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Chapter 1 - To The Future

I walked into the house back from school with Aunt Alice, Uncle Jasper, Auntie Rose, Uncle Emmett, Momma, and Dad.

"Hey guys!" Grandma Esme called.

"Hey!" We all called back to her, walking into the kitchen.

"How was the last day of school?" She asked.

"Good," Emmett said. "It got boring though."

"At least it's the end of the year for summer." Jasper said.

"No kidding." I mumbled.

They all turned to me, smiling.

"How was your day, Ness?" Esme asked.

I smiled.

"It was good, it got boring because we didn't really do anything." I said, rolling my eyes.

They all laughed and nodded in agreement.

"I'm going to my room to put my bag away." I suddenly announced, I needed to put my bag away before Jake got here.

"Okay, sweetheart," Mom said. "I know Jacob is going to come to hang out today. But remember we need to talk afterwards."

I gave her a confused look.

"Okay." I said, slowly.

I sighed before walking up the stairs to my room and putting my bag on the edge of my bed.

I looked through my phone to quickly see if anyone has messaged me, when I didn't see anything I looked in the mirror at my reflection.

I'm so plain, I thought.

My hair was in it's usual annoying brunette curly locks, with my not-so-much curvy body. Aunt Alice claims that I am lucky, with my natural blush, pale skin, and slender body that was so freaking tiny, I hated my height. She tells me that I looked tall with my long legs, and that I was good enough looking to be a model. But then there's also my dark chocolate eyes, that I didn't even want to start with.

I sighed.

Who could think I was beautiful? I thought.

I was wearing a white and black cropped loose tank top, with my black ripped jeans and belt that was high waisted, I had my black leather ankle boots on, and then I had my brunette hair I had straightened earlier today that was starting to curl out, which made my hair look wavy, and then I had my brown eyeliner that popped my eyes with my darker eyeshadow and brown mascara, I then had my light pink lip gloss that popped my natural pink lips redder, and then I left myself without the blush because of my natural blush that I've always had.

I grabbed my tiny black purse that matched with all the other black I was wearing.

I heard a knock at the door and a low voice that started talking to my father downstairs.

I didn't even need to be told once about who it was before running downstairs to see my best friend, Jacob.

He was wearing a black sweatshirt, with grey shorts, and white tennis shoes.

He looked hot, I wasn't going to lie, even when wearing a simple outfit like this one he had on he's just annoyingly too hot for his own well being.

"Hey!" I said with a smile.

"Hey, Nessie," Jake exclaimed. "Are you ready to go?"

I nodded before I walked towards him, but got stopped suddenly by my dad, and mom.

"Yes?" I asked, nervously.

"I know your not feeling too confident today." Dad started.

That's one way to say it, I thought resisting the urge to roll my eyes.

"But--" Dad stopped, with a soft smile. "We love you, and nothing bad you think about yourself is true."

I smiled with my eyes watering slightly before hugging him.

"Thank you." I said quietly.

Dad nodded before letting me go and wrapping an arm around moms waist.

I was surprised he didn't mention me thinking Jake was hot--I mean it's not a lie--but maybe he didn't notice it?

But when I turned back around to look back at dad, I knew he heard every little bit and piece of what I'm thinking, just by his expression, he looked really upset.

I ignored it before walking out of the house and going to Jake's motorcycle.

Jake grabbed his extra helmet he saved for me and turned back to me.

"So, where do you want to go?" He asked.

"I'm not sure," I said, while Jake put my helmet on my head. "I don't really care."

"Okay, well, do you want to go to a new place?" He asked me, while putting his own helmet on.

"What's this new place called?" I asked, invested on finding out where we were going before getting there.

"It's a fun surprise." He said.

I rolled my eyes playfully at him.

He smirked before getting on the motorcycle.

I followed suit as he started the engine, and wrapped my arms around his abdomen.

My eyes widened at how hard steel his abs felt.

I shouldn't have been so surprised, with him being a werewolf and everything. But I was, I don't think he'll ever cease to amaze me.

"You good back there?" He asked, turning to look around his shoulder at me.

"Of course!" I said.

He nodded.

"Hmm." Then he turned his attention back in-front of him and started the motorcycle, meanwhile I started blushing like crazy.

I'm going to get in trouble if I don't watch myself, I thought.

When we stopped the motorcycle I saw a bowling alley in-front of us.

I gasped.

"This is the new bowling alley we've been wanting to go to for like, ages!" I said excited.

"It is." Jacob said, with an amused expression.

I stood up off the motorcycle and looked at the building excited.

