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I have gave soo much thought on how I would die. (As the upstanding Kens stereotypically expected from a member of the dark cloth) Old age, murder, cars, cash, drugs (not that I took any) or a disease. After a while I became sick of it. If the reaper took up my thoughts that much then he should give me a good death. Much is deserved. Like the warriors of old I want to die fighting. Upon my feet, looking up to heaven with a smile on my face. The moment is what counts right?

Ah, Sweet ruthless Death the greatest equalizer.

What is our purpose on this earth? We ask ourselves this while digging the path to our own graves. As a consequence we die too soon. I say bring it on! Do your worst! My life is all I have to give...

Up until that time... I might as well cause hell on earth beside the devil incarnate himself. Unfortunately reality painted a picture less grand than that of my imagination. In later years more horror and events to be foretold. Everything I thought was true was a lie, my existence and world twisted by things I could have never perceived. I thought the fear would overwhelm me, But he was right the fear never did. Nor did the monsters ever weaken me. I had only gotten stronger.

I did not picture beginning 2004 junior year with a fight. The first fight I have ever had. After all there is a limit to how much abuse (or bullshit) one can take.

"Eat dust! Bitch!"

The white knuckles of my fist collided with the bitch's nose and teeth. Lauren stepped back into the embrace of her minion Jessica. Her hands covering her bloody nose and mouth. She cried throwing garbled insults at me. Before our cat fight could continue on the dean took me back into the school. At the office I was left off with a two days suspension and a ride home in the back of the police chief's car.

Chief Swan spoke to me, as we drove to my house, "Cecilia Schaltz, I thought you were friends with Lauren. You all played together when you were children."

Yes he was right. As kids Lauren, Jessica and I used to play together throughout kindergarten and late middle school. Coming up with adventures for our dolls, later as preteens talking about the clothes we bought. I guess family drama and individual change were what drove us apart.

I sighed explaining, "We grew apart... I have no idea why she hates me... Today, I wasn't going to let her speak to me that way."

He nodded keeping his eyes on the road, "Don't get in fight like that again... Standing up for yourself is something you should do... However, Fighting with a girl like Lauren isn't worth the trouble."

The wise Chief Swan proved right again. The barbie Lauren was a renown drama queen. A copy of her self obsessed and shallow mother. Their hysterics was a hellfire I did not want to ignite. Today I added the oil.

We stopped at the driveway of my family's home in northern Forks. An american rustic style home with carved wood motifs, a porch with a loveseat swing and a garden consisting of flowers and vegetables. Gardening was my mother's hobby.

I got out of the police truck, almost forgetting about something I wanted to ask the police chief. I asked, "Chief Swan... Has there been anything found about my father's disappearance?"

It took him long to answer, "Today, I sent a file copy to your mother. Currently interpol is investigating."

I smiled, thanking him, "Thank you."

His expression turned stern, he concluded, "Stay safe and out of trouble."

I turned away from his car walking up the short tree lined driveway. You would think being the police chief to such a small town would make Charles Swan's job quite easy. While crimes like larceny and homicide were few, The case boatloads of missing people took up most of his job. Contemplating the fates of these people must've made his job depressing.

Once I walked though the front door my mother Mariana, was there to meet me. She came to me like a specter from the dark. The wind behind me closing the door. She must have gotten a call from the high school.

She gave me the same lecture Chief Swan had given me. A willful compliance was my only reply. She returned to the dim lit living room to lay down and read the file given to her by the police chief.

My mother had been depressed ever since my father had disappeared on his trip. Judging by the sorrowful look on her face the file must have been bad news. Or none at all. I decided I would read the file tomorrow. I was suspended for two days. I had plenty of time to read it.

Instead I raided the fridge to see what was left for homemade pizza leftovers. My mother made the greatest Italian American food in town. Later I completed my nightly routine, played some video games my brother left behind, then to bed for the night.

The next morning I woke up to a loud truck passing by the street. Why did I take the bedroom closer to the street? Yes, My long lost college brother Dillon got first dibs when we moved here ten years ago. I made note to switch our rooms later. I looked out my rectangular window to see movers trucks going up the road followed people in expensive vehicles. I remembered then of the new house a little half a mile up the street in the 'creeping woods' as I called it. I hated that place. As a little girl my mother came up with strega (witch) stories to get me scared.

