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Chapter I. The Tower

Seventh-Year. 26 April. 12:09 a.m.

Ok, just do it...

Draco leaned over the edge of the Astronomy tower, peering into the dark, cool night.

A few seconds...it will all be over.

It was more than he could bear. 17 years had led to this.

Draco welcomed the cold. It numbed him. After all, wasn't that what he had tried to do all his life? Become numb?

Memories of his scarred life flashed through his mind, memories of teddy bears ripped from his hands because they were "sissy" at age 3, memories of a searing hand print on his porcelain face because he didn't "perform the spell just right" at age 7, memories of bruises, of blinding pain, when he didn't beat the unbeatable Harry Potter in Quidditch at age 12. And the unspeakable when he refused to join the Death Eaters at age 17.

He was through being numb.

In a few seconds...it will all be over

Sleep would not come to Harry Potter.

It rarely did anymore. Not since the nightmares had started. After his fourth-year, the sights and sounds that had burned into his very soul replayed almost every night in his subconscious. The war following had been almost more than he could bear.

The screams, the blood, the blinding green light, the touch of a hand slowly losing the warmth, turning cold, so cold....

Some days...

It was more than he could bear.

Harry swung his legs out of the antique four poster bed that had been his refuge and torture chamber for 7 years, and dressed quietly.

"Well", he muttered under his breath,"another late night stroll."

They did seem to help. Usually by the time he wandered back to bed hours later he was too tired to do anything but fall into dreamless sleep. Grabbing the invisibility cloak from the chest at the bottom of the bed, he crept downstairs and through the common-room. He usually just started walking, not really caring where his feet took him, but tonight, for some reason, he felt like a little fresh air.

Harry found the door for the steps to the Astronomy tower.

Draco stood at the edge of the smallest stone barrier.

Leaning over ledges....

He looked down, and down, hundreds of meters, to the dew covered grass barely visible, even with the nearly full moon.

Cutting my heart, burning my soul...

He was so tired of the hurt, the pain, of being a complete and utter failure in everything he did. A failure in school, in Quidditch, in relationships...and mostly, in the eyes of his father.

Nothing left to hold....

A few more seconds. A small grin played across his weary face. The old cliche' of "They won't have Draco Malfoy to kick around anymore" had crossed his mind. He had been here before, but had always backed away, always tried to find something to keep going for. But now...

Nothing left, but blood and fire.....

He stepped forward, the moonlight catching the glistening tears streaming down his face even as he tried to choke them back.

Draco fell into the dark, unforgiving night.

Harry had opened the door to the landing 15 seconds before he saw Draco leap from the stone, wondering what he was doing up here this time of night, so close to the edge, and was he really crying?

He started toward him, realizing Draco didn't even know he was there, he was staring at something on the ground, something from the forest, maybe? Did one of the spiders finally find their way onto the school grounds or was it....

What the hell is he doing?

It took a second to register in Harry's mind what Draco really was doing on the tower. As he bent his knees and pushed off the side, Harry instinctively rushed to grab him.

"Malfoy! No!"

Harry grabbed Draco around the waist, and held tightly. He was not going to let him go.

Trouble was, nothing was holding Harry.

The stone steps were gone, the tower was empty.

And both boys were now falling through the dark, unforgiving night.

End of Chapter I

A/N: The lines in the middle section are from the Indigo Girls song "Blood and Fire".