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Rating: M (Gore, Blood)


When he suddenly ran up the tower walls, he knocked on the window, startling the old man who had an orange book in his hands. As he hid it in one of his robes, he turned to the window and let out a sigh of relief. To let the boy in, he opened the window.

"It would have made more sense to go through the door." He mumbled.

Naruto let a smirk appear on his features and responded. "At least I knocked. Jiraiya doesn't even do that."

Hiruzen gave a small smile at the boy. "I guess you're right. So, what is it you need? You rarely visit." Naruto dropped the smirk and looked at the Professor. "I want to join the ANBU."

Two large amounts of KI broke out in the room, four ANBU members shunshined in the room in a defensive position beside the Hokage.

"Are you alright Hokage-sama!" A woman with purple hair and a cat ANBU mask said. Her voice was shaking a little as the two large amounts of KI remained in the room. She was shocked at the amount of KI a seven-year-old kid could put out. It was as equal as Hiruzen's!

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes at the young boy before responding and canceling his KI as Naruto did the same. "I'm fine Cat, you guys can leave.'' The four ANBU nodded to each other before leaving via shunshin.

After taking a deep breath, Hiruzen sat down again before responding. "You realize the responsibility that comes with this Naruto. You have to put your life on the line, you're also still young and just became a jounin a week ago. You'll also be a rare exception, I'm only allowing this because you are exceptionally strong for your age. Are you sure?"

Naruto sighed before pulling a nearby chair and sitting down, "I am perfectly aware of the responsibilities Hokage-sama. I don't believe you take me as a fool." The office was filled in silence as Hiruzen pulled out a bottle of sake and a saucer, he poured himself a drink before placing the bottle on the table. "Your parents would be proud of you."

He chugged the drink and grimaced as the bitter taste burned his throat. Naruto gave a small smile. "I know, It's the reason why I'm doing this, I also want to become stronger." Hiruzen gave a sad smile, "I miss your little outbursts and enthusiasm, you grew up too fast."

Naruto sucked up some air in shock and scowled. "That's like saying you liked it when I trusted people too easily and was an idiot." Hiruzen let his features soften and frowned. "Well, I apologize Naruto. I shouldn't have said that."

Naruto gave a wearily smile, "No it's fine. I apologize, I went past my boundaries a bit." The two sat in comfortable silence before Hiruzen responded.

"I believe I can trust you to fend for yourself, You're In." Naruto let a toothy grin on his face before he thanked his grandfather figure repeatedly. Hiruzen handed Naruto a slip to sign which he looked through and signed rather quickly.

The boy handed the professor the signed slip and sat back down on the chair. "Dog!" Hiruzen shouted, suddenly an ANBU member with silver gravity-defying hair showed up kneeling in front of the Hokage.

"You have an apprentice, Please welcome Naruto in the ranks. Take extra care of him. And also, please take off your mask."

He watched as the nineteen-year-old slumped his shoulders a bit before straightening himself again. "Yes, Hokage-sama."

The dog mask man walked over to Naruto and took off his mask. Revealing a handsome face, his entire mouth was covered with a mask and he had a scar on his left eye that has a Sharingan while the other eye remained an onyx color.

"My name is Kakashi Hatake, I'll be your teacher till you prove to be strong enough to fend on your own. You'll be doing Kenjutsu practices and Taijutsu, Possibly Genjutsu If your good at it."

Naruto nodded already ready for training when Hiruzen placed a hand on his shoulder on said. "Please, be careful Naruto." Naruto nodded at the old man before Kakashi placed his mask on and bowed, "We'll be going now." He said, he placed a hand on Naruto's shoulder and shunshined leaving Hiruzen in the office by himself again, he sighed and sat back down. Taking another one of the papers and dipped the stamp in ink and stamped the paper before placing it in another pile.

5 Years Later

A boy shunshined in the Hokage office kneeling in front of the Hokage's desk. "Hokage-sama,"

Hiruzen gave a small smile. "Please, take a seat." The boy nodded before pulling up a chair and sitting down on it. The boy had a Fox mask covering his face with the standard ANBU uniform. He also had an ANBU tattoo on his left shoulder. Hiruzen handed the boy a mission slip from one of the piles.

"I have a mission for you, A-Ranked. You are to defend Sakura Haruno as she is being hunted down because of her genes and hair color. Her mom is Mebuki Haruno, she was the one who purchased the mission, she's asked for the strongest ANBU so that's where you come in. Do anything you can to protect her. It said she was taken by some Missing-nin when she was sleeping, the rest of the details are in the slip."

