Freedom of Choice

Sitting in the passenger's seat of Peter's truck, Amelia kept her eyes closed as they drove in comfortable silence towards Forks. Her stomach was in knots, six months prior Peter came to her, saying that she was the key to helping save his brother, his sire. As any rational human being, she thought he was off his rocker. But the blood red eyes, and just knowing things, eventually convinced her.

It was a hard pill to swallow to find out that vampires are real. Finding out that he was a Civil War veteran, and serving under the Major in the Southern Vampire Wars. It was humbling that he needed my help.

As the shock of the truth settled around Amelia, she understood that her life was to be like his, a vampire. So, instead of holding on to a family that she would not be able to see, she made her arrangements and Peter "ended" her life in the human world. Her small family had a funeral, she watched from a safe distance, at least they had closure and wouldn't always be wondering if she ran away.

Peter could sense that Amelia was deep in thought. "What's got you thinking so hard, Snowy."

Snorting at this nickname for her. "Just a wayward thought of my family. My mother wasn't the best mother, but she was family."

"I'm sorry." He said. While he just knew it had to be done, it didn't make him feel good for it.

"Relax Whitlock, it's all good. I'm not regretting anything." She reached over and touched his cold hand.

Looking over at her, he gave her a small smile. "We will be entering Forks soon, nervous about meeting the Cullens?"

"No, not really, I mean I hang out with you, and Garrett. I mean compared to that, deer munchers don't exactly tip the scale of scary!" she laughed out.

Peter was right, she was really good at taking things as they roll. He couldn't help but get nostalgic when she mentioned Garrett.


It was about a month after she moved into his home in Montana. Peter and Charlotte or Char as family calls her, were showing her around and halfway through the tour when Garrett came busting in.

"Who smells so delicious?" A tall, dark haired, red eyed vampire said.

Taking a strong stance, Amelia was ready to send this fucker flying if he thought she was a meal.

Peter stepped slightly in front of Amelia, knowing Garrett was playing around, but wanted to make sure that Amelia didn't set him on fire.

"Garrett this is my sister from another mister, Amelia, Amelia this is Garrett, he's mostly harmless."

Amelia's shoulders relaxed a little, she looked at Char and got the nod. "Pleased to meet you, Garrett."

Garrett smirked, "Pleasure is all mine." Taking her hand, his lips brushing her knuckles.

After a few days, it was clear that Garrett and Amelia were definitely buddies. Engaging in history. Playing practical jokes.

*End Flashback*

Focusing back in the present, Peter knew that she was going to be important to his sire. His knower knew; how, he wasn't sure, but he was certain. Just like his knower told him it was time to spend some time with the Cullens, so he had Amelia pack up and Char said she would catch up with them in a few days after she closed down the Montana house.

Turning down a long road towards the Cullens' property, Amelia thought about the conversation that Peter, Char, and even Garrett had about them. They explained in great detail each member of the family, and if they had any gifts. Alice was able to see the future; but it was decision based so it wasn't always set in stone. Jasper was an empath, but he could also affect the emotions of people around him. Edward, he could read minds, but only the current thoughts running through someone's head.

Emmett was a normal vampire who relied on brute strength. Rosalie, she didn't have any gifts, but she enjoyed working on all sorts of machines, however she could be cold and vain. Esme, she was the mother figure, nurturing. Finally, Carlisle, he was a human doctor, was very compassionate.

The only trepidation that Amelia had was about Edward, she really didn't like the thought that he could read her mind, but she would deal. Once she was a vampire, Peter could teach her to block him.

Coming out of her thoughts, she looked up to home as the truck came to a stop. "It's pretty," she said.

Peter smiled, he knew what she was thinking, that while it was a beautiful home, it definitely was not something that would blend with the other homes in Forks.

Flitting around, Peter opened her door, and extended his elbow. "M'Lady."

Fluttering her eyes, giving her best southern accent, "Why, aren't you a peach." her voice ligering with joy.

Esme had the door open before they could make it to the first step. "Welcome Peter, and Amelia," she said warmly. "Jasper is out hunting, he'll be back soon."

Amelia looked at the woman in front of her. Beautiful, as vampires are, but she looked almost robotic. Perhaps the Stepford Wife thing is getting to her. Shrugging off her thoughts, she extended her hand. "Hello, thank you for allowing me to stay in your home, it's lovely."

Esme took the young lady's hand, "You're welcome, I'm sure the family is excited to meet you. Plus I'm sure Edwards' girlfriend would be happy to have another human female in the know."

