"I was only a baby when this concert happened, there's no way in hell I could be here!"

"Oh, it's real. It's as real as you want it to be, baby." Raditz said, the spotlight shining down on Launch as she returned to her body and realized the focus was all on her now.

"I- I must be crazy or something!" Launch cried out, burying her hands in her blue curls with face-framing blonde bangs.

"Indigo Lady… You drive me crazy…" He purred, and the drums started up once again. Raditz held his hand out to her and Launch blinked as if struck deaf and dumb.

"Come on, girl. Come and show me how crazy you can be." He chuckled, urging her up onto the stage. Launch shook her head in refusal then felt herself being lifted, then let down gently. She gripped Raditz's hand and gasped as he pulled her up quickly. His hand was strong, warm, and sure.

Raditz returned to his microphone and began to sing Indigo Lady, the song that made them famous. She looked around, then gasped as she saw Vegeta Galicky standing just to the side of her, playing guitar. She shuddered, noting how he looked at her from his peripheral before bringing his gaze back down to the chords he was playing. Raditz paused to let the instrumental part begin, reaching over to the tall amplifier beside him to fetch a tambourine. He tossed it and Launch was stunned with the speed she caught it. Yet another thing that was completely solid and real in her hand. She closed her eyes, and realized she knew exactly what to do. She knew the song by heart, where each shake of the tambourine was, and for how long. She tapped the tambourine against her hand and began to move her body in tandem with the song.

"Once upon a rotten grave stone, I read the words that cursed me to be the monster I am today. Her grave read, Mistress Indigo Sadie, a sweet lady - So I called her name and dug up her bones.

I gave her a kiss on her withered blue lips. Now, you'd never believe me, but I'll tell you how that crazy dead lady gave me the kiss of death that brought me to my knees- sucked the life from me until she was resurrected a dark, lovely mistress-

Now, she wants to play in the dark, Indigo Lady chasing black cats and scaring the shadows away- drunk on liquorice spirit laced with blood, her dark energy saps the resistance from me

Please- don't make me lie in your broken roses, your death bed where you rest your forget-me-not strands- before I go I just want to feel your touch, she said before she gave me my black wings-

Couldn't help but revel in the feel of her cool dead skin, warmed by lust she broke my trust and took my innocence away- Indigo Lady, you drive me crazy-

Go back to being dead before I lose my mind- fallin' for your ghoulish charms, I caught the dead man's rot in my crotch and it spread up to my heart- now I'm a dead man walking with an ache in my heart for the lady I lost to the foggy frost, buried in her rose lined coffin with a kiss on the casket.

Still I miss her lips, the taste of poisoned blueberries. My mistress of the midnight blue twilight…So erotic, hypnotic, kitschy kitty… I'll never forget how you made the last night of my life so fantastic."

Launch lost herself in the song, her eyes closed as she fell deeper into its spell. The roar of the crowd fell to a mere murmur and she heard only his purr tickling her ear, the jangling of the tambourine as it hit her palm, perfectly in harmony with the melody that permeated her mind so deeply it had now come to life.

The light flickered to nearly black, only flashes of red scattering across the stage and illuminating mere fragments of darkness. Launch reached out for him, and felt his cool hand reach out towards hers, interlacing their fingers as he sang in a speaking voice, all the world around them suddenly silent before another atmospheric dirge washed throughout her being, the drums slowly beating as the guitars waned on and on, until the beat slowly quickened, Raditz's hypnotic song bringing her into a daze.

They had left the stage and were running through a forest. The fragments of red light became white, and treetops formed where each light broke, the sun chasing behind them as they ran.

"Come on, I know a place where we can go!" He whispered, tugging on her hand. Launch's feet left the ground and it was as if they were flying. Reality no longer applied here. Ozone rumbled above as the world shuddered and it was as if they were in one large, unstable bubble. She could see flashes of heat lightning and heard the trees cracking as the sun passed over, wind whacking against the branches, causing them to lash and crash against the barriers of the dream land.

The noise all quieted at once as they were swallowed into darkness. Launch grasped for what she could, Raditz clutching her close as they rocketed through the darkness until finally landing on something solid. He got to his feet and pulled on her hand for her to stand, the darkness waning and allowing her to see where they were. She blinked, and saw that they were in a world of blue. Indigo, to be precise. The dark blue sky was nearly black in places, illuminated by a large, yellow crescent moon like a massive chunk of carved swiss cheese. This world was almost cartoonish with the way the stars were twinkling, the tree line in the distance a mere jagged line. Raditz touched her shoulder and she turned quickly. His touch, that wasn't cartoonish, it was the most real thing in this world.

