Crosslands, a small town in Midwestern America. A few months ago, this town had played host to a series of unnatural happenings, courtesy of a Chaos Wraith from another dimension. But thanks to the efforts of the Power Rangers AVX, things had returned to normal. At least, on the surface.

Three kids, Danny, Donny and Denny Hinton, all students and brothers from Crosslands Elementary School, we're walking through the woods. "Are you sure we should be doing this?", Donny asked. "These seem like the kind of woods where bad things happened."

"We'll I've heard that ghosts wandered through these parts once.", Denny said as he adjusted his glasses. "But I wouldn't bank on them still being around."

"Oh, there's definitely no ghost here.", Danny said, in a creepy voice. "But there's legends of an old witch, by the name of Mabel Mae Scroggins. She came here to escape persecution at the hands of the people of Salem. The people welcomed her as one of their own for a while. But when they discovered her origins, the townsfolk were quick to turn on her, deciding to enact the punishment the people of Salem had give her. But Mabel Mae didn't take her execution lying down. As they brought her into these woods to be hung, she placed a curse on the town, promising that her spirit would return 300 years later on Halloween night to enact vengeance. And that night is this Halloween."

Donny gave his brother a dope slap. "Don't be ridiculous. Our town is nowhere near Massachusetts. There's no way a witch from Salem could've made her way here back then."

A witch's cackle then filled the air. "Are you so sure about that, Donny?", Denny asked as he looked around. But then he saw that he was alone. "Donny? Danny? Is anyone there?" He then turned around and saw a witch looming over him. Denny tried to scream, but he vanished into thin air before he could be heard.

The next morning, Raquel went into the bedroom of her mother to wake her up. "Good morning, sleepy-head.", Raquel said as she undid the curtains. I would've thought a newly appointed high school principal would be more of a morning person."

"I'm on a break.", Mrs. Collins retorted as she rubbed her eyes, pulling herself up. "Aren't you supposed to be at university?"

"Like you, I'm on a 'reading week'.", Raquel answered. "Until next Sunday, I'm your problem once again."

Mrs. Collins climbed out of her bed. "Now that you mention it, I've been waking up a lot later these last few days. Maybe I'm getting overworked."

Raquel came to a decision. "In that case, why don't you just go out and get some air? I'll decorate this house for the holiday while you're gone."

"Ok.", Mrs. Collins nodded as she put her bathrobe on. "After breakfast, I'll go for a hike. You can put the Halloween decorations up."

Sometime later, Raquel was struggling to put a proper bat on a hook on the outside of the house. "Sure, Raquel. Volunteer to do all this yourself.", she muttered. "This was not my best idea."

"Hey." Raquel looked down to see Drew walking up. "Is this a private party, or can anyone help out?"

Raquel climbed down the ladder and ran to hug her friend. "Thank god we both go to universities in the same area, so you're in town this week too.", she smiled. "Can you help me decorate?"

"Oh, I would.", Drew scratched the back of his head. "But I'm kind of in the middle of doing something important here."

"Really?" Raquel was intrigued. "Something for your teacher studies?"

"No, more of a personal thing.", was Drew's response. "Daniel's mom called me to say that his little sister's classmates at elementary school are vanishing."

"What?" Raquel gasped. "But then again, I thought things seemed a little quiet when I passed by the pre-school this morning. You think the Bomas might be involved?"

"I can't say for sure.", Drew shook his head. "I called on Chloe to see if she'd help get to the bottom of it, but she said she and Ricky were held up in New Zealand. And when I got a copy of Beck's programs from him, I couldn't detect any signals nearby."

"Then there's only one way to find out the cause.", Raquel realised. "We'll have to do some field work. And I think I know where to start."

Out in the hills, Mrs. Collins stretched her arms as she breathed in the air. "It sure is nice to get a good view of the country.", she sighed. "With the Bomas gone, it's really pretty to look at." She then felt herself getting drowsy and falling over. "No, what-? Aargh!"

Back in the town, Raquel and Drew had gone to the house of Ricky's family. "So Mrs. Jackson, would you be okay with us taking your son Randy with us tonight?", Drew asked. "On a walk through the woods."

"Well, with all these kids disappearing, I would normally be reluctant.", Mrs. Jackson answered. "But since I know you two helped Ricky defeat those monsters that kidnapped us, I guess I can do you this favour."

"Thank you.", Raquel grabbed the woman's hands. "We'll make sure Randy is home safe and sound, along with any other kids we find." She and Drew then turned and left. "That's phase 1 of the plan. Now when does phase two commence?"

"We need to get into the woods first.", Drew answered. "Then we make our move."

And indeed, that very night, Drew and Raquel walked with Randy through the same woods where the disappeared kids had last been seen heading. "Are you sure we shouldn't have called in the others?", Raquel asked. "What if this is another Boma?"

"Artie and Roland are on the other side of the country.", Drew explained. "And Ricky is quite a way away, so we're on our own for this."

"You're not alone.", Randy chimed in. "You've got me with you." A witch's cackle soon filled the air. "And… whoever that is."

"I think we've found our kidnapper.", Drew realised. "And I'm sure we've heard that laugh before."

"We have, but that's impossible.", Raquel shuddered. "We destroyed her months ago."

As if to dispel her doubts, Horror Hag appeared before the three. "I have you now."

