Chapter 2

"Wait a minute. You expect me to believe you are me?" Jim questioned the mysterious figure.

"Well, not completely…"

"Not completely? What does that mean?"

"I'm part of your soul and you are part of my soul"

"Again, with the soul story, what does that even mean?" Jim became a bit frustrated

"Ok let me try and give you a rundown of the complete story here… Firstly, you and I are the same soul that has been torn apart over 6 timelines. I am the result of the previous 5 soul fragments that have combined in this place after the time celestial torn us from the new timelines we tried to create after the Arcane Order destroyed our world. Make sense?"

"Uhhh, no. What time celestial? And I don't remember having changed time before now?"

"You have… 5 times to be exact, but each time a powerful being who resides over time erases the soul fragment that is from that destroyed timeline."

"Ok, hold up. Are you telling me that I already tried to change time before and failed 5 times?"


"Then what's to say I will succeed this time?"

"First off before we get down to business, again. Let me introduce myself once more…" the mysterious guy waved his hands as he was doing a spell and after his hand show was over the white started to fade away and the area started to take the form of Jim's house, they were in the living room, "You can call me 'Time Jim', just to clear the confusion of names. Or TJ will also do."

"Ok, TJ…" Jim took a seat on the couch as TJ seat on another armchair opposite of Jim, "I'm listening. Tell me if I can succeed in my journey?"

"Well, frankly… I don't know"

"What?!" Jim flew out off the couch in surprise at what TJ just said, "How can you not know? You did this 5 times before!" Jim sat back down.

"Not exactly, the first time I tried changing fate, I and Douxie used a piece of the heart of Avalon to sent me back, but just as I started to make changes in the first few days, I got attacked by a strange being."

"The time celestial?"

"No, not him. It was a green knight who used some sort of black magic…"

"King Arthur?"

"I don't know that was the first time I saw that creature."

"Well I fought him in my timeline and he turned me into his slave."

"Oh, he didn't do that to me. He beat me and dragged me to some unknown location that seemed to be way underground, and delivered me to another green shadowy figure. This was the first time I saw the time celestial. It tried to erase my memories and send me back again to the beginning but my amulet protected me and he couldn't erase my memories. I was sent back but with all my memories intact but somehow, I felt like a piece of me was missing. The second time I enlisted the help of Merlin with Douxie's help. It turns out, if one messes up the timeline too much, the time celestial comes after you to rectify the time stream. And also turns out that the method I was using to time travel was the most dangerous one by far. I was using soul commute. A method in which one sends back their soul to their previous body. If the time celestial found that you were using this method, he will cut off a piece of your soul he believes is mostly associated with the previous timeline, thus causing memory loss."

"But you said you retained all your memories; then why don't I remember anything? Shouldn't I remember as well if we are the same soul?"

"I'm getting to that part. I then tried to use the time map to not stray too far from the favorable timeline while also trying to change the mistakes I made. But unfortunately, I failed because the change I made with the time map was too small to stop the Arcane Order, the world was destroyed again, but before I could ask Douxie to use the heart of Avalon again, the celestial came for me and I tried to battle it but lost. I got sent back yet again and felt even more empty but could still remember the timelines. I was stuck in a loop and I tried again for the third time but this time I tried to make changes that would be favorable for me, like killing Gunmar and Morgana earlier before the eternal night and I tried to tell some of the people what was going on but Merlin warned me it would be dangerous to tell someone of their fate, but I didn't listen. The Arcane Order then came for me and I lost everyone again and the Order took me to the celestial to be wiped, but this time the celestial was angry and tried to wipe a bigger piece of my soul in order to erase my memories but it failed. I was returned a fourth time but worse than before. I tried to see what would happen if I just stayed to the original timeline and physically prevent everyone from dying, but it turns out once there is death, there will always be death. I then tried to go plead with the celestial after that but he didn't even listen to me. I tried to fight a response out of him but he just sent me back again, but during our fight, I saw it… the key to stopping the celestial from interfering. It was its heart."

"It had a heart?"

