Author: Angel Shinigami

Title: A War mages Path

Warnings: Sever Character changes, fluff, sap, odd clothing, language, and more. Yaoi!

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Chapter: One

"Now Harry.I think this is for the best. You will be back soon. But we can not teach you what you need to know.please just go along with it. It is for the best."

Harry Potter looked at Albus Dumbledore, Head Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The elderly man had called him up to his office right after the beginning of school feast to inform him that he would be training with the mages for an undisclosed amount of time.

"But sir.I want to stay here with my friends, when will I get to come back? At the end of the year?"

Dumbledore shook his head and gave the young boy in front of him a sad look. His normally blue eyes looked like a muted gray as the old man gave a grand sigh and lay a wrinkled hand on Harry's shoulder.

"No Harry.I can not tell you when you will return.the Mage council will be the ones to decide. When they think you are ready to face Voldermort, they will send you back.and no sooner my boy."

Harry thought about that for a moment and then looked at the other man in the room. The twenty-year-old was tall and well toned. His magenta hair was tied back in a low ponytail that ended right below the collar of his jade green jacket. Large black eyes sparkled with repressed curiosity and life for everything around him. A gold belt held up leg-hugged jade green pants that left nothing to the imagination and dragon hide boots made the mans outfit seem to mesh perfectly.

"Well.I don't really have a choice in this do I?"

Both men shook their heads and Harry let out a small sigh.

"Alright, I'll go with you."

The man in green smiled and held out his hand for the smaller boy to shake.

"Welcome aboard Harry. My you can call me Jade."

As Harry took Jade's hand, the world around him blurred and he soon found himself standing in the middle of a large white a gold room with tables and chairs scattered about.

"Harry, I would like to welcome you to War Mage HQ. This is Location is secret. Not even the other Mages in the building know where it is. War Mages are the only Mages that know where every other mages headquarters are. We have to be versed in every form of magic there is."

Harry gazed around and gave a nod at the end of Jade's speech. He knew that no matter what, he was in for a long stay.

" you going to be teaching me?"

A soft laugh echoed off of the walls and a black woman in a bright blue dress that went to he ankles and blue flat heels walked forward. Her blue hair contrasted greatly with her vivid aqua green eyes and accessories that seemed to bring her attire to life.

"No child. I will be teaching you. You may call me Aquamarine, or just Aqua for short. But while I teach you, you will address me as ma'am. Is that clear young one?"

Harry gave a nod and smiled at the beautiful woman in front of him. A thought entered his mind as his new instructor and new friend guided him around, showing him his new rooms and introducing him to his new training partner and room mate.

'You know.this might not be so bad.'

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~

"War Mage Quick Silver, War Mage Midnight, War Mage Aquamarine, War Mage Jade, and War Mage Bloodlust. You five have been called before this council to receive orders on the Voldermort scandal. You five are our top agents. We the Council expect you to handle this as soon as possible. We are deploying you to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You leave in two hours. Back up will be issued to you if needed. Dismissed."

With that five mages exited the room and didn't begin discussing the mission until they arrived in War Mages Midnight and Quick Silver's room.

"How are we going o arrive? And how will we stay inconspicuous Harry?"

War Mage Midnight, or Harry Potter to his most trusted friends, Thought for a moment before he sighed and tossed himself onto his bed.

The Seventeen-year-old looked around at his friends and shook his head.

"To tell you the truth guys, I don't know. I don't think we should tell Dumbledore about me being back. That man is very.selective with what he thinks everyone should know. If he knew that I was back, he would tell the school so that everyone will feel safer, if he does that, the element of surprise will be completely destroyed."

The others nodded, knowing from Harry's accounts of the years that he had attended Hogwarts that the old man was as sneaky as they come.

" you know any thing new on this case?"

The elegant woman laughed and shook her head.

"Sorry Yan.This time, I'm as clueless as the rest of you.We'll see when we get their ne?"

The other four laughed and everybody disappeared to go and get ready for their mission. Two hours later, All five mages were standing around the white and gold common room that Harry had first arrived in.

