The Growth.

Ryuou the shadow kougra yawned widely as he rolled to his other side, bringing his covers with him. A few seconds later, he slowly opened his eyes, then rolled to his stomach to stretch. Satisfied, the sleepy neopet dragged himself out of bed and towards the bathroom. His ears twitched as the sounds of his awakening siblings and owner reached his ears. He pushed the door open with his nose, walked over to the sink, and raised up on his hind legs to rest his large heavy paws on the porcelain and look blearily at the mirror.

"RUINAEA!" The poor kougra yelped, and seconds later his twin sister, a blue eyrie, skidded to a halt in front of the open bathroom door.

"What?" The non-morning neopet asked irritably. She got a good look at her brother, and her purple eyes widened. "Uh. Ryuou. you DO know that you have a growth on your head and neck, right?"

"Gee, I never would have guessed." He replied sarcastically. "Now what do you plan on helping me do about it, oh smart one?"

She glared at him. Even if he was large for his age, and she was small for her age, she still was larger than him. "If you're not nice, then I won't help you. As it is, I think we better get Tideorous and Rugiler in on this."

"Get us in on what?" Ryuou moaned and hid his face behind a paw as the two aforementioned brothers showed up.

"What wrong?" Tideorous the uni asked.

"Yes, please point out what is the matter." The youngest (and probably smartest) member of the family, Rugiler, stated.

"Ryuou's got a growth." Ruinaea pointed with a paw at the mass of hair on the whimpering kougra. "A lot of hair."

The zafara made his way over to his cowering older brother and reached out to stroke the mass of fur. "I don't think it's serious, but you really should go tell Silver."

"NO! She'll take me to the hospital! There are NEEDLES at the hospital!" His three siblings sighed.

"Shave off?" Tideorous asked helpfully. Ryuou perked up.

"That might work." Ruinaea stood on her hind legs to get at the electric shaver Silver sometimes used to groom them with. She then advanced on her twin, who was starting to think this was a bad idea.


"I must admit, Ruinaea, you're good. Maybe you should get a job at the beauty parlor." Ryuou said, admiring his clean-shaven look in the mirror.

"Well, now that that's all over and done with, let's get back to bed." Rugiler sighed tiredly as the three turned around.

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Ryuou's startled shout made them turn around. 'IT GREW BACK!!"

Ruinaea groaned as she grabbed the shaver and the hair growth inhibitor that Silver said to never touch because it was too strong. "This is gonna be harder than I thought."


The growth defied shaving, defied the no-grow cream, and defied simply pulling it out. Each time, it simply grew back, even thicker and harder to get rid of.

"I give up." Ruinaea whimpered tiredly as she sank to the floor. Ryuou was currently whimpering like a kitten and rubbing his very sore head and neck.

"Us too." Rugiler and Tideorous agreed from where they were sprawled in the corner, covered in black hair.

Their owner chose this time to make an appearance. Yawning and stretching, Silver walked in, and Ryuou hurriedly tried to hide the growth.

"What are you all doing in the bathroom? And where did all this hair come from?" She asked, referring to the piles of hair from poor Ryuou, who her eyes fell on next. "Oh, Ryuou, enjoying your new custom look?"

"Huh?" All four pets stared.

"I didn't get the chance to tell you yet, did I? Last night after you all went to bed, I made Ryuou a custom pet by adding in a lion mane. I think it looks nice, what about you guys?"

Silver didn't understand why all of her pets glared at her and stalked out, slamming the door behind them. "Was it something I said?"