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Eriol Hood


Matoru tied a gray bandanna around his forehead to keep his short blond hair from falling into his eyes. He inspected the lock, and drummed his finger over it while pressing his ear towards the cold metal door. The boy brought out a short length of strong wire from his tunic. Keeping his breathing quiet, he concentrated on the lock. His green eyes sparkled excitedly in the dim light.

"HO there! WHO are you?" Matoru's green eyes flashed in that general direction. It was a guard. The blonde Matoru ignored him, and turned back towards the lock. "HEY YOU!" the guard continued, running towards the kneeling boy. He was cut short when Terada swung his fist at the guard's head, knocking him unconscious.

Terada stepped out of the shadows, and dragged the guard into the closet.

"Nothing like punching a guard to make you feel better." He grinned. "It's a nice day, today, isn't it?" Matoru let out a soft, low chuckle, and continued on his work.

The lock slid open with a satisfied click.


Eriol glanced quickly at the door. This was going according to plan. Matoru's job was to unlock doors-to the treasury, preferably. Suriko was to find them the fastest and easiest way from the treasury out of the castle. Yamazaki was to arrange transport. And Terada, of course, was to protect them against any guards who saw them. Which would be only one, if Eriol had planned it correctly.

Now it was his turn.

Eriol had to attract the guest's attention. And he knew just the way to.

He walked across the ballroom floor, his leather boots masking the sound of his footfalls. Her back was turned to him. Eriol took a deep breath, and readjusted the mask around his face. It was just a piece of dark cloth that covered his face from his forehead to the tip of his nose, with holes for his eyes.

"Excuse me." He tapped the Princess' shoulder. Everybody knew it was her, although she wore a beautiful light blue mask. She turned around to face Eriol, ignoring the brightly dressed suitor in front of her. Her eyes shone at him with gratitude; she hadn't enjoyed the attentions of the suitor in front of her.

Eriol felt a familiar catch to his heart. He swallowed. This wasn't going to be as easy as he thought.

"Do you wanna dance?" He asked quickly, trying to calm down his suddenly heightened senses. Eriol waited as the princess looked around until she caught the eye of another young princess (Sakura, Eriol noted in an offhand way) who gave her the thumbs up. Tomoyo turned back to him, and smiled.

"Sure." She replied politely.

Eriol let her take his arm, and led her out to the dance floor. Something about this girl intrigued him. She reminded him tantalizingly of his childhood, which he had tried to forget. His blue eyes became clouded, and his thoughts drifted far away.

It took him a moment to register the fact that she had spoken to him.

"Yes?" He asked, his voice sounding surprisingly gentle, even to his own ears.

"Do you like to dance?" Tomoyo asked again, encouraged by his gentle reply. She couldn't shake off the feeling that she had met him before. She searched his glowing blue eyes for a clue. They showed nothing: friendship, yes, gentleness, yes, but no reflection of his past. She shook her head, and decided to concentrate on dancing.

"Yes. I do." Eriol replied softly. Tomoyo glanced up at him. It had taken so long for him to answer...she had thought he had forgotten her question. His eyes now had taken a far-away look, of a longing for something, a regret of the past, perhaps. She decided not to push it.

Their legs moved in unison, and their outfits matched so perfectly, they could've been made for each other. The guests around them stared and cooed, although they went unnoticed by the couple. Eriol smiled at the princess who was in his arms. He was surprised the way her small smooth hand fit in his own, and how her presence made his breath quicken.

Tomoyo felt surprisingly safe in his arms, like nothing could harm her when she was close to him. She had felt this way before...her mind strained to remember the time...but reached a blank wall again and again.

Another song began to play. A soft song.

"My only love," Eriol whispered the title of it. "I haven't heard it in so long." His eyes grew slightly dazed. He remembered the times his mother used to sing to him, rocking him in her arms.

'My only love' Tomoyo thought to herself. Her father used to sing the song to her as a lullaby.

Unconsciously they both began to hum the tune, it's soft words spilling over them like water. They smiled at each other, as a blush crept onto both their cheeks.

Deep in my soul

My love so strong, it takes control

Now we both know,

The secret's bare, the feelings show

Tomoyo leaned her head peacefully on Eriol's chest, letting the soothing melody spill over her. His chest felt so warm, and alive, and she could imagine his hard muscles below his shirt. She sighed softly, and closed her eyes, dreaming with the melody.

Dreaming far apart

I make a wish

On a shooting star

Eriol smiled peacefully. The princess felt so right in his arms. He wrapped her protectively in his arms, and felt a tingling sensation run up his fingers. Her hair was so silky smooth.

There will come a day

Somewhere far away

In your arms I'll stay

My only love

Tomoyo opened her eyes lazily, enjoying the warm feeling his arms brought her. She blushed embarrassedly as she thought of what her dad might think...

'But I'm wearing a mask.' She thought to herself. 'Nobody knows who I am.' Encouraged by her comforting thoughts, she leaned into his chest. She felt his breath on her neck every time he breathed. The hairs on the back of her neck rose.

Even though your gone

Love will still live on

The feeling is so strong

My only love

Tomoyo couldn't understand it. Her heart was racing from the presence of the athletic man in front of her. She had danced with so many other suitors, and they had not had the same affect on her. She glanced quickly at him, and quickly turned away with a blush as he caught her staring at him.

My only love

Eriol smiled gently, and tilted his head to one side.

Love will come a day

Somewhere far away

In your arms i'll stay

My only love

"What is it?" he asked smoothly.

Tomoyo gazed up at him. He had a peaceful countenance, and his eyes were closed. He must have felt her staring at him, however, because he looked back down at her. Tomoyo blushed again, and averted her eyes, biting her red lips in remonstrance.

You've reached the deepest part

Of the secret in my heart

I've known it from the start

My only love

She should ask him. Even though it went against the rules her father had set.

"What's your name?" She asked quietly, turning her own dark purple eyes to his mesmerizing blue ones. Eriol's heart skipped a beat.

There will come a day

Somewhere far away

In your arms i'll stay

My only love

"Eriol..." he trailed off, getting lost in her eyes. God, she was so beautiful, even though a mask covered half her face. He felt his breath catch at his throat while his heart did a flip-flop. Why did he feel this the PRINCESS, of all people, when he had just met her the other day in the street...?

You've reached the deepest part

Of the secret in my heart

I've known it from the start

Tomoyo's eyes flickered to his when he told her his name...where had she heard it before...?

"'s Tomoyo." She answered his unspoken question. Eriol's eyes flickered to hers in surprise. T...Tomoyo?? It wasn't Her, was it? There was no way he would've ever seen her again.

My only love.

The song ended too soon.

"T...Tomoyo..." Eriol's eyes widened. She...could it be...? ...his heart was beating wildly in his chest. Around them he saw that most of the couples were looking at them. Well, she was the princess.

My only love.

Its last words echoed in the ballroom.

"Nani?" she asked quietly. Eriol's eyes flew to the door, and he could see Yamazaki waving at him. It was a signal for him to leave. In his head, Eriol thanked him for his good timing.

"I...I have to go." He said curtly. Tomoyo was startled out of her trance when his arms dropped from around her waist.

"Don't..." she asked him, feeling strangely empty after his leaving. She pleaded with her shining purple eyes. Eriol swallowed hard, glancing again at the door, where Yamazaki was now waving frantically.

"I'm sorry...Tomoyo..." he said, and sent her a last, lingering glance. He left quickly, following Yamazaki, his peacefulness dropping from him like a discarded shirt.


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