The SEEDS ship was all mixed up. It was Halloween, and Rem had gotten the silly notion that the two plant children would like to dress up. That's right, everybody, she thought Knives-Knives, soon to be exterminator of the human race (or so he thought)-wanted to play dress up.

Well, it didn't exactly help that Vash was ecstatically happy about it all and couldn't wait to get their surprise costumes.

That was another thing Knives, soon to be exterminator of the human race, didn't like. Everything would probably have been fine if Rem allowed them to pick their own costumes, but no. She had decided she would pick the costume, making Knives a very unhappy camper, indeed.

That left him here, waiting patiently for Rem and Vash to exit the Briefing Room so he could see their wonderful, wonderful surprise.

He didn't have to wait long because no sooner than he had thought it Rem and V-well, he hoped that was Vash-stepped outside.

Knives silently looked at his brother, a look of pure horror creeping onto his face.

"Isn't it great, Knives?!" Rem asked enthusiastically.

Vash was wearing a white DRESS and a circle of tin foil "floated" above his head with the aid of a wire. His hair was down, and for some stupid reason he was smiling brightly.

"What have you done to him, woman?!" Knives shrieked backing away from his twin very quickly.

"Oh, it's just wonderful. Yours is just like it!" Rem squeaked happily.

"I'm not wearing that!" Knives said, shaking his head rapidly and backing up quickly.

Rem's eyes seemed to glow red for a moment, and then she shouted, "Yes, you WILL!"

Damn, that woman could be scary.

AN: Well, that's about it. This is the end you guys. It's been great. Later.