Happy Hotel's Guard Hound

'Hell: they say almost everyone ends up down there these days. From the lowest of low to the morally betrayed. From those that were saints in a previous life and were doing what was best for everyone in the long run to those that just didn't care and committed cruel acts for the fun of it.' Our protagonist thought as he jumped from a blood coated building roof top to the one next to it, keeping his eyes open for a certain someone. 'But even when this happens, the Purge happens to help clean up the lost souls in hell and lessen their population every year. Quite honestly it got to the point that certain events were unfolding to help lessen the annual Purge and hopefully giving people some hope.'

The streets on which he gazed upon were layered with body parts and soaked in blood.

Demons of all classes, except Royals and those of a similar nature, were helping in the clean-up since the Angels left after making this giant mess.

The ears of our protagonist twitched as he heard a familiar sound, causing him to look up the road to see a crappy car pulled up to the side of the street and out came a sexy individual.

This person had four arms, white fur skin, a 'bosom' with great appeal with a white and pink top that adds more attention to his chest. The man had long boot like heels on his feet and carried himself as the definition of sexy. However, one of the most notable traits about him were his eyes; one was red with black background and the other was red with a white background. His hair had pink highlights to compliment his white fur and a heart on the back of his head.

This was Angel Dust, a well-known porn star in Hell.

'And I found Angel… and he has just sold himself for cash.' The protagonist thought with a mental face palm and an audible sigh before he jumped from the building, landing on the ground safely.

"So, make sure your wife knows I appreciate the cash!" Angel Dust replied as he stuffed the cash into his 'bosom'.

"Yeah, yeah redeeming yourself my ass." The demon inside the car rolled his eyes, hey he was horny and his wife was not wanting to give him any. So, a couple bucks for a roll with this idiot was more than worth getting his rocks off.

Angel smiled watching the car pull away and he blew a kiss its way while pulling the cash out to count it, making sure his lapse in his rehab was worth it.

'Man, I really need this, my reputation was about to take a hit.' Angel thought before he walked up to a machine and was about to put the money in until he heard a cough and froze.

"You know Charlie would mangle you for going back on your treatment, right?"

Slowly turning his head, Angel smiles fearfully.

"Hey Naruto, how's it going man?"

Standing there was our protagonist.

Naruto was a man that was about 6'7" but he was more distinct than Angel.

Where Angel was a spider-themed demon, Naruto was a Hellhound.

Like most hellhounds, resembled a wolf with white and gray fur, a wild spiky mane that was bright yellow going down his back, and a long muzzle showing a frown. He wore no shoes showing off his digitigrade stance legs having clawed feet along with his claws on his hands being razor sharp and black. Naruto's ears were sticking straight up showing the inside of them being white, with the left ear having the tip missing due to him losing it a long time ago. His long bushy tail swayed safely above the ground.

His outfit choice is consisting of him wearing a black and gray skull shirt with a pentagram on the back, tight fitting black jeans, and an orange watch. No one knows why he wore the watch, but his only response is, "It is a bit nostalgic from a life I lost." Everyone knew better than to push the subject after that point.

But the most distinct feature that drew in Angel's attention to tell him his mood at this time were his eyes. Unlike most hellhounds, Naruto didn't have the red eyes they are accustomed to but instead blue eyes. One could see the slits inside of them and the power that dwelled underneath them.

"Come on man!" Angel waved his hands around, "You're really going to stop me now from getting a buzz! I mean Charlie does that already and with the Mexican-Cyclops there it is even more condemning!"

Naruto sighed as he shook his head at Angel's remarks.

"Look I get they can be suffocating at times, but they really do want better for you. If you actually talk to them about things, we might reach some compromises." Naruto offered as he looked at the spider.

"Yeah, right." Angel scoffed, one of his right hands pushing his hair out of his eyes.

A small growl made Angel wave his hands, in a slight panic.

"Okay but what am I supposed to do about this?" Angel stated as he waved the cash around. "You know the minute I show up and show this they'll know what I did."

Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Look chill, you had sex not that big of a deal. They'll be mad yeah, but they aren't going to tear your head off for one slip up." Naruto smiles slightly. "Plus, we both know that cutting off completely from vices in hell is one hell of an order."

Angel smiled as he let out a hearty laugh.

"Damn right, I just needed something to take off the edge."