"Where are we?" Launch asked, turning around to face him, apprehension in her multicolored eyes.

"This place, it's like something from my songs." He said, gesturing towards the graveyard. Launch looked, and saw the tilted headstones surrounding them, cracked stone angels and gargoyles making startling edifices. She gasped when she read the headstone reading Indigo Sadie, her eyes wide. Raditz grabbed her by the shoulders and turned them away from the graves, to the dark glade just across the way.

As they made distance from his Mistress' grave, Launch glanced back anxiously. When no skeletal hands shot out from the ground, she began to feel silly for being so afraid. They came to a stone fountain where water nymphs bathed, and sat on the edge to talk over the pittering of water drops, Raditz holding her hand.

"I've traveled a long way to speak to you, Launch. It was like swimming through sand… Now you're here, and I can touch your hand. Do you know what this means?" He whispered, looking at her intensely.

Now that things had settled, Launch could really look at him. Raditz may have well been any one of the gargoyles in the graveyard for his pale, bluish skin and the bruised skin beneath his eyes. He looked thin, weak.

"I'm just dreaming. There's no way… no way this is real." She chuckled bitterly, pulling her hand away from his to rub the chill away. It felt like ice against hers and she didn't like it.

"Real? That's… debatable. This reality exists only in our minds together, but what constitutes reality? How do you know it's not real?" He asked, and Launch stared back at him, speechless.

"You don't." Raditz concluded, and Launch huffed at that, standing up and looking around at the dream world, searching for a door somewhere.

"I want to go home." She whispered, rubbing the goosebumps on her arms with both trembling hands.

"You are home, sleeping in your bed." Raditz said softly, looking forlorn as she looked annoyed with him from over her shoulder. Launch looked away from him, the wind blowing her indigo curls and wafting the sweet scent of hibiscus towards him.

"You wished for this. Now…you don't want it? You don't want…me?" He accused with hurt in his tone, standing up to follow her through the glade, where cobwebbed thistle bushes glowed with the flickers of trapped lampyridae bugs; struggling to free themselves from the wheel-shaped webs as black and yellow orb-weavers spun cocoons around the already paralyzed lightning bugs.

"I didn't… I didn't know it would even work." She responded softly, stopping to stare up at the moon. He hung back behind her, his thick black hair blowing forward and concealing his face partway.

"What was I even wishing for…? I don't…" Launch breathed, covering her face with both hands as her breath began to quicken, panic setting in. Two large, ice cold hands settled on her shoulders, and Launch gasped, looking up to see a winding path before her, leading into a labyrinth of hedges.

"You wished for me and I came to you, Launch. Tell me what you want. I can try to change your dream!" He said urgently, gripping her shoulders as if he wanted to violently shake her, but resisted.

Launch pried his hands off of her shoulders and began to run, taking off towards the maze. She thought maybe she could lose him in the maze, he was slower than her in his malnourished state. Plus, who was the owner of this dream? Me. I can change my own dreams! I don't need a man to make them come true! She thought courageously, disappearing behind the first mossy green hedge.

"Launch, come back! I can't lose you!" Raditz shouted, but his words were lost to her ears. He watched her run away, his sanguine stare growing sorrowful. He yearned to take chase, but his legs were much too weak. Instead, he took a seat on the fountain and the water nymphs took notice of him, washing the ends of his hair in the pool, giggling. Raditz looked at his own hand, then sighed as it began to dissipate into nothing, his image slowly flickering out before disappearing.


Launch ran down the path energetically, the cold air burning her lungs, the wind whipping at her face and making her eyes water; furthering the illusion that this was real life. She just wished that she could have a moment with Raditz—the real him. Her dream was to see them live in concert and go backstage and get his autograph, maybe a hug—not…This.

The intensity and chaos of the dream realm began to quell, and with her next step she found herself someplace else. She felt relief from the cold as she stood in line, now back at the concert venue from before. Launch was in line to have a one on one with Raditz, the hundreth of many girls who came to try and steal a kiss or grope his muscles, offering to do sexual favors for him as he sighed and gave them his autograph.