Later that day, While "The Addams Family" reruns played on the TV, I read the missing persons file copy over lunch. The case reported as still active. Looking closely to the numbered pages I realized some were missing. My father the pennsylvania dutch William Schaltz was a historian, photographer and hiker. He ventured to Italy to research for a book he was writing about the Italian renaissance. If this was a joking matter I would say he got lost in the alps while taking photos. The possible fates of my unpredictable father were endless.

Two hours after noon, the last day of my suspension, we had the doorbell rung. I jumped a little off the couch to answer it. Upon opening the door I gazed upon four of the most attractive people I had ever seen. I had to remind myself that wolves usually hide behind sheep's clothes.

The dark haired woman in the center holding a paper bag in her hand had the nicest smile. The passion in this moment radiated off of her. On her left a red-head male's agonized expression made him seem he belonged in a Titian (I'm probably spelling that artist's name wrong.) artwork of a pained christian martyr. On her right a dark haired young man with a Herculean physique. Across his lips a devilish grin which made chills go down my spine.

The most weird detail is that they all shared the same gold eye color.

The sudden lyrical voice of a girl broke my trance of confusion and wonderment.

She introduced her family, "Hello, This is Esme, Edward, Emmett and I'm Alice... We are 'The Cullens' your new neighbors down the road."

I shaked her ice cold hand. With that connection I felt an anachronistic sensation through my eyes and body. For a second I felt like I wanted to throw up. I shook it off.

This Alice seemed to be the type of fairy whom would cause villagers trouble just for the fun of it. I hope she doesn't cause my plants and pets to misbehave.

I was going to have fun with her.

I nodded at everyone mentioned. Esme and Emmett waved neighborly. Edward looked to the ground wanting to leave soo badly. I didn't blame him... I would too. The others must have talked him into it. Maybe I was exaggerating too much about this Edward.

I did not know what to say. Are two families neighbors? When they live half a mile apart?

Maybe back in the 18th century. Who in the Cullen family sent these four here?

I saw a little smile form on Edward's face. However the soft voice of Esme spoke, "Here this is an apple pie, A gift."

I took the pie. I said the only sentence that crossed my mind, "Thank you. As for myself, I'm Cecilia."

"We will have to go back to finish unpacking soon but I hope our families will become good neighbors. If you ever need to talk we are just down the road." Esme offered as the other began to walk back home.

Alice waved good bye, "See you soon!"

"Yeah, At school." Down the drive way shouted the one called Emmett.

There on I closed the half moon windowed door and lock bolted it. I shook myself out of the trance. Then entered the bathroom left of the kitchen. I splashed water on my face, pulled on my russet blonde hair and looked at my fair complexion in the mirror. For a minute it seemed time had stopped. I could not get that impish in the same tempting smile out of my picturesque memory.

Only the claw of my oversized maine coon cat Cesare (Named after Cesare Borgia. The hot guy from history whom everyone thought did his sister.) brought me back to current time. I took the apple pie to the pale white kitchen. The golden furred Cesare looked up at me expecting me to give him something. I took a cat treat from the cabinet and threw it at him. He ate the tasty treat in no time at all. I turned away cutting the pie with the steel knife. I placed a piece on a plate and took a bite. It was delicious.


Again his eminence Cesare needed me. He scratches at the glass framed door to the backyard. Opening the door I unleashed the little conqueror whom proceeded to wreak havoc on the papal states called the backyard garden and forest. Cutting down birds and rabbits to secure his territory. He pounced on a fluffy tailed squirrel I nicknamed Giovanni. That little bastard.

Author: By the gods another! This story came random to me while I was writing my Zenobia fanfiction. I did not want to loose it in my brain soo I wrote it out. This story will eventually mention a few original characters from the other fanfictions I wrote. This is an Emmett/OC fanfiction but I have also gave Rosalie a ship and story that really does good for her character (Honestly Meyer fucked her over soo bad in canon for Bella's happy story and ending. But Bella did what Rosalie couldn't which made Rosalie happy!!!... Hmph, Whatever). Such will be revealed in later chapters. I hope you my lovely readers enjoyed this chapter.