Harry looked around at his friends and smiled. His first friend here, Jade or Theodore as he later told Harry, really hadn't changed much. His hair was a bit longer and he had an earring now, but other than that he still dressed in the same green and gold outfit he did when he first met him. And even after all this time, he still had that love for life sparkle in his eyes.

Quick Silver, or Hellaine, was still the spunky high-spirited girl she was when Harry had first walked into his new quarters on that first day. At that time, she was wearing what all training war mages wear, complete white, nothing else. Harry had worn them, Jade had worn them, and at one point in her life, Aqua had worn them.

Hellaine now wore lose pale gray pants that were bound to he calves by white, high laced ballet slippers. She also wore a white, short-sleeved, mid-drift shirt and pale gray, finger less gloves. Her White hair strikingly contrasted with bronzed skin and her pale gray eyes always seemed to glow with mischief.

Harry always assumed that she had grown so used to the bland white clothing she had worn for six years, that she never really got comfortable wearing colors again. Hellaine had just turned nineteen. She was one of the latest graduates the high council had ever seen.

Blood Lust was an odd story. Unlike his teammates, who all matched, He was dressed in blood red and bright lavender. Harry had never under stood his friend and decided that it was better if he didn't.

Bloodlust's real name was Robyn, but he insisted that everyone call him Bob. No one really knew why, but then again nobody really ever thought to ask.

Bob was a tall, well-muscled, man with a volcanic temper. Everyone but those who knew him best stayed clear of him in fear of having their spines ripped out or something.Harry had actually started that rumor after he had seen his companion twist a guys head clean off. Harry decided that having your spine ripped out was much less scary.

The odd man was dress in knee length lavender shorts with red stitching, his tight, long sleeved, blood red shirt was covered by a short sleeved free flowing, unbuttoned, lavender shirt. Red and lavender sneakers adorned the slightly crazy mans feet. His Lavender hair stood out against his pale skin.

All in all Harry thought the man looked like a blender had gotten sick on him, but didn't have the heart to tell him so.

Harry, himself, had changed a lot. No longer did he wear the bold and sticking colors of the proud Gryffindors. He not wore tight black leather pants and a black V-necked T-shirt that clung to his body in all the right ways. A black leather trench coat flowed freely around his black leather ankle boots with their silver laces. Four silver hoops adorned his ears and a belt made of hollow silver rings lay lopsidedly of off his hips.

Harry twined his long silver hair around his fingers and bit his lower lip. He was nervous about this whole thing. Harry, unlike his roommate, Harry was one of the five youngest to ever graduate in the time span of a year and a half. Harry was now seventeen. He had been sent to the mages when he had barely turned fifteen. Harry had graduated six months after his sixteenth birthday.

To say Hellaine was upset was an understatement. She had thrown book, knives, and just about anything else she could get her hands on, at him until Harry had run to one of his lovers for help and protection.

Harry looked over at his lover, Jade, and smiled. Jade had helped him though a lot of tough spots over the last two years, and over the time, the two had fallen in an odd form of love. It was an unspoken thing between them that if they were to fall in love or lust with anyone else, it wouldn't matter as long as the other knew before hand.

Harry himself had three other lovers, two were in other teams that served as back up for the elite teams (which Harry himself was a part of), and one was in research. Jade had applauded his choice to go after the small, orange haired spirit mage in research. It had helped out a lot when their team needed something done fast.

Harry's spirit mage loved Harry and understood his other alliances, He knew it helped to have people in all circles, He himself could only ever love one person, That person just happened to be an elite War Mage. Harry's spirit mage rarely ever came out to the fields unless he was really needed. But Harry was always happy when he was with him.

The silver haired boy was pulled from his thoughts when his former instructor cleared her throat and walked over to the middle of the room.

"We will depart from this spot and arrive in Head Master Dumbledore's office. Everyone, please bring your stuff, put it in the middle, and hold hands."

Doing as they were told, after dragging their trunks, bags, cases, and other items and putting them in a big heap, they then gathered around the stuff as best they could and held hands tightly.

"Alright we.go!"

Nobody really had time to blink before they found themselves in the middle of a large office with a very surprised Dumbledore sitting behind his desk.

