Author's Notes:

Hello, everyone, welcome to Arc Four, Fall of a Hero. This is the Arc that in 2011 divided the whole community. Many people started a protest to try and get me permanently banned from Fanfiction, but with just as many haters, I also got twice as many fans. This is the most infamous Arc of the timeline and is looked back by many as the best of the best.

With Jollo defeated, Blu and his daughter are making up for lost time, unfortunately, Blu has forgotten one major event coming up… his anniversary. Blu tries his best to make up for his mistake, but a warning has been revealed that his destiny is about to be darkened by unknown means. Blu and Jewel are about to face off against one of the most dangerous members of the Dark Robed Society, the vicious and extremely cruel, Marco… who sees murder as second nature. He is unrivaled with weapons, unbeaten in battle, and ready for a fight that may just see Blu's journey come to an end.

This is the most heavily edited story with added scenes, darker tones, more blood, and some graphic scenes which may make the squeamish feel a bit nauseated. This is the reason the Remaster is Rated "M", you have been warned.


Love seemed to fill the air that unusually cold autumn evening. Dark storm clouds lurked upon the sky, painting it a leaden grey. The entire jungle darkened as a cold February rain worked its way across the landscape. It did little to affect the mood as the harmonious chirping of birdsong filtered through the night, an obvious signal that they had found their mate somewhere amongst the jungle canopy above.

Blu flew through the sky as fast as his wings would carry him. He shivered as he felt the breeze sweep across his face and wings. He could not believe it. It had been three long years since he had arrived in Rio with Linda. Back then, everything seemed so pleasant and warm. Now he could not seem to keep himself warm and dry.

The downpour soaked his feathers to the bone, causing his body to glisten in the darkness. His beak chattered. Clicking together as he rubbed his wings together, he peered back for a moment to see his daughter sweeping up behind him in an elegant display. He forced a smile and shook his head.

"Well, it took you long enough," he teased. "What kept you?"

Rose rolled her eyes and shoved her father playfully. She noticed her playful attack neither knocked him from his steady hovering nor did it affect his attitude. His big masculine body continued to soar.

"I stopped to look at a flower," she explained. "It was a big white rose. I've seen nothing so pale or delicate before."

Blu nodded in understanding. For certain aspects of life, Rose was every bit the same as her mother. In terms of intelligence, she was very similar to him, but the girl had clearly inherited more from Jewel.

"You're so much like your mother," he sighed, "Did you know it was on this very spot that we named you?"

Rose shook her head and peered downwards at the ground. The entire field was carpeted in flowers of every color. Red, yellow, blue, white, even the occasional violet, they all blended together like a fabulous tapestry. Rose let her beak drop at the sight. She could not believe what she was witnessing.


"Yup," Blu admitted. "Your mother wanted to show you the wildflowers she adored as a child. When we brought you here the first time, you chased the butterflies and fell into a bunch of roses… not the thorny bushes, but the wildflowers which grow throughout the area. You loved it so much you didn't even cry. We named you Rose to mark that occasion as a reminder of that day. Ever since then, flowers have been something you simply couldn't resist. They're a part of who you are." Blu formed a peaceful smile and let out a heartfelt sigh. "But then again, I wouldn't have it any other way. You have become such a beautiful young woman and I am proud to be your father."

Rose forced a smile and lowered herself to the ground. Blu followed suit and picked up a flower, studying it for a moment before placing it into her feathery crown. "You look so much like your mother, it's almost uncanny."

Rose nodded her head, not knowing if to mention Jollo or not. He too had mentioned the uncanny resemblance, but he turned out to be nothing but a vindictive, egotistical, and vicious liar. In the end, Jollo had met his end thanks to her father, but every word of what he said still stuck to her memory. Blu could see the conflict in the young female's eyes. He held out a wing and dipped her head so he could peer into her eyes. "Don't worry, my beautiful Rose, I would never lie to you about anything."

"But…" Rose began to protest, but found herself silenced by her father's stern gaze.

Blu could feel his daughter's lingering regret. He knew what she was feeling guilty about. He cleared his throat and continued. "You have got to stop beating yourself up over what happened in the past. That Jollo creature held no morals other than lust and revenge. You are not to blame for leading him to your mother or to me. You certainly are not responsible for how things played out. If it wasn't for you, I would never have regained the ability to fly. You are every bit a hero, Rose, and I hope you genuinely believe me when I tell you that."

Rose nodded, more confident now that her father had mentioned the evil macaw's name. She shifted her talons along the ground and picked flowers from where they grew.

"Did I ever thank you for saving me that day? In case I didn't, thank you so much. There aren't many creatures so selfless that they would put their life at risk and pick a flower surrounded by poisonous thorns just to save their daughter's life."

"You're welcome," Blu smiled. "But it's not something you should thank me for. I would die for any of you."

Blu bent down and helped to pick some flowers. Before long, they both held a tiny damp bouquet in their wings. Blu sniffed the tropical fragrance and let out a satisfied smile. "Let's head back to the grotto and surprise your mother with these. I'm sure she would love them."


