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Chapter X. Back to The Tower

It was close to midnight on the 26th of May.

Harry lay in bed, his heart pounding. In a few minutes, he would be climbing the stone steps to the Astronomy tower, to finally break the memory spell.

One way or the other.

The memories seemed to be taking over, Draco's invading more and more of Harry's mind, even as Harry's overwhelmed Draco's. He knew why the victims went mad. He could barely differentiate between them anymore as everything seemed to trigger some recollection, some almost forgotten remembrance of his, or maybe Draco's, life.

12:00 a.m.

Harry swung his legs around to the floor, and picked up the invisibility cloak. Carefully trodding downstairs, Harry slipped out into the corridor.

Draco stood at the edge of the stone wall, trembling slightly from the cold wind. It seemed so long ago that he was here, ready to end what had become an unbearable existence. He leaned over, staring down to the moonlit grounds. He didn't remember it being so far to those grounds. What if they failed? What if they made one mistake, one minute or one meter off?

Bugger all.

Draco closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

12:09 a.m.

Harry climbed the stairs, 4 steps away from the door. He made sure his wand was in the same pocket as that night, the same buttons of his robe closed.

Draco leaned forward as Harry opened the wooden door.

It was as if two views from the same movie scene were melted together. Both boys remembered not only their recollection of that night, but the other's as well, flooding them with images; with emotions of pain, love, hopelessness, courage. And fear.

Draco stepped forward, the moonlight catching the glistening tears streaming down his face.

Harry ran toward him, dropping the cloak to the floor. "Malfoy! No!"

Draco fell into the dark, unforgiving night.

One hundred meters....

Harry fumbled for his wand, the folds of his cloak whipping violently, making it difficult to find the pocket.

Fifty meters...

"Come on, dammit," he muttered, finally catching hold of the wand. But would it be in time?

Twenty-five meters...

Harry held tightly to Draco, trying desperately to isolate the one moment he cast the spell, even as the shared memories threatened to shatter his sanity.

Ten meters...

Harry held the wand toward the ground, keeping his other arm wrapped firmly around Draco. Suddenly the thoughts gelled together, one moment, one memory...Now, Harry thought. Now!


A shimmering cloud burst from the tip of his wand. Harry and Draco fell into it, time and bodies coming to a complete standstill as the strange vapor enveloped them. In a blinding flash of white light the cloud vanished, and dropped the two students 5 meters to the ground below.

For a long moment they lay still, hardly daring to look up, before it truly sank in. "We're alive," Harry whispered.

Draco pulled himself up to face the raven-haired Gryffindor.

"Thanks a lot, Potter," he whispered before covering Harry's mouth with his own.

It was over. And it had just begun.

"Come on Harry," Draco smiled. "Make a wish."

"I have all I want," Harry said. "Can't I just start on the cake?"

"No," Draco stated firmly, "It's your birthday, and you have to wish for something."

The two of them sat at a wooden table, in a comfortable cottage in Romania. It had once belonged to Ron's brother Charlie, and he had been happy to let Harry and Draco purchase it, at least once he stopped trying to hex Draco for surely having put some sort of charm on Potter. So, here they were, on Harry's 18th birthday, and waiting for a wish.

After much thought, Harry leaned forward and blew out all of the candles. Harry smiled. He knew what he would like to have, but since it didn't seem possible, he wished for it anyway.

Draco took the candles off one at a time. "So," he asked "what did you wish for?"

"Oh, I can't tell you," Harry grinned. "Then it won't come true."

"Well, that's with Muggle candles and birthday wishes," Draco informed him. "Wizard candles and birthday wishes DO come true."

Harry stopped in mid-slice.

"Excuse me?"

"They come true." Draco repeated. "What did you wish for?"

Harry sat down.

"Harry?" Draco asked. "Are you O.K.?"

Harry stared at the now extinguished candles.


Harry continued to stare at what seemed to be the most fascinating spot on the wall.

Finally, he turned toward Draco. "You know, I really think we should go out to the markets today, maybe get a new lamp, look at the couches, the prams, the tables, the..."

"Wait a minute, hold on," Draco interrupted. "What did you say?"

"The couches?"


"New lamp?"

"No. After that."

"The prams?"

"That's the one!" exclaimed Draco. "Exactly why would we need to go look at prams?"

"True, we don't need to look at those today," Harry smiled. "After all, you'll have nine months."