Amelia thought of anything but that, from the stories that Peter told her about Bella, she wasn't sure that they would be friends.

Peter stood behind Amelia as they walked towards the living space. Taking a look around and watching the other vampires that were sitting around, making sure they didn't pose a threat to his sister.

Emmett was the first to get up and zip towards them. "Hey, Peter, how have you been?"

Peter laughed, "Been good, how's life bunny muncher?"

Emmett gave a deep bellowed laugh. Amelia could tell he was naturally good natured.

They talked for a moment, then, Esme, ever the host, began to introduce Amelia to the rest of the family. Going one by one, Emmett was a big mush, she could see herself hanging out with him. Rosalie, definitely a bitch, but she was sure that it was because if you didn't add to her family, she couldn't be bothered. Carlisle was very kind, but felt that he was judgemental. The way he mentioned twice about Peter changing his diet. Kinda annoyed her.

When she finally got to Edward and Alice, she noticed that they shared a look. Alice was the first to speak.

"Hi, you're really pretty. I can't wait to give you a fun makeover. It's strange I can't see your future, it's like static. Crazy." She said, all but jumping up and down.

Amelia quirked her eyebrow, "Um, thank you, but I make it a rule not to play dress up. Stopped that when I was in elementary school."

Alice all but pouted, not being able to see her decisions, frustrated her. Alice was not a fan of the uncertain, this could be dangerous. All her planning was based on certainty. She would have to keep an eye on this girl.

Edward followed suit. Giving her a bland greeting. "I can't read you either. Other than Bella, you are silent to me."

Tilting her head, she looked him in the eyes, "Well that's probably a good thing, you'd be sick and tired of hearing my unhealthy obsession with tacos."

She let out a breath that she didn't even know that she was holding. Good, I really don't want you to hear my thoughts.

Peter, ever watchful of her, gently pushed Amelia towards the couch. He never liked Edward or Alice, but he knew that his sire, Jasper, loved her. He was unsure about what his sire's feelings were towards the boy, but he knew that Carlisle would do anything for him, as Jasper referred to him, the "Golden Child".

The Cullens watched in interest how another human was so comfortable around them, even more so around a human drinker. Emmett, never one to have a brain to mouth filter, "So, you're a strange human, doesn't the fact that Peter eats humans scare you?"

A loud smack was heard. "Oww, Rosie."

Amelia couldn't help but snort. "Thanks," she said looking at Rosalie. "To answer your question, no it doesn't. I guess it would if he was snatching anyone off the street. But Char and him focus on the worst of the worst. Rapists, pedophiles, you know people that truly are dangerous to the human race."

She leaned into Peter, he was her rock. Literally and figuratively. It also showed the Cullens that she was not afraid of him. She trusted him.

Just as Carlisle was about to retort, Peter tilted his head. "Daddy's home."

Peter gently dislodged himself from Amelia and stood up. As he did, Jasper flitted into the room and man hugged Peter.

Jasper took in his brother by venom, "It's good to see you brother."

"You to Major. Been almost two decades." Peter stated. He knew that it was Alice that kept them apart, but for whatever reason Jasper allowed it. He didn't understand how his sire could be so manipulated but the pixie, she wasn't his mate, but somehow she convinced him that they were.

Jasper could feel Peter's frustration, but was grateful that he didn't bring it up. As he went to say something, he felt curiosity directed towards him. Looking behind Peter was a young woman. This must be Amelia, he thought. Taking her in, she was gorgeous for a human. Her eyes were the color of sea glass, her hair was white, she had the figure of a woman, but he could tell she couldn't be more than 19. Taking a moment to steady himself, "Hello, darlin, you must be Amelia, I'm Jasper."

Amelia looked him over, he was beautiful, but she could see it in his eyes he was sad. Looking at his clothes, that was probably the reason, he looked like a strung up yuppy. She felt bad, she was hoping that the image she built in her head based on the Whitlocks description would match, unfortunately it didn't.

Giving a small smile, "Pleasure to meet you."

Jasper could feel her lack of enthusiasm, and that annoyed him greatly. Normally he was used to humans feeling lust, curiosity, fear, but indifference, that was new. Trying not to let anyone see that it bothered him, "So, how long are you guys sticking around?" He asked.

Amelia politely shrugged and pointed to Peter. "You need to ask Yoda. I'm just along for the ride."

When she said that, Jasper couldn't help it, but an image of her on top of him flashed in his mind.

As quickly as the image popped into his head, he nodded and looked at his Captain for the answer.