The canopy groaned as it carried the heavy rain within the protective shield of treetops. Despite the gloomy feel brought on by the day. Jewel let a cheerful smile pass her beak. She sat within the warmth of the hollow, doing very little except for watching Buster and Kinski play a little game with three of the four newly hatched chicks. She smiled as she watched Bia, Carla, and Tiago play with their brothers, cooing as they became interested in what they hid in their wings.

In her wings, she cradled the fourth and smallest and frailest of her newborn children. A young female baby named Jade.

The chick cooed in her mother's wings as she opened her eyes to study her for a moment. Her light blue wings reached out for reassurance. Jewel rubbed her beak against the baby, wrapping it softly in her feathers. Jewel's eyes looked so delicate and filled with hope for her new baby. She continued to smile as she whispered in the young macaw's ears.

"You're the best of both of us," Jewel admitted, kissing the baby on the tip of her head. She smiled, peering out at all of her children. She often reminded her children of this. Her heart skipped a beat as she began to believe it. All seven of her children carried characteristics that made them their own bird, but carried enough of both her and Blu that she could recognize the details immediately.

The chick yawned and drifted off. Jewel continued to rock the baby, letting her grow more comfortable. She sang a very sweet melody for her.

"Mommy loves you

Yes I do

You bring my world light

Even amongst the gloom.

You're brothers, and sister, even your dad

Love it when you're happy, please never be sad.

Mommy loves you

Yes I do

You're the best of both of us

We tell you so true

You brought us joy, in times so dark

You're our angel

Sent from above."

The baby cooed as the last few notes of Jewel's lullaby died away on the breeze. Without another sound, the chick fell into a peaceful slumber.

"Good night, my beautiful little girl." Jewel smiled, once again planting a kiss on the baby's forehead softly. She couldn't help but smile at the infant who sucked on her wing. She turned around to find the rest of her children all passed out on the floor. She shook her head at the sight and lifted them into their nests.

Not long after, Blu and Rose fluttered into the hollow and seated themselves down upon the wood. Blu worked his way over to his wife, extra cautious to avoid the children sleeping in their nests.

"How are you?" Blu asked, kissing Jewel on the side of her beak. Jewel kept her eyes upon her children.

"I'm fine," her smile deepened. "The kids were well behaved. Jade is sleeping, and now you've returned."

Blu didn't answer. He examined Jewel's expression and formed an almost identical one. "She definitely is special, isn't she?"

Jewel nodded. "I can't really picture my life without any of them. Who would have thought that they would be the little speck of light that has entered our lives, especially in such a dark time as that Jollo incident? I don't think I will ever forget almost losing you. Seeing you there lying there, not breathing, not moving, and as close to death as I ever hope to see happen."

Blu forced a confident smile and rubbed a wing across the nest. "I don't think I'll ever forget the minute you told me you were pregnant again. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. But you did not just lay one egg, you gave us four new beautiful children," he sighed, "three boys and four girls, the perfect odds for our survival in the future."

"So tell me, Blu." Jewel winked at him. "How was your quality time with our daughter?"

"It went well," Blu admitted. "I took her to see the spot where we named her. You know that place with all the flowers."

Jewel nodded. She could never forget that day. It had been one of the most romantic of her life.

"I love that place." Her smile deepened. "I really wish I could have gone with you. Tell me, Blu. How did she enjoy it?"

"She loved it," Blu admitted. "She definitely shares your love of flowers."

"It's not the flowers that she loves," Jewel admitted. "It's the quality time with her daddy."

Blu went bright red in the face, lowering his head sheepishly. Jewel nudged him playfully with her wing.

"And of course, it's not the flowers that I love either," Jewel sighed. "It's the growth, their wild spirit which resembles my own."

Blu nodded knowingly and pulled out a small bouquet. "That is why we brought some back with us. Rose wanted to surprise you."

Jewel accepted the bouquet and sniffed the fragrance coming from the plant life. She sighed as she turned to her mate's soulful brown eyes. "I love them, thank you." She turned to her daughter, smiling, "Thank you as well, Rose. I love them."

Rose shifted her talon across the floor, her face deepened as she blushed. "It was nothing, mom." She admitted sheepishly, "Dad came up with the idea, too. He deserves most of the credit."

Jewel nodded in agreement and pulled Blu into a passionate kiss. Rose's smile deepened as she watched the moment. Like a true romantic, she couldn't peel her eyes away. They seemed too involved in each other during moments like this. She couldn't place her talon around it. It all seemed like some wonderful little fairy tale.

"How romantic," she sighed, "Like Romeo and Juliet. You two are just made to be together."

After a couple of moments, Jewel released Blu from her wings. She turned to peer out at the pouring rain. It showed no signs of slowing down in the dying daylight. She shivered but found herself warmed by Blu, who wrapped his wings around her again.

"I know we still have a couple of days, but happy valentine's day," Blu whispered to her.

Jewel turned to him. The feel of his soaking wet feathers didn't seem to bother her. She eyed him with a stunned expression. "It's not just valentine's day coming up, Pet." She teased, "We also have our anniversary coming up too."