It was strange how quickly things changed in this world, traveling through her dreams was like jumping from one bubble to the next, hoping it wouldn't pop and drop you into a nightmarish abyss. But maybe it was as Raditz said, she had to simply voice, or think her wish, and it would happen. Launch closed her eyes and wished again as a test.

'I wish I was next in line.' Just as she finished her thought, she found herself at the front of the line, her hair falling back onto her back as if she'd been picked up and dropped there.

Launch fixed her curls anxiously, glancing up to see a peek of Raditz behind a velvet rope and a row of buff bouncers. They seemed pointless, because Raditz himself was larger than any of them and was known to not hesitate to get into brawls, whether in a bar or on stage at his own concert. Launch shifted to adjust her purse, and heard something fall out. When she looked down, the CD case for their new album: Augustus Crust had fallen out. Launch picked it up and clutched it tightly, gulping nervously as a bouncer unlatched the velvet rope to let her through.

"You're up. 5 minutes." He said, and Launch nodded. She didn't think she'd need five minutes, but she'd take it if Raditz permitted it. He had some explaining to do.

She stepped forward into the tent, gulping as Raditz sighed and lifted his head to look at her, his blank expression making it hard for her to discern his mood. As she came to stand before him, Raditz crossed one one leg over the other and looked at her, silently inquiring.

"H-hey I don't know if you remember me, but… We met on stage.." Launch gulped, her throat suddenly constricting as she struggled to form words. Raditz rose one brow at her, his crimson pupil staring her down as if she were crazy.

"I'm sure I'd remember you." He sneered, pulling up the corner of his mouth as he talked, a unique voice that was brusque, raspy and hard at the same time. The purple at the center of her irises seemed to expand as she stared at him, making them appear dark, swallowing all in their depth.

"What's your name?" He said, holding his hand out to take the CD. Launch gazed at his hand, noticing his long, articulated fingers and veins that had become ropy from his years of bass playing.

"L-Lace…" She stuttered, accidentally bumbling out her nickname.

"Lace? I like that. Sexy." He grinned, taking the CD and scribbling on it. Launch didn't even look at what he wrote, putting it back in her purse quickly. She gulped as he patted one knee and grinned, hinting that she should sit on his lap. Now, if she were currently back in the mindset of Lyssa, she would've ate this up. But as Lacy, her meek, sweet alter, she hesitated greatly.

Then, she recalled how she needed to spend her five minutes wisely, and took a seat on his lap, blushing as she straightened out her patent leather pleated skirt which came down mid thigh, with nothing but fishnet stockings and a thong separating her from his firm thigh. A part of her wished that she hadn't switched to Lacy at the moment, because if she were still Lyssa, she would've been much less shy about it all.

"Listen… I know this may sound strange, but before in my dream, you said I wished for you to enter my dreams and I—" She was suddenly cut off by a shushing sound as Raditz put a finger to her lips.

"Slow down. I don't know what you're talking about, Lace. This is no dream." He said slowly, as if trying to snap her out of it. His hand rose and stroked through her hair, her eyelids fluttering shut from the sensation.

"You feel that?" He whispered, leaning closer to her ear to take in the hibiscus aroma of her indigo blue hair, and kissing the side of her throat tenderly. His heat spread from the place of contact, to her chest and face, and she blushed fiercely.

"What kind of dreams do you have about me? Are you into Somnophilia?" He purred, kissing her throat once more and stroking the curves of her back. Launch's breath hitched as she attempted to keep still, her eyes squeezed shut.

"W-what's that?"

Raditz chuckled, a rumbling sensation resonating from his chest and into her back. "It's when, I… your Prince Charming…" He breathed, then trailed his oxblood painted nails filed down to points along her body, the tips catching the fabric of her camisole and grazing her nipples.

"Admire, caress, and tease your sleeping body…" He breathed huskily, pulling her hair back to graze his mouth along her throat. "Sleeping; that's the key…You can't wake up… no matter how… rough." He graveled, then bit her neck and twisted both hardened peaks at once, causing alarms to fire off wildly in her mind and body. First, her bodily reaction was to the pain and pleasure he gave with his cruel teasing, then her brain registered the meaning, and a sudden fear coursed through her from his taboo nature of his suggestion, and she went to leap off his lap.

