Disclaimer: I do not own Trigun. Do you? You do? I don't like you. . aubergine.

Summary: This is your real summary. Random events that occurred before, during, and after the Trigun series.

Written by: Ala (You'll never know my real name! BWA HA HA HA!)

Co-written by: Megan . she has no last name. I found her. under a rock.



Knives stormed down the dimly lit hallway of his SEEDS ship. He had yet to find one Legato Bluesummers and he had been searching for his second in command all day, which was more than enough to demolish his good mood. He stopped when he came to the end of the hallway. A faint static sound could be heard from beyond the door, followed shortly by a rather loud burp.

"Eaugh, spiders." Knives mumbled to himself before violently hurling the door open.

/./ was Knives only sensible thought at the sight he saw before him.

There on the couch lay the one Legato Bluesummers that he had been searching for. Illuminated in the dull light of the TV Knives saw Legato sprawled out, wearing only his Cookie-Monster boxers, casually munching on his beloved chocolate chip Teddy Grahams. He barely glanced up at Knives before returning his attention to the TV.

Knives turned his attention to the television as well, and was appalled at his discovery, "Legato, what /are/ you doing?"

Legato began to slowly fondle his arm, and barely peeking at his master from his slothful position answered in his normal, barely audible voice, "We're baking cookies."

Knives shook his head in silent frustration, "I should know better than to let you watch Martha Stewart." And on that note left to find Dominique instead.