"Oh?" Naruto pulled out an orange phone from his pants and scrolled down on a blog site. "You mean you didn't want to argue against some of these posts then?"

Naruto turning his phone around and Angel looked at the screen. It showed messages on him disappearing and how he is seemingly going straight. Cleaning up his act and not giving out his services.

Angel's face scrunched up in disgust and fear.

'Of course, Valentino is sharing this information.' Angel thought, thinking of the man he called 'Daddy' scared him, all the while his anger growing at the damage his reputation was taking from this. 'I can't waste this chance to go straight, but my rep being tarnished is NOT something I'll allow.'

Angel returned his attention to Naruto as the hellhound looked at him.

"Yeah. That might have influenced my decision more." Angel huffed slightly.

Naruto shook his head and scrolled through the phone some more before pulling up something and showing it to Angel.


"Just watch dumbass."

"Okay, geez a flea crawled-,"

Naruto gave him a dark look and smile.

"Finish that sentence I dare you."

Angel held his hands up, who was he to piss off someone that was raising the status of Hellhounds in hell?

Looking at the screen he saw it was Charlie, the Princess of Hell.


"I am Katie Killjoy, and today we have a special guest, Charlette Magne the daughter of OUR head honcho." Katie said as she oozed irritation into her voice. "So, Charlette, what is this passion project you are so passionate about?"

"Charlie, actually." Charlie said nervously as she looked from Katie to the camera. "As you know, we just had our annual Purge, but as I was born here, I can't help but feel sad at the loss of life."

Katy rapped her fingers against the desk as Tom Trench listened politely, but apprehensively.

"So, after many years of watching my people get slain to make room here in Hell, I have come up with a solution." Charlie said passionately, glancing to something or someone off the screen, smiling. "I have devised a way to help redeem people to go to heaven."

Angel and Naruto witnessed Charlie show off her singing talents as she sang about the happy hotel.

"She really likes to sing, even though it doesn't make her seem mature." Angel replied as he tried to hide the fact that he liked the song.

"Shut up, and watch." Naruto continued as he held the phone before the them, witnessing Katie and Tom along with the crowd burst into laughter at Charlie's idea of rehabilitation.

Naruto frowned at the words Katie said to Charlie, but felt happy when Charlie let out her sass.

"We have one participant, someone known as… Angel Dust." Charlie said as she sat on the desk fashionably.

"You mean the Porn star?" Tom asked in excitement.

"You fucking would, Tom." Katie insulted as she turned her gaze toward her co-host before it returned to Charlie. "Not much of a jump for your plan. You could pay that hooker to do anything with enough cocaine and lube."

Charlie huffed, standing up and staring Katie in the eyes.

"Angel has been doing well the past two weeks. He has started to get his act together and has been clean for two weeks." She stated confidently.

While Angel did feel a swell of pride in the fact that he made Charlie happy, there was another part that argued he shouldn't have to make anyone happy but himself.

Seeing the conflicting emotions in Angel's eyes, Naruto turned the phone away.

"Angel don't you see? Charlie believes you can do better than this. Why do you think she got you out of there? Out of that man's grasp?" Naruto said, trying to urge Angel down a better path.

Angel looked at the ground and felt bad.

He was taking advantage of Charlie's generosity all so he can live rent-free at the hotel. While it was true, he could get a room with anyone desperate enough, he knew it was not long term. He would be used and abused again and kicked to the curve at some point and found by Valentino.

'At least Charlie was trying to be there for me rather than having me be there for her.' Angel thought as it was refreshing but his ego wouldn't allow it to show. 'Plus, she got me out from service with Valentino, so that was more than enough for me to try her whole redemption.'

"Yeah well," Angel blew his hair out of his face again. "I can't exactly do what she wants me to the letter. I mean giving up everything!" He wringed his hair in frustration. "It is just against everything I know!"

Naruto shook his head.

"Then tell her this, don't be vague and rude, actually tell her this. Then maybe you guys can come to some compromises about what needs to be done for you to commit to the hotel." He said as he put his hand on Angel's shoulder in a comforting manner.

"Yeah I-," Angel started to say before an explosion goes off and the two of them look up and see a blimp flying around and someone laughing in the distance.

Naruto groaned as he rolled his eyes at the blimp.

