Yooo FallenClan and the general peoples of this site! This is for the October monthly competition - my first one, might I add, which I was keeping of the v v quiet about, by the way :) Just a note, I WILL do this bigger on the desc, but this contains slight gore. and murder, and a Kit like on the edge of sanity. I have gone mad. Help. Anyways, I focused more on the "watcher" as in the focused character watching and waiting for years, and the flock of crows reference was used once, vaguely. Hehe.

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Anyways, Enjoy! And happy Spooptober!

Heart pounding as fast as it can go,

A predator's fear never shows.

But what happens when today,

A predator, is but prey?

Cream ran as fast as the tiny legs below her allowed her to. She could hear the thud of her heart pounding inside her rib cage, as if it too was unsure of how to carry out such a simple task. Catch the prey, kill the food. That's how it was in her head, after all. The uneven, bumpy ground of the riverbed made her snap back to the real world, back to the chase.

Something she felt.. like her heart wasn't in. She didn't want to take a life, but she was going to have to. It's to protect Mama! She told herself. But why should she, a kit, have to deal with something her mother should've long ago? Weren't Mothers supposed to know everything. Cream was confused, hurt and disoriented. Not in a literal sense, but it was like she was messed up inside. Mama used to talk about how every cat had a compass, that if they listened to it truly, they would walk down the path destiny had chosen for them. However now, the she-cat must have been deaf, or her compass must be broken. She couldn't hear hers. That's why she was here, in the eery blue moonlight, with nothing but her nose and paws to guide her though the maze of willows.

Stop, you need to focus! This had to be done, and she was going to do it. A flash of fur was visible for only a second, before diving back into the shadows. Fear scent. Even in the moment, she could smell it.

"If I have my way, you won't come out of this without blood on your paws. Your own!" She Screamed, the shrill pitch making its way into the night.

The predator had warned its prey. Now it was chasing, relentless and powerful, waiting for a response.

Eyes glowing in the night,

Mind so dark, gleam so bright.

Soon the target will be gone,

And remembered by none.

Cream's eyes locked onto her opponent, as he started to run on a much clearer path. Her eyes reflected the light the moon casted through the many layers of tree branches. Her pace didn't slow. Her pace didn't quicken. He however, was scared. Scared for his life, that much was obvious. Scared for the fact that he might slip or give the younger she-cat pursuing him a chance of taking the miserable life he clung onto.

"The boss'll catch up, he will, he'll kill you for disobeying!" Came the shaky shout. Ha. As if. That idiot was probably still at the two tiny thistle bushes they called camp, trying to organise a bunch of "rogues". If they could be called that.

Once upon a time, yes, she respected them, and feared them, but now, she knew what they really were. A bunch of cowards, like the one she was chasing. He was much older than her; 9, 10 moons?

The light breathing of her and the heavy panting he messily forced out of his lungs joined together to make a quite disturbing, loud noise that echoed across every tree in the forest. She saw a couple of crows flying ahead, and flicked her ears instinctively. She thought the tiny action helped her hear, and if crows were around, she sure needed it. Her mother taught her that crows were bad luck.

The ball of moving fur slowed down a bit, and turned around to look at the one he thought so vulnerable, so weak, so powerless. Should have thought of that before messing with Cream. Should have thought of that before she caught up with him.

Shaky pawsteps can be heard,

Desperation hangs on every word.

Merciless monster's revenge taken out,

But what is her life truly about?

Abruptly plucked out of her head once again and into the real world, Cream heard a bang, and the thuds of a cat who had just gone head over heels. That was it. He had toppled over. The monster, the enemy, he was here. He was on the floor. He was within reach. He was about to meet his end.

The autumn leaves were scattered everywhere. Time seemed to have slowed down, but the adrenaline pumping through the veins certainly hadn't. She could feel every hair on her back standing on end, like a dog would raise its hackles. The soft whooshing of the wind and the sound of red, dead leaves cracked underneath her pads was all that could be heard.

