Jacob Black is sitting in life class when Edward Cullen comes in glowing like no other from the sun coming in from the windows.

Jacob was hesitant to sit right next to Edward.

The teacher said, "The person sitting next to you is your partner for the baby project for the whole weekend."

Edward smiled at Jacob as he said "Guess we are partners." When Edward said this Jacob was very happy.

The end of the day comes and Jacob and Edward meet in the cafeteria then head to get their kid.

On the way there they talk about the names of the baby.

A few minutes later they have the baby and all they have to do is decide whose house to do work on the weekend-long project.

They finally decide on Edward's house so Jacob calls his father Billy to tell him that he was going to spend the weekend at a friend's house.

Of course, Billy said okay but didn't ask him which one.

Edward calls his mom Esme and says he is going to have a friend over this weekend.

Esme said okay and she asked if it was a wolf because of the bloodline so since Edward did not want to lie to his mom, he said it was Jacob.