"That snake dick head that for some reason has an obsession with eggs, maybe because he lost his balls, is causing trouble again." Naruto said before turning to the side he saw someone throwing bombs and shooting at the blimp. "And your girlfriend seems to be having your battle with him."

"Really Cherri-bomb?" Angel exclaimed in happiness. "Time to have some fun then!"

Naruto pointed a claw finger at him aiming it at his eye.

"You are not going to do a damn thing." He glared and Angel glared back.

"Why not?"

"Simple; Charlie is doing that interview on the news and while I don't think hell will take her serious like her father didn't, you acting out and getting caught on camera won't help at all." Naruto argued convincingly. "The Hotel will be seen as a bigger joke and that is something I won't allow."

"Your just-,"

Naruto grabbed him by the front of his jacket and growled with his eyes glowing.

"Do I look like I'm joking, Furry Porn Advertisement?" Naruto growled, bearing his fangs at the spider, who pushed off of Naruto.

"No but you can't expect me to let my best-friend possibly die out there on her own?" Angel demanded.

Naruto could not believe the things coming out of Angel's mouth.

"She is as strong as an Overlord, isn't she? She can handle herself it is not the first time she took down that idiot on her own." Naruto replied.

Angel looked and saw Cherri dodging attacks and bombs going off all over the place as the Eggboys attacked her.

"Naruto please." Angel begged as he grabbed Naruto's jacket. "She is strong, but I don't want to let the chance of her being killed happen!"

The young man looked and saw the spider demon pleading, damn his bleeding heart he really should charge for this.

'Charlie will kill me for this.' Naruto thought as he removed Angel's hands from his clothing.

"Head down the fucking street the limo is waiting for you. Get in and head to the hotel and I'll try to cover your fuck up here today." Naruto stated as he prepared himself for the fight and then disappointment that he would receive from Vaggie and Charlie.

"What! But what-,"

Angel saw Naruto turn to the fighting and start walking to it.

"Charlie is going to kill me for this later, but at this point if it means that much to you, I'll help her out." Naruto said in a rare tone of compassion. "But this means you have to commit to the program and talk to Charlie about compromises got it?"

Angel smiled as a massive amount of relief washed over him.

While he knew that he was making an excuse it was nice to see the young hellhound that scared him when he first came to the hotel and did try to bed, what don't blame him he is cute, has a good heart in a place like hell.

"Fine just make sure Cherri is okay." Angel said before he sauntered over to the limo, missing the sigh Naruto released.

"I really need to start charging more for shit like this." Naruto mumbled before he stretched his legs a bit before taking a running start as he jumped toward the carnage.

News Studio

Vaggie was watching things unfold, quite honestly it was worrying.

'I had thought with the turf war going on, Angel would fuck this up for us.' Vaggie thought as she glanced toward her phone, keeping an eye on the turf war. 'But there are no reports about him in it, so the Hotel is safe.'

Vaggie looked up and saw Katie insulting Charlie's dream, which she had been doing for roughly ten minutes with Charlie responding back with anger incrementally getting worse.

'Oh yeah and the reporter is a bitch that I would strangle but it looks like Charlie might do that for me.' Vaggie thought as she frowned, her head bow sharpening and looking like curved horns.

"Oh yeah princess? I'm not surprised you are using Angel like this." She smiled darkly and Charlie raised an eyebrow at this. "I mean we all know how you royals exploited the Hellhound race in the past. How can you talk about reformation when you are using one of their own to safeguard your little place? Pontificating all that rehab bullshit while repeating the work of your ancestors, how shameful."

Charlie, in a lapse of judgement, transformed slightly. Her horns revealed and sclera becoming read and without warning slammed the reporters head into the desk breaking it on impact.

"Don't you dare speak of him like some kind of pet again, I'll make sure I tear your soul to pieces." Turning to the camera crew she gave them an evil eye, enticing someone in the back with a smile on his face and his red eyes focused on the debacle. It was the funniest thing he had seen in ages.

"That 'Pet' as you call him is someone very special and someone that is worthy of praise unlike you bitch. More, he has done great things in Hell on his terms." Charlie continued, having lost sight of her goal.

The news soon motioned to Katie, which she saw them waving. Pressing her finger against her headset in her ear, she received a message and smiled.