"Yes, and I think you'll be very familiar with it. The fifth time I decided to attack the source itself after we defeated Gunmar and Morgana. I asked for the help of everyone. At first, Merlin was heavily against it, after we had a group discussion and I told everyone my time loop situation. Then Tobes uncovered something that actually made sense; if Gunmar was the puppet of Morgana, Morgana was the puppet of the Arcane Order, and if the Arcane Order takes commands from the celestial, then does that mean the Celestial was behind all of it? We were surprised at first but then after we spend weeks researching the facts of the birth of the universe, we came across the complete story of what really happened during the beginning. First, the Big Bang occurred and two powerful Celestials were born to watch over time and space. The space Celestial became corrupted with power and its core split into two, this was the story of Seklos and Galant. Seklos defeated Galant but her core was scattered. Those scattered remnants formed the cores of the Akiridins royals, The Tarron family. And those royals swore an oath to protect the universe from the corrupt Galant core. The time Celestial on the other hand was functioning normally and protected the time flow. From the two Celestials, 3 powerful beings were born to protect the center of the universe, these beings are the Arcane Order."

"What?! So, the Arcane Order was supposed to be the hearthstone's protectors?"

"Yes, but as ages went by the time Celestial also become corrupt after seeing the destruction human brought to earth. It become even more unstable due to the balance that was uneven because of Space Celestial who was incomplete. The Celestial grew more unstable as ages went by and it started to instruct the Arcane Order to destroy humans. First, the Order used Natural disasters to kill off humans but they grew frustrated when humans learned ways to avoid these disasters and started to learn magic. The Celestial then ordered them to use the Genesis Seals to wipe the universe clean and start over…"

"Wait, so the seals don't just wipe earth, but the whole universe?"

"Yes, it's a fail-safe the Celestial put together in the event that the universe's inhabitants cause too much damage. But Merlin, the greatest wizard of all was strong enough in his prime to take the Seals from the Order and prevent the universe's destruction for the next thousands of years. He battled the Order throughout the ages, but eventually, he lost the battle of time. He got weaker with age and was killed and the Arcane Order got the Seals. That was always the outcome of each timeline I created. So, after we found out the truth, we finally understood why merlin was so against the fighting of the time Celestial. But eventually, he gave in and decided to help us to prevent a dire future. As we prepared to battle the Celestial was also preparing a weapon to kill me and prevent me from going back again. We finally crossed paths and it was a bloody battle and almost all of us died, Merlin sacrificed himself in order for me to find an opening to do some damage, but I was still too weak to do any significant damage. But as I struck it, I saw it. Its heart. I grabbed it but as I grabbed it out of its chest it struck me with a weapon that was supposed to destroy my soul, but Douxie managed to save a fragment of it and sent it back in time with the heart. Yes, Jim. You are that last fragment. The Celestial fell asleep after I took its heart, that's why it didn't attack you this timeline, yet. You were able to make changes in your previous timeline, and there were some significant changes as well, for instance, Nari defected over to your side you time-traveled to Camelot and wasn't attacked by the Celestial and you got the heart with you."

"Wait, I don't have the heart"

"Yes, you do. It was lost when Douxie transported you and the heart through time and it was found by a greedy Trolldragon named Zong-Shi. He used it to see the future in your previous timeline and Archie, Charlemagne, Blinky, and Claire went to go get it for you…"

"You mean the Krohnisfere?"


"But does Zong-Shi have it now in this timeline?"

"No. there can only be one Krohnisfere in each timeline and you have it in your new Akiridin Amulet."

"I don't have that Amulet with me"

"Yes, you do. The new amulet you used had the Krohnisfere in it which caused the amulet to bond with your soul as you traveled through time. That pain you felt in your chest is the Amulet as it reacts to best adapt your body to the new abilities it gives you."

"New abilities?"

"Like magic resistance and all new types of weapons, such as the Akiridin daylight sword, but you'll just have to see the weapons for yourself."

"Ok, but the other Amulet keeps repelling me, why?"

"That's because you already have an Amulet. You alone can wield the Akiridin Amulet but that also means you can never wield the original Amulet."

"Ok, but you also said the Krohnisfere caused the Amulet to bond to my soul, so how do I use it?"

"That's for you to figure out, you are the first and last one to wield that Amulet. So, you must uncover its secrets."

"Then how did you know about its weapons and how it bonded to my soul?"

"I saw a few glimpses of its potential when you used the Krohnisfere, we are bonded together, remember? I saw your life in the previous timeline as well and you did better than I ever could in 5 tries, I only hope you succeed in where I keep failing. Well, our time is almost up. Do you have any more questions?"

"Do you believe I can do this?"