"Ah.may I you?"

Aquamarine quickly dropped Bloodlust and Quick Silver's hands and turned to smile at the old man in royal purple robes.

"Good evening Professor.You may call me Aquamarine. We are sorry to interrupt your preparations for tonight's feast, but we are here to fill your Defense Against the Dark Arts job."

The elderly man stared at the group that was clustered around his desk. His eyes shifted from the tall black woman in blue, to the man in green. Clearing his throat, Dumbledore gazed at the eclectic assortment of people.

"We already have that position filled in.I'm sorry."

The woman's left eye twitched slightly as she gave the man a strained smile and attempted to approach the subject from a different angle.

"Sir, maybe I didn't introduce my self or my companions properly. You may call me War Mage Aquamarine. These are my associates, War mage Quick Silver, War Mage Midnight, War Mage Jade, and War Mage Bloodlust. We are here for the D.A.D.A. position."

Just then a large barn owl swooped in and dropped a letter on the stunned older man's desk.

"I am sure that if you open that envelope you will find a letter stating that your Defense teacher regretfully informs you that he cannot teach this year do to things he can not reveal at this time."

Sure enough as soon as the elderly wizard opened the letter, his eyes grew wide with the knowledge that the tall woman was ended correct.

", Madam War Mage, that we do have a spot open. But it is only on spot. What shall we do with the rest?"

It was Harry that stepped forward to solve the problem. "I am only seventeen sir.If I am correct, all seventeen year-olds are still going to school, right?"

Dumbledore nodded at this and gave the young boy a smile. "You are quite right War Mage in training. We d-"

Harry glared at his former Head Master.

"I'll have you know that I have been a full War Mage for seven months."

Dumbledore was taken aback by the young boy's angry glare and nodded.

"Please forgive me. I do not know the ways of Mages. As I was saying, At seventeen you would be entering your seventh year of schooling. I would enroll you, but.I'm afraid that you do not have the proper clothing. You do not have any school supplies either. And what do we do with you four?"

This time it was Jade who stepped up and addressed the old Head Master.

"Sir, I don't think you understand this situation. You really don't have a choice in this matter. War Mage Midnight had been nice enough to allow you to enroll him in school, the rest of us however, are to old to be students. The rest of us will be you new D.A.D.A teachers. You do not have any say so in this. So says the High Mages Council! Do we understand each other?"

Harry held back a laugh as Dumbledore nodded and held back a glare. Harry had never seen this side of his former Head Master before. Dumbledore had always been kind and full of smiles. But now he just seemed tired and upset that he had no control anywhere in the situation.

"Alright then, well lets see.We will have to express order you some robes Young War Mage. What is your name child?"

"You my call me Midnight. Head Master."

The man's lips twitched in a frown before he looked at Harry again and gave him a smile.

"I meant your real name. I can not register you under a nick name, now can I?"

Harry blinked at the old man that was dressed odder than Bloodlust was. It was odd that Dumbledore didn't know the ways of the Mages. Harry had always thought that Dumbledore knew what he was going though, or at lest the rules of the game, but it was now clear that he didn't.

" Sir, Midnight is my name, or at lest the only name you ever pry from my lips. Only the most trusted people know my true name. If you have a War Mages true name, you hold power over them."

Dumbledore nodded at this and sighed. "Alright then Midnight. What are your measurements? You will have to have proper robes."

Once again Harry sighed and turned begging eyes to his friends. Seeing the distressed look, Jade wrapped his arms around his younger lover's waist and pulled him against him softly. Looking up at Dumbledore, he answered for Harry.

"Dumbledore, War Mage Midnight was been training extremely hard to earn the right to wear what he does. When a mage is in training, he or she is not aloud to wear any color what so ever. They all wear the same white outfit. They are not allowed to wear jewelry, or makeup, or anything. They all look the same, no distinction. Then when they graduate they are aloud to pick their name and colors that define who they are. Up until the time when they are considered full mages, they are called by their trainer's name for them. So Midnight here will keep his clothing and his Identity because he earned it. Are we done?"