"Oh? Your dear pet is causing a scene today!" Snapping her fingers, the group turned the screen and showed a hoodie covered hell hound running across the roof dodging blasts and bombs being thrown at him along with a cyclops woman with bombs in her hand.

"Live! The Hellhound who unified the Hounds who is now serving the Magne family seems to be battling it out with a resident genius Sir Pentious!" Tom announced as the station ignored Charlie's segment as they focused on the turf war.

"Oh shit…" Charlie and Vaggie said in shock as they watched Naruto on the screen dodge a blast coming his way and sliced through an Eggboy that was heading straight for him.

"Another demonstration of your 'reform act' dear princess?" Katie asked with sick malicious enjoyment as Charlie's flame of anger died.

Charlie sighed, embarrassment and worry on her face as she saw Naruto chomp down into an Eggboy, its yolk center bursting in his mouth before catching an explosion tossed to him by Cherri Bomb, hurling it with enough force to break through the steel hub of the blimp, detonating upon impact.

"On the contrary he is more about doing his own thing. After all he is free to do what he wants if it falls into his beliefs and most likely he is helping out this woman as a request." Charlie stated as she regained her confidence. "Don't forget that or do after all you seem to forget what true beauty is bitch."

This angered Katie, making Tom fearful but then they hear an explosion and crash, turning their heads back to the screen, Naruto is standing over the remains of the blimp that had fallen to the ground and out came Sir Pentious.

Pentious charged at Naruto, who dodged his attack with a simple side step and cut him with his claws. The snake growled and lashed out again, but sadly failed when he disappeared in a flash of silver and appeared above him.

"Eat shit snake freak." The audience watched and his body glowed red with his eyes now turning red.

"Quick record this! This is historic moment in seeing the legendary Royal Hellhound using his powers!" Katie shouted loudly.

Charlie watched and her eyes twitched.

'You're going to be getting an earful when I get home.' Charlie thought as she sat in anger.

'Idiot, Charlie is going to be really mad about this.' Vaggie thought as she shook her head.


'I just want to finish this shit up quick before it becomes a spectacle again.' Naruto thought as he was drenched in blood and egg yolk, which was starting to stink and hurt his sense of smell.

Within seconds he slashed his red claws and caused the snake to scream in pain and explode in a shower of blood and guts.

Naruto just rolled his shoulders, turned his head to Cherri.

"I'll charge you for my services at a later time." Naruto said to his loose acquaintance before jumping away to head back to the hotel.

"Okay, Na." Cherri replied with a massive smile as she watched Naruto leave. "Now, to stake my claim on this turf."

Back in the news studio,

"Well, there you have it demons and hell-born, we have just witnessed another case of the legendary Hellhound that has taken hell by storm. Dating back to when he was thirteen, he started taking down powerful figures through Hell until at the age of sixteen he became an uncrowned Overlord after killing the former Overlord Apiaus, the Ape King." Katie announced, the news station ignoring Charlie completely. "He is leading the reform and increasing of Hellhounds status in hell and becoming one of the premiere demons to anyone that kills will gain massive following and support for the coming years! Not only voted bachelor of the year for six years running but he is known as the Princess's personal attack dog!"

Charlie tired of hearing this finally transforms completely and without warning, jumps Katie and pushes her into the wall, cracking it.

"He is not my dog, he is not my pet, he is my son you cunt!" Charlie shouted without warning, she throws Katie across the room, causing a massive fight for an hour before Charlie and Vaggie stomped out of the building.

"The Hotel will not be targeted for this mess, but this whole mess had Angel's name on it that much is sure." Vaggie told Charlie, holding her hand as they made it to the limo.

"And that stupid hound is attached to this mess too. For fucks sake, killing Pentious was not a good example of your dream!" Vaggie shouted as she stepped into the limo.

That Night, Happy Hotel Foyer…

"Really son did you have to do that on live TV during the announcement?" Charlie asked Naruto, who was sitting on his haunches with a small note that said 'Punishment' on it.

"Well, I was wearing a hoodie to hide my identity." Naruto replied before Charlie glared at him.

"That did shit to hide it!" Charlie replied hotly, taking a deep breathe.

"Geez, calm down it was better me doing it than Angel right?" Naruto said, drawing attention to Angel who was walking through the foyer of the hotel at that moment.

The spider demon froze when Charlie turns her eyes on him and glares. He gulps while Vaggie is playing with her spear.