Drew and Raquel came to some time later, finding themselves chained up in a cave, with their Morphers on a rock nearby. "Someone's taking no chances.", Drew noted. "And I don't think we can deny that Horror Hag has somehow returned."

Raquel nodded in frustration. "Oh I know. I just wish I knew how. We should've blown her to pieces months ago."

Drew managed to reach his chin to scratch it. "Well I do have a theory. But it can't be."

It was then that the Horror Hag entered. "What do you want with those kids?", Drew asked.

"The tears of this planet's youth can be used to call upon the spirits of the departed.", Horror Hag explained. "But the tears I have gathered, while potent, are insufficient to revive one Boma. Which is why I have turned to you two, more overbearing and emotional choices."

"Great, we've been volunteered to cry.", Raquel commented. "Good luck doing that, you witch."

"Oh don't you want to know how I returned from beyond the veil?", Horror Hag asked. "How I confounded your own efforts to send me there."

Raquel became slightly nervous at this. "I assume you have some sort of revival spell at your disposal.", she suggested.

"You don't seem convinced of that yourself.", Drew noted. "And now that I think about it, you weren't among the Bomas sealed within the two brothers, so I imagine you found a host beforehand."

"Indeed I did.", Horror Hag nodded. "Clever boy. Your friend the Queen suppressed my control over the body I had chosen with a sealing spell. That prevented me from being exorcised from the body when Tuaris was destroyed. And as the night of Old Hallow's Eve approaches, the negative aura in the atmosphere allowed me to empower myself to temporarily take over. But once that night is done, I shall have total control over her body."

A realisation hit Raquel. "And there's only one person who could've been in a place the Queen would've sealed you away personally. No, it can't be-."

"Oh yes.", Horror Hag cackled as she took her robe off, taking the shape of Mrs. Collins and talking with her voice. "I've been in the body of your mother this whole time. And you never suspected a thing."

"No!", Raquel almost yelled. "NO!" Tears started to flow from her eyes, which floated into a gourd held by the Horror Hag.

"Now I have all I need.", Horror Hag declared as she resumed her true face. "Now then, come forth. O spirit of a fallen evil, come forth now to exact vengeance on the living. Gaiere, Gaiere, Geiertz!" The liquid flowed from the bottle into a seal on the ground, opening a portal through which a figure stepped. Horror Hag was disappointed to see who it was. "Oh, Revattack. It's you."

"Of course it's me.", Revattack declared. "I won't rest until I can prove my might in battle against the Power Rangers."

"An admirable cause.", Horror Hag stated as she went over to her two captives, willing their bonds away. "Now then, any last words before Revattack here finishes you for good?"

"Just these.", Drew said, unusually calm for the situation. "Gel Gel do Golgoth!" Horror Hag stumbled backwards in shock as she felt her power draining, as the body she was in reverted to normal. "Chloe suggested we might run into a possessed victim of a Boma's ghost. So she gave me a soul splitting incantation to cast you out. Goodbye Horror Hag."

"No!", the witch-like Boma snarled as Mrs. Collins began to reassume control over the body. "If I can't take this body for my own, then I can still help Revattack in his quest." As Mrs. Collins returned to normal, collapsing to the ground, the spirit that had left her body entered that of Revattack, causing him to leap out of the cave and into the distance, increasing to giant size.

The two Rangers, now free, ran to their Morphers and picked them up. "You know what they say.", Drew commented. "The bigger they are…"

"The harder they fall.", Raquel finished the sentence as the two reapplied their Morphers and began the sequence. "Start Up! Ready, Go!"

The giant Revattack stood on the outskirts of town. The Racer Megazord soon came towards him to do battle. "Let's hope we can do this without the others.", Drew noted as he worked Ricky's usual controls.

"Time for our showdown." Revattack came towards the Megazord, swinging his spear, only to miss. He then received a pummelling from his robotic opponent, sending him flying through the air. "Wow, you're strong.", he noted. He stood up and fired a beam from his spear, buffeting the Megazord.

"We've taken heavy damage.", Raquel noted. "We can't stand up to another hit."

"We won't have to.", came Drew's response, as he pressed a button. Revattack's next hit was blocked by a shield. "Just a little improvement I had Beck install." He then fired an Exhaust Cannon to blow Revattack back. "Now let's use the Rev Saber." He pressed a button, causing the Megazord to deploy its main weapon. As it charged with energy, the robot zoomed towards its opponent, delivering a series of slashes. "High-Speed Slash!"

These hits were enough to finish off Revattack. "I can't believe I missed the last corner.", he cried out as he fell down and exploded.

Some time later, Raquel and her mother were finishing up with the decorations for Halloween. "I can't believe I still had that Boma inside my body.", Mrs. Collins commented. "I feel - violated."

"Well you'll be pleased to here that Beck confirmed you weren't possessed any more.", Raquel said back. "And that in case there are more Bomas in these parts, Chloe and Ricky will be back here in time for Christmas."

"That's good to know.", Mrs. Collins breathed out. "The last thing we need is bad guys ruining Christmas that aren't named the Grinch, or Scrooge." But she still had one question. "How did you explain what happened to those kids?"

"I used the same story I used with the police the first time Horror Hag showed up.", Raquel explained. "That the same serial kidnapper came back to try again. And once again, she was thwarted and got away. She'll always be an unsolved mystery to them. And perhaps that's just as well."