"Let me go." Arizona barge into Callie's office and quickly shut the door.

"What?" Callie asked confusedly

"Let… me… go…" Arizona punctuated all the words to let Callie understand her.

"Arizona what are you talking about?"

"LET ME GO BECAUSE I LET YOU GO. I hate this Callie. I hate how this turned out. I hate the only person that could turn me into a wife and into a mother is not mine anymore. I hate that I-I'm still yours. It's been a year I know. It's been a year since we've been separated. That's a long time to move on right? I mean you did it. It's a long time. You are now happy, so happy, happier than you've ever been. You are moving on from your life. You've been dating. You are doing the things that you wanted to do. You have the freedom that you wanted. You got it all! I want you to let me go. You are not mine anymore but I AM STILL YOURS! Every minute of everyday I still think about you. When I woke up, your face is the one I want to see first thing in the morning. Every night I lie awake in my bed waiting for you to come home and hug me until I sleep. I cry myself to sleep when I realize that you will never come. I'M STILL YOURS. It sucks because I will never have you again. I hate it. Now you are free, but I'm suffocating. I lost you and I know, I know damn well that it is my fault why you left. I waited for you to come back but you never did. I wanted to follow you when you left me but your words keeps ringing in my ears that I sucked the life out of you and without me you are happy. You need to be free. I'm suffocating because the keep waiting for you here in the hospital in my office, I keep waiting for you to just barge in and rant with all the stupid patients you have who broke their bones because of their idiotic decisions, at my place when I sit on my sofa I waited till the doorbell rings and wishes that the person behind my door is you, or even at the freaking parking lot I waited for you because maybe you'll come home with me, but no matter how long I wait for you, I know that you will never will comeback to me. I know that the only person that I truly ever loved is not mine anymore. I kept on waiting for you and I'm suffocating because I still clinging into that little piece of hope that I have that maybe you'll miss me, maybe you still love me, maybe you needed me too. Let me go because I don't want to live like this anymore. Let me go because you are moving on I need to move on to. I gave you freedom from me, so gave me freedom from you too. I can't live like this anymore. I don't want to live like this anymore. It hurts to see you smile at everyone except me it hurts to see you freely talk to everyone except me. It hurts to hear that you already love someone else. So please I'm begging you to let me go. I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to wait for someone who will be not coming back. THIS IS NOT ME ANYMORE. PLEASE LET ME GO…" Arizona said between sobs heart is visibly breaking with every word that comes out of her mouth.

"Do you want me to let you go?"

"NO! I don't want you to let me go… but I need you to let me go. It is killing me inside. Callie PLEASE!"