"Oh, and what was he doing out of the hotel?"

Naruto rolled his eyes and pulled out his phone and fiddled with it while Angel sweated at the attention.

"I-I-I might have had a moment of weakness and had some sex and bought some drugs." Angel admitted nervously.

Charlie sighed while Vaggie growled.

"You fucking moron! Do you know what that could do the Hotel especially during the broadcast! It would have made us a fucking joke you bastard!" Vaggie shouted angrily as she summoned her spear.

Naruto rolled his eyes, and grabbed Vaggie by the shoulder, keeping a tight grip on her as his eyes stayed on his phone.

"Calm down Vaggie it is not like most wouldn't take the hotel serious to begin with. I mean, most denizens were not going to take us serious anyway but at least this way we can cover up for Angel being out and say that it was a 'free day' during his rehab and that he was taking advantage of it or something." Naruto typed something into his phone. "We can save face that way and plus me fighting the stupid snake idiot and killing him sends a message clear to the Overlords and alike that this hotel is no easy target and unless they are here for treatment, we'll send them packing."

"Yeah but-,"

"Hey!" Everyone turned to Angel who sighed. "Look I'm sorry I did what I did okay? Naruto already lectured me about it and quite honestly, I understand my fuck up was due to my ego and years of abuse. But you two can't expect me to quit every fucking thing cold turkey that is how you send your body into shock."

Charlie, having calmed down quite a bit, took a seat on the couch, to which Angel sat in a lounge chair across form her.

"Go on." Charlie urged, willing to listen to Angel. "I know it was a lot to ask but you have to understand Angel we need to start somewhere, and you have to be willing to comply."

Naruto rolled his eyes, this same conversation.

'Charlie really wants her way no matter what, how very demon of her, and that is something I am familiar with given it was the same way when she found me.' Naruto thought with a smile, which held fondness and disdain.

Flash back…

Naruto (Age 6) was searching through some garbage cans for food at an alley entrance between two apartment buildings. He was hungry and it has been two days since he ate and even then, it was not very much.

The tip of his left ear was missing, his fur coated in blood crust as the wound was infected, and he wore rags that barely covered his body.

'How long have I been here?' Naruto thought as he looked around him in paranoia as he continued to search for food, his tail between his legs shaking in fear. 'I guess that since I was sent to this place… that the village was right, I am a demon.'

The first moment he opened his eyes in this world, in a hell hound orphanage in the outer edge of the Ring of Gluttony, Naruto was informed that he was told a Hell Hound no less. They are seen as lower than other demons, so he is seen as trash or something to train and discipline.

Well, the Matron running the orphanage learned quickly he is not like most even with his blue eyes. Which, other Hellhounds told him would make him valuable to someone in the business of hiring and alike.

Naruto was introduced to other hell hound children of various ages, and due to his eyes, Naruto was bullied.

The Matron did not stop the violence the children inflicted onto him, and in a fit of rage Naruto killed the Matron which earned him praise from the other children since they just stole her stuff and started living there while Naruto walked away not wanting to have his life tied to the place.

While he had thought he could maintain his life alone, Hell proved him wrong at every turn.

The strongest case of him not being able to survive was the fact he witnessed the Purge, only living due to curling into a ball under dead bodies, holding his breathe when Angels were nearby playing dead. Leading to his current predicament.

'That happened once and I'm not going to go through that mess again.' Naruto thought as he was hit on the head with a full garbage bag, courtesy from someone in the building tossing their trash from the fourth story.

The bag split open and revealed half eaten food and fruits.

Without hesitation, Naruto grabbed what he could and started to shove it into his mouth.

'I'm going to die here.' He thought, forgetting he had already died once, and it was why he was here.

As he continued to scarf down the food, his ears twitched as he heard a screech and turning his head out of the can he saw a white limo. It had stopped next to the alley entrance, and he was confused for a second and prepared to run.

A while ago, some weirdos had tried to capture saying he make an 'excellent pet' whatever he meant he was sure it had something to do with him losing his identity and he said fuck that noise. Luckily, he was like most men and one kick to the balls, and he is down for a bit so he can run.

The limo door opened and out came a white skin girl with blond hair and gold eyes. She seems to have a smile on her face and gave off a powerful aura. She was dressed in a purple dress that hugged her figure and she had things on her cheeks and fangs in her mouth.

