By: Silent Sniper

Chapter 1: Meeting

In the silence of night, soft cries that resembled a child's could be heard. Cries that could make the toughest person cry pitifully and yet it sounded like doves cooing or like a chorus. A small figure was huddled against the cold alley wall, wishing for salvation. Yet it would not come. He would have to find it by himself.


A young woman grumbled to herself as she got water. The Pharoah was being a jerk again and had yelled at her for no reason. *He's so spoiled* she fumed. The woman kneeled on the river's end and smiled softly. The Nile always seem to calm her down... She came down here whenever she could which was rarely. After a while, her eyes caught sight of something. It was a little too big to be the one of the animals that usually came here. She ran to the river, her heart thobbing in her chest. She gasped. On the river's edge, a boy was lying facedown. The scared woman turned him over frantically. The tri colored boy had deathly white skin with purple bruises and severals bloody cuts scattered all over his body. His face had a gash running from his cheek to his chin filled with dirt and blood. He looked like he was barely hanging on.

" I've got to get him home!" the woman said and took the boy in her arms.

She made her way to the Grand Palace in a quick run, but then slowed down as she entered it. She snuck to her room and closed the door after checking the hallway for guards. She laid the boy on her cot and cleaned his wounds with a cloth. Her touch was light and tender. Suddenly she noticed that he was crying. *Why is he crying?* She thought as she wiped his tears away with delicate fingers and stroked his hair. The woman felt that she had to comfort the boy


A day passed and still the boy did not awake. She was starting to get really worried. *Should I get real help? she wondered. *But the Pharoah will certainly punish the boy* A small moan brought her back to reality. Quickly she was at his side. Huge violet eyes filled with innocence stared up at her. "Hello, little one," she said gently.

"H-hello," the boy said uncertainly.

"My name is Lelani, whats yours?" she asked.

"Yugi Mouto, ma'm," he said, still timidly as he tried to sit up. Yugi groaned as pain rang through out his back.

"No, don't sit up. You are still weak, you need rest. Oh! You must be hungry," Lelani said in a hurried tone

Yugi watched her retreating back and saddened. The woman's appearance brought thoughts to his mind. She had black hair that reached her waist and she had startling blue eyes that were outined in black. Lelani wore a white dress that clung to her small figure. A gold braclet was around her elbow, and she had a thiner one on her wrist. A necklace with a medalion hung on her neck. The medallion was round and half of it was white while the other half was black. Tiny black rinestone went around the the chain. A thick gold band that had had several layers also adorned her neck. Lelani reminded him of his mother... Yugi's eyes quickly filled with tears and he began to sob. Lelani hummed a tune as she carried some apples, bread with honey and water. When she opened the door, Lelani immediatly put the food down. On instinct she hugged the boy close to her as he cried.

"Yugi, whats wrong?" she asked concerned.

"My Mother, her name was Sanna.....she....." he choked out.

"Hm? What wrong with her?" she questioned. *What did he mean by " Her name was Sanna?"*

"She is.....dead...."Yugi cried as he buried his head in her chest.

*What? His mother's dead?. How?* her mind asked

Yugi's sobbing tore cut through Lelani's heart as Yugi clung onto her.

"What happened, little one?" she prodded.

Yugi began to to tell Lelani what happened as he remember last night which seemed like a nightmare.

* Flashback*

Yugi shifted in his bed as the temperture grew hotter. He slowly woke up a few minutes later when he felt like he was sufficating. Yugi let out a gasp at the sight that greeted him. His room was surrounded by dancing flames, engulfing everything that he possessed. Quicly he leapt up, and manuvered out of his room.

"Mother!" he yelled. He was starting to get worried when no answer came.

"Yugi!" a feminane voice called.

"Mother! Where are you?" he cried. Suddenly he caught sight of a slender figure in the smoke. "Mother!" he cried again and ran over to her.

"Yugi!" We have to get out of her!" she cried as Sanna pulled on her son's arm.