He also handed him a photo of the girl and Naruto understood, The girl had pink hair. Which was extremely rare in the shinobi world. Naruto read the slip, wrote down his name, and handed Hiruzen the slip.

"You must defend her from mercenaries and missing-nins. You won't like this but you have to join her team." Hiruzen saw the boy's shoulders tensed, "But Hokage-sama I-" He was cut off by the professor raising his hand, signaling him to stop.

"You haven't been on a mission in a while Fox, Don't forget the responsibilities I told you would have when joining. You will be going under disguise. You can still protect her when not under disguise, you just have to be careful. You can let her know that you are an ANBU but please don't let anyone else figure it out. And please, do well on the genin test." He could tell Naruto rolled his eyes underneath the mask.

"I already talked to Iruka about you joining so he'll make you the dead-last so you could join her team. And please, wear anything but orange. You start tomorrow, don't be late." Naruto stood up and bowed, "Right Hokage-sama." The boy shunshined out of the room again leaving the Professor once again by himself.

Naruto found himself in his room again, he took off his mask and plopped on his bed with a tired groan, he didn't want to do it but he had no choice, he hadn't gone on a mission in a while. He pulled himself off his bed and placed on the mask again. He jumped out the window and started jumping on the rooftops and went to the street where the ninja stores were, he landed on the street and walked over to the store.

On his way there, ninjas were bowing when they saw him and greeted him. It was another reason why he wanted to become an ANBU. People admired him and noticed him. But without the mask, he was ignored and treated terribly that's why he made it a goal of his. And now that he has it, he would do anything to keep it.

Arriving at the clothing store, He went straight towards the pants aisle and picked up multiple Black cargo pants, white muscle shirts, black t-shirts, and multiple red coats with black flames at the bottom. Purchasing the items he quickly dashed home and placed the items on his desk for the next day. He changed into his pajamas and sleeping cap and went to sleep.

The Next Day

Outside the classroom, Naruto and Iruka stood next to the door. Iruka cleared his throat and looked at Naruto. "Okay so, you'll sit next to Sasuke Uchiha." He pointed to a brooding raven-haired boy outside of the door window. Naruto nodded, "I can handle the rest from here." Iruka gave a small smile at the boy and opened the classroom door and walked in.

The classroom was filled with shouts that Iruka quickly silenced. Ino abruptly stood up and screeched. "Why can't we sit next to Sasuke! The seat isn't even taken!" Other girls agreed and voiced their opinions loudly, causing Iruka to sigh.

"That's because we have a new student, they will be doing the genin exam with you guys as well." Saying that caused more ruckus in the classroom. Iruka took a deep breath and shouted. "Shut up!" Silencing the classroom again.

A pink-haired girl raised her hand. "Why is the student joining us now and graduating when they just joined?" She said, Iruka gave a smile at her before answering. "Well, that's because he's stronger than anyone here." The entire classroom started shouting in disbelief and Sasuke's eyes widened.

Naruto just sighed inwardly, There goes his disguise. Iruka turned to the door and said, "Come in Naruto!" It's late to go back now. The room was filled in silence as he walked in and stood next to Iruka bowed his head a little. He put on his charms and gave a smile. "Hello, My name is Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet you."

The classroom was still silent as they examined the boy, he had no baby fat on his face and had a defined jawline. His posture was perfect. And He was lean and toned, his clothes were clinging to him, meaning he was well fit.

The classroom was filled with fangirls squealing. Naruto and Iruka sweat-dropped before Iruka showed Naruto to his seat next to Sasuke. Naruto was locating where Sakura was before finding her. Their eyes met for a while before Naruto blushed while smiling at her and she turned away blushing. Ino was shocked at the eye contact and started questioning the poor girl and started shaking her making the girl dazed.

Naruto chuckled inwardly at the two girl's actions and looked at Sasuke from the corner of his eye. Sasuke looked like he was going to say something to him but Iruka walked in with a blue-haired chunin. Apparently, his name is Mizuki, and was going to help Iruka with the grading. However, It was obvious that Mizuki hated Naruto and Naruto hated Mizuki.

It wasn't because of the glaring and how harsh he talked to him. It was how weird he acted, he could tell how fake his smiles were and how he would avoid certain topics Iruka ask him. He could tell how strained his voice was to be cheerful. He would have to keep an eye out for him as well.