"What do you think?" Jake asked, not moving from his position.

"Oh, it's nothing." I said, trying to contain myself.

He gave me a look that told me to let my emotions out.

I looked back at the building before turning back to him, jumping up and down, squealing.

"I'm so happy!" I said.

"I'm glad."

He smiled at me as he stood up.

"Thank you so much!" I said hugging him.

He hugged me back instantly.

"Anything for my Nessie." Jacob said.

I gave him a confused expression.

My Nessie? That sounded weird, not that I was complaining about him saying that or anything, but he's never called me that.

His face went redder before turning around and taking off his helmet, then he turned back to me afterwards and grabbed mine before putting it away.

I smiled watching him, he was cute, even when he was nervous.

"Let's go inside." Jacob suggested, before we started walking towards the building.

We walked into the building with a gleeful smile on our faces.

Once we got our shoes we got our food, I got nachos while he got pizza.

Gross! I hate pizza!

Even though I was half vampire, I could eat some foods, but pizza was like, my enemy with foods! I can't eat salads, but I can eat meats, some soups, and my favorite was chocolate! I mean, who can hate chocolate?

"Hello," I heard someone say. "Nessie, what's wrong?"

I blinked to see Jacob waving his hand in-front of my eyes.

"Yes?" I asked.

"You just...fazed out." Jake said.

I nodded.

That was expected coming from me.

"I was fine." I assured him.

He gave me an unconvinced look. Jake knew how I was insecure of myself, and that I was depressed. So, me telling him 'I'm fine' wasn't really convincing to him.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Jake," I said, reaching out to touch his arm, to reassure him. "I'm okay, I wasn't thinking anything bad."

Jacob looked me in the eyes before looking down at his arm I currently had a hold on.

He nodded, before looking back at me.

"We ready to have some fun?" I asked him, with a fun smile.

He smiled at me.

"Yeah, I guess." He said, before standing up and walking towards the bowls for the game.

After a couple of hours of us playing at the New Bowling Alley it was evident that I was winning.

I had 20 points while he had 8 points.

"I think it's rigged!" Jacob confirmed in anger.

I laughed at him.

"No, I think your just bad at this." I told him.

"No, I'm not bad at anything." He told me.

I gave him a look.

"I'm not!" He defended.

I rolled my eyes playfully.

"Okay, two more rounds." I told him.

He shook his head.

"Alright, fine."

I grabbed the blue Bowling ball and threw it over the wood floor, to see all the pins go down.

"Yes!" I cheered jumping up and down.

I looked at Jacob who smiled at me with warm eyes, he started clapping.

"Good job, your real good at this!" He said.

I smiled.

"I've been playing around." I told him.

He nodded.

"But you are really good at this." Jacob said, a serious expression playing on his face.

I nodded.

"Umm," I paused. "You ready to go?"

He gave me a look before shaking his head and walking towards me.

"You should know by now," Jake said, towering over me as he looked down at me seriously. "You've already won."

I moved my head to the side to be able to see him better.

"Oh, really?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Do you want to go?" I asked.

"Yeah, you need to talk to your parents anyways." Jake said, pulling away from me and looking down at the ground.

My heart broke, why'd he move away?

I nodded.

"Let's go then." I said.

We left the Bowling Alley and walked towards his motorcycle.

My heart breaking at how he didn't fully know how much I actually loved him.

The ride home was quite, and also kind of awkward.

When we got to my house, I was excited to just go to my room and sob, why does this always happen? Every time I want to do something about us, he ends up pulling away, and when I'm not ready he wants me.

"I'll see you later." I told him.

"See you." He replied.

I sighed before jumping off of the motorcycle and took my helmet off before giving it to Jacob and quickly started to walk away.

"Ness?" He suddenly called.

I looked back at him.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I'll text you later, okay?" He asked, with a smile on his face.

I gave him a small smile.

"Okay." I said, nodding before opening the door and shutting it behind me.

I let out a shuttered breath and leant against the door, needing to relax myself.

"Renesmee?" Momma called.

I opened my eyes, I couldn't see anyone, but they were probably in the kitchen.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Can you come here, please?" Dad asked.

"Yeah," I said, walking quickly into the kitchen. "What's going on?"

I looked at him before looking around to see everyone, including Carlisle.

"We--have some heartbreaking news." Aunt Alice said.

I gave her a look.

"What's going on?" I asked, very nervous for the answer.

"Well, darling, you see," Rosalie started. "We have to move."

Then the room was silent, you could hear a pin drop because of how silent it was.

