"Your quirk is so cool Kaachan!" A small, green haired boy exclaimed in awe.

Small sparks and explosions blasted beautifully off the fingers of the boy in the spotlight, blinding the partly lit classroom with light every time. Bakugo continued his show with practiced ease, a smug smile showing on his face as the students below him erupted into a chorus of applause.

Even the teachers were amazed. For a kid to have that much control over their quirk at such a young age—impressive to say the least.

"I wish I had a quirk like that…" Tsubasa, a chubby child next to Bakugo, said.

Izuku looked at Tsubasa with shining eyes. "Your wings are awesome too Tsubasa!"

And they were. The wings that protruded from Tsubasa's back allowed to actually fly, and considering they seemed to grow as he got older, the potential of his quirk was high enough for hero standards.

Bakugo stopped his display. "Tsubasa? Eh…. What about your quirk, Deku?"

All the kids looked at the green haired boy in silence, whereas the teachers winced.

"Now, now. De-Izuku is just a late-bloomer," the teacher reassured with a smile.

"That's right! My momma told me people get quirks after they're four too! I'm going to the doctor today and he'll fix me right up!" Izuku said adamantly.

Bakugo put his chin up. "Hmph. Whatever it is, it won't be as good as mine."

Izuku tightly held onto his All Might plushie with one hand as he was led into the doctor's room for testing. His other hand was occupied by the even tighter grasp of his mother.

The doctor had finished his X-ray scan and had called them to his personal office. The sheer tension and worry of his mother was visible to everyone who walked past them, leaving them to wonder what happened for such an expression to appear on a kind-looking woman like her.

The second the pair went inside the room, the doctor dropped the hammer.

"Your son is quirkless."

Dread filled both mother and son as Izuku dropped his All Might plushie in shock. The green haired boy was young but he knew what the sentence meant.

"H-how? Me and Hishashi both have a quir—"

"Yes, if both parents have a quirk there is a higher chance of their offspring to have a quirk as well, usually a form of one or both of their parents' quirk."

Izuku beamed with hope. What the doctor said was good, right? So why did his mother's frown deepen?

"However, from the information we gathered as a result of the X-ray scans, we found that Izuku does have an extra joint in his pinky toe."

"What does that have to do with anything?"

The doctor took off his glasses in a dramatic fashion. "Research has shown that anyone with two joints in their pinkies are practically always quirkless."

His mother gasped in shock.

"Don't worry too much, Mrs. Midoriya. Having a quirk isn't that important in the modern world, I'm glad to say. Technology has advanced to the point where many quirks are becoming redundant. And…I'm not trying to raise any false hope, but there have been cases where individuals gained quirks even with the extra—"

"Please," his mother interrupted. "Your help has been appreciated, doctor. We'll take our leave."

The doctor only nodded resignedly.

The pair left the room worse than how they entered. They exited the hospital quickly, not a single word ushered between the two.

Inko felt ashamed. She had let her son down, and she had no idea what to say to cheer him up. As for Izuku, he was just sad. Kids don't have very complicated emotions. He wanted a quirk, and now he couldn't have one. He just wanted to be a hero like his role model.

"Momma, will I not be able to be a hero?" Izuku asked, tears collecting in both his eyes.

Inko froze while tears ran down her cheeks. "I'm…sorry, Izuku."

At that moment, Izuku realized he forgot his All Might plushie back in the hospital.

I guess it doesn't matter anymore, huh?

Many years later…

Izuku was at an all-time low when his idol, All Might himself, told him that he couldn't become a hero even when quirkless. He could deal with his classmates and Bakugo laughing at him when he said he wanted to go to UA, but it was different with All Might.

But in a way, he could see why All Might said what he did. Being a hero without a quirk in a time of history like this was incredibly dangerous. When villains have quirks which could blow up buildings with a snap, what could a gun realistically do? Deku could become a police officer, and help protect people in other ways.

A hero didn't have to have a flashy quirk—all Izuku wanted to do was help people like his idol did and continued to do so.

Stray tears hit the ground as Izuku wandered randomly through the populated streets of Mustafu. He didn't care about where he was heading to, he just needed to get his mind off the incident from before. It was heartbreaking to even remind himself of what happened.

He walked and walked, head facing the ground as his mind wandered from topic to topic, making sure to avoid one

specific landmine, of course.

His hand subconsciously and instinctively headed for his right pocket, where he normally placed his notebook, but the instant realization of its current situation kept his hand at bay.

Although I guess—

A sudden shock of pain blew him out of his thoughts. The area where his forehead made contact with the wall gleamed a fiery red. Izuku fell on his bottom softly, fortunately landing on his bag.

Izuku looked around himself.

