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"Are you ever going to wake up?" Charlie states more than asks, annoyed as he stomps down the stairs.

Bella tossed the pillow she'd been lying on at her bedroom door. "Ugh!"

Chuckling from the kitchen, she hears her dad start the coffee pot and decides it just might be time to get out of bed. Tossing on a dirty tee from the floor and pulling on a pair of baggy sweat shorts over her woxers, she heads downstairs after using the bathroom. The smell of dark roast tickles her nose hairs and she sighs gratefully as Charlie hands her a large mug with "ugh" imprinted on the side and it's her turn to chuckle, "it's not such a bad thing to sleep in now and then, Charlie," Bella mumbles before sipping the stifling hot liquid. The gentle notes of nuts and chocolate soothe her throat and she hums happily.

Making a disgruntled face at his daughter's persistent use of his first name, "it's also a weekend. Shouldn't you be out doing something instead of lounging around here, eating all my food?"

She points a finger at him with her eyebrows raised, because the man's got a point. However, "but it's my day off. I should get to choose how I spend it, shouldn't I?"

Charlie set his empty mug down and started filling up his cooler with snacks and beer. Bella followed him out of the kitchen and down the short hallway to the front door where he gathered his fishing gear and pulled on his muck boots. She smiled at him when he looked at her.

"You're doing what you want, aren't you?"

Charlie nodded sideways, "Touché."

She snickered as she grabbed his fishing hat, complete with bobbers and lures, and flopped it on his head as he walked out the door. He turned back quickly at an odd angle and she pressed up on her tiptoes so he could reach her cheek. After a quick peck, he shouted goodbye as he quickly waddled down the path from the porch to the driveway to stuff his gear into her truck before heading out to meet up with his friends. It was a bi-weekly occurrence that he had been doing since forever and Bella didn't complain about the lack of company because this was her time for freedom. Life as a writer wasn't banal or anything, she's able to insert herself into different worlds, dimensions even, and create them to her liking. Characters flow from her fingertips and she can get lost for hours in a new novel, usually pushing one out every few months, much to her agents' delight. With graduation from Forks High coming up at the end of this year, Bella has taken initiative courses at the Peninsula Technical College and then she plans to spend a year traveling Europe, backpacking like all the cool kids in movies talked about. Bella's been an author since she was in junior high and now has a pretty penny saved up. She's definitely thought about moving out of Charlie's house and getting her own place once high school is over but it's nice there with him. He has no one else except his friends and she moved here to be closer to him - among other things -, so why would she move out yet? He has even hinted that he hopes she doesn't leave after school, but he doesn't have to worry. Bella's got no plans on moving into her own place any time soon. Charlie and she have a good system going. He works crazy hours, often doubles, at the police station where he is the head honcho, and when he's home, she's either out, sleeping, writing or soon to be in school again. They have dinners together and they split the chores. There even seems to be some unspoken rule about late night visitors but she's yet to become interested in someone so that's probably why it's unspoken. She's like her dad in that way. He's been content to be single since her mom left with her when she was a baby. Bella can't tell if it's because he's literally happy to be single or if Mom was his 'one and only'.

They don't talk about it.

Her next novel is set to come out at the end of September. All her fans were hyped up and her agent would text her some of her favorite reviews in order to hype Bella up as well. The series she's in the middle of now is her fourth series in total so far. This one is mostly fantasy with fae and magic wands in the middle of Siberia. Many of her fans wanted to know if her protagonist would fall in love, as she'd yet to. Bella is still unsure of that herself.

Deciding that the cleanliness of the house was decent enough for when Charlie inevitably slunk in tomorrow evening with fish and a hangover, she got some writing done before ordering Chinese take-out and lounging. At least I'm not eating all his food. She thought with a mental shrug.