"We have carried the weight of this expectation for almost 10 years now so I believe if anyone can carry this weight further it's us, Young Atlas"

"Thanks for the info"

"Oh and here are few more things that might help you with Claire and Tobes' future ahead of them," TJ stood up and placed his hands on Jim's head and light began to shine and Jim's head filled with info on how to bypass the Morgana corruption on Claire and how to create a potion that would give Toby all the benefits of the being half-troll, without being turned into one like Jim was. TJ removed his hands and sat back in his chair, "I know how hard you want to keep those two from harm so I hope this will help. Oh, and yeah, don't tell anyone about the timeline loop or your Amulet for now. Keep it to yourself for now, and only use that full suit when needed."

"What do you mean full suit? I can't control the part individually."

"Yes, you can. You just need to make the Amulet yours and it will follow your every command and you will unlock unimaginable power"

The build started to fade and the area became white again, Jim stood up before the chair disappeared, "Will we ever see each other again?"

"Not anytime soon, but there will be a brief window of opportunity to talk again if the eternal night occurs, but if you stop it from happening then this is our last meeting"

"So basically, it means I need the eternal night to happen if I have questions for you?"

"Yes, because the eternal night is a fracture in time that allows this realm to be accessible"

"How do you know so much?"

"I had a lot of years to do research on all possible methods of succeeding."

"Ok, then this might be the last time we see each other"

"Yeah but remember we are always connected as one soul. Oh, and yeah be careful because once the Celestial wakes up, he will come for his heart, which ironically is now attached to your heart and soul. He has a weapon called a 'Soul Eater' to kill you. It will erase you completely meaning no one will remember you and time will reset with you ever existing, so be careful."

"I'll try my best to stay alive."

The area started to become darker and Jim could hear Toby's voice through the darkness. "Guess our time is up, Jim, don't worry it might have been 2 hours here but out there it was just a few seconds. Oh, and one more thing, watch out for Zong-Shi and King Arthur, they will come for what was previously their which is now yours…"

"Wait what do I have of them…" the area faded away and TJ as well as he waved goodbye to Jim.

Jim woke up with a sore head and chest but the pain was not as bad as before.

"Jim… Jimbo? JIMBO!"

"Yeah, Tobes?" Toby wanted to hug Jim but Jim quickly jumped up and away, because Toby was still in the armor and the Amulet would repel him. "Watch out, that Amulet might repel me again."

"Oh, sorry," Toby tried to remove the Amulet from his chest, but it wouldn't budge. He fell around as he tried to remove it with force, in order to be able to hug his best friend. Jim laughed at the comedic display as Toby fell around.

"Tobes. Tobes." Jim tried to get Toby to listen to him and stop his struggle. "It's ok Tobes, just calm down and maybe you be able to pull it off." Toby calmed down and when he tried again, it came off. "See?"

"Thanks, Jimbo but, how are you?" Toby grabbed Jim and held him tight, "What happened? Do you have heart disease? Are you getting heart attacks?"

"Calm down Tobes I'm fine. I'm ok now. It was only an old injury from when I was younger."

"Then should we see a doctor?"

"I'm fine it's gone now, I promise"

"Good, I hope so, because it was me and you in the beginning and it'll be me and you till the end"

Jim froze when he heard those words, he looked at Toby who was smiling at him. Jim suddenly hugged Toby as hard as he could. Toby was shocked but just went with it.

"I'll save you all this time," Jim whispered under his breath.

"What was that Jimbo?"

"Nothing, I was just talking to myself" Jim let go of Toby and started to walk towards the door "let's call it a night, huh, Tobes?"

"Yeah, I had enough magic for one night." Toby followed Jim inside the house and two mysterious beings watched the two boys from afar.

"Seems master Tobias has a companion he trusts with this secret duty of his"

"Yes, he does have"

"Now my old friend, we must visit master Tobias tomorrow evening. It looks like we'll find him at the location again tomorrow. Let's go ARRRGGHHHH"

"Yes, Blinky"

Meanwhile at the remains of Kanjigar at the bridge, "You have failed Bular"

"I'll find the Amulet and kill whoever wields it as I did to every one of them once before"

"Don't worry I think the Amulet has already chosen a champion and I know who that is. I'll take it from here"

"Just don't fail, changeling!" Bular jumped into the distance and from the dark yellow eyes shine through as Strickler walks through the night to his car.

"I will not fail, no matter what stands in my way!"

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