Disclaimer: This story is mine, but the characters do not belong to me. I make no money from this, but I did have a ton of fun writing it.

Author's Note: Takes place during the Moonlighting Pilot episode. After their dangerous run-in with Simon at Maddie's house, David takes Maddie to the City of Angels office to stay for the night.

Maddie wakes in the middle of the night. She feels cold, and the leather couch in David's office is about as comfortable as a lawn chair. Great for sitting, but not for sleeping.

She gets up, uses the bathroom, and stops to peek out the office door on her way back to the couch. She sees that David has fallen asleep sitting on the swivel chair at one of the small desks that line the large windows that look out onto the city.

Poor guy, she thinks to herself, he looks so uncomfortable. David had laid his head down on the desk, using only his hands as a pillow, and he'd fallen asleep like that. She thinks he must be chilly just like she is. She walks over and takes his suit jacket off the back of the chair and gently places it over him like a blanket.

She turns to walk back into his office and notices the harmonica, which had fallen onto the floor. She thinks back to when he had played it earlier. How sweet… he played Blue Moon. She was after all, the Blue Moon Shampoo girl. Fitting… he'd play that for her. She bends over to pick up the harmonica, brushes it off on her dress, and places it down on the desk.

She stops for a moment to look at him. Really look at him… while he's sleeping. She wonders, who is this man? He's attractive, she knows that. Tall, slim and with broad shoulders. Gorgeous green eyes, and he's got the cutest lop-sided grin.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on a minute… what is she thinking?

This man has done nothing but infuriate her since the moment she met him mere hours ago. Nearly got her killed! But he was smart. A clever man. A man who thinks on his feet. He did do everything he could to keep her safe. That was the reason why he brought her here… to keep her safe.

And he didn't even try anything. Was really a perfect gentleman. Maybe he's not so bad. Could it be that she actually found one of the good guys? Maybe she could learn to trust this man.

She sure had a lot of fun. More fun than she's had in a very long time. Working with this man, now that could be an adventure! She'd have to sleep on it; see how tomorrow goes. She doesn't want to get ahead of herself.

Maddie walks back to the open office door. She stops and looks back at David.

'Somethin' about that guy,' she whispers, then shakes her head and smiles despite herself.