Wait, move? I can't move! I've lived here all my life, what about my Senior Year? I can't just move, and with Jake here, I don't want to leave. I can't before I tell him how I've felt these past couple of years! We've been hiding all this time, and now...

I felt tears start to form in my eyes.

I looked at my family shaking my head.

"No." I said quietly, walking backwards.

"Ness we have to move." Emmett said.

I continued shaking my head.

"No, I can't." I said.

Jasper and Dad shared a look. One could feel my heartbreak while the other could hear my heartbreak.

"Sweetheart, we need to," Dad said. "It's for everyone's safety."

"Not mine, it's for yours! I'm safe here, I'm...loved here." I bursted.

"I'm sorry, Nessie," Esme said. "But we're going to need to."

But, what about Jacob?

I couldn't just leave him, not after all these feelings I have for him, not after he's showed me interest too.

I felt more tears fall out of my eyes.

They all walked forward wanting to comfort me.

"No! Don't touch me!" I yelled before running away from them.

They all called my name but I ignored it as I ran outside and started running down the street.

"Stop it Ness, please!" Carlisle called.

Someone suddenly tackled me to the ground.

"Let me go!" I growled.

"No!" He said.

I looked up to see Emmett.

"Now!" I said, angry at him.

Emmett signed.

"We need to talk."

I felt anger rise through me.

I grabbed Emmett's wrists and suddenly started thinking of full black to distract him from my power, it would make him blind for a minute distraction. I concentrated really hard to stop him. Then suddenly, he gasped in shock.

It was enough for me to get out of his grasp and for me to start running away again.

"Emmett, what happened?" Carlisle asked from behind me.

"She's got more in her power then we thought." Emmet replied.

"Renesmee!" Mom called.

I continued ignoring them.

"This is who she got her stubbornness from." Dad told mom.

I knew mom would be glaring at him at this point.

I didn't want to turn to the paved road and so I turned to the trees and ran through the trees as they ran towards me.

"How the hell is she so fast?" Emmett suddenly asked.

"Baby, this is Renesmee we're talking about." Rosalie said.

I thought I was going to lose them when we got to the clearing line of where the wolves and our house cut off, and dad was behind me while all the others were around in a circle of all of my family.

Then suddenly I felt a calmness awake in me.


I didn't want to have my feelings controlled, especially now.

So, I started getting upset. Glaring at all of them.

"I need time." I told them, calmer then before.

Dad, and Aunt Alice shared a look before looking at me.

"Can you just tell everyone why you don't want to move?" Dad asked me.

I gave dad a look.

There's no way I'm telling everyone I love Jacob before I tell him personally myself.

I shook my head at him and he nodded in understanding.

"We'll leave you alone then." He said.

I nodded, I was about to walk away when I heard a rustle near the trees, and I got the scent of a wolf.

The next moment he came out and I saw that it was Jake, he was wearing nothing but grey sweatpants.

He looked at me, then at my family, and then back again at me.

"What's going on Nessie?" He asked.

I sighed.

"We're moving away." I told him.

He looked sad and nodded.

"I know." Jacob told me.

"You know? How do you know?" I asked him.

He gave me an apologetic look before looking down.

"You knew." I said in a low voice.

He nodded.

"I'm sorry Ness, I don't want this either, but it's for you and your families safety."

My eyes widened.

"Our safety? What safety?"

"Well--" Jake paused. "You are turning 7 in a few months and you look like your 18, we don't want to confuse Charlie more then we already have. Then there's everyone who looks too young for their own age."

I nodded.

"I don't want to move, I can't." I told him.

He gave me a sad look.

"You have to."

Jake looked away suddenly, not being able to look back at me.

"No, Jake. I don't think you understand." I confessed. "I can't leave because of you."

Jacob turned back around at me with confusion.

"Why me?" He asked.

"Are you serious?!" I yelled at him, my arms up in the air.

He gave me a sudden look, confused at my sudden outburst.

Then suddenly, I didn't hold back what I'd been holding back for so long. I screamed it out to the whole world. Not caring anymore.

"I can't leave because I'm in love with you!" I yelled to him.

My eyes suddenly widened. I just told everyone how I felt.

Everyone shared a look, while Aunt Alice, Dad, and Jasper didn't look fully shocked.

Jacob looked at my mom before looking back at me, suddenly looking a little scared.

"You-you're in love with me?" He asked.

I don't reply as I turned away from him and ran from the group, not wanting to talk about this anymore. I couldn't take this much confession in one night. I just couldn't. I needed to go take a breather, and I needed to leave.

Just for one night, I needed to relax. I was going to go to my second favorite place in the world.

La Push.

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