Dumbledore nodded again and silently walked over to the door.

"War Mages Quick Silver, Midnight, Jade, Bloodlust, and Aquamarine, The feast begins at eight o' clock, which is in five minutes. Please go down these steps and through the door to your right, follow that door all the way down the hall until you arrive at a portrait of a door. Touch the handle and push it open, when you enter the room behind the portrait, wait for me to introduce you and then come out. At that time I will sort young midnight here and then we can begin the feast! You don't have any other instructions that state that you have to eat at the same table do you?"

Thinking for a moment Harry looked around and bit his lip. They really didn't have any other orders than what was already stated, but then Bloodlust looked directly into the elderly man's eyes and gave him a disturbingly happy smile.

"Yes, actually now that you mention it we do. We are required to room in our own rooms. War Mage Quick Sliver with War Mage Midnight, War Mage Jade with myself and War Mage Aquamarine on her own. Thanks."

Harry held back a snort of laughter by turning his back to the Head Master and starting down the stairs, with his friends and collogues right behind him.

It took them a few moments to get down the room indicated for them to wait in by Dumbledore. By the time they arrived, Dumbledore had already gone though the sorting of the first years and half the announcements.

".And now before we eat, I would like to introduce you new D.A.D.A. teachers and one new seventh year student. Please Welcome War Mage Aquamarine."

Harry gave his mentor an encouraging smile as she passed by him and out into the silent hall. Harry couldn't help but look out the door and see hundreds of shocked faces.

"War Mage Bloodlust."

Silently, the tall and proud man walked out into the hall and stood next to the woman he viewed as one of the pieces of his extended family. The other three pieces of that family had still yet to be called. Robyn.or Bob to most, on included one other person into his family circle, and that was Harry's spirit mage. Robyn really liked the orange haired mage. No one knew why, but Harry didn't question it, he was glad his spirit mage was excepted into the group he called his family.

"War Mage Jade."

Jade's golden eyes showed nothing, except for a small flash of love and excitement, as the magenta haired man walked over and stood to the right of his friends.

The hall was still silent, not a single person had made a was odd, Harry recalled in his fourth year, when Mad-eye Moody had made a loud and frightening entrance, people had clapped. Harry wondered if they knew that their teachers weren't done being introduced, or if they were surprised that they were being taught by war mages.

"War Mage Quick Silver."

Hellaine practically bounced out of the room and giggled as she saw some of the students do a double take to make sure that this girl was really who they said she was.

"And finally, your new Seventh year, War Mage Midnight."

Harry bit his lip slightly as he looked at all of the eyes that had shifted over to the door. Taking a deep breath, he calmly stalked out of the small room and positioned himself next to his roommate and friend.

"Would you please step forward mister um.Midnight, sit on the stool if you will."

Nodding Harry calmly slipped onto the three-legged stool and felt his heart do a summersault when he saw the hat descend upon his head.


'Shut up you stupid old hat and let get this over with, put me in Slytherin for all I give a rats ass.'

Harry heard laughter in his head for a brief moment.


Harry sighed slid off of the stool as soon as the Hat was removed. Looking from the table he was supposed to sit at and his friends, he saw proud smiles and happy grins from his family. He thought on this as he smiled to them before moving to sit next to a boy on the end of the table with his head down and his blond hair tied back in a thick twist.

Harry guessed that a war mage would be put in Slytherin. Because none of the other houses really excelled in producing the worthy qualities that a mage had to have.

A mage had to be able to think on their feet and make quick life or death decisions on the drop of a dime. Ravenclaw would defiantly not work. Ravenclaw was known for its book smarts, not its street smarts.

A mage also had to have loyalty, well Hufflepuff was good for that, but mages also had to be able to do a lot of complicated magic. Not exactly what Hufflepuff was made for.

A mage also had to be brave, but not have a death wish and had to have the ability to stay in control long enough to make the right decision.or at lest the best choice for the team.

So after thinking about it that way. Harry kind of understood why his family had been proud. He then let a big smile grace his face when his housemates decided that he wasn't so bad and welcomed him to the snake house.

Looking over at the blond to his left, Harry nudged him and smiled.

