Hi everybody! I haven't got as many reviews for the latest chapter as I had hoped, but I guess that's what I get for not updating for nine months, huh?

Sorry if I panicked anybody, but this isn't really an update. When I write chapter eleven I'll use it to overwrite this. I just wanted to tell everyone that I'm looking for a beta-reader for my new fiction I'm working on now that Froze Over is done. In it a lot of main characters go to Disney World for - let me capitalize this - VERY STUPID REASONS. However, I am trying to be a little bit in character which is why I'm seeking help. Hopefully I could get a title suggestion too. Anyway, if you're interested, leave me an email address and I'll get back to ya. I'm almost done with the first chapter (which is HUGE) so hopefully someone will respond to this!

Thanks for your time,