Angelic Assignment


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Kenji, stop that!, Sakura said with a laugh. She was trying to sound as though she were scolding him, but she failed miserably. His playful smirk and devilish eyes made her laugh despite herself.

Still, he stopped his hand, leaving it on her thigh just below her skirt instead of under it. His touch was warm, and she smiled, gazing at her boyfriend's profile.

His golden brown hair was disheveled, the messy styling very sexy somehow. His full lips were curled into a familiar mischievous smirk, and his dark blue eyes were watching the road as he drove, one hand on the wheel and one on Sakura's thigh.

Her smile deepened; he was perfect. He was everything she'd ever wanted in a boyfriend: funny, affectionate, intelligent. Could it be that she was in love with him?

Her eyes turned from his profile to the windshield. Rain was pounding down on it, and she could not see where in town they were despite the windshield wipers going at full speed. Her jovial thoughts were replaced by worried ones as her eyes drifted to the clock, the three green digital numbers seemingly glaring at her.

I can't believe it's already past one, she whispered. My father is going to murder me, Kenji!

Don't worry, sweetheart, he replied smoothly. We'll tell your parents that I had car trouble or something. We just lost track of the time; it wasn't like we planned to miss your curfew . . .

Sakura smirked at this. You're so bad, she laughed, before her eyes once again turned serious. That may work on your parents, but not on mine. I'm a horrible liar. They'll know in a second that we didn't have any car trouble'.

It's worth a try, Kenji answered. Besides, it was worth it, wasn't it?

Sakura blushed as he squeezed her thigh reassuringly, remembering the things they had done before.

she said shyly. It was worth it every minute.

You bet it was, Kenji purred. Now, stop your worrying. I'm driving as fast as I can. You'll be home soon.

As Sakura's eyes drifted to her window and to the road they were driving on, she saw this was true. Cars, visible only as two bright headlights, zoomed by them in blurs of light. The rain continued to pour, and in the darkness, she could see little more than this.

Don't drive so fast, Sakura said, suddenly worried. A dark feeling swept over her. It won't make that much of a difference, how fast you drive . . .

Kenji replied easily. He squeezed her thigh again, sliding it up her bare leg a few inches as he turned toward her.

You're gorgeous, you know, he purred. Let's do this again soon.

Sakura was staring into his dark blue eyes, spellbound. She blushed as his hand traveled upwards further, sliding just under her skirt. She never noticed as the car began to drift off course, moving diagonally to the right instead of forward. The car was heading into the oncoming lane.

I want to . . ., Kenji began, staring back into her eyes.

Sakura suddenly screamed, seeing a pair of headlights heading straight for the front of the car.

KENJI, WATCH OUT!!, she screamed as his head immediately turned back to the road, his hand abandoning her thigh for the wheel. He spun the wheel sharply to the left, and Sakura braced herself on the dashboard as they swerved.

It was too late.

The two cars crashed into each other with a gut-wrenching sound, a combination of squealing tires, shattering glass and mangling metal. Sakura flew forward, her head smashing into the windshield. A wave of glass flew onto and over her as she was flung backwards, her bleeding head hitting the seat.

Pieces of glass lodged themselves all over into her thin body, covering it with blood. Her head was bleeding the heaviest, blood dripping over eyes. She closed them, clenching her teeth together in agony. The only thing she could feel was pain.

A moment later, darkness overcame not only her vision, but also her mind. Everything- her thoughts, her feelings of terror, her physical pain- went black.


Sakura groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, blinking at the harsh light. Pain suddenly washed over her; everything seemed to hurt, especially her head. It was throbbing horribly, and she swore it was about to cave in.

She was suddenly aware of a steady bleeping sound. Turning her head, she saw it was a heartbeat monitor, the sound her heartbeat. She also saw a bag of red blood hanging next to her, connected to a thin tube that fed into her arm, limp and pale at her side.

She groaned again, willing away the pain. Then, suddenly, she noticed a final thing; a limp hand in hers, and a head lying at her side. Someone was slumped over her bed, sleeping at her side. They had been kneeling at her side for hours, waiting.

A bloody dark blue shirt, messy sandy brown hair. She remembered, and gathering all of her strength, she squeezed the hand as tightly as she could.

she said hoarsely. Kenji . . .

