Ok, well, uh...this story is pretty funny, but, if you like Goten, you may not wanna read it…but it's still funny




  One day Goten was at home when he realized that Pan's Birthday was in 5 minutes, and he still had the present in his room…………….with the gift wrap next to it .

    So, he went in his room and tried to get out that tape, but it got tied all over his hands. So, he tried with the other hand, but the same thing happened.

   Next, he tried with his feet*don't ask* and they got taped together. This went on for a while until he finally got it on the gift*and a lot on himself*

            AT THE PARTY

     Goten came to the party, wrapped up in tape, but... they didn't really mind…'cause it was….well…Goten


******************************Yes I know….but, it was my first fic….and wasn't all that bad…plz review!