They almost to the exit when a wooden beam crashed in their path, the flames spread even faster. Sana's eyes searched for a way out as she kept her son close to her. She found one. In the middle of the beam, there was a small opening. She told Yugi to crawl through it quickly. The boy did as he was told. Sanna was about to go through the crack when another beam blocked her exit. Yugi watched in total horror as the their house burned brightly, crushing his hope of his mother getting out. Yugi suddenly slumped forward due to the loss of strenght as his world turned black. ***********

Yugi awoke and looked around the desert dumbly at first. He then noticed that the house had stopped burning and lay in ruins. He remembered last nights events and searched the place frantically. In the middle of the rubble was his mother's body. Yugi ran to her and took her in his arms. Sana's face was caked with blood, her linen nightgown was singed in many places, yet she was still breathing.

"Mother? Mother?" Yugi cried, "Wake up!"

"Yugi......" Sanna whispered as she opened her lovely violet orbs.

Yugi smiled weakly through his tears as he brushed her blond hair out of her blood stainted face. "Yes, Mother?"

"Yugi, my are a wonderful person, but this a harsh careful," she whispered.

"Mother?" Yugi asked.

"Always..... remember that..... I love you" Sanna gasped out as her eyes darkened in death and her body grew limp.

"Mother! Mother! No!" Yugi screamed as tears fell down his pale face. His mother had left him....


Lelani's heart was hurting with sorrow at Yugi's story. The poor boy had lost his mother....he was an orphen. *Where will he go?* The Pharoah will be furious if he finds him*

As if sensing her thoughts Yugi spoke up, " I'm gonna stay with some friends," he said.

"What friends?" Lelani asked gently.

" Shizu, Honda, Ryou and Ryou's mother," Yugi replied.

Lelani bowed her head. The boy had someone to take care of him.

"All right, tomorrow you may go, but for today you must eat and rest," she said.

Yugi nodded. Lelani smiled and put her arms around the boy as she began to tell him legends to get him to go to sleep. Then in forty minutes Lelani stopped because no sound was coming from Yugi. His head was leaning on her arm, his mouth was slightly open and his tri colored hair tickled her skin. The brunette laid Yugi down and covered him up in a thick blanket.

"Sleep well," she whispered as she left the room.


An hour later Yugi woke up in a darkened room. It was almost nighttime again. He smiled. It was almost time to go back where he belonged. In the village with his friends, not this elegant, but silent palace. Then he got this tiny longing. He wanted to see what the Grand Palace looked like before he went. Yugi had not been out of the room since he came here. He slipped out of bed and opened the door that led him into a dark hallway. His tiny feet made soft sounds as they touched the cold marble. The place was beautiful....the furniture that was studded slightly with gold. Purple curtains huge on each window and the cool breeze danced in. Yugi smiled. Indeed a gorgeous place...

"Hey! What are you doing here!" a voice boomed.

Yugi turned around to apoligize for what he had done. What he saw was unexpected. A tanned boy with the same tri colored hair as him and cold ruby eyes that were outlined in dark eyeliner stood behind him. His outfit was a long white robe that reached his knees. A golden belt was around his waist, on his shoulder was a gold piece that wrapped around his shoulder and thick gold band was wrapped on his neck. Gold braclets adorned his upper arms and wrists. His ears had heavy golden earrings, and his finger had a small ring. He wore sandles that had criss crossed bands going up to his shins. Around his neck a strange golden object that looked like a puzzle that had a eye in the middle. A similar eye that was engraved on a thick gold band was on his forehead. Behind him a long purple cape trailed on the floor.

"I will ask you once again, what are you doing here?" he said. He was staring at the small boy who wore a a white robe that seemed to have been burned. The boy looked eerily like him with his tri colored hair, but it didn't have the blond highlights that bolted up and his large eyes were violet. Also they were filled with something that startled him. Innocence..purity. Throughtout this kingdom, he had never seen the look of innocence, only misery and resentment.

" I-I," Yugi stuttered, unable to say anything.

"Do you know who I am?" the boy asked. Yugi shook his head.

" I am Pharaoh Yami," he said


I have been wanting to post this up since three weeks ago, but I until I had done enough research on Egypt and what they wear I would post it. Its looks like another Yugi and Yami Egypt fics, but it will have a little twist! Yugi is the Pharaoh's personal servant, but thats not the same as a pleasure slave, just to be clear. I thank BlackStar, my friend, for checking my fic before I post it!

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