The person stirred, and then suddenly jolted awake, lifting their head and body quickly.

Kenji gasped, relieved. Thank God, they said you wouldn't live, they said that you were going to die, but I knew that you . . . I knew you wouldn't leave me! I was so worried, I . . .

I'm so tired, she whispered, her head throbbing with pain. It hurts so much, I just . . . I want to sleep . . .

Kenji said. He squeezed her hand back. Everything is going to be alright now. I promise you that.

So tired, she whispered again. She turned slightly onto her side, and gathering the rest of her strength, she lifted her free hand to his cheek, holding his face as she stared deeply into his eyes.

she whispered hoarsely. He smiled, holding her hand there, on his cheek.

I love you, Sakura, he whispered happily. I'm so glad you're okay.

I love you, too, she whispered back, then sighed heavily. Her body suddenly felt very heavy, as though it were nothing but dead weight. Surprisingly, the pain was beginning to fade away . . .

I feel like I'm dreaming, she whispered. Like I'm about to wake up . . .

This is no dream, Kenji said gently. I do love you, and you . . .

I'm so tired, Sakura whispered a final time. She stared up into Kenji's eyes as her own began to slide closed. She sighed, releasing her breath as his face slowly began to fade into white, and not black.

Kenji said suddenly, alarmed. The warm hand on his cheek suddenly went limp, and when he moved the hand he had placed over it, it fell to the bed with a dull thud.

he cried out, tears sliding down his cheeks. The hand that had been squeezing his also went limp, and he clutched it tightly as fear overtook him.

She watched him calmly, longing to speak to him but somehow unable to. It seemed as though she was slowly falling asleep, though she had never been so conscious of it before. His face was becoming whiter and whiter by the second.

Her eyes closed completely, and all she saw was white.

The last thing she heard was a dull noise, like the bleeps she had heard before, only just one dull tone that did not stop and start again.

Kenji screamed. No, Sakura, not now! Come back to me! Open your eyes!!

Tears fell down his cheeks and onto hers, now pale and cold.

Open your eyes!, he cried, sobbing into her chest.

Open your eyes!!


Sleepily, Sakura opened her eyes. She blinked, confused.

The hospital room was gone, and she was standing in a place that was all white. It didn't appear to be a room, or anything she had seen before for that matter. Rather, it was a like a tunnel, with walls only on her sides, walls of brilliant light. The light surrounded her, making her feel warm and weightless. All of the pain was gone, replaced by a lightness she had never before experienced. It felt as thought a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders, a very heavy weight.

She looked around her, still confused, but saw only light. She then looked forward. Coming from the end of this tunnel of light was more light, only a thousand times brighter and more beautiful. It was pure and alluring, and hypnotized by its beauty, she began to walk toward it.

Through light, past light, and into light, Sakura walked forward until she was no longer walking, but rather simply floating in the light.

She closed her eyes, basking in the bright glow of light and warmth. Then, she eagerly opened them.

She frowned as her eyes widened.

She was sitting in a white room. She blinked, looking around. She had never been in this room before, of this she was certain. It had white walls, a white ceiling, and a pure white floor. There was no sign of a window or lamp or light fixture anywhere; the light in the room just was.

She looked down at herself. She was sitting in a white chair and was wearing a flowing white dress that went mid-thigh, her skin pale and milky next to the pure white fabric. She was wearing simple white high heels. She slipped her right foot out of one; white nail polish? Hadn't she had red before?

What's going on?, she spoke aloud.

Were you expecting pearly gates?, a voice said cheerfully.

Sakura turned to her head to the back of the room. A simple white desk was sitting here, and at it was a smiling young man with blue hair and pale skin that nearly blended into the walls.

I personally like the gate of light much better, he continued with a smile. Much more . . . heavenly that way.

Who are you?, Sakura asked, confused.

Oh, my apologies!, the young man exclaimed. He stood up, walking over toward her. He was wearing a flowing white shirt and white pants with white shoes. He reached her and outstretched a hand, which Sakura hesitantly shook.

It's nice to meet you, Miss Sakura, the young man said. He didn't appear to be much older than her.

How did you know my name?, she gasped, startled. The man only smiled warmly.