She walked up to him with a smile on her face, squatting down to his level to get a good look at him.

"Yes?" Naruto asked, ready to attack swiftly and then flee if the need was necessary.

Naruto glared at the girl but in seconds he found himself held under his armpits in front of her.

"Aren't you just adorable!?" She hugged him tightly making him squeak from the pain and feeling his ribs crack.


"Oh sorry!" She held the child at close to her but loosened her grip. "I've never seen a Hellhound like you before. One with blue eyes I mean." She tapped his nosed making him growl, making her giggle before she saw his left ear. "Oh, your ear is bleeding, and it is probably infected."

"Could you please put me down?"

"Nope!" Without waiting she walked back to her car and sat down in her seat. "Xavier, take me home. This little one needs a bath, some medical treatment, and some grooming!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow.

'What is she going on about? I didn't agree to this.'

"Yes, my lady."

'My lady?' Naruto thought in paranoia, staying as far from this woman as possible after she let him go inside the limo, but could not get out due to the child lock being on.

After a bit of a drive Naruto found himself being carried into the house, he tried to jump out of the car when the door was opened, but she caught him quickly and kept him on her lap the entire time. This annoyed him as it seemed she was stronger than expected.

Upon looking up he saw a castle of some kind and sitting almost at the center of a large city shaped like a Pentagon. Looking at the building he could sense the place has great importance and that the girl lived here.

Something of an instinct and the fact they stopped in front of the house might have given that away for him.

Walking into the house the girl carried him in her arms before maids and butlers alike with varying forms bowed and welcomed the girl home, Charlie from what he gathered.

'She is a noble.' Naruto thought, remembering the rumors he heard in the orphanage about nobles was not pleasing. Especially since some of them saw his kind, trash demons, as nothing more than toys for their own amusement. 'What does this bitch want with me? A pet? Force me to fight? Torture me?'

"Alright first I'll bathe you and then I'll take you to meet my parents." Charlie declared as she pulled him toward the large bath.

Naruto looked up at her with a blank expression, which hid his confusion,

"When did I agree to this?" Naruto demanded, speaking after so long and trying to sound intimidating.

She smiled and hugged him closer

"Oh, you're so precious and cute, I can't wait to see what kind of demon you'll turn into in the future! Oh, maybe one day you can help me with my dream!" Charlie said with stars in her eyes.

Naruto tuned her out at this point as she seemed to be rambling about different things here and there and some stuff related to this dream of hers.

'Honestly, I just wanted to eat and find somewhere safe to sleep.' Naruto thought before Charlie handed him to a servant before he entered the large bath and was stripped out of his rags and put in warm water.

His bristled fur was given a hard scrubbing and having crap put into his face he never smelled before. After a few minutes he was dropped on the floor and dried off to the point that he was sure that his fur never felt this clean.

'So soft, and fluffy.' Naruto thought for the first time since he came to hell as the servant who helped bathe him applied ointment and bandaging to his left ear while a female servant appeared with some clothes.

Naruto was then put in a white t-shirt and some shorts before Charlie walked into the room.

"Oh, look at you all cleaned up and tidy, now come on I want to introduce you to mom and dad!" Charlie said as she extended her hand toward him.

Naruto raised an eyebrow, staring at her hand like it was dangerous.

'What… what the hell is with this bitch?' Naruto thought as he slowly took her hand, his chest becoming tight as many of his beliefs were being challenged. 'She is a royal… but she isn't hurting me… Why does she remind me of Old Man Hokage?'

While in his thoughts, Naruto was guided into a massive room that was a throne room of some kind and sitting there were the King and Queen of Hell.

Lucifer Magne had pure white skin, blonde hair, thick black eyebrows, black lips and a mouth full of sharp teeth. He wore a white high collar suit, a black bowtie, and a red undershirt with white stripes. He also had a wide-brimmed white top hat, with a purple snake and red apple over a red band on a small table beside his throne with an apple-topped black cane that matches his hat propped on the table. His eyes are yellow, with black slit pupils resembling those of a snake. He, like his daughter Charlie, has red cheeks. His eyelids are purple which give the appearance of eyeshadow.