Iruka silenced the classroom once again and started the testing. Mizuki was handing out the papers, and when Mizuki got to him. The blue-haired chunin gave him a smug look and gave him the paper. With a glance Naruto could obviously tell that this test was filled with jounin questions, he also knew that he was the only one who got a test like this.

He quickly filled out the test and handed Iruka the paper making him the first one to complete it. He noticed Iruka's startled face as he saw the test and looked at Naruto who shrugged and tilted his head to Mizuki who was still handing out papers and too busy to notice them.

Iruka shook his head in disappointment for Mizuki and started grading more papers that were flying in. When they were done Iruka started the Taijutsu test and the students found themselves at the training ground next to the Academy.

Once again, Iruka was grading and Mizuki was testing the students. When Naruto was supposed to go against Mizuki he could tell that when fighting him he would do more heavy blows that possibly no genin or even an academy student should be fighting at their level.

But for Naruto, it was easy to dodge as it was full of openings and messy. Naruto toyed with Mizuki too much as the blue-haired chunin started doing hand signs till Naruto grabbed his wrists and squeezed causing Mizuki to scream in agony.

Naruto leaned in his ear and whispered something making the chunin look panicked and repeatedly say sorry while on his knees. The students and Iruka were silent the entire time before the students started whispering to each other about how Mizuki started using hand signs during a Taijutsu match and how crazy he looked. Just what did Naruto say to Mizuki to make him so panicked?

Mizuki was either being kind to Naruto or just straight up avoiding him for the rest of the testing. When they were done Iruka dismissed them for the day and to come by tomorrow for their Teams. The class was still full when Sakura went to leave so he grabbed her hand stopping her just in front of the door. He smiled at the girl and she blushed when they once again stared into each other's eyes.

"Do you mind if I walk you home?" He said, still smiling. The students' eyes fell upon the duo awaiting for Sakura's answer as Ino felt like screaming as her rival was already getting the 'Super Hottie.'

Sakura turned even more red from embarrassment and the unwanted attention from the other students. She turned her eyesight towards the ground while fiddling with the rims of her dress. "S-Sure I-I don't mind." Naruto gave her another smile as he held her hand and led her out of the classroom.

Everyone in the classroom was silent as they just watched the Leader of the Sasuke Fan Club get to walk home with the new kid. Hinata's mouth was agape and Sasuke was smirking as he lost another fangirl.

That was until Ino dashed over to him and latched onto his arm, His face scrunched up in disgust. He knocked her off his arm and walked out of the room, Other students did the same. Ino huffed and left the classroom as well.

Naruto and Sakura were walking side by side towards Sakura's house in silence until Sakura spoke up and smiled at the boy. "Thank you for walking me home, I appreciate it." Naruto looked at the girl and gave him a smile of his own.

There was nothing wrong with it though, "There's no need to thank me, I just want to be considerate y'know." She blushed and turned her attention when they were in front of her house. She ran up the stairs and thanked the boy.

She turned the knob to open the door and Naruto went to leave when she suddenly screamed.

He ran over to her and saw that tears were streaming down her face as she pointed towards inside her house and saw both of her parents dead with their intestines wrapped around their necks as they hung from the ceiling and their stomachs were carved out.

There was a pool of blood below them with the rest of their organs where they were hanging. Naruto stared with a stoic face as he turned the girl away from her sight. He felt bad for the girl losing her parents isn't an easy thing.

She cried on his shoulder as she painfully clutched his back, He whispered reassurance in her ear as she sobbed even louder.

She fell asleep in his arms from stress as he summoned a clone to take her to his house and gave his respects to the bodies as he took out a seal and his clothes changed into his ANBU uniform and dashed over to the Hokage's office at extraordinary speeds.

He rapidly knocked on the window, Hiruzen jumped in his seat and opened the window door.

"Naruto what are you-" He was cut off when Naruto started talking. "Sakura's parents are dead, and she saw the bodies. She's at my house resting. I know the mission is technically a failure but I have to protect her. "

Hiruzen's eyes widened. "It's fine, I'll dispatch a tracking group. Please write down the-"

He quickly turned to the desk to get a paper for the report when he saw that he had already written one down and disappeared.

He sighed and summoned a tracking group and gave them the details about the murder's from the report and dismissed them. Naruto thinks the deaths are related to Sakura's past kidnappings. Things just got way more complicated.