Oh, we've been expecting you for quite some time now, he answered. I'm glad you made it safely. My name is Eriol. I'll be your-

Made it where?, Sakura interrupted. Eriol smiled fondly again.

I keep forgetting how unaware you new arrivals are, he said with a laugh. Arrived here, in Heaven. Welcome to the birthplace of, well, everything!

Sakura's eyes widened in shock. , she gasped. You mean I'm d-dead?

Well, your old life is over, if that's what you mean, Eriol replied. It went exactly as planned, quite successful.

I'm . . . dead, Sakura whispered sadly. I can't be dead . . .

Think of it as waking up from a dream, Eriol said cheerfully. A very valuable dream that's taught you about the most important things you'll ever know! You've learned a lot from your life, you just don't realize it.

I-Is that the whole point?, Sakura said. To learn and then wake up like none of it was real?

Well, no, Eriol said hesitantly. You're as alive here as you were on Earth, in a way. You can learn everywhere, it's just that in life, well. Life is the only thing that lets you experience things like pain, betrayal, true sadness . . . here, all of that is just . . . not needed. We all understand, so we don't need those things.

I don't understand, Sakura said, about to cry. We live so that we can experience pain?

So that you can learn, Eriol corrected. But that's just a part of it. You're asking the wrong man, really. I've only been around a few thousand years. You're better off asking someone more experienced. Don't worry, though. You'll understand eventually why we choose to have lives on Earth.

Sakura said weakly. I . . . so . . . what do I do now, then? Now that I'm dead?

I wish you wouldn't use that word, Eriol commented. It's so . . . negative. You're not dead, you're awake. Oh, and that's what I'm here for! I'm going to be your supervisor.

Sakura questioned.

Eriol said with a smile. Your supervisor. You see, your job for now is to . . .

Sakura questioned with tears in her eyes. I don't want a job! I don't want to be here, even if it is Heaven. I want to live again, I want to be . . . with Kenji . . .

Live again?, Eriol questioned. No, no, you can't be reincarnated yet. That's why we're having you do this, you see, to pass time until then. Do some good while you wait.

Why can't I be?, Sakura asked pleadingly. Eriol smiled.

Because your soulmate is still alive, he said gently. You have to wait until his life is over, and then you can reincarnate with him. You wouldn't want a life without him, would you?

My soulmate?, Sakura questioned. I have a soulmate?

Everyone has one, Eriol said with a smile. Even me. She's alive right now, actually, just like yours. That's why I'm here, as a supervisor.

Sakura said numbly. Then, suddenly, it came to her. A vision of sandy brown hair and dark blue eyes filled her mind.

Kenji,' she mentally gasped. It's him! He's alive! And he's my soulmate!'

She smiled to herself happily.

I understand, she said cheerfully. I'll wait.

I'm glad you do!, Eriol replied. You have to do something good while you wait, though. You can't just sit up here in Heaven doing nothing for years, you know.

Don't I get wings and a cloud to live in?, Sakura questioned. And what about my halo?

You only get wings when you need them, Eriol replied with a laugh. And a cloud, hah, no. Who would want to live in a cloud? How boring.

What about a halo?, she asked in disappointment.

Halos are like wings, Eriol said. They're only used to distinguish an angel from a living person, and, well, we all know you're an angel while you're here.

I'm an angel?, Sakura said brightly.

Eriol said with a smile. Most everyone here is. And as angels, we have certain duties. One of the most important is protecting and helping out people on Earth.

Like guardian angels?, Sakura questioned.

Yes, quite a bit like that, Eriol replied. All angels have different jobs. There are many different categories under protecting and helping out people on Earth, you know, and for each there is a specific department in Heaven. Angels in each department carry out its duties. Now I, for example, am in charge of the SPD. You're to be a part of it, also. I'll be watching over you when you get your first assignment, which . . .

The SPD?, Sakura questioned. Eriol laughed to himself.

I'm sorry, I forget how much you new arrivals don't know!, he said with a smile. The SPD stands for the Suicide Prevention Department.

The Suicide Prevention Department, Sakura repeated in awe. So, how do you . . .