Peter chuckled, "Until you get annoyed with me."

Jasper couldn't help but feel joyful around his brother, but before he could give a smart ass reply, Amelia beat him to it. "Well I guess we should be getting back to the car, you tend to annoy the shit out of everyone. Especially Char."

A few chuckles escaped, but before anyone could say anything Edward spoke. "That's pretty coarse language for a lady."

Her eyes snapped to him, "Really? I don't need a father, but thanks."

Jasper could feel her vibrating with anger, but as soon as it hit, he felt her calm.

Most of the Cullens laughed at Edward, they knew that he was a pretentious shit. Rosalie was pretty impressed, most people are too intimidated by them to even correct them.

Looking over at Peter, he knew that she wanted an excuse to leave. "Esme," he started, "Is there a room that my lovely girl here could go to relax in? We've been driving for 13 hours straight."

Quickly standing up, she walked to Amelia. "Please my dear, let me show you the bedroom."

Walking side by side with Esme, she got to the third floor, and opened the door. Inside was a gorgeous room, the walls were a pale blue almost gray in tone, the king size bed was surrounded by a beautiful mahogany frame. The sheets were a soft cream color that accents the whole room. The furniture all fit together nicely. Taking a step further into the room, she turned towards Esme. "This is beautiful, thank you so much."

Esme was happy that her guest was pleased with her home. "You're welcome sweetheart, the bathroom is fully stocked, have a goodnight dear." With another small smile and a gentle wave, Esme left the room.

A sigh of relief came out of her mouth. Amelia was grateful for all the hospitality but she couldn't help but feel relieved that she got some space. Walking towards the bathroom, she gasped, dark wood, and light walls filled the space, it was like something out of a Home Design magazine. While Ameila would appreciate the high end decor and design of the home, she was a simple girl. She loved how Char decorated her home in Montana, slightly rustic, but had modern touches, it felt like a home. The Cullens, it felt like it was sterile.

Turning the water on, she let the steam build. As the water finally got to the right tempt, she slowly stripped herself out of the clothes she wore for traveling. Stepping into the steam and letting the water soak her body, Amelia tilted her head back and let the water sooth her soul.

Grabbing the shampoo and conditioner, she set to washing her hair. Once the conditioner was in, she set to work on scrubbing her body. Feeling down her body, she was happy that Char took her to get waxed. At first she didn't understand why she couldn't just shave at the Cullens, but Peter said that not drinking human blood has made the Cullens more sensitive to it, and it might cause someone to lose it. It hurt, like a lot, but now she wouldn't have to worry about shaving for a few weeks, and if they were still here at that time, Port Angels had a salon.

Relief is what she really needed. Bringing her hands up to her breast, she gently pulled on the nipples, as they came to peaks, she slowly moved her hands down her torso to her pussy. Needing it to be quick, she carefully pushed her fingers over her clit, rubbing in smooth circles, she could feel her body responding to the attention. Biting her lip to keep from moaning, Amelia leaned against the cool tiles in the shower, giving her goosebumps over her body. Grabbing her nipple with one hand, and playing with her clit with the other, Amelia let the sensation of her orgasm tumble through her body. It was the white noise of the shower that kicked her back to life. With a quick rinse, she grabbed the towels and dried herself off.

Walking over to the bed she snuggled under the covers, she knew at some point in the night, Peter would come in and drop off her bag. Letting this amazing bed take her to slumberland, Amelia quickly drifted off to sleep.

Downstairs, the Cullens were off doing their own thing, Alice was scouring the internet for the latest fashions, Rose and Emmett went out for a hunt, Carlisle and Esme sat in his office just enjoying each other's company. Edward went off to Bellas. Leaving Peter and Jasper sitting outside on the back deck.

They were bantering back and forth about this and that, it was Char calling that took his attention away from his sire.

Jasper laid back, he knew once Peter was done talking with Charlotte that they would continue the conversation. As he stared into the night sky, he was hit like a freight train with lust. Never has he felt someone's lust so strongly, being in a house with other vampires he got good and learning their emotions and could separate them. This was coming from Amelia.

His eyes got black with desire, it couldn't be helped, after about 5 minutes, he felt her body orgasm. It sent him close to the edge. Never in his life had he ever experienced that. Taking several unnecessary breaths, he got himself together.

He could hear Peter finishing up his call, and before turning his attention to his Captain, he glanced at the room that Amelia was in. Something about her drew him to her. He needed to control himself, he was a married man, so he had to keep telling himself.