"Let go of me, you creep!" Launch cried, her disgust freeing Lyssa from her binds once more, giving her the strength to lash back and fight against his powerful grip.

"Shh! What's your problem all of a sudden?" He hissed, the ruckus she was causing started to turn heads. Maybe he'd gone too far this time with this tease, all the girls loved a whisper in their ear and his hands stroking their hair, nothing overtly sexual, but enough for them to treasure and fantasize over for years to come. With Launch, maybe he'd gone too far. He wasn't sure what it was, maybe it was that fragrance she gave off, but she seemed to have him mystified.

"My problem is you, bucko! Who do you think you are? Just because you're a rockstar doesn't mean you get a free pass, my body ain't some carnival ride! Why don't you try being a gentleman for once?!" Launch snapped, yanking his hands off her body before he could argue back.

Raditz's hand closed around her arm and he gave her a stern gaze, but his bodyguards were already surrounding the both of them, and they seemed to be on the girl's side.

"Leave her alone."

Yet, Raditz didn't want to let go of Launch, even though she struggled and attempted to pull her arm away.

"I said, leave her alone." Raditz heard the stern commands of the men in his employ, and his hand slowly released its grip. He watched as she walked away, his heart aching with her leaving. Who is that girl, and why is she so intriguing?

Launch was enraged. She stormed away from Raditz, her hand holding her hurt arm as she left the crowd and began walking into the woods. I need to get away from all this, to escape this nightmare and go back to my own reality, but how? Launch agonized, squeezing her eyes shut as tears burned down her cheeks like twin trails of acid, her heart aching as if it had been turned into some voodoo witch's pincushion. She hadn't expected to feel such chemistry with Raditz, so much that it was nearly impossible to hold a conversation with him that didn't turn sexual. It was like stepping into a flame and hoping it didn't burn you, there was just no way.

Both parts of her couldn't deny it though, being touched by him sent pleasure rushing through her veins, she could only imagine what it would be like to have the real thing.

Just one night with him… that's it…

Lacy sighed, and Lyssa snapped back at her.

Wait, what am you thinking?! We can't cheat on Tien!

Launch shook her head and fell to her knees in a pile of leaves, dropping her purse in the process. He's like a drug, and I just took one tiny little hit. Just like that, I'm addicted. She bit back a sob, raking her hands through her multicolored hair and gripping the roots until it hurt just enough to rip those thoughts straight out of her mind. When he'd grabbed her arm like that, his eyes had been so sincere. There was something heavy there, a deep, persistent need that they shared. He wanted to tell her something, keep her there, she sensed it.

I don't wanna be a one night stand, Raditz. I want to be someone to you.

He doesn't even know our name yet.

Her shared thoughts whispered out to him, and Launch slowly released the grip on her hair, releasing the blue and blonde strands tangled around her fingers. In the dream world, you could feel pain, pleasure too. Both were as intense as the other, and she didn't know which was worse.


The line of fans waiting for autographs groaned and shouted obscenities as Raditz took off and left his tent, following Launch's angry footsteps with his own heavy gait. He felt electrically charged, energized. Something about that girl woke him up from the monotony of his rocker lifestyle and slapped him in the face. She wasn't just a groupie, he was sure of it now. Lace was mysterious… She was different somehow. He had this strange drive to find her, it was almost as if someone else was steering the wheels in his mind and telling him what to do next. It felt like deja vu in a way, but he couldn't explain how he knew that. We are electrocute. To make the point again is moot.

The dry leaves crunched underfoot, and he looked around himself. The autumn woods were so serene that it seemed to quell his anger. Still walking, he came across a black bag on the ground. Raditz bent to pick it up, and saw the CD case inside with his phone number and autograph scribbled across it.

Lyrics whispered in his head and he clenched his jaw and in turn his hand, nearly crushing the case.

Got your number on my wall

And maybe you will get a call from me

If I need someone

(Day tripper) He knew it was a stupid, perverse joke when he wrote it, but now he was regretting ever writing that silly play on The Beatles' original lyrics. Lace was no one night stand "day tripper" type of girl, he knew that now.

Lace. He thought, tucking it back into the bag. Now he had a good excuse to track her down, even though the first was strong he really didn't have any explanation for why he was chasing after a girl in the woods. It was just the draw, whether it be the draw of the hunt or some other machinations of Zeus and Hera that he had no inkling of.