Naruto dashed over to his house and opened the door to find Sakura sitting on the couch who was still crying and turned her attention towards who was standing there. "N-Naruto?" She said.

His shoulders tensed, he forgot to change out of his ANBU uniform he didn't need to say anything as she understood what happened. She ran up to him and hugged him desperately. He felt his uniform getting wet so he hugged the girl back to comfort her even more.

"Y-Yeah, It's me." She cried even louder and he tightened the hug. He waddled closer inside the house so he could close the door while still hugging her. His heart was racing as turned red. He's never felt like this for any ever.

He audibly gulped in a failing attempt to get rid of the lump in his throat. He was going to go to the bathroom for a breather when she grabbed his hand. "P-Please don't leave me." She managed to say through her sobs. Subconsciously a thought in screamed that even when crying she still managed to look so pretty.

He walked over to her and pulled his mask above his head and cupped her chin so she was looking up at him causing her to flush, cerulean was boring into jade as Naruto wiped her cheek with his thumb. "I won't ever leave you alright? Just sit down on the couch."

She bit her bottom lip and tried to protest before nodding, He made a clone to stay with her before opening the door to the bathroom and stepping in before closing it. He quickly dropped to the floor and clawed at his chest to try to stop his heart from beating so fast. Standing up from the support of the bathroom sink.

He turned on the knob and wet his face. The boy took a deep breath and stared at himself from the bathroom mirror. How pathetic was he, The strongest ANBU on the force and he lets something like this affect him? He sat back down on the floor as his feet gave out on him.

He chuckled to himself darkly, He's experienced many obstacles kids his age should never have to go through and overcame them all. Yet here he is. Sitting on his bathroom floor with a rapidly beating heart and unknown emotions he has never felt before.

Deciding that Sakura is probably worried, he strained the muscles in his legs and stood up. Twisting the doorknob and feeling a bit better. He sat on the couch next to the girl as her shoulders trembled. He had expected to see the girl asleep, He wasn't expecting the girl to lunge at him and kiss him.

He had certainly had not expected that. He had a weird feeling in his stomach and his face heated even more as he returned the kiss and closed his eyes. She pulled away from his lips he went to protest when she pressed one of her fingers against his mouth.

"I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me." His gaze on the girl softened as he spotted tears shining in her eyes. "I don't know what I would have done if you weren't here." She murmured, tears slowly falling out of her emerald eyes.

(2) "I love you so much I don't know what I'll do if you weren't here!" She screamed, Tears now fully pouring out of her eyes as she clutched his armor more desperately. "Every time I look at you this funny feeling in my gut and I get insanely hot inside!" And it was here when Naruto finally understood his own feelings.

Love, that's it. Finally, In his Twelve years of being on this cruel earth, he felt happy. He felt his eyes burning as tears were stinging his eyes. His shoulders trembled as the Pink-haired girl noticed him crying. Startled, she panicked. "Shit, did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry I-" She stopped her rambling when he crashed his lips onto hers, tears pouring out of both of their eyes.

They finally pulled from the kiss and Naruto rested his head on the girl's shoulder and cried. "I've never felt this way for anyone before." He choked on one of his tears and the girl comfortably stroked his golden locks as he continued.

"But now that I have felt this feeling, I don't ever want to let you go." He tightened the hug around the girl as he clutched her red dress.

"I won't ever leave you Naruto." She whispered in his ear, Still stroking his locks as he fell asleep in her arms.

From outside the house on one of the nearest tree branches stood Kakashi as he snapped his book shut, finding it useless as he cannot read it in the dark. "Interesting.." He murmured. He took a lazy glance at the person on his left one the same tree branch as they seemed to be writing in a notebook furiously while gigging like a perv.

"When Naruto finds out about this you are so dead." Kakashi snickered, finding joy in watching the author gets his ass beat. The white-haired man shrugged. "Well, he might as well thank me. He does read my books after all."

Kakashi placed the book in his vest pocket and looked at the Sannin. "I'll be going now, You now owe me your next book for free." Jiraiya sighed then nodded and turned to leave as well.

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Naruto whispered to Mizuki how he was the son of Minato and Also an undercover ANBU

Her parents were literally killed brutally so that's why she's desperate for someone. And no, she isn't manipulating him because of it. It's because when she first saw him she fell in love. And her parent's deaths made her more open about her feelings.