, but you have found yourself the ones who are trapped, your hubris, your undoing. Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly~"

suddenly, there is light; as numerous twisted lances of light soar across the sky, coiling and turning amongst themselves as they rocket towards the three descendants.

They take off in different directions, but the devils behind aren't so lucky.

The tightly grouped platoon behind them is absolutely shredded. Towards the back of the group, reality shatters, causing one of the devils to disappear. Holes are punched through numerous devils, shield spells come up to block the onslaught, but its only slightly effective, the burrowing twisting spears of light cutting through the group quite nicely. Those at the edges and towards the back scatter like flies, managing to get away as the near endless waves of spears end. Killing roughly a third of them in an instant.

There's another shattering noise as a girl with Pink, brown, and white hair reappears down below, she has a bright grin on her face which is splattered with blood.

In her offhand is a long stiletto-like blade, an arch-like handle bends around her wrist as she twirls the edge-less pointed spire of metal, ridding it of blood, she then slides it into the handle of a frilly parasol.

She snaps a finger, conjuring numerous daggers which shoot off and utterly pincushion a devil or two which had fallen to the floor from the magical explosion.

She then disappears with a sound akin to shattering glass.

I fly forwards, the tanned woman raising a hand as I rapidly approach, a tiny magic circle appears in one hand as a massive one appears in front of her.

Black wispy lines coil around her body as she cackles, the vapors look almost serpentine.

A beam as twice as wide as I am tall shoots off into the distance. Shooting over my body.

I am suddenly stood behind her, one hand pointed towards the back of her head as she laughs. "You pathetic nothing! Die! DIE! AHAHAHAH!"


"First off, you missed." I scoff.

The woman whirls around, eyes wide, a hand cloaked in an orange and black aura, the other two Satan descendants snap around to look at me as I had slipped past their notice.

I stop the hand-chop by roughly smashing my forearm into her own, an almost bored look on my face as the attack is deflected around me.

A sword flashes into the hand of the black haired devil as he lunges forwards in a flash of movement.

I duck his attack and smash a fist into his stomach, for a moment I can see it, a large reddened hourglass allowing blackened grains of sand to slowly fall downwards.

It gains a small facture as he is shunted backwards and forcefully shoved away, he drifts in almost slow motion as I rapidly turn my attention back to the third descendant, with a flap of my wings I avoid the barrage of energy blasts from three magic circles made of bees.

I let out a long and slow breath, as I allow my hands to fall to my sides, my breathing measured and calm.

I wink out of existence and reappear five feet to the left, avoiding the blast of orange and black power from the leviathan descendant.

I raise a hand slowly, a beam of hellfire shooting from my fingertip and rocketing towards the woman.

She raises a hand and barely blocks it with a barrier spell.

With a single backhand a blast of energy is deflected, I lean back out of the way of the slowed slash from the third devil descendant. I grab his wrist and slam a punch into his jaw that sends him spiraling. Another blast of orange power shoots for me, but I raise a single hand causing the beam to wash over a massive magical barrier. Cracks cascade across it, and it eventually shatters, but a second under the first weathers the attack.

I fade from existence, avoiding the slash from the Asmodeus Descendant and reappearing behind him.

My foot impacts his back with a dull crack as I slowly look to the side, watching the brown haired armored devil as he swiftly approaches, my eyes trailing him as he rapidly circles around me under the use of some form of bodily enhancement magic to increase his speed.

I float around a blast of demonic power, and cause numerous bees to burst into flame as my body temperature spikes. Shalba seems to disperse into bees as I shoot a beam through his chest, it was merely a clone, meaning...

I turn and grab his wrist, pointing the device that was pointed at my open back a moment ago to the side.

A purple beam of holy light shoots from the wrist mounted laser and impacts the Leviathan, causing her to let out a scream as the beam scorches her stomach.

His eyes widen as I raise a single finger with my other hand... and gently tap him on the forehead.

His head snaps back as he is forcibly sent into a backflip, he spirals through the air for a good fifty feet as I cross my arms. Acting as if I am merely playing with children.

In the distance, a figure with eight wings weaves in between several devils, dodging punches, kicks, stabs and slashes, wherever she blocks a blow, her hand brushing against her attacker, they fall from the sky a short moment later.

A rain of small swirling teal-ish green vortexes, all of which spewing blue and orange sparks fall from the sky as a blonde with a witch hat floats up above. The numerous vortexes utterly shredding whatever they touch. They appear to slightly home in on enemies, actively avoiding the scattered allies around the battlefield.