Against his own better judgment, he pulled out her wallet and looked at her ID for confirmation.

Indeed, the blonde haired girl looking back at him was the same as the blue haired one he'd met today. He quickly learned that her name was actually Launch, and committed her home address to memory. He felt underhanded doing such a thing, but he felt so desperate that it seemed necessary. Raditz put her wallet back and zipped up her bag, then followed after the scent of hibiscus and her perfume, like burning leaves.

A primal, predatory part of him growled from deep inside, his crimson eyes honing in on a flash of blue amidst red, orange and brown falling leaves.


Launch found herself pacing the woods, not knowing how to escape this world or the tumultuous thoughts that burdened her; reminding her of the real world, the past and all that had recently come to pass. Flashes of a sadder time came to light, when Launch found herself home alone with only the comfort of Raditz's voice in her ears. Rain pattered on the window pane as she placed one hand on it and sobbed for him. It wasn't Raditz this time, it was Tien she mourned. Launch mourned for a time when she was the light in her lover's eyes, when he trusted her with his whole heart, loved her, worshiped her body with his entire being and swore to her that they'd never part. Yet now here she stood, alone and aching for the loss of his touch.

A twinge of pain raced through her as she recalled the grip of Tien's hand this time, and his threat spoken through tightly grit teeth.

I'm the only one you should be dreaming of. You're mine.

Am I his, though?

Tien's not yours anymore and you know it.

She had lost him, though his influence clung to her and he kept her as his possession, he was free for any woman to take. She had no true claim to him, even though Tien selfishly kept her locked down. Launch was waiting for him to at last make the move to fully commit to her, and she was tired.

Raditz had been there to smooth the wrinkles of stress away, to support her, soothe her, understand her. That's just a fantasy Raditz, though. He isn't the real thing. The real man was layered, he was intense. He didn't show that same compassion his songs led her to believe, though he did possess passion.

It was all so strange. The Raditz from her previous dream that took her off the stage was different from the last one she met. This one was more youthful, more aggressive and he seemed to not recall the dream she spoke of, nor her name. Did that mean that there were multiple versions of Raditz in this universe, each one different from the last? If so, which one of them was the real Raditz?

"Launch." Raditz's deep voice startled her out of her silent struggle, and she turned quickly to see that it was him.

"Raditz!" She gasped, her heart racing as she took in the angry looking man before her, his long, black spiky hair blowing from behind as his scarlet eyes penetrated hers. He looked enraged, like he could eat her, or worse, kill her. Her legs trembled and she began backing away as he advanced slowly towards her.

"You didn't let me finish before. I need to talk to you, I don't know what it is, but I have to know…" Raditz grit out the words as if their intensity was strangling his vocal chords, his face scrunched with difficulty.

"Why? Who are you?" He finally let out, and looked up at her, all the tension leaving his face and making his eyes more open, his aura more welcoming.

Launch gulped and timidly rubbed the red area on her arm, the skin still remembering the pain he'd inflicted.

"I'm sorry for hurting you… I don't know what came over me." She heard him apologize, but in her mind it was Tien again. Her spirit trembles and Launch finds herself in Lacey's place again. She's getting weak again, it's this place, these memories plaguing her.

"I could ask you the same. Why? Are you, you?" She said softly, her eyes flooding with deep purple hues as the docile side of her spoke up. Why couldn't we be together, in your time?

"I don't know. I just know there's something… important I need to say. There's something about you that… I can't resist. What is this?" He said softly, coming closer. Launch became aware of the narrowing distance between them and her trembling legs broke down against his influence, and she was forced to hold herself against the tree as warmth flooded through her center with his presence.

"Tell me, Raditz. What do you want to say?" She uttered, then gulped again as he closed around her, his broad frame blocking out her vision as he came close to her and grinned.

"I don't know where to begin, but you need to let me in… Let me inside of your world." His words were like buttery lyrics that had her resolve melting with their resonance. Let me in. She wouldn't lie and say she didn't feel a touch of yearning with his words still echoing in her thoughts.

"Okay, then. Come in." Lyssa managed to speak bravely through her, though her throat felt like closing in. Raditz grinned and neared closer to her, his fingers tracing the outline of her pink lips.