Pressed up against the bark, the tangled marks of wood slowly peeling away from the tree and onto the cat before her. His breaths were all over the place, as before. But worse. He was out of breath, he was tired, but most of all, he hadn't given up. A low, hollow laugh arose from her throat, like bile. It wasn't her, she wasn't it. But somehow, that sound, that sound she made, was all of the built up resentment. 6 moons of kit hood, she had lived out. 6 moons of "vulnerablility". 6 moons of watching, waiting and biding her time.

"Please, I don't care what I.. what any of us said to you that night, Any night, just know they were all fake, hollow. Just a façade. At least, on my part,"

The words, sounding so confident, sounding so brave, were pathetic. Both cats knew that. But the fact that the prey still had hope amused Cream. Perhaps he thought that she would give him some sort of chance, a way to redeem himself. Ha. As if she would let him have that slither of a chance, a break in the boundaries, a way to escape. That's what happened in her mother's stories, what happened in kittypet's tales. But this was real life. This was nature.

"Oh, really? That's so sweet of you!" She smiled and her pupils dilated, as if she had had catnip. Make him believe the lie. The final lie he would ever hear.

"Is it?!" Modesty. Too bad she knew his game. " Well, in truth I hated that place too.."

She stopped. This wasn't the plan. This wasn't meant to happen. She faltered.

Regaining her balance, the snarl that next came out of her mouth was scary, even to it's owner.

"Did you really? Because I'm pretty sure that you're… lying to me," The quiet in her voice was laced with something more. Something darker.

This was it.

Slashing of fur, make her proud,

Red on her claws, mumbling loud.

The deed is done, easily told,

Only her saw the scene unfold.

"I promise Cream, I'm not!" Nervous. Strange word. But it seemed to fit here perfectly.

"Yes, of course not," She drawled, creeping closer to her captive, claws out.

He seemed to smile at that. Ha. He still thought he was going to once more see the golden light of sun, to return to his family. They both knew well the state of the group, and they both knew well the state of most members. They were likely suffering a greater deal of pain than she could ever inflict on this cat, one that she respected them for.

"A-and, if I was, then I would be screaming for the Boss to come back, and kill you for me!"

Interesting how he said the last bit so loud, yet squeaky and high-pitched, as if he thought the band's evil leader was going to waltz back and take her life. As if.

"Maybe you shouldn't have said that last bit so loud,"


"It seems to me that.. you are indeed lying to me, and that you couldn't care less whether or not I die or live."


"Shh.. it means we're on the same page,"

Before he could realise the implications of her words, the predator leapt.

A slam can be heard against the oak. He is older, yet he tires out quicker. However, he seems to have regained his energy.

Cream pressed him up against the dark oak, and almost managed to dig her claws into him properly when she heard a gasp from him. He stopped, seemingly in a trance, looking at something the other way. She turned her head around to see what he was looking at…

She was on the floor. Overpowered once more. This was unacceptable.

"I tried to tell you.."

She swung her hind legs under his own, tripping him up on top of her. They both grunted, as Cream managed to Chuck him off her.

"No. I tried to tell you. I hope that little spat is over, for now, the real fun begins!"

With every paw step, she can hear the words, "For mama," over and over again. Some chant she was trying to tell herself. And with a deep breath, she raised her claw, watching with great fascination and amusement and she brought it down, noticing his face go from pride to fear, to void. Not dark, not light, just void. Devoid of emotion. He had given up, and his final breaths were inevitable. She smiled, in an act of possibly redeeming herself, maybe..?

No. She had come this far.

The predator brought her claw down, sinking deep into it's opponent's fur. The struggling and crying of pain only fuelled her anger more. However, the more he struggled, the more it hurt. He slowly stopped trying. He looked up at her, his eyes filling with pain, regret, and.. hope. He thought that she could recover, after all of that trauma.

The predator pulled out it's claw. It sunk it's teeth into the prey's neck, sealing the deal. That life, one so healthy and loved, gone. Dead.

How she felt. Gone.

Terminate them all,

Let them take the fall.

The task complete,

Their deaths concrete.

Her spirit lifts,

Then a smell drifts,

Through the wood,

Like.. stale blood.

Years of wait,

She took the bait.

Her mother..