Another aspect of the attack... is that whatever devil they hit screams out in agony as they are scorched by holy light and holy flames.

The blonde with eight wings suddenly raises a hand, dozens of tiny threads shooting from her fingers and racing off into the sky.

They wrap around the witch hat wearing Blonde's wrist and glow, power seems to flow down the lines, traveling towards the young pendragon. As they reach her, the power stolen from the numerous high class and even a few ultimate class devils rejuvenates Le Fay, allowing for her wasteful magical attacks to continue, hundreds of swirling orbs appearing in the sky above her within numerous massive magic circles. The swirling masses of holy energy create loud scraping noises as they strike barriers and magical defenses. Le Fay's tremendous attack doing far more damage than anything the devil platoon had suffered so far.

I can see Neo in the thick of it down below. Stabbing whatever prone, weakened, defenseless devil she comes across with a gleeful grin, she swats a nearby vortex away with her umbrella, spiking it into another prone devil a short distance away, then continues stabbing away.


I smirk as two blades clash just behind me, my rook's back to my own.

While I was observing my peerage's combat, the black haired satan descendant, Creuserey Asmodeus, tried to cleave my head off from behind.

I, of course, always knew where he was and merely allowed Artoria to step in, her holy blade Caledfwilch clashes with the satan spawn's sword, her teeth grit as she is slightly forced back.

What nobody expects- except for myself- is when a tan skinned buff woman lunges out of seemingly nowhere and smashes a fist into the side of the attacking devil's face, snapping his head to the side as he lets out a groan. Her shark-like teeth morph into a grin as she giggles darkly.

Artoria slashes suddenly, Creuserey barely blocking the attack as he flies backwards at high speed to gain some distance.

I look up just as the Leviathan descendant's spell completes, I cut it in half with a wave of my hand, the two halves passing on either side of me, Tyra, Artoria, and even Creuserey. That attack was meant to wipe us all out.

A red gauntleted fist smashes into the side of her head, flinging the woman aside into a black armored figure, a deep gash appears in her chest, from the black knight as it slashes a sword, two large dragon like wings appearing on the two armors backs. The woman of course lets out a scream as she spirals downwards.

My attention turns to the final unoccupied satan descendant to see that he has distanced himself quite a bit, numerous magic circles made of bees litter the sky.

The noise of the Asmodeus descendant clashing with both Tyra and Artoria ring out behind me.

A wave of white and blue creatures fill the sky, they take the blasts of demonic power the man shoots quite well, each small blast causing a fairly wide area of destruction.

The wave of monsters doesn't seem to stop. In the distance I see a massive white wyvern with blue glowing markings perched atop the mansion, carefully positioning itself as to not cause any collateral damage. White specks are flaking off the gigantic beast's wings and taking to the sky.

There is a faint singing in the background that enchants the purely draconic creatures spewing from the large wyvern, granting them all a slight lavender colored glow.

With this new surge of strength they begin to push back the Beelzebub descendant's deluge of attacks.

Ravel floats in the air, using magic to call out commands to the numerous pieces across the field.

There is a sudden flash behind me as four figures appear, the first is a man with long red hair wearing an elaborate white suit with golden shoulder pads. The next, a man with slicked back green hair, wearing a green suit. The next a woman with long black hair tied up into two twin-tails, she wears a pink magical girl outfit. The final one, a bald man with a tired expression, he wears a simple untucked purple suit with a slightly messy tie. He lets out a yawn and slowly looks around the battlefield.

The four satans have apparently sensed something was wrong and decided to intervene.

"Oh! Hello, Sirzechs, Ajuka, Serafall." I wave to the three as I turn to the last satan and bow my head slightly. "Greetings, Lord Asmodeus. We have not had the pleasure of meeting."

"What is going on here?" The red haired Lucifer questions slowly.

"Oh, you know. Some little insects heard about the Leviathan descendant in my peerage and just couldn't help themselves." I sigh dramatically. "They seriously underestimated by striking power."

"Also, they were all using that thing Diodora used... and Kokabiel... you know, I think there might be a creepy snake club somewhere handing out power boosts like its candy~" I joke with a grin on my face.

The three original Satan descendants seem to realize the Four Satans had arrived, Shalba Beelzebub instantly stops his attack and teleports away before the wave of beasts can reach him, an arm-less Katerea Leviathan teleports away after landing a corroding blow to the knee of the black knight harassing her. The twin knights scored numerous deep blows across her body, the limb just being the most critical of the wounds.