"Let's start by getting this out of our systems," He purred with a smirk, and leaned in close as he pulled down her lip with his finger and her mouth parted for him with little to no resistance. He came forward and the next thing she knew, their lips were locked in place. Launch gave into the kiss, gripping the fabric of the tight burgundy shirt plastered to his sweating chest. She felt his heat, the pleasure of his kiss as their mouth pressed, resisted, prodded, then gave and their tongues twisted languidly like snakes.

She wanted more, and he gave it to her, pinning her up against the tree with his body, lifting her fully off the ground to match his height as one of his hands cupped the back of her head to protect it from the jagged bark. Launch's chest struggled to take in air as with his all-consuming kiss, her breasts crushed against his firm, powerful body, her aroused nipples hardened to diamonds that ground into his skin deliciously.

Launch could feel each deep breath filling his lungs through his chest, smell, and savor his salted sweat, she could even taste a trace of red wine on his breath and feel the roughness of a five-o-clock shadow on her chin. Every little detail she could remember, she locked into her memory as she lived her one true fantasy. Launch gasped for her breath and took in the heat from his kiss, not believing that she was tasting and breathing in the same air as Raditz.

Her world started to spin, and her body began fighting to surface. Launch felt the hardness in his rough jeans grinding against the dampness between her fishnet covered thighs and her arms straightened instinctively, pushing against him. Raditz moved back and they parted from the kiss, still struggling to regain their breath.

"That's a good place to end at, Lace. One more minute and I wouldn't be able to contain myself." He panted, gently letting her down to the ground as she found herself nodding in agreement, though parts of her were arguing against it.

I have to agree with Raditz or else we'll never get out of these woods!

What's so wrong about enjoyin' a tussle on the forest floor with some big muscle-bound hunk?

Lyssa purred, wanting to play around with him some more. It came through in her eyes and she licked her lips hungrily as Lace blushed coyly. Raditz stroked his face and a devilish look came over him as Launch hurried to straighten out her displaced skirt.

"Whatever that was, it felt really good. Do you… want to come back to my place?" He said with a flirtatious grin, holding one hand out to her. Launch stared at his open palm and considered the pros and cons.

Does he want to continue this in a more 'comfortable' setting… Like his bed? Cuz I'm game!

Lustful Lyssa purred, but Lacy had more faith in Raditz.

Maybe he really does intend to get to know me! He's so romantic.

It was so hard to decipher, but she knew she had to make a choice.

This all may be a dream but it sure didn't feel like one. If not for that one fact: that it felt too real to be a dream—she would've just had sex with him without a second's thought, and he wouldn't have hesitated. It was almost as if this world still had consequences. That was dangerously close.

Launch swallowed and took his hand, pulling away from the hardness of the tree only to land against his firm chest. Instead of a passionate embrace, this time she simply felt… Safe. Raditz placed his hands gently on her arms to steady her and smiled as she took his embrace, slipping her arms around his waist as he held her close. Being connected like this made the pain go away for the both of them, it seemed. Once they touched, that yearning and desperation quelled and they could have a moment of peaceful relief.

"Yes." She decided, and Raditz let her go with a look of anxiety now on his face. "Here." He revealed to her that he found her purse, and she took it from him in question.

"You…found this?" She asked, and Raditz blinked. He quietly answered her question with his intent-filled gaze, making her lips still tingle with the memory of his kiss. I am your servant. May I light your cigarette?

Launch's heart fluttered as she knew that he had found her through his intuition, and the trail of her scent. She was reminded of the wolf's glowing yellow eyes from last night.

"Thank you, Raditz."

He shrugged and snorted sheepishly,

"It was nothing."

No, not nothing. A whole lot of something. He thought, his grin straightening as he looked at her seriously, offering her his hand. His life. She gripped it and they began to run through the woods as if the hounds of hell were chasing them, their pent up passion, their shared desire to escape racing through their veins.


Now, she wants to play in the dark, Indigo Lady chasing black cats and scaring the shadows away-

Drunk on liquorice spirit laced with blood, her dark energy saps the resistance from me.

Go back to being dead before I lose my mind- fallin' for your ghoulish charms


This chapter features quotes/references from the Type O Negative songs: Day Tripper (Cover of The Beatles), Green Man, Black No.1, Can't Lose You and September Sun. Let me know if you noticed them and where!