Lilith Magne was a tall woman, exceeding both her husband and daughter in height, with pale skin, long blonde hair and silverish eyes. Her most distinguishing physical characteristic is a pair of horns (a trait her husband, ironically, lacked). She wore a tight black dress with black gloves that went up to her forearms, connected with a see-through mesh with a pearl necklace around her neck.

'Man, seriously seemed to like white and black for some reason.' Naruto thought as he swallowed a lump in his throat.

"Charlie, I see you brought home a new pet." Lucifer smiled down at the child but Naruto growled at being called a 'pet' and unconsciously flared some of his 'power' revealing his red aura making Lucifer smile as Lilith chuckled.

"Now dear what are you doing with this cute little thing?" Lilith asked as she looked at her daughter from her throne.

Charlie puffed out her chest in pride.

"I saw him on the street and something told me, I want him to have a better life, and so I'm adopting him as my son as of today!" Charlie declared proudly, making Naruto's eyes bug out from the sudden announcement.


Flash back end

'That was when I learned that Charlie was the princess of hell, literally, and that the two on the thrones were the King and Queen.' Naruto thought as he continued to scroll through his phone. 'Charlie, with her big heart, wanted to do the best for others but for some reason she felt the need to bring me into her family as her son. Then she met Vaggie, and after they started dating, met me and we are close.'

Naruto grew up at this point as the known grandson of the King and Queen, but in the eyes of others Naruto was a filthy stray that was picked up by the princess.

In time he proved them all wrong and became one of the most feared demons in all of hell and someone that even the King had come to respect due to his strength and talent.

Apparently even among his own kind he is unique with powers that he couldn't explain and even a healing factor that is stronger than most. At this point, he just chalked it up to who he was as a human and left it at that after all these years, he had forgotten his previous life.

"You can't have a pole here! It defeats the purpose of having you out of that life!" Naruto heard, making him see Angel (Who was holding a large pole that could touch the ceiling) and Charlie keeping him from installing it.

"Well, I don't see you two compromising with me on certain things I mean seriously this place makes me stir crazy!" Angel rebuked as he kept trying to install the stripper pole.

Naruto looked and saw the three arguing and finally having enough, for his hearing was sensitive due to him being a hellhound.

"How about this; Angel no drugs and sex in exchange I'll put a bar into the Hotel and you can drink in the afternoons if you behave." Naruto offered, horrifying Vaggie and Charlie at the notion of installing a bar. "Charlie and Vaggie, you have to keep the bar open to him and others in the afternoon that way they have something they can indulge in and they stay on the premises."

The three looked at him and while Charlie looked to consider it Vaggie looked against it but Angel was all for it.

"Hey I can live with that. As long as I can drink here, I'll give up the other two things." He turned away from the girls, dropping the stripper pole.

"It would help keep them under control…" Charlie whispered, her hand on her chin, her finger tapping it. "Fine we can at least do that but please don't abuse this privilege."

Vaggie was shocked to hear Charlie allow alcohol as Angel cheered in victory.

"But… what… Charlie we can't…" Vaggie attempted to build an argument.

"Vaggie, Angel was right. Forcing him to go completely without some vices would most likely make rehabilitation more difficult. Allowing this one thing for now could be a step in the right direction." Charlie explained, deep down not really wanting it, but understanding that it was important.

"I am not really for it, but I will support Charlie's decision." Vaggie said in defeat.

Naruto saw the three agree, one reluctantly, and him finally sighing before his phone rang as someone was calling him.

Naruto checked the ID, his face faltering.


'Ah, the bodyguard for the popstar.' Naruto thought with a scowl. 'Man, I really don't want to deal with HER today.'

Sighing, Naruto answered his phone.

"Hey Tex."

"Hey Naruto can you do me a favor man?"

"Depends? Whose asking for the favor you or your boss?"

"It's me man, don't worry she don't know I'm doing this yet. Listen, boss has a big concert coming up and while I'm confident I can handle it by myself, the studio wants to make sure nothing gets out of hand so they want me to hire someone else on staff that can handle this." Vortex explained in a calm tone. "I checked with the agency and most are busy or doing their own thing at this point or on break. So can you lend me a hand man?"

Naruto sighed and rubbed his neck.

"The agency knows I don't work for cheap right?"

"Oh no doubt and don't worry, the boss won't try anything she is too busy with work to get distracted with you trust me." Vortex reassured.

"Alright when is the concert?"