The final satan descendant tries to flee, but Artoria lunges forwards as he begins his teleportation spell, her blond hair pales, her green eyes flashing to yellow emotionless orbs. The sword in her hand changes from a blue blade with cracks of gold throughout to a midnight black blade with red cracks.

With a single swing of her sword and with a blast of unholy energy, a sharp wave of crackling and jagged energy slashes across the black haired man's torso, blood spews from his mouth as he is nearly bisected hip to shoulder.

"Oh look. I think I just ended the Asmodeus bloodline. Sweet." I nonchalantly hum.

I look down suddenly. "Neo, could you leave the remaining ones alive? Some prisoners would probably be better than no prisoners."

The girl, blade raised up above her head pauses, and looks up with a small head tilt as she looms over a prone devil, then smiles and nods once, flicking off the blood on her stabbing utensil and sheathing it with a quiet 'clack' of the handle of the blade meeting the rest of the parasol's handle.

A quest has been completed

She slowly walks towards the mansion and disappears with the sound of shattering glass.

An eerie silence descends on the battlefield as I look back to the four Satans. I gesture around my ruined front yard. "They are all yours. Fifty three high class devils are dead, six lower ultimate class are as well. Not to mention the descendant of the original Beelzebub. That leaves twelve high class devils, and two ultimate class. There were no casualties on my own side."

"I see." Sirzechs slowly mutters, letting out a quiet sigh. "I am glad you are alright."

"Oh, yeah, just peachy. A little cathartic in a way. Feels like I got a little revenge for my family."

"We will take the living devils off your hands, deal with the bodies and handle repairs."

"By all means." I smile. "it's not like I have anywhere to hold them."

"Would you prefer for me to heal their dying leader? Total organ failure is still a good thirty seconds out."

"He is still-" Sirzechs begins

Ajuka blurs forwards, a small object appearing in his hand as he looms over the prone old satan faction leader, he drips a single drop of a phoenix tear on the devil, and with a flash four limbs fly through the air as Ajuka cleaves his arms and legs off.

The devil screams as he is trapped in a bubble that the green haired satan conjures. He slowly floats back towards the group. "I believe that he will have some information that we require."

He nods his head to me. "Good work, Lord Decarabia."

The final Satan lets out a quiet sigh. "Bothersome. With this I believe another spat with those old fools will occur."

"Should I have killed all three of them?" I blink slowly. "I mean, I could have... very easily. It's just, I didn't think that would be a good idea."

"No. You were correct in your assumption" Sirzechs slowly states "That may have caused the other devils supporting the old satan faction to act... with merely one of their leaders gone, they took a tremendous blow, sure, but this was due to their own actions. They themselves sought you out and lost a fair portion of their fighting power. This will cause discord in their ranks. They will begin to doubt the plans of their leaders... If you were to remove all of the original Satan descendants, however, he may be inclined to step in."

"He? You mean the Lucifer descendant said to be on par with you and Ajuka?" I question.

"That is who I was referring to, yes. With the current trio- or rather- duo, of devils, we can more or less... predict... what they are going to do. Rizevim's greatest strength is his unpredictability. But his overall power isn't anything to scoff at either. He is the sole reason why I have created a peerage with zero sacred gear wielders, as in the case I may need to fight him, they will lose their ability to wield their main tool."

"I see. I see." I slowly nod. "The reason you all showed up so swiftly is because you knew they might have tried something upon seeing my pawn."

"We had the thought, yes." The red-haired man nods once. "But we didn't believe they would figure it out so soon. Nor would they act as swiftly as they did."

The man slowly looks around the battlefield. "Nor did we fully comprehend how powerful your peerage was."

"I am honestly a little impressed at the group you have collected." The man compliments.

"GAI-TAAAN!" The magical girl exclaims as she lunges forwards, pushing my head against her chest. "I am so glad you are safe! Those old satan meanies! I'll show them! I'll invade heaven!"

"Sirzechs." Ajuka says as he quickly approaches the current reining Lucifer. "Falbium and I will be returning to Lucifaad to imprison the captured devils and give them treatment before they die."

"Very well." The red haired man nods slowly as he turns to Serafall. "Serafall, may I leave this to you?"

"I'll make sure to take care of it~" the magical girl grins.