"Hi there.whats wrong? Not feeling well?"

The blond raised his head slightly and glanced at all of the food around him, making a face, he then put his head back down and shifted away from his inquirer

Looking over at the boy on his right. Harry blinked at him and motioned over to the blond.

"Oh.That's Draco Malfoy.He used to be proud and very friendly.. Well at lest to his housemates. But something changed in him two years ago, like at the beginning of fifth year.Right after Harry Potter disappeared actually, He just.shut down. He doesn't eat much any more. He barely insults Gryffindors, and right before summer last year, I actually heard him say he was sorry to a Hufflepuff.the boy isn't right in the head."

As Harry shifted his gaze back over to his former enemy, he nodded to himself and smiled.

"Alright, Draco, You can call me Midnight."

Reaching around the blondes folded arms, Harry snagged his plate and started to put food on it. Draco sat up strait and glared at him.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Putting on his most charming and disarming smile, Harry put a piece of chicken on the blonde's plate and answered him.

"Making you eat. Come not asking much, but I hate to see good food go to waste."

After he had put the golden plate back in front of his old enemy, Harry set about making his own plate, which was far less crammed with food. Draco raised an eyebrow at the boy in black.

"And why should I eat more than you?"

Harry laughed. Turning to the blond, he smiled again. Draco was surprised to see how much the War Mage next to him looked like a certain dark haired Gryffindor from so long ago.

Draco laughed when the mage answered him and gave him a small smile.

"Because I said you should and I'm much more powerful than there."

All around them, the great hall had gone silent when Draco had laughed at the other boy's comment. It had been a long time since anyone had heard the quite blonde's laughter, evil or other wise.

Up at the teacher's table, A certain magenta haired man in green allowed himself a small smile. 'It looks like my angel has found himself a new friend.better keep a close eye on that one. He will take some work.'

Standing up, after he was sure that everyone had gotten their fill, Dumbledore smiled down at all of the young faces that blessed the hall every year.

"Now my dear students. Follow your house prefects and get a good night sleep. War Mage Midnight, please go with your house, Further instructions will come to you later."

Harry looked over at his mentor and nodded. The tall woman nodded back and all four mages watched as their youngest member walked away with his new house. All the while talking almost nonstop to the quite blond boy at his side.

An hour later, Harry found himself sitting on in a black leather chair listening to his new housemates tales of what they did to him over the four years he attended Hogwarts. Waiting for word form his instructor.

".So anyways, Draco goes up to him in potions right, and leans over really close to him, and get this.Potter starts blushing and when Draco pulls away I swear Potter looked like he was going to faint, right then and there. Draco never told us what he had's a pity, I really would've liked to know."

The other Slytherins were laughing so hard, one of them even fell out of his chair. Draco smiled just a bit as he remembered the way he'd told is crush to meet him after class, to bad Snape held Harry back so long that he never got to see him before the train ride.

The opening of the common room door caused the common room to go deadly silent. The girls swooned as soon s they saw who had followed the head of house through the opening.

Jade looked around the room for a moment before he walked over to the silver haired member of his team and smiled.

"You coming Midnight? We have our rooms set up. It took alittle longer than previously thought. Dumbledore can be a pain."

The young mage laughed and walked over to his taller lover and wrapped his arms around the twenty-two year-olds waist.

"Yes, I agree, but what can we do."

Harry turned to his friends and smiled.

"Jade, these are my new friends. This is Basil Zambini." Harry pointed to a short boy with auburn hair and gold eyes. "Pansy Parkinson." Harry indicated a girl with golden curly hair and bright blue eyes. "Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle" He then moved his hand to point to two rather burly boys with brown hair and stupid looks. "They really aren't as dumb as they look. And over here we have Draco Malfoy."

Jade smiled at each person and winked at Draco.

"Draco Malfoy huh.Dragon of Bad Faith. Fitting. Well come along Midnight, I have class in the morning and you dear one have school. If you're really good I might let you sleep though morning routines."

Harry laughed as he walked with his friend to his new room, tossing a causal good by over his shoulder to his new friends.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~

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