Where was he?

He currently rested in a dark alleyway with a few brands of light shining through, somehow landing on Izuku perfectly, making the scene rather cinematic in nature. He prepared to stand up when he heard something.


A dog?

He looked to the direction of the sound expecting to find a skinny street-puppy cutely looking up at him for food.

Only to find something else entirely.

Some…thing…stared back at him passively, its red body dull in the shadows of the garbage can next to it. Something akin to a handle was present on its back for a reason Izuku had no idea about—until he saw the most prominent feature on the creature's body.

A chainsaw protruded from its face.

Izuku screamed as he scrambled backwards on his knees, his back quickly reaching the wall behind him.

But the creature did nothing but tilt its little head sideways, before barking once more.

The green haired boy had a relieving revelation. The thing in front of him was completely harmless.

Izuku let out a bitter laugh. "I really am hopeless. Getting scared by you of all things, how would I ever become a hero, let alone one like All Might? No wonder he calls me Deku…"

The creature's eyes sparkled with…curiosity? Izuku did his best not to flinch as the creature moved forward, bringing the weapon on its forehead dangerously close to his stomach. He reluctantly let a hand down, petting the creature carefully.

"It's pretty funny, right? Me, a quirkless nobody, wanting to be someone like All Might. But I guess it was always a pipe dream. But I'm not really trying to pity myself, I mean, twenty percent of the population is quirkless. There's probably someone who's had it worse than me. But it's just so fun imagining being a hero…analyzing heroes and villains, making notes and a bunch of other things. I just wanted to smile like him while saving people with all my strength. Sometimes I wonder how unlucky I am. Both my parents have quirks, and the quirkless gene is recessive as it is. If only…"

Izuku looked back at the creature below him. Large eyes stared intently back at him. It was almost like it understood…

"Sorry for that!" Izuku said bashedly, rubbing the back of his head with his spare hand. "I ramble a lot sometimes…"

Why the hell am I talking to a dog?

He looked at his watch, eyes widening in alarm.

"Crap! Mom's gonna get worried. I need to go."

He grabbed onto the creature with both hands, preparing to place it next to him.

It didn't budge. Izuku shaked it once more, but the creature stubbornly held on.

Almost instantly after, Izuku felt something wash over him.

"I liked listening to your dreams, Deku. That's why I'm making this a contract. I'll become your heart."

"In exchange, become a hero for me!"

Izuku fell to the floor as the creature's weight increased. He looked in horror as the legs of the canine's legs spread into tentacles of red and began spreading over his chest quickly. His uniform quickly tore away around the spot before the creature began disappearing entirely into his body. Izuku screamed in terror as something filled his chest, before it felt empty once more.

He faded into unconsciousness right after.

Izuku woke up with a gasp. Sweat ran down his face as recent memories invaded his thoughts.

What was that?

Cold air hitting his body reminded him that he was bare chested in the middle of nowhere. He looked down at his chest.

Another scream echoed along the alleyway.

A cord was stuck in the middle of his chest.

Deku ran along the streets of Musutafu in panic. Bystanders around merely looked at him in curiosity—a shirtless boy with green hair certainly wasn't the strangest thing they've ever seen, but it definitely was up there.

Isuku's adrenaline slowly decreased as his lackluster stamina began showing through. No longer driven by energy, he came to his senses. Embarrassment, of course, was a driving factor which led him to another alleyway, one that was more familiar to his memory as well.

Izuku could only pant as a plethora of thoughts flooded his mind. What was going on?

"Thank god I escaped from that blond brat…"

Izuku's ears perked.

"And escaping before All Might came, I'm quite a lucky bastard today…"

One look at the farthest corner of the alley made Izuku freeze.

It was the sludge villain from before.

Creepy, dead eyes looked at him.

"Oh, it's you. I'm giving you this option cus' I'm in a good

mood. Run away. Shoo, shoo."

Izuku should have run away. It was the most sensible thing to do in that situation. He couldn't do anything against a real villain! What should he do? Throw his notes? Retaliating was practically begging for death.

But something urged him to do something else.

The weird feeling came once more.

"Pull me, Deku."

Izuku held a trembling hand to the cord on his chest, and pulled with a single jerk of his arm.


His entire body began morphing at once. His head transformed into a demonic, mechanical shape, the design accented by a raging chainsaw inserted on top. Jagged teeth lined the insides of his "mouth". His arms looked like someone jammed two chainsaws in the middle of them, rendering his fingers completely useless. The weapons spun menacingly, filling the alleyway the alarming sound it produced.

In place of the once timid boy stood a devil. And the devil's eyes radiated with bloodlust.

The sludge villain looked at the thing before him in fear.

And then the devil charged.

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