The man nods then turns away. "I need to go make a statement to explain this situation. I doubt you maids and other servants will resist the urge to gossip for too long."

Three of the four satans disappear alongside a majority of the devils littering the ground, merely leaving Serafall alone, cuddling up to my side as she floats slightly above me to make her appear taller than she really is.

I slowly fall from the sky and pat Serafall's back as I slowly tug her downwards.

"Hehehe!" I hear Tyra chuckle nearby. "AAHAHAHA! Finally! I got to kill something!"

Across from the feral woman, is Artoria.

A strand of hair pokes up from the blonde's head as her demeanor lightens, her eyes return to their original green color as she slowly sheathes Caledfwilch.


The sword promptly turns into a small blue haired child with golden eyes, she lets out a small giggle as the legend pats her head.

The sword looks around, her eyes lighting up as she sees me, a bright smile splits her face as her eyes practically sparkle. In the next moment she runs forwards and leaps up into my grasp.

She immediately changes at my mere touch, going from a blue haired girl with golden eyes, to a black haired girl with red eyes.

She nuzzles her face against my cheek as I pick her up. "Daddy!"

"Hello Caled." I smile at the sword.

"Where's other mommy?" The sword questions as it tilts her head.

"Other mommy? She's around somewhere. She was sleeping off a hangover, but she probably woke up when home started shaking." I answer the child.

"Okay!" The sword beams. "Can we play?"

"Sorry, Caled, I'm a little busy right now, but maybe next time?"

"Okay!" The sword smiles again, not really bothered.

She hops out of my grasp, and scurries back over to Artoria, who gently takes her hand, causing the sword to switch back to her 'dawn' form.

"Sooo, Sera-tan, would you like some Tea?" I ask as I turn back to the magical girl. "Maybe some alcohol?"

The black haired woman gasps, bringing a hand to her mouth. "Gai-Tan! Are you trying to get your big-sis Sera-tan drunk so she does lewd activities with you?!"

"Well, yeah." I nod slowly.

"Maybe next time." The satan states with a small impish smile.

"Ugh. Fine. I'll just go bang some really hot girl in my harem. Hmph." I pout as I cross my arms.

"Gai-Taaaaan! Don't be like that!" The Satan pleads. "I'm sorry! Forgive Sera-tan!"

"I don't know if I've got enough energy in this poor withered heart to forgive you. You have toyed with my emotions for far too long, Sera-tan." I turn away in mock pain and bring a hand to my chest.

"Nooooo! Gai-Tan!" The magical girl sobs, clinging to my ankles dramatically. "Don't go into the light! That old hag Gabriel is trying to take you away from meeee!"

"I'm sorry, Sera-tan. Gabriel-tan says that she totally rigged that one 'best looking in the underworld' contest. She says she has no regrets and that you are a silly little sillyhead."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The woman cries out as she slams her fist down in the dirt, causing a small crater to form.

"…" I blink slowly, eyes skimming across the numerous corpses.

"Wow. I'm fucked up. I just had like fifty people pretty much slaughtered in front of me and then I immediately turn around and do this? If their horrifyingly painful deaths via holy energy didn't turn them into vengeful spirits, that most certainly did."

"First time?" Serafall questions.

"Eh. I don't exactly make it a habit of massacring more than three people at a time. A large group was certainly a new experience." I mutter slowly as I scratch my chin.

"You'll get used to it." The woman sighs.

"Well... that's certainly depressing!" I smile brightly as i approach a giant pool of blood on the ground.

I scoop up some of the blood and put it into a vial, quietly sealing it.

"What... are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm making sure to collect some of the Asmodeus' descendant's blood so if his bloodline is ended by the war, I can play lucifer in a couple hundred years or so and clone him without all of the hate against fallen and Angels." I explain slowly. "They may be fucking stupid, but they are sort of right in saying that they are better than a 'normal' pure blooded devil. Higher demonic power, more strength, speed, and durability, and the clan traits just seem to be of higher quality overall."

"That... will cause some tension between many people Gaius. I'm not sure that's a good idea." The satan points out.

"Oh, it SURE would cause some people some strife if I did it right this second, but in a couple hundred years?! The underworld has numerous other underworlds to worry about, numerous worlds to call their homes, I'll have probably tracked down a majority of the old Satan faction and killed them~. At that point, I'd really be too powerful to stop. Nor do I really think anyone would want to, as a majority of the older devils begrudgingly respect the original four Satans. They would probably prefer their bloodlines didn't die out."