Ahh, let me explain something first, Eriol interjected. Everyone on Earth has a plan. Their life follows that plan all the way up until they die. Even their death is planned for. Sometimes, though, people can't handle their plan- the lessons are too hard, though they have to be learned. If they can't handle their plan, they sometimes cut it short. This isn't good, because when they get back here, they've cheated themselves out of years and years of lessons. Not only that, but they've changed the plans of others but taking themselves out of them, which messes up their life plans. When those people get here, they suffer the same fate as the prematurely returned person . . . they miss out on things that are extremely important. I can't even explain how important living out one's life completely is, Sakura. That's why this department was created. We help prevent these suicides. Oh, here, let me show you.

Eriol smiled and then walked calmly over to the white desk. Sakura followed him timidly, standing in front of it while he went behind it, bending down in front of a drawer, which he pulled out. She gasped as he pulled out a white book as thick as a basketball from it. How on Earth did they get it to fit in that little drawer?

He set the huge book on top of the desk with a heavy thud, then looked up at Sakura.

Is that a plan?, she asked, her eyes wide. Eriol laughed.

This is a summary of a plan, he replied, amused. Sakura stared at it and him in awe.

Only a summary?, she questioned. Eriol nodded cheerfully.

Yes. Now, let me show you something, he said. He opened the book so that one sixth of the pages were on one side, and five sixths of the pages were on the other.

Now, you see, Eriol explained, gesturing to the one sixth pages, That's all you get if you kill yourself as a teenager, which is when many suicides occur. You miss out on all of this. He gestured to the rest of the pages.

I see, Sakura said, stunned. So this is really very important . . .

Eriol said with a smile. He closed the book and returned it to the desk drawer, the huge book somehow disappearing into it. I'm glad you understand.

Did I have a plan?, Sakura questioned. Was I meant to die . . . now?

Yes, you were, Eriol said confidently. It's hard to accept sometimes, especially when you just had a life as short as yours, but it was all planned out from the moment you were born.

Can I please see it . . . my plan?, Sakura asked shyly.

Well, no, Eriol said hesitantly. It's gone now, locked away in the LDD . . . err, Life Documentation Department, that is, because it's over. You have no need to see it, anyway. You can remember the important things, the things that mattered.

Sakura said, disappointed. So, how do you prevent . . . suicides?

Ahh, well, Eriol said cheerfully. We send angels from the SPD to Earth, and they aid the person before they reach the point at which they decide they need to die. We help them see that life is worth living, and that way, they never reach that point. We open their eyes in a way.

But . . . how do you open their eyes?, Sakura questioned. Eriol smirked at this.

You'll see, Eriol said, his eyes twinkling. It's simple, really. Anyhow, back to you. You're now an agent in the SPD. That's your job until your soulmate arrives here. We have your first assignment all ready for you.

My first assignment?, Sakura asked timidly. But I haven't even been here for an hour, and . . .

Oh, come now, relax, Eriol said soothingly. Everything you need to know in order to complete this assignment you've already learned!

How is that possible?, Sakura questioned. Eriol smiled.

You'll see, he said mysteriously. In any case, your assignment. His name is Syaoran Li. Now, what we'll do is send you to Earth in the guise of a human bein-

You mean I get to be alive again?, Sakura asked happily. Eriol sighed.

No, you can't, he said gently. I'm sorry, but that just isn't possible right now, as I've already explained to you. You'll be human, with a body and all of that, but you won't have your own life. Your only goal will be Syaoran Li's life. You will have fourteen days to complete your assignment, at which point you'll return here.

Only fourteen days?, Sakura said, stunned. But how can anyone change someone's life in only fourteen days? I don't even know this man . . .

Oh, it's easy enough, Eriol said kindly. You'll understand once you arrive back on Earth. You'll realize how precious life was, because you'll no longer have it. All you need to do is show him what you now know . . .

she stuttered, I don't know how I can do that! Oh, I ... oh! I know! I'll tell him my story. I'll tell him about my life, and then about how when I died I realized that . . .

Oh, no, no, Eriol suddenly interjected. No one must know that you are dead. You have to pretend to be a normal human girl. Don't tell anyone that you're an angel.

Oh, well, she said, disappointed. I understand. But how can I show him, then, if I can't tell him?

Show him, Eriol said as he smiled peacefully, With love.


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