"Tomorrow thanks for the help we'll be in the Greed Ring you know the venue?" Vortex asked his friend.

"Yeah, I do. Let's just make sure things go smoothly, last time I worked for her I almost got raped." Naruto grumbled, the word 'rape' being heard by Vaggie, increasing her interest in his conversation.

"Yeah, don't worry about it man the agency will make sure that don't happen again." Vortex stated. "Besides, I'll be there to help you escape if she does make an attempt."

"Be sure, I'll see you tomorrow."

Naruto hung up and looked seeing Vaggie's confusion,

"Who was that sweetie?"

Naruto internally cringed, that sounded so wrong from someone that didn't look any older than him.

"A job request. Tex is asking for some help at a concert that might get a little out of control so he wants some extra hands to help keep their star safe." Naruto explained to Vaggie, who signaled for Charlie to come over.

"Wait the concert that is-,"

"Yeah, it is her."

Charlie glared, her sclera becoming red in her anger.

"No! I forbid it after what happened last time!"

Naruto rolled his eyes, bristling her anger.

"Relax I managed to escape last time with my pants she just had my shirt." Naruto shrugged.

"Regardless she has called me to buy your services as her permanent bodyguard!"

"You'll never do that and I'm tied to the hotel. Don't worry I'm just keeping idiots from the stage and their star from getting hurt the minute the show is over and I'm paid I'll leave no sweat." Naruto stated his position in this contract.


Naruto just shook his head.

"Relax, it'll blow over mom." Naruto said nonchalantly.

Charlie relaxed at this as Naruto knew the only way to get her to chill is to call her mom. It is a rare gesture at times so he does this to get her to chill out.

"Okay but call me if something goes wrong do you understand or Vaggie got it!"

"Yeah, yeah." Naruto walked up the stairs. "I'm going to get some sleep wake me if something comes up. And no, it's not an invitation to my bed, Angel."

"Okay night sweetie!" Charlie said as she waved him good night as Angel grumbled.

Vaggie rolled her eyes with a smile on her face.

'Charlie was such a doting mother that it's nuts. I have no doubt things were going to get interesting.' Vaggie thought as she sat down.


Charlie went to the door and opened it, revealing a tall demon with dear antlers wearing a red pinstripe suit, his face in a large smile that revealed his yellowed teeth.

"Hel…" Charlie shut the door in his face, turning to the side in confusion.

She opened the door again, seeing the demon still there.

"…lo…" He continued before Charlie shut the door again.

"Hey, Vaggie…"


"The Radio Demon is here." Charlie said, pointing at the door as she wore a smile mimicking the Radio Demon's smile.

Naruto's room

In his bed, Naruto let out a sigh.

"My life, my choices. That is all that matters to me." He mumbled as he closed his eyes.

Thinking back to a conversation he had with Lucifer he could only smile a bit as he fell asleep.


"Child, I have to ask, why are you so insistent on doing things your way and not the way others want?" Lucifer asked at dinner once.

Lucifer and Lilith had invited Naruto, and Naruto alone, to eat with them.

Naruto (Age 8) had only known them for two years, and was still very respectful to them.

"Simple Lord Magne; When I was alive everything was decided for me: who I can love, who I can talk to, who gets to beat me, how long I starve, who got to molest me, and even when I was allowed to die." Naruto said after swallowing the food in his mouth, his words making Lilith and Lucifer quirk an eyebrow, neither really bothered by them. "But in this new world I decide how I live no one will take that from me again. If I want to kill someone I will, I will steal what I want, buy what I want, love who I want, and die how I want. My choice, I will never give that up."

"What about Charlie? I see you bend backwards for her literally?" Lilith asked as she sipped a large glass of wine.

"I want to see her happy, if being her son, killing people that threaten her, and helping her with the Redemption thing makes her happy then so be it. As long as I get to see her smile that is all that matters to me as that is something I will cherish forever." Naruto stated with conviction, a fire in his eyes as he looked at the King and Queen. "That is my answer, Lady Magne."

Lucifer and Lilith smiled at his answers, each reaching for his hand.

"Welcome to the family, Naruto." Lucifer said with a chuckle at the shocked look on Naruto's face.

Flashback End…

Naruto dozed off not knowing the minute he awakes things in the Hotel will have changed; for better off worse we shall see.

Chapter End.