"Hn." The woman hums slowly. "If you want to do it, by all means, I'll have a few hundred years to talk you out of it. But who knows. Maybe the world will be ready for it. I can't predict what will happen in hundreds of years."

"Exactly! That's why I'm merely preparing to do this. I probably won't actually do it, but it'll be better than losing the option forever!"

I sit on a fairly soft sofa, staring out a large open window in front of me. My arms are wrapped around two girls, Neo is on my left, and Ravel is on my right.

My peerage looms around the room as I stare blankly at a castle in the distance.

It's that time again.

My Rating Game with Bedeze Abaddon is now at hand.

Two castles on opposing sides of a forested valley, one for me, and one for him.

A river runs through the very center of this fairly large soon to be warzone. Evenly splitting the land in a slightly twisted curve.

My eyes stray across the peerage slowly, eventually stopping on the girl to my right. "Ravel. You are in charge of this rating game. You are the tactician. I, Virgo, Artoria, and Calamitas will be sitting this fight out. I want you to win without a majority of our peerage's hardest hitters."

The drill-haired blonde looks over slowly then nods once. "I will not disappoint."

"Believe me, Ravel. you never have."

she stands up and looks around the peerage. "Tyra. Since I know you won't be listening to the finer details of what I have to say, I'll get yours out of the way first. you are going to go head directly towards the castle as a distraction and cause as much destruction as you physically can to the enemy before you are taken out."

"ooooh. Alright." The feral woman grins. "I don't think I'll be taken out, though."

"Ingvild. You are going to go to the end of the river where a large lake resides to make use of your clan trait. If possible, you are going to use it to flood the rest of the arena. Take Weiss with you and if you get into a situation where you are under attack, boost Weiss summons with your sacred gear."

"I won't disappoint you." The lavender haired woman meekly mutters.

"I understand." Weiss nods.

"Valerie, you can go as well."

The red eyed blonde nods once.

"Mittelt, you are going to go with Le Fay and Meredith. As of right now the three of you are going to go and set up traps in the forest. Please go now. We've only got thirty minutes of preparation. after that, you three are going to circle around widely and attempt to reach the opposing castle in an attempt to promote. In which case, you are going to steadily work your way back, flanking our foe's peerage as you do so."

"Gotcha." The Gothic Lolita shrugs as Meredith and Le Fay slowly stand.

"Finally, the last team, Neo, Xenovia and Irina. You three are going to use Neo's magic to teleport right into the enemy stronghold, then you will promptly promote into queens and teleport back."

"Neo. Act like this exhausts you." I add in, fully aware that we aren't being watched currently as the announcers are still going through ads and sponsorships

Neo gives me a thumbs up and slowly stands

"Oh, that's right. We have future rating games after this one. It would be in our best interest to make it appear that you cannot do this endlessly or with too many people." Ravel nods slowly.

"If we do well, will you impregnate me?" Xenovia questions.

A beat of silence passes throughout the room.

Calamitas looks up from her book with a confused look on her face.

*Ahem* I awkwardly cough. "Pass. For now."

"Anyways." Ravel grits out, getting everyone's attention again. "I will remain here and react to any shifts in the plan. Please take these communication devices."

The drill haired girl wearing a frilly pink dress steps to the side and slowly lifts a case revealing a few marble-sized objects.

"We might be a little inexperienced in the rating game scene... but we can win this!" Ravel declares.

The girls around the room give their affirmatives in their own ways.

Well, The old satan faction certainly got crushed! One of their leaders are good as dead, and now the seeds of discord has been spread amongst their ranks. Their three leaders lead an attack with numerous high class and even ultimate class devils and they were utterly defeated. That doesn't exactly make you have faith in their compitency!

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Guest Reviews:

Reader 451: Oh, absolutely. Even season 1 RISER and his peerage could Solo the entirety of Remnant barring perhaps Salem, Ozpin, and the twin gods. And fucking hell. That reminds me that someone told me Riser single handedly held his own against Issei, who has a dragon god body, and a Longinus, and was in cardinal crimson promotion. Bullshit. The author of DXD HAS to be shitposting at this point.

Guest 001: Exactly!

JustAFan123: What's the definition of 'beat'. Like, in a physical fight? Or like... just beat in general, cause TECHNICALLY Gaius can 'defeat' Ophis by giving her food... he also could probably make her bleed which is probably the statement of his overall power. In comparison